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Goatie Cuddle!
Visit our peaceful, natural, and unique farm setting! Spend time meeting our menagerie of critters as you make your way through the farm to our baby goats! Put life on pause as you enjoy an hour and a half of tranquility in a secluded area on our farm while cuddling cute baby goats! After some initial cuddle time, we’ll introduce you to the rest of the herd. You can even take the goats on a forage in the woods while walking a peaceful nature trail, if you’d like! Other things to note: *Please note that we host special events (especially around holidays) so if you are not seeing availability here, please visit our website: mariavillegoatfarm dot com. *Larger groups may be accommodated upon request. The Goatie Cuddle experience is best when tailored to smaller, more intimate (rather than mixed) groups. *Pre-ordered bagged lunches available for $10/person. - Choice of a big, freshly made wrap (Meat and cheese, Veggie, or Peanut Butter and Jelly) - Bag of Chips - Apple or Orange - Cookie - Bottled water (flavor packet) Contact host for details and payment.
Forest Bathing-A Guided Sensory Experience in Nature
Forest Bathing is a guided sensory experience in nature, which combines sensory activities, with free time for exploration. Forest Bathing immerses you in the sights, sounds, textures of an Adirondack forest. We'll end with a cup of wild tea. We guide outdoor experiences that enhance human health as well as foster human care for nature. Forest Bathing is a wellness practice in nature. Science has shown that Forest Bathing reduces stress and anxiety, boosts our ability to fight infection and cancer, as well as improves our sleep. Note: Start times are negotiable. Can be a.m. or p.m.
Pottery experience with Master Potter
Together we will learn about making Pottery. I will take you through how to prepare and make small hand build pottery with some quick demonstrations and then you will prepare clay to use on the potters wheel. I am a hands on teacher, i will help you at any stage. you will make successful pieces. Other things to note Everything is included to make your own pieces. If you would like to keep your work and make it permanent. You can return and learn to finish or you are able to have me finish for $10. per lb.
Yoga with goats!
Take a leisurely walk along a nature path (and meet our friendly critters) to our outdoor yoga studio. Stretch, relax, and center yourself as you prepare to practice yoga while our friendly goats wander around - or even on - you! Soak in the joy of simplicity and happiness that goats can bring! At the end of class, sit peacefully and snuggle one of our adorable baby goats! Other things to note Please plan to arrive a little early; gates open 15 minutes before class. Please dress for the farm setting and the weather. Campfire will be provided in the colder weather. *Please note that we host special events (especially around holidays) so if you are not seeing availability here, please visit our website: mariavillegoatfarm dot com.
Guided Kayak Trip on Schroon River
Guided Kayak venture and meal! We meet you at the departure point on Schroon river. Our supplied single person kayaks, paddles and life jackets are fitted and then we depart for a beautiful paddle downstream on the sandy bottomed crystal clear Schroon river. Paddling or floating along the way at sandbars, bends and swimming holes - we share stories of wildlife, history, facts and a little fiction! A scheduled break for (pre-ordered) lunch sandwiches. We bring the drivers back to retrieve your vehicles and finish with a final photo of everyone!
Barn full of Goats
Guests are welcomed into our beautiful barn where there will be a short explanation about how to safely interact with our goats and then we will head into our goat pen for your "goat therapy" hour! Guests are often surprised at how friendly our goats are! Goats are funny, curious creatures who are very smart and capable of knowing their names and learning daily routines. And since this is a working dairy goat farm every spring there will be a lot of bouncy GOAT BABIES to play with!! While visiting please feel free to ask questions, we love to talk about our goats and share what we have learned through our experience as dairy goat farmers. You are welcome to take photos and share them on social media but please tag our farm, we'd love to see your pictures! We can’t wait for you to join us on the farm and meet our amazing goats! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did! Check out all of our reviews! Other things to note: 1. Non-alcoholic beverages are provided 2. Goats like to taste things, please consider wearing long hair up and no dangling earrings. 3. No pets allowed, service animals are permitted. If you require a service animal please notify the farm prior to your arrival. The service animal will be allowed in the barn but may not be allowed in the pen, goats are very nervous around dogs. 4. Please wear clothing/shoes that can get dirty.
Otter Creek Farm Tour
Enjoy a FARM TOUR of Otter Creek's diverse group of livestock and historical barns. While on the tour you may meet our pigs, laying hens, meat chickens, Gypsy the dairy cow and her calf, Fiona the sheep and maybe our grass fed beef herd (depends on where they are grazing at the time). We will discuss the importance of our farming practices and how it creates the most nutrient dense food and why it cost so much and is hard to find. Otter Creek Farm is certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW so we will also discuss the how's and why's of our animal husbandry. We will get started by meeting at the farm shop and Elizabeth will provide a bit of historical background of the farm and the farmers. Then we will spend about an hour to an hour and a half walking to each group of animals that we have on the farm at the time (animals come in and out seasonally). You will find out all about where your food comes from, the impact of your food choices for yourself, community and environment. Come ready to learn lots and ask as many questions as you want. When you are done you will be inspired to cook or enjoy your next meal with mindfulness and an abundance of joy!
Goat Snuggles & Antics, Farm Visit
Your arrival at Dove Haven Farm will start with an enthusiastic greeting from our superstar farm dogs -Chops, Poncho, Angie and Gem. They will lead you to the goat barn where fun will ensue. Our goats are acclimated to people and will be curious to meet you. You can count on petting, holding, and watching our baby goats run and play on their jungle gym where crazy goat antics are sure to happen. You are welcome to become part of the jungle gym if goats jumping on you is your kinda thing! For our guests who prefer a more reserved goat experience, we can help with that too. In addition to plenty of goat time, we will take you on a tour of the farm to meet our second goat herd, 100+ colored-egg-laying chickens, and our beautiful flower beds of dahlias, zinnias, peonies and more. We love answering questions about our animals and farming in general, and we always look forward to creating a great interactive experience for all of our farm guests.
Paddle an Adk private lake and Moose River
Kayak or canoe on Rondaxe lake and the North Branch of the Moose River. Explore waterways and surrounding lands that are only accessible privately. Likely to see Loons and their babies, Bald Eagle family, black bear, deer and possibly even a moose sighting. Incredible fishing too. You can book a tour and kayak paddle lesson or go out on your own. We will meet at the Lake House. You will be outfitted with a boat, paddle and PFD. You will learn how to correctly paddle a kayak. We will go over safety instructions and a map of where we will paddle. We will paddle the lake and river together or if you chose, on your own.
Interact with Alpacas, LLamas and Goats
Della Lucy Farm….Come and join us for an intimate and educational experience on the day and the life of an Alpaca, Llama and Goat caregiver! We provide an opportunity for people 5 and older to feed and pet our 30 plus alpacas and llamas and a guided walk with our adorable goats! In addition we will share some unique and educational information regarding camelids, goats! We may also stop to greet our unique and crazy flock of chickens! Book a private experience!! We have limited availability during the week, however can accommodate larger groups via request Other things to note Please wear appropriate shoes (sorry no Flip flops or sandals) or bring an extra pair! We do have a public restroom and do have facilities to wash up before and after your experience. Our event is for children 5 and up. Please contact the hosts for questions regarding children under the age of 5. Due to the stress caused to our animals we do not permit dogs on the farm. Thank you for understanding. If you need to reach us during on the day of your visit please call us as we do not always get the messages through Airbnb in time. If you are unable to reach us by phone make sure to leave a message. Please keep in mind that Alpacas look different throughout the year. Also find us on Facebook.
Private Farm Garden Tour & Hands-On Workshop
Join me in the garden to taste, smell, and celebrate what’s in season in the Adirondacks! This is a private, unique, hands-on opportunity to learn about how food, flowers, and culinary and medicinal herbs are grown from seed to plate. First, we will take a tour of the farm and gardens where I will introduce you to what’s growing and blooming at the moment. We will smell, taste, and learn about different vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs. Then, we will do a hands-on activity together of your choosing, including: -Using edible flowers (decorate a cake or cheese plate, go home with edible flowers you pick from the garden) -Making herbal teas and medicinal herbal preparations (Make & go home with your own custom tea blend) -Using and preserving culinary herbs (make & go home with your own herb salt) -Playing with floral design (make & go home with your own floral arrangement) *availability changes through the season! The garden peak is July-September* Please indicate which activity you'd like to do when booking. This is a custom experience for YOU so please let me know if you have any accessibility or dietary needs. Kids under 12 are free! Please be in touch if another time/day works better for you and I will do my best to make accommodations. On-site lodging options are available, get in touch for more information.
Group Pottery Immersion Workshop at Azure Arts Studio
Have you ever dreamed of making something on the pottery wheel? Well, come on over to azure arts studio and jump right in during this immersive workshop. We'll start with a demo of how to make a pot, step-by-step on the wheel and more of the process to get to that final piece. Then it's your turn to give the wheel a spin and make your own pot or two. You'll be guided through the steps of centering the clay, making the bottom and then the walls of your pot. Who knows, maybe you'll be a pro! You may even get hooked and discover a new hobby. If you choose to keep your pots, we can talk about finishing your pieces and shipping them right to your home after they have dried and been fired in the pottery kiln. Other things to note Open-toed shoes are not recommended. If you have long, polished nails plan to have some clay under your nails and possibly chipped polish. Please secure any rings or other jewelry before your time in the studio.
Adirondack Metal Detecting Adventure
We will spend the experience metal detecting and relic hunting at a historic site in the Adirondacks. The day will begin with a brief overview of the site's history, followed by a primer on general metal detecting rules and etiquette. Expert instruction on how to operate the metal detecting equipment to be used, as well as proper techniques for artifact recovery, will then complete the introductory portion of the experience. After the introduction, participants will spend the bulk of the time "hunting" the historic site for artifacts, coins, jewelry, tools, bottles, etc. (The recovery of these artifacts will be in full accordance with local laws and property owner permissions.) Participants may keep their finds! At the end of the experience, the host will aid the participants with artifact identification, and will provide instruction on proper cleaning and preservation of the finds. Other things to note Trips are conducted weather permitting. Your fee will be refunded if the trip needs to be canceled due to inclement weather, illness of host, etc.
Discover Flying with Leaf Air
Ever dreamed of learning how to fly? Our discovery flight is the place to start! Cover the preflight, taxi and takeoff. Once airborne, take the flight controls of a Cessna 172 for 30 minutes to learn what its like to pilot a plane! Your instructor will teach you some basic maneuvers such as straight and level, turns, climbs and descents before returning to the airport. See some great scenery while experiencing a feeling like no other!
Haunted Saratoga Ghost Tours
Come walk with us and discover the ghosts of Haunted Saratoga. Hear the stories that have lived on in our city for hundreds of years. The will enchant, entertainand perhaps even scare you. Our 90-minute long walking tour will take you in search of the countless ghosts rumored to haunt the city. Total walking distance is less than a mile, covered at a very leisurely pace so that you can enjoy the Saratoga’s many infamous ghosts and haunted locations.