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Izinto ezingavamile ongazenza e-Antalya

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Antalya AquariumAbantu bendawo abangu-106 bayatusa
5M MigrosAbantu bendawo abangu-85 bayatusa
MarkAntalyaAbantu bendawo abangu-83 bayatusa
Antalya Old Port MarinaAbantu bendawo abangu-72 bayatusa
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Explore the old town with local taste
(Tour time and day can be changed as desired. Pls message me) Pls note that: Tours without licensed tour guide is illegal. According to Turkish law, only licensed professional tourist guides allowed guiding tours in Turkey. Don't panic I am a licensed tourist guide :) Before your booking, make sure that your tour will be led by a licensed guide to avoid problems later. ..:: Our expedition starts at The Clock Tower (where we will meet). Then we will start to explore ancient and historical streets, you will meet all hidden and known points of Old Town (Kaleiçi) I will show you the most featured and some secret spots of Old Town (Kaleiçi). Ethnographic Museum, Clock Tower, Karatay Madrasah, Local Flavor Tasting, Hidirlik Tower, Panoramic Terasses, Hadrian's Gate and Ancient City Walls, are just a few example routes of our tour. It is a walking tour around 3 hours on foot. We walk through the narrow streets of old town and explore the atmosphere. Please take a look at my all experiences, -Explore the Old Town With Local Taste - Hiking in Termessos Ancient City - Call Of Ancient History In Perge #AntalyaOldtown #experienceinantalya
Turkish Mosaic Lamp Workshop in Antalya near old town
Hello, We are Orhan and Esra. I offer you the opportunity to share the rich tradition of Turkish Mosaic Lamps together in Antalya near old town. In our workshops, we meet in a warm and friendly atmosphere, creating unique artworks together. With a wide range of glass options, we design personalized lamp creations while enjoying tea, engaging in delightful conversations, and savoring delicious Turkish delights. It is important to me to make you feel comfortable and to provide a warm atmosphere throughout our time together. My goal is for you to leave with a mosaic lamp that will be a special memory for you. I invite you to join me for a special experience that you will remember even after our workshop is over. We are middle of city and waiting you our new office.
The pleasure of canoeing or Sup in the nature canyon
(Please ask me before reservation beacuse it is natural canyon and raining making canyon enterence a little difficult so contact with me) Why we do this trip early beacuse of less people and not so hot at canyon in summer it is a natural canyon. So I am first person in Antalya who before explored there. The place is 30- mun. far away in centrum. The canyon not so long destination for paddle so it is not just paddle also swimming and enjoy inside Than I will be prepare canoe for you. In this time you can swiming or explore around. We will be exploring canyon with together or your familly how you want. It is so intersting place between two highest mountain with canyon. We will paddle a cano in there. I will make great pictures and videos for you. We will have a time also for swimming in natural place just you. Than we are coming back again starting place to prepare coming back So you will need just enjoy and you will be one of lucky person in Antalya You dont need to how to swimming. (If u know swimming also you can swim natural pools) (Take it your swimming clothes and extra) If you want to breakfast or something write me what you want. I have 20 sup 4 canoe you can check ins: antalyacanoe www antalyasup com If we are full my other car doesnt go to near canyon so one group will walk after parking car 5 munite. My car 4*4 so we will go to direct canyon
Hiking in Termessos Ancient City
It is a hiking tour in an ancient city. Time and date can be changed as desired. According to Turkish law, only licensed pro. tourist guides allowed to guide tours in Turkey. Don't panic i am a licensed tourist guide :) Before your booking make sure that your tour will be led by a licensed guide. -Termessos is located at the top of the mountain like Machu Picchu in Peru. Our tour starts from the city center of Antalya. I'll pick you up from city center with a private car to the magical atmosphere of the Termessos ancient city. We will make a journey to the past in Ancient Termessos and see daily life in the ancient city, gymnasium, bath, water canals, colonnaded street, agora, theater, bouleuterion, temple of artemis and hadrian, city walls and gates, bouleuterion, necropolis, heroum-monument, antique fortifications. End of the tour we'll turn back to the city center. The city is 1050 meters above sea level in the Taurus mountain range. We will walk in a mountainous region in the national park. No worries you don't have to climb there is a pathway. Termessos is 38 km far from Antalya. Pls take a look at my all experiences, -Explore the Old Town With Local Taste -Call Of Ancient History In Perge #great for travellers, #great for groups, #great for teams, #greatforhiking, #antalyahiking
Traditional Turkish Cooking Class
Do you like delicious Turkish food? If your answer is yes, join us… You can cook these delicious delicacies, too, by using the fresh and natural products from our garden… First we will pick our vegetables from our garden, then we will go to the kitchen to prepare our meals, set our table and eat with pleasure. Our delicious homemade surprises will accompany our meals. We have transportation service from the city center of Antalya. Please contact us for the meeting point.
Discover Antalya's Majestic Waterfalls
The entire program is expected to last around 3 hours. Welcome to Antalya, a realm of refreshing splendor embodied by magnificent waterfalls! This exclusive experience will transport you to the awe-inspiring waterfalls of Antalya, unveiling the enchanting wonders of nature. Our day commences with an early start, gathering at the designated meeting point. A comfortable transportation vehicle will whisk us away from Antalya's urban hustle, ushering us into the embrace of nature. You'll be chauffeured to the renowned Düden Waterfall, a spectacle renowned for its unparalleled beauty. Our primary stop introduces us to Düden Waterfall, where the mesmerizing vista and the invigorating cascade of cool water await. Feel free to amble around the waterfall, capture snapshots, and immerse yourself in the surrounding natural habitat. Subsequently, our path leads us to Kursunlu Waterfall. Nestled within the forest, this waterfall is a tapestry of a thousand shades of green, bestowing a tranquil ambiance upon all who visit. Throughout this experience, our paramount concern is providing you with a comfortable and exclusive atmosphere. Your safety and well-being are our utmost priority. As the journey concludes, we'll return to our starting point, allowing you to carry away cherished memories, captured photographs, and indelible moments.
Turkish Coffee on Sand Workshop Fortune Telling & Gift Set
Make Your Own Turkish Coffee! You will be going home with a Turkish Coffee Making Set! PROGRAM 1. MEETING We will meet with you at Necati Dölen İşhanı near old town (Antalya Workshops Experience) . 2. PRESENTATION You will have a presentation after arriving at the coffee shop about Turkish Coffee Culture and History. 3. WORKSHOP Coffee beans, grinders and cezves will be ready for you to make your own Turkish Coffee. You will be guided by the presenter. It will be cooking with sand so it is our tradational way for coffee history. 4. COFFEE TALK+FORTUNE TELLING Savor your Turkish coffee and immerse yourself in local culture with conversation, while we guide you in the traditional art of reading fortunes a basic part from the coffee grounds. 5. COFFEE SET (GIFT) Last but not least, you will get your own Turkish Coffee set which comes with a cezve, coffee, traditional mug. Türk kahvesinin tarihi ve hazırlığı hakkında doğrudan bizden eğitim almış olan Türk cezve şampiyonlarından bilgi✦ edineceksiniz. Hem ocakta hem de kumla olmak üzere iki farklı kahve demleme yöntemi✦ deneyimleyeceksiniz. Biz kumu seçiyoruz Zevk tercihlerinize göre özel bir karışımdan üç farklı türde kahve çekirdeği arasından seçim✦ yapabileceksiniz. Kumla kahve yapmanın tüm karmaşık ayrıntılarını✦ öğreneceksiniz. Kahve ve işlevleri için eşlik etmeyi nasıl seçeceğinizi✦ öğreneceksiniz.
Call Of Ancient History In Perge
Tour time and date can be changed as desired. Pls ask for more info. Pls note that: Tours without licensed tour guide is illegal ! According to Turkish law, only licensed professional tourist guides allowed to guide tours in Turkey. Don't panic i am a licensed tourist guide :) Before your booking, make sure that your tour will be led by a licensed guide. Our tour starts from the city center of Antalya, I will pick you up from the city center and drop you back at the end of the tour. Perge is a uniuqe city that was once the capital city of Pamphylia Region invaded by Alexander the Great. One of the oldest cities of the Pamphylia Region, whose name means “Land of All Tribes”. Perge is one of important like Troy and Ephesus Ancient Cities and a famous archaeological site. Lots of well-preserved monumental strucres, good place for pictures. You'll feel like you are wandering around a living ancient city! You'll see the Ancient Theater, Model of the City, Stadion, Monumental Gates, Basilica, Agora, Colonnaded Streets, Fountains, Gymnasion, Baths. An ordinary day in extraordinary Historic Perge's old streets and agora is an exciting-thrilling experience, like a time travelling to the ancient history. You will get all information about the history of the Perge and Perge's people daily life, will see the impressive, memorial, monumental buildings & structures.
Under The Lights The Land of Legends Tour
"The Land of Legends", Antalya'nın Belek bölgesinde yer alan eşsiz bir eğlence kompleksi. Bu tur size unutulmaz bir macera ve eğlence sunuyor, hem yetişkinlere hem de çocuklara hitap eden geniş bir yelpazeye sahip. Özellikle gün batımında, kompleksin ışıklandırmalarıyla birlikte ortaya çıkan büyüleyici atmosfer, romantik bir atmosfer sunuyor. Bu zaman diliminde, ailenizle birlikte veya sevdiklerinizle romantik bir yürüyüş yapabilirsiniz. Saat 22:00 de başlayan şov ve animasyon gösterilerini izleyebilirsiniz.
Cooking class with Turkish family
I would like to extend an invitation to join me at my home for an immersive cultural experience. There's no better way to explore a new culture than by sharing a meal together. In the company of my family, we will prepare and enjoy a delightful dinner, providing you with a deeper understanding of local life and traditions. (Please send a message for your alternative date requests) I will meet you at the 5M Migros Mall with my car(also drive you back). We offer you to cook and eat some of traditional Turkish food and appetizers (also known as Meze) in a family environment. All ingredients will be prepared in front of your eyes with cooking techniques and tips. You will learn lots of things about Turkish cuisine and be ready to cook in your hometown. * Mantı (Turkish ravioli) * Hummus * Zucchini & Carrot salad * Spicy Tomato Salad * Semolina Halva (Dessert) * Tea * Turkish coffee
Explore the cliffs of Konyaalti with sup or canoe
( Please before make a rezervation get a contact with me about time beacuse it is sea and we need to check wind and wheather ) Did you see in Antalya's cliffs? This experience about expolering of Antalya's cliffs with canoe or sup. You will possibility too see some cave and waterfall in some part. We will meet in point then we will be prepare our sups and canoes Then shovels with our hands in sea. So We should use this shovels together and go to explore cliffs. So it is team work. This expreience about also morning gym. I can take your photos and videos at the same time I am sure for you most intersting experience in Antalya. Don't wait :) This experience in Konyaaltı part. I will offer you two different time sunrise and late morning tour After thats time sea will have a wave and sun will burn us. If you want to Lara part you should text me message. insta ''antalyacanoe'' antalyasup . com
Фотопрогулка в Старом городе
Люди со всего мира прилетают в полюбившуюся Анталию, чтобы погреться на солнце, искупаться в Средиземном море и насладиться турецким сервисом. Я приглашаю Вас на прогулку в Старый город, чтобы показать другую, аутентичную Турцию и запечатлеть для Вас фото на память. Бронируя данное впечатление Вы получаете профессиональную съемку, ознакомительную экскурсию и от 30 обработанных фото (готовность от 2-7 дней). Это будет отличным решением для вас (Вас), если вы (Вы): 1. соло - путешественник; 2. влюбленная пара или дружная семья. Другая важная информация Буду очень рада нашему знакомству! С радостью отвечу на все вопросы, которые у Вас могут возникнуть при бронировании!
Fun Kizomba/Bachata dance class
Hi friends! I am a Kizomba and Bachata dance instructor, teaching here in beautiful Antalya now. I am excited to offer you private/group Kizomba and Bachata classes. This class would be great for anyone, who would like to experience Kizomba/Bachata wonderful dance style or learn the basics of it, or if you are familiar with that dance, you can work on improving your skills and getting it to the next level. Come and Dance with us!
Traditional ceramic hand made pottery
Workshop Content Ceramics is an art form with a rich tradition and an important part of our culture. To preserve the value of this tradition and reach a wider audience, I organize special workshop events. By blending my profession and its cultural elements with other cultures, I create a unique experience. These workshops provide opportunities for personal growth and transformation, while also allowing me to share my experiences with participants. Process To ensure the efficiency of the workshop and provide a more personal experience for the participants, the duration of the workshop is set to 1 hour. During this time, participants will explore the art of ceramics closely. Ceramic pieces shaped with the help of a potter's wheel will be dried and then colored by the participants with their desired colors. The finished product can be taken home as a memento of the experience.
Invitation to the Lycian Way
!!!!(if you are single or a couple, Tour time and day can be changed as desired. Please message me)!!! At 09.30 in the morning, we pick you up from Antalya (Konyaaltı, Muratpaşa district) from where you left off and move towards Adrasan (100km from Antalya) with my VIP car. Then we will arrive at Pirate Bay, one of the most beautiful and clean bays of Antalya. We will meet each other and socialize a little while having breakfast and having tea under the pine trees. We will swim in this beautiful sea and enjoy the view. Then we will drive into the forest. We will go towards Turkey's highest lighthouse. We will walk about 1.5 km along the forest road and reach the area where Gelidonya lighthouse is located. Y Here we will enjoy the unique Mediterranean view, sip our cold drinks and eat sandwiches. During the trip, I will give you information about the Lycian civilization and the history of the lighthouse and I will get to know you better. I will take your videos and photos with my gopro camera during our entire journey. I'll turn it into a movie and send it to you free. When the tour is over, you will see the view you have never seen and you will have information you have never heard about the Lycian civilization. I believe it will be one of the best tours of your life.
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