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Natural pool early morning walk and swimming
During this morning's walking experience, we will begin our walk with our first view of the spectacular rugged northern coast, we will continue on the isolated path through the countryside of the island where I will be point out the various indigenous plants & animals as well as the gold and local history and teaching you some Papiamento (our local language) and expressions. At this point we reach the northern dunes where we may be able to spot sea turtles nesting. This is the most unique and secluded beach on the island, which you need to see it for yourself. It is an off the beaten path. We will continue our way to the famous natural pool. We'll be the first swimmers before all the packed jeep riders. The round trail is 3.5 miles with up and down parts, mostly flat. This is an easy and relaxing walk through an area that is relatively undiscovered & secluded where you will hardly find anyone else on the way all surrounded by the local flora and fauna. All levels are welcome as this is a very relaxing morning walk. Other days are available upon request. Tour companies charged over $100. Transportation to the meeting point nor to the start of the trail is included. Highly recommended to rent a car at least 1 day, less costly than taxi fares.
See the southeast of Aruba by kayak
"Explore the southeast of Aruba by kayak" Because the Tour has an different start and end location, we will meet at the our end destination in Balashi. Together depending on the size of the group(max 7) I will arrange transport to the starting point Cura cabai. After a brief explanation on the equipment, conditions and the stops we will start our journey. We will kayak down wind for an easier ride to see : Savaneta area: to pass by the famous Zeerovers restaurant, Pos Chikito area, Isla de oro, Mangel halto, several rifs (small islands) of aruba (where some locals spent there free time). There is always an chance to see sea turtles, breeding birds and other animals during the tour. Along the way we are able to take as many stops as you wish, typically 3 stops are taken to make some photos and where I will be able to provide for some small snacks and refreshments. It is okay to bring along you're own refreshments or snacks. Snorkeling is not part of the trip. The afternoon session will experience an sunset on the water or island at the end of the tour. Other things to note You need to be able to swim, not afraid of dark blue ocean water. Weather conditions can change the sea and waves behavior and our break stops. Transportation challenges to get to the meeting point, msg me.
Caribbean Cooking Class in Aruba with ChefandSteward
The only authentic Caribbean cooking food experience in Aruba operated by a celebrated Caribbean chef! Arrive to my house, be greeted with a tasty and refreshing mocktail and the sounds of Caribbean music in the background, gather around my kitchen island as I introduce myself and share a brief history of the foods of the Caribbean including Aruba and the menu of the day. Our menu changes based on what’s available and great in the local markets. You are getting insider access to Caribbean cooking, family style (as opposed to restaurant style). The Caribbean home is a very sacred space open only to family. You are getting the rare privilege to join ours. You will be assigned to different tasks in order to help to prep and cook. We will chat and laugh and dance and make merriment as we cook. Once the food is cooked, you will sit and eat together. Please let me know if you have any allergies. This is not a nut-free house, but we can accommodate if we are informed prior. Those who book will be invited to join our membership club to keep the vibes and get access to more recipes.
Fun snorkeling tour at three beaches
This will be a very fun and adventurous island/snorkelling tour. We will be visiting the best 3 beaches for snorkelling on the island of Aruba. The first one is Baby beach where we will be snorkelling at a fish feeding spot where it is calm waters. Then we will go to Mangel Halto Beach the number one spot for snorkelling where there is a wide variety of marine life and coral very recommended to bring your underwater camera. And last but not least Boca Catalina where we might see turtles. The waters are calm and a lot of fishes to see. This will be a tour like no other on the one happy island of Aruba. I am sure you will be very satisfied with our service and attention to you. The snorkelling at the 3 beaches is for beginners and advanced snorkelers. And a nice beach to enjoy.
Beach Yoga practice by YariYoga, morning or sunset
Come and meet us at a hidden spot on Eagle Beach. Eagle beach has been ranked in #2 in the world. I provide a unique yoga experience with the best yoga studio as backdrop, the beach with soft white sand and the view to the ocean. Pure Nature! Imagine this: you see different shades of blue, feel the soft white sand, feel the trade winds go by, watch the pelicans and seagulls fly while you practice your yoga poses. All levels are welcome. I offer fusion yoga that suits every levels with variations for everyone. We offer morning or sundown hours. Please see our calendar for the hours and days available for each practice. Other days, times, or different location may be arranged on request as private class or depend on the amount of yogis. Swimming is optional after yoga class, swimming is at your own risk. One thing that sets this experience apart from the rest is that there is no yoga studio that offers yoga practice on the beach. Namaste! See you at the Beach YariYoga More to be noted: Please consider that this is an outdoor activity that means you will come into contact with natural elements such as sand, surrounding sounds, wind, you can get some sunlight which depends on because we will be under a tree.
Local vibe half day island tour
We will take you on an authentic half island tour that has 5 stops including Aruba Aloe factory, Museum Cas Tan Tin, National Archive, Aruban taste & Donkey Sanctuary. We offer amazing story telling. You will learn all about our culture and heritage here in Aruba
Preparing a local Portuguese pinchos with a grandma
Join me, from a Madeira, Portugal background, for a traditional Portuguese cooking experience. We'll start by preparing skewered Rib Eye steak with secret spice blends for a delicious and flavorful meal. Grandma will also teach you how to make pão de caco, a traditional Portuguese bread, and prepare a refreshing Poncha drink from Madeira. After dinner, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of my rocky garden with open ceiling and candles while listening to Portuguese music with family. If you prefer, Grandma can also prepare cod fish in a traditional Portuguese style as an alternative to meat. Our fully air-conditioned kitchen, designed by Grandma, is the perfect setting to learn authentic Portuguese cooking techniques. Come admire the phenomenal open ceiling and indulge in a delicious meal in a truly authentic experience.
Eco Living Aruba Desert Bee Experience
We will meet at the Eco Living Shop where I will show you my workshop as well as some of the tools I use to make Bee Boxes and process the Bees wax. We will then proceed to the "Bee Nursery" where I will discuss how I raise Bees as well as how I manage them at the "Bee Nursery". We will then travel to a few locations where I have the Bees. I will point out the different flora in the area that may affect the flavor of the honey. Some of the locations are residential so you may also meet some of the locals that help host my Bee Hives. We will gather some honey at the different locations and do a tasting back at the "Bee Nursery". You will also be able to see and purchase some of the products that we make from what the Bees provide us. Other things to note I will have water available for drinking. Please be aware that Aruba is a very warm climate so expect to sweat a bit. Bring a towel with you in case you want to jump in the ocean for a swim to cool off.
Sunrise hike and bites in paradise
Sunrise hike and bites by Pa’lante Aruba is known for sun, sand, and sea but there is so much more to do and see. Join us to discover part of Aruba’s nature, history, and culture through a sunrise hike in Aruba’s National Park. The tour starts in the parking lot of the National Park’s Visitor Center. You can reach there by car or taxi. Upon arrival you will receive your day pass to the National Park. We will hike towards ‘Cunucu Arikok’ on the hiking path and will continue the path towards Arikok Hill, the 2nd highest point on the island. While we will not actually climb Arikok Hill, our first stop will be halfway through this path where we will catch the sun rising over the hills accompanied by some coffee or tea and bites. We will go back downhill to enter the ‘Cunucu Arikok’ area where we will stop to see an old Adobe Aruban House and learn more about the area. We will hike along the same path to go back towards the Visitor Center where the tour will end. If you are interested in exploring additional areas of the park you can do this with your day pass. If you need to go back by taxi, this can be arranged from the Visitor center.
Professional Snorkeling Mangel Halto
You will jump right into the action of our daily PADI DISCOVER SNORKELING . The only Professional Snorkeling and PADI dive Center in Mangel Halto (NAUTILUS DIVE CENTER ARUBA). Swimming in the calm waters along MANGEL HALTO Beach, beginner and advanced snorkelers enjoy this turquoise-blues imbued paradise, well known for its crystal, clear shallow snorkel areas. We seek the adventure where others only dream. Amazing coral reefs. Colorful fishes: Parrotfish, Triggerfish, Pufferfish, Angelfish, Damselfish, Surgeonfish, Yellowtail Snapper, Grouper, Blue tang , Trumpetfish, Trunkfish, Wrasse, Butterflyfish. Crustaceans: Hermit Crab, Edible Crab, Lobster. Molluscs: Oyster, Scallop, Octopus, Squid. Echinoderms: Sea Stars, Sea Cucumbers, Sea urchins, Sand dollars. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to swim alongside a Green Sea Turtle. First , Briefing of the tour , Creature Identification (flip chart), How to use equipment (Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Vest) and Procedures in Nautilus Dive Center. PADI MASTER INSTRUCTOR AND DIVEMASTERS . 26 years of experience. Second , we head out to the beach at Mangel Halto .Then we go back to Nautilus Resort where we have water, bananas or cookies,showers and bedrooms to offer our guests, It is in front of the beach. We offer pick up and drop off service anywhere in Aruba.
Inshore Fishing Aruba
Our fishing experience is based on guiding and teaching our guests of how we fish in Aruba, what you can catch, which baits we use and favorite local spots to fish, mostly specialized in beach and rock fishing around the island.
The San Nicolas Culture Heritage E-Bike Experience
I am offering a special tour where you will experience Aruba differently on an electric bike. We will ride along the Linear Park bike trails around the airport and Seroe Tijshi area and there might be a chance we will get to see a plane depart or land in Aruba. Meanwhile you will also get to experience nice sounds of nature while riding towards the protected area of Spanish Lagoon, part of Arikok National Park, where you will enjoy some beautiful scenic views. We will make a stunning stop over the water, where you can take a look at all the bridges which connect our two island halves, “Pabow di Brug” i “Pariba di Brug”. Afterwards, our ride takes you towards the charming coastal areas of the Spanish Lagoon, Mangel Halto, Santo Largo, Savaneta and as we are entering San Nicolas through Zeewijk you will start to see the ruins of the Oil Refinery that was once “Lago”, one of the biggest and most important refineries in the world during World War II. When we arrive in San Nicolas City Centre. You will have 1 to 2 hours to explore on your own the beautiful Artsy Murals, visit the Community Museum or the Industrial Museum in San Nicolaas or simply grab a refreshment, meal and/or coffee before we head back. Ps. We can adapt the starting time if there are no bookings yet or Cruise ship passengers must provide the following information: ship name, disembarkation time and boarding time.
Yoga & meditate with Gabby
I offer 1h practice. Includes opening and closing meditation. Different styles, Vinyasa Power Yoga, Yin & restorative Yoga. Depending of want guest feel like it, we can adapted of his needs. Practice will be at the beach with a beautiful view and great environment. I’ll bring matts and promps. Guest will end completely recharge of energy and wellness. Meditate and practice yoga at the beach on a sunrise or sunset will be unforgettable experience.
Sunrise yoga and hike
Join me for a sunrise yoga and meditation practice, followed by a walk through nature on the northeast coast of Aruba. We will be at a beautiful and historic location where you are surrounded by nature. You will hear only the sound of the waves, the wind and the birds. And you'll have a wonderful view of the sunrise. After the yoga session, we drink some yogi tea together. Then we'll go on a short nature walk along the "wild" coast line of Aruba. The small beach of Budui Bay is our turning point. We walk back through a beautiful green area behind the Bushiribana Goldmill Ruins. You will definitely feel relaxed and energized to continue the rest of your morning! Come and enjoy a great start of your day with me!
Morning Yin Yoga on the Beach with Rose
Enjoy a relaxing start of your day on the beach, at a boutique studio or at your location. Take away your worries, focus on you and relax your body, mind and soul with great company. Experience gentle yin yoga poses in a simple and safe way. For all ages. We will start the session with a relaxing breathing exercise to relax any tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back. As the session continues you will do some basic yin yoga poses to help take away any tension in the lower back & legs and take time to pauze and connect within via a mindful meditation. .
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