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Brown Bears, Bran Castle, Rasnov Citadel & Palinca Shots
I'm Vlad the tour Guide (not The Impaler) and I'm ready to guide you through the biggest brown bear Sanctuary in the world. Over 100 bears are living in a wild- like environment. Each of them has a different story. Find out how brown bears live, why they're so popular in Romania and what you should do in case of an unexpected encounter in the wild. Wolves, deers and other animals can be also spotted in the Sanctuary. Next up, we switch from bears to bats as I will lead you through the Bran Castle! We will tackle Dracula's legend and differentiate myth from reality! Insider access into Queen Marie's elevator is included! Last but not least, I'll give you a taste of the traditional Romanian spirits, with insider access to a local distillery. Here, you'll taste the famous 'Palinca' a 100% natural spirit made out of plumbs, apricots, cherries, peaches, quinces, grapes and more. Be prepared, there are various flavors to choose from! Optionally: We can also drive up to the Rasnov Citadel and admire the view over the Burzenland.
Romanian Ethnic Painting Workshop
You will LEARN about: * 16-19th century painted furniture from Transylvania * various types of traditional painted furniture from different ethnographic areas of Transylvania You will CHOOSE from 4 wooden items which one you want to paint: * tray - 29 x 18 cm * clock - 21 x 15 cm * box - 10 x 14.5 x 7 cm * wall hanger - 33 x 9 cm You should let me know a day before the class if you want a different color than shown in the photo. You will PAINT: * apply the base color * transfer the pattern on the working surface * paint the flowers Take home a TREASURE from your Romanian trip that you made yourself that you can display in your home. You'll have a memory to share and smile about. Other things to note Never painted before? Don't worry! I will help make your piece look good. You're a painter? Enjoy my expertise and ask for more challenging techniques for your piece.
Bears in the Wild Brasov
,,Watching bears at the observatory is a must,, a guest wrote for me.. and ,,once in a life time experience,, another traveller said. We will meet in Brasov at the picking point Poarta Schei . From there we will go by car in between 30 and 40 minutes to the wildlife territory . The visit is taking place in the wild in a remote forestland area. We will be waiting for bears to pup up at any time in the opening in the evening from inside a specially design observatory . The guide is a forester and the bears are wild. The guide will be focused on the trail, sometimes communicating by gesture or using short words or transmitting behavior restrictions to assure success of the visit. Silence is crucial once inside the observatory. Bear Watching is a waiting game. Chances are high around 80% and the distance is suitable for filming and photographing . The experience is friendly for children more than 7 years old but is not disability friendly. The passionate guide will present You all kind of details about the bears and the animals there providing information and interpreting their behavior. The visit will end usually after two and a half hours , returning back to the cars and back to Brasov, occasionally in dark conditions. Other things to note Please send me a message before booking to assure that everything is just right and I am not to far away to reach You
Discover the true Transylvanian spirit
Prepare yourself for an initiatory experience where you can rediscover yourself. We will start in a 2,3 hour hike on the mountain, through the forest, in an authentic Transylvanian image. We will go on the path of one of the most spiritual places on the planet, the royal chakra of Romania, the Sambata Valley! It is the road that leads to Father Arsenie's Cave, The Saint of Transylvania. There we can meditate, pray and connect with nature. In this place, you,ll find a landscape that awaken your soul. Then, the movement through the clean air of the mountain makes you hunger ... Very good because we will go to the Sâmbăta Valley Chalet where we will eat. We’ ll have an authentic Romanian meal and at the same time we have another wonderfull landscape of the Fagaras Mountains and The Big Window of Sambata! The return journey lasts for an hour and a half, while the last impressions can be made. Of course, we’ll make a lot of pictures and stories with Carpathian landscape. In this tour you’ll know everything you want about our histrory, culture and faith, you’ll have the opportunity to drink one of the cleanest waters in the world! So, clean and free water in our way. We’ll have the opportunity to know yourself and to discover The Truth with your own senses and I’m glad to be your guide. Other things to note Tourists should have the utmost necessary. Any issue that appears later can be resolved here calmly. Crises are opportunities that usually leave beautiful memories and unforgettable moments.
We will start the trip in Brasov with a car ride to the starting point close to city of Fagaras situated at the base of the mountain we are going to conquer . We will start riding from Balea Waterfall and we will cross the most magnificent mountain road from Romania ,TRANSFAGARAS , named so because it make the connection of two sides of Romania crossing one of the higheist mount , Mount FAGARAS . We will ride this way among the ridges of the mountains admiring the beauties of the nature . After riding 15 kilometres along the mountain we will get to the peak at altitude 2030 where will be displayed in front of our eyes the beauties of Lake BALEA . After visiting the surrounding , picture taking sesion and a well deserved brake at the chalet close to the lake it will follow a long descend full of adrenaline back to the point we started Other things to note For this ride is necessary to be dressed confortable as for a mountain trip . You just need to know how to ride a bike . The E-bike (year 2019) will do the rest for you . Enjoy the view !!
See Transylvania's charm through the lens of analog cameras
Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure through the stunning regions of Brasov & Transylvania? Pack your bags and join me on a journey filled with historical places, natural landmarks, rural scenery, and hidden gems that will take your breath away! As a history and folklore enthusiast, I'll share lots of funny stories and interesting facts about the places we visit. Plus, I'll give you a crash course in film photography, an art form that's slowly fading away, to the detriment of the popular digital one. With me, you'll not only learn the basics of how to structure photos and use camera settings, but you'll also capture incredible memories and experience the thrill of making your own prints afterwards! No need to bring anything, as I'll provide everything you need, including a photo camera, a roll of 35 mm film, and my personal knowledge on how to structure photos and use camera settings. === To keep you comfortable, transportation and water are included, as well as developing and scanning services. Just keep in mind that museum entrances and food aren't included. We'll do some walking to reach points not accessible by car, so wear proper shoes. Tour cost and length may vary based on your preferences. Price range €110-€250/pers. PM for more details. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to explore Brasov & Transylvania and learn the art of film photography with me!
Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti Trip
Our Small-Group Trip to Libearty Bear Sanctuary from Brasov will take you from the city to Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti. The guide will take you to the Sanctuary, there you will meet the guide from the Sanctuary which will take you inside and explain to you what is happening in this awesome place. The tour with the guide from the Bear Sanctuary takes about one hour and represents a walk along a forest path of approximately two kilometers. This way, you will discover the stories of the bears that are now living in the sanctuary, the purpose of this place and you may ask questions. Over 100 brown bears saved from captivity or cruel conditions found a new and safe home in the 60 hectares sanctuary from Zarnesti, the largest of this type in Europe. The recommendation is to buy the tickets online for entrance at the earliest tour(9 AM or 10 AM, depends on season), please inform us at what hour you bought them. The bears’ want to tell you something: This is not a zoo! It’s our forest. Please respect it! Do not throw us food, because we don’t need it! Do not use the flashes! They bother us! Do not eat or drink in front of us! It’s rude! NOTE: Children under five years are not allowed on the tour, for safety reasons. We will notice you at what hour to be in front of your hotel. Please be on time
Forest Nature Walk
It will be a special Safari Walk in Nature . The experience will start in Brasov. A 20 minutes drive will take You in the luxuriant forest. A mild forestry road or a trail will carry us for a couple of hours underneath the canopy. The trail has many stops, and shows of natural wonders inside the forest like a live documentary where the traveler will explore and get involved in the activities. The guide will share his scientific knowledge and experience about the environment in a professional and original way. Trails are chosen according to Your interests or needs ( wildlife, birds, flowers, relaxing or sightseeing). Trails are simple and this is an activity suitable also for families with kids or seniors to enjoy! Halfway or on the way the guide will choose a special place where You can stop and taste local treats (cheese, cakes, drinks, or other ) The return trail will complete a different itinerary to our car, giving You the chance to explore more nature. The experience will end will end dropping You in Brasov. Other things to note Please send me a hello message before booking or after You booked to assure that everything is just right ! I spend lots of time in nature ! My kind regards !
Hiking in the Carpathians-private tour
This private hiking trip is a great opportunity to explore Piatra Craiului National Park in the Carpathian Mountains, an area pretty much untouched by the 21st century. Trek past gorges, forests and pastures where mountain shepherds still work, and see a side of Romania that's hardly changed in generations. Hike among the spectacular Carpathian Mountains on a guided, private-group tour of Piatra Craiului National Park from Brașov. Follow the classic routes on a 6- to 7-hour hike through alpine meadows, fragrant forests that seem untouched by time. See the cavernous Zarnesti Gorge, and learn about the traditional rural industries of cheese-making and shepherding. Refuel with hearty Romanian lunch at a mountain hut. Route may be changed without notice due to weather conditions. The name of the mountain came from one of the citadels built by the Hungarian Kingdom, as a custom, control and protection point, at the southern border of Transylvania, at the bottom of the mountains, at the end of XIV century. The name of the highest peak (2238 m) is called Piscul Ciobanului or Piscul Baciului - Shepherd's Peak in English language and Hirtenspitze in German language. The locals called the mountain The Stone (Piatra). The main ridge is regarded as one of the most beautiful sites in the Carpathians. Best period: May - October! January - March is ok, because of the snow.
Halloween party at Dracula's Castle from Transylvania, Bran
Spend a Halloween night at Dracula's Castle from Transylvania. Visit this haunted castle at night and check the charm of Halloween decorations and the beauty of the fairy hostesses then participate to Halloween Party until 04.00 am.
Learn To Ski / Snowboard In A Day In Poiana Brasov
Spend one day on the ski slopes of Poiana Brasov or Sinaia (depending on snow conditions): 1. I'll pick you up from your location early in the morning and will drive you to the ski resort (25-minute drive). Fact: If you're in the resort we meet at a pre-discussed meeting point. 2. I'll help you rent the appropriate ski / snowboard equipment. Before the experience, we'll discuss your skiing level and I'll recommend you the appropriate slope for this experience. This helps us determine the nearest and best rated rental shop. 3. We'll hit the slopes close to opening time, making sure that we avoid crowds and have the best skiing conditions. I will provide a 2-hour long ski /snowboard lesson to introduce you to this sport, provide exercises for faster learning. Tips and exercises will be tailored to your current skiing level. P.S: For mixed groups I'll be joined by a colleague and we'll split skiers and snowboarders from the group as well as beginners from advanced. 4. After the lessons you can remain on the slopes and practice on your own, or extend your ski lessons in the afternoon (extra charge). 5. At around 5pm we'll drive together back to Brasov, or you'll return to your hotel (if you're accommodated in Poiana Brasov.) Fact: I can help you with ski pass purchase (to avoid queues) and ski clothing in case you travel without them.
Guided E-Scooter Tour Of Brasov Old Town
Explore the old town of Brasov while riding an electric scooter. This provides added mobility allowing you to cover up to 15 km and visit up to 30 landmarks. We start in the central park. After a short training, everyone gets a few minutes of free riding to get used to the escooters. Then we begin our route. A private local guide will lead the group and provide valuable live info with the help of our wireless audio guide system. You will be prompted about hidden gems and get info about the included landmarks. Learn about various legends and myths that are popular even nowadays. Bonus: taste one of the best ice creams available in Brasov, Italian-like! Spectacular photo stops for your social media accounts are also planned! Other things to note: Tour start times can be adjusted in case of special requests. Don’t hesitate to inform us if you would like to start sooner or later as scheduled.
Horseback Riding In The Wild Romania
Spend around 2 hours on horses and explore wild Romania. Ride on secluded forest paths and discover some spectacular landscapes. I will pick you up from your accommodation. Our trip starts with a drive from Brasov to a local ranch. A horse that matches your riding level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) will be assigned to you. Tips before and during the experience are provided along the way by a certified horseback riding instructor. Our route includes fields, hills and forests. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking Transylvanian landscapes and have the chance to observe wildlife like deers, foxes and various bird types! After the return to the ranch, you will get insider access to the stables and get a chance to interact with some pure breeds like the Friesians, Andalusian and Gypsy Vanner horses. An outdoor traditional meal with first course, main course and desert follow! Drinks (water, juice, beer, Romanian spirts like Palinca) are also included! Bonus: On our way back a free guided Tour of a fortified Transylvanian church is provided! Fact: Total experience time around 5 hours. Important: This horseback riding experience focuses on spending quality time in nature, socializing with locals and having a quality time. The main goal of the tour aren't horseback riding lessons. Tips are provided but please don't expect intensive lessons!
Hike in the wild private photo tour
This is a day tour "pour les connaisseurs" ! Guaranteed departures: October - April. Day hike on Taga Mountains from Brasov, a remote and wild area nearby Piatra Craiului National Park. Walk on unmarked forests roads with astonishing landscapes over the Southern Carpathians which surround the Burzenland - a historic and ethnographic area in southeastern Transylvania with a mixed population of Romanians, Germans, and Hungarians, also known as "The Little Transylvania": Piatra Mare and Postavarul Massifs, Baiului Mountains, Bucegi Natural Park, Iezer-Papusa Mountains, Fagaras Mountains and of course Piatra Craiului National Park. Cross deep forests and meadows with wild flowers from where we have one of the best spots to make photos over the surroundings mountains. Romania, according to the National Geographic, is on the 7th place in TOP 10 Places to See Autumn Leaves - so do not miss the opportunity to have a hike in this period of time. During winter time we can identify the wildlife tracks in snow - bear, wolf, stag, wild boar. So, if you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience photo tour just make a step in the wild to feel free. The hike is a medium one and takes about 7 hours (including stops). The distance is approx. 17 km, with a difference of altitude of 800 m.
Go Kart Racing Near Brasov With A Local Guide
During this experience you will drive a 15 hp (horsepower) Go Kart on a professional karting circuit near Brasov! You'll get an introduction to kart racing and experience a fraction of the Formula 1 adrenaline rush. I will pick you up from your accommodation in Brasov and drive you to the raceway. There, I will brief you about the track, explain tricky corners and provide essential driving tips, that will help you get the most out of your karting sessions. I'll teach you how to stay safe and have fun on the racetrack. All your lap times are recorded, stored an available on an app for both iOS and Android. At the end of the session you'll be able to track your progress, know your fastest lap and be able to compare it with the best times of the day, week and the entire racing history of the track. A 10-minute-long karting session is included in the price. Additional sessions (cost an extra 15 USD per session). After each session we will do an in depth analysis of your previous run with the goal to improve lap times and increase the fun and the adrenaline rush in the next round. Depending on the group size (at least 6), an F1-like Grand Prix session can be organized which includes training session , qualifying session and a 7-lap race with start from the grid. At the end of the experience I will drive you back to your accommodation in Brasov.