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Liquid Arts Glassblowing Experience
You will learn the basics of lampworking AKA glassblowing. The main difference is glassblowing is done with a very large oven called a glory hole, while lampworking uses a torch. This is a 4-hour class and about 1 hour is spent training you on safety and techniques. This is split up throughout the experience. You will spend about a full 3 hours on the torch playing with molten glass. In the class, we can go over basic items like an implosion or a mushroom marble, pendants, glass ice cubes, and other more simple-to-make items. Glassblowing is freaking fun and amazing, but it is not easy at the start. Be warned, you may experience too much fun, melting glass in fire is just plain cool! Another project we have been working on incorporating is trying to make a pipe with you for a small added cost. It takes a good amount of time to make one from scratch so we have pre-made pipe slugs you can pick from so we can whip it up and potentially add a marble you made to it in a timely fashion. The pre-made slugs do cost a little extra as it takes more labor, but you get a really cool extra special piece. With this added option the teacher will be the one making the pipe towards the end of the class if not after the class so all who still need help can get the help they need. We use an ozone generator nightly to sanitize the work facility to ensure a healthy work zone
The Great Sound Bath of the Rockies - Deep Relaxation
We welcome you to a unique Sound Bath experience! This is an opportunity for you to let go of the stress and tension of daily life and tap into a state of deep relaxation as Gigi T. PsyD leads you through a relaxing sound journey. Deep relaxation with the resonant frequencies of over 70 Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Quartzophone Harp, Zaphir Chimes, Bar Chimes, Flutes, Gong, Rain Stick, Buffalo Drum, Ocean Drum, Steel Tongue Drum, Handpans, Kalimba, Tingshas and other instruments from around the world. As you enter our studio, we invite you to get comfortable on our floor mats. If you can, please bring your own bedsheet and pillowcase for the floor mats, and we can provide pillows and blankets. Once we are settled, we will go through a short guided meditation, followed by 1 hour enchanting sound bath. We hope that by the end, you'll emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed, and recharded. Please Read: If you have a medical condition, talk to your doctor before joining us. Please inform us of your condition before arriving. We ask this because the vibrations may not be in harmony with some conditions. Of course, I can always refund you if this is the case. Sound baths are wonderful, but like everything else, it is not for everyone. You ever had Epilepsy this is not for you Address: 1102 South 21st Colorado Springs, CO 80904. Namaste, Gigi T, PsyD.
Coin and Spoon Ring Crafting
Welcome to the Colorado chapter of an Experience I hatched in California. It was so fun (well I thought so) that I outfitted a shop here to keep it going. The overall process takes about an hour per guest. We get to explore the fascinating and enjoyable process of folding a coin into a ring. The spoon ring process is similar and a bit simpler. I have lots of coins and spoons to choose from, which are included in your Experience. If you have a coin or spoon of your own, it is quite possible we can turn it into a one-of-a-kind treasure. Please make sure your coin is non-magnetic and at least the size of a quarter. Smaller spoons, like a demitasse, are much easier to craft into a ring. A commentary on children: While I'm sure your little darlings are brilliant, perfectly behaved and have an infinite attention span, they probably don't have the body mass or strength to effectively work the tooling. This is fuzzy math, of course, so I'll let you be the judge. You will be entering the No Tipping Zone so let's just make amazing things and tell lies without that concern hanging in the background. PLEASE READ: My posted times are flexible but I had to put something out there. If need be I can probably slide the timing to accommodate your day. I hope to hear from you! Chris
Paint, Drink, Relax
Come relax in our fun, colorful atmosphere for an afternoon or evening of guided painting, whilst sipping on a few glasses of wine! This experience offers different paintings based on the current season and/or holiday, so you will get a few options to choose from based on our theme for the month. It will be myself or my husband teaching, or both of us depending on the day and time. This class is mainly for beginners, but if you'd like to come blow us away with your skills, please do! We promise to make it light-hearted and allow you to paint something you can be proud of, but we always encourage those who want to add more at home to do so! We have great insider knowledge for where to get the best supplies, so please don't hesitate to ask!
Colorado Springs -Guided Walking Ghost / History Tour
The tour is not just a tour, it's an adventure. It is a participative event (at least as much as you like to participate). We have fun and enjoy the stories and buildings of Colorado Springs. A mix of Ghostly stories and historical events make the tour interesting and entertaining. We take you to some areas that aren't as publicly known.
Pottery Lesson with Rhonda Lee Pottery Studio
This is a 3 hour individual session to try your hand at making pottery. I will give a quick studio tour and demonstrate wedging clay then move on to the potters wheel and show you how it is done. Next it will be your turn. I will give as much instruction as you want and customize the session to you. Any skill level is welcome-beginners to advanced. You may just want the experience and the clay may be recycled but up to 3 pots may be kept during the session. I will trim as necessary the next day and glaze and fire for you. Shipping finished pots is an extra cost and participants may make additional pots for an extra charge.
Vino and Venetian Mask Making
Welcome to the collaborative world of paint and masks! These masks are festive, wearable, or can simply be hung on your wall to add more flair to your current décor! In our fun 2 hour long class we will be imitating some of the amazing masks found all over Venice, Italy for Carnevale, and here in the States for Mardi Gras, but with your own personal twist! You will be able to dazzle and embellish your mask with all sorts of fun and sparkly pieces, anyway you please, or use only paint! If you’re entirely unsure of where to start, that’s what we’re here for! (As well as to provide you and your group with wine to loosen up!) For every couple, or two people, you will get to share a bottle of wine, and get to take home your beautiful masterpiece. (We will have our masks available for purchase as well, and you will be given a $10 discount.)
Road Trip w Rebecca Colorado Springs
This is an event for nature lovers... and a bit of man-made, too! Garden of the Gods. 1.5 hrs or so... We will hike through the Garden of the Gods with its majestic red rocks and natural beauty, and I will talk about the science and history of the city and the area. The Broadmoor Hotel(not the waterfalls): 1.5 hrs or so... We will walk around the lake and through the buildings, taking in the beauty and grandeur. OLD COLORADO CITY: 1.5 hrs or so... We will go there for lunch and you can check out a few shops if you like. Paint Mines: 1.5 hrs or so... We will walk through and climb on the formations, which look like a miniature grand canyon or Painted Desert.(it's a bit of a drive to this spot, but so worth it!)(40 min drive each way) Join me on this adventure as we walk and talk and enjoy each other's company and the natural and man made sites to see. PS Drop off and pick up poss. Even if you're in Denver... pay gas fee $100.. (I have to drive 6 hrs to pick up and drop off. 1.5 each times 4. I'm willing to do it. I hope $100 for gas and time sounds fair.) PS HIKING ability needed but not strenuous; we go slow; PREPPING for altitude DRESSING for weather Ask questions of me before we go:) *If you have 3 people in your group, pay the private tour's cheaper... *** winter, I cancel if under degrees, really windy, ice or snow, etc
Crack open and explore sustainably managed beehives
When you arrive at the apiary I will have tea ready for us to sit down in the yard and discuss any questions you may have and to get to know each other a bit. Then we will take a quick bathroom break before we suit up! You will want to have a baseball cap with hair pulled back because there is no touching your face after we get dressed. It is a small walk to the hives themselves were we will say a little introduction to the hive before cracking the propolis seal and taking a peak! We will investigate the health of the hive, note anything out of the ordinary and ask that the bees tell us if they need anything. When we are done looking at the hives we will button them back up and head back to the house to get out of our suits! I will provide a pitcher of water so that we can cool off and discuss any questions that popped up and then we will say our goodbyes for the day!
Garden of the Gods Immersion Hike
We will meet at the Garden of the Gods entrance sign and take you on an immersive hike through the Garden of the Gods. First, we will get your photo with the entire park backdrop--a classic park picture! Then we will guide you on the easy and convenient trails through the central Garden. We will share the history, fascinating geology, and fun facts about local plants and the Native Americans that still consider the Garden sacred land. Next we will take you on less-traveled side trails to some of the hidden park features not typically seen by visitors. You will enjoy the most stunning views and amazing red rock formations! Hike For Life will take you on the beautiful central trails and impressive side trails for a longer immersion hike in Garden of the Gods. This moderate experience is an ideal longer hike (5 miles) with more time to truly enjoy the park. During the hike we will also provide you tips on destinations in town and useful information for your future hiking adventures. Other things to note: This is a longer, moderate hike and ideal for those that are physically fit, enjoy getting off the beaten path and do not mind unprepared trails. Your guide will take care of the navigation so you can enjoy all the best views the park offers! Our goal is to provide you with a memorable, safety-oriented, informative and fun experience that motivates you to explore more!
Easy Classic Garden of the Gods Hike
We will meet at the Garden of the Gods entrance sign and take you on an iconic yet easy hike in the central park. First, we will take your photo with the entire park backdrop--a classic park picture! Then we will guide you on the easy and convenient trails through beautiful Garden of the Gods. You will get to enjoy the most stunning views and amazing red rock formations. You might see wildlife such as deer and hawks…and rock climbers. We will share the history and fascinating geology of the Garden along with fun facts about amazing local plants and the Native Americans that still consider this sacred land. Hike For Life picked out the most incredible central trails for this introduction to Garden of the Gods. These relatively easy trails are perfect for any ability level and you can plan on hiking approximately 2-3 miles. If you prefer a longer hike (4-6 miles) check out our Garden of the Gods Immersion Hike. During your hike we'll also provide you with tips on other destinations in town and useful information for your future hiking adventures. Other things to note: Dogs are welcome but must be leashed. We often have very mild days even in winter. Summer days can be very hot, but rain, hail or snow is possible at any time of year. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable, safety-oriented, informative and fun experience that motivates you to explore more!
Immersive distillery tour, tasting, and cocktail experience
1. Arrive at Distillery and receive complimentary cocktail made by one of our skilled mixologists. 30 min 2. Conduct tour of distillery to include complete distilling process and stories on the history of spirit production. This will be done by our owner and master distiller. 3. Tour will include a 1350 Logo engraved Glencairn tasting glass that is yours to keep. 4. Tour will include tasting 9 of our production spirits and and specials "research sprits" 5. Tour will include detailed and hands on approach to each step of the distilling process. 6. Total time for tour and tasting will be 90 min
Colorado Springs Axe Throwing Experience
I'm excited to introduce you to the sport of axe throwing! This thrilling traditional Canadian backyard pastime is now bigger than ever in urban communities. Enjoy a 45 minute axe throwing session with a dedicated axe coach right here in Colorado Springs, 20 minutes from Air Force Academy. We will provide everything you need when it comes to safety, throwing techniques and will be there to guide you throughout your entire experience. Once confident with the basics, our coach will introduce a variety of trick shots as well as facilitate games to crown a member of your group the ultimate axe throwing champion. I promise you'll be crushing bullseyes in no time and will leave feeling like the ultimate bad axe that you are! No experience necessary, all skill levels are welcome.
Picnic on the Rocks Luxury Picnics
I offer my guest a luxe picnic experience with an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains. They will experience a luxe setting breakfast, lunch or dinner of their choosing in a uniquely chosen beautiful scenic area showing off the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. This picnic experience is like non other because it allows the guest to experience amazing secret picnic locations within the touristy areas of the Colorado Springs, with a luxurious touch. Since this is personal time for the guest, I will make sure they meet me at or near the location chosen. I will lead them up to their picnic area where they get to choose their type of music played on the Bluetooth radio and they will feel like they’ve been taken to a undisclosed location to enjoy the sunrise or the sunset as they enjoy quality time socializing as a group or couple. This picnic will be laid out before them with beautiful linens on the picnic table, pillows, and a plethora flowers amongst beautiful platters. I will also offer my photography services as well to capture these unforgettable moments. Picnic on the Rocks will leave every guest feeling like they got a chance to experience Colorado on a more intimate level.
Palmer Park Hiking Tour
Join us to experience this hidden gem in the heart of Colorado Springs--Palmer Park! You won't even know you're still in the city! Learn fun facts from our expert guides about Colorado Springs, Palmer Park, and enjoy great views of the Front Range Mountains! We will meet at the trailhead, share some basics of front country hiking and then we're off! Within the park we will tailor the hike to your experience level and expectations. Your hike can be anywhere from one mile on a casual trail with less than minimal elevation gain or, if you prefer something more adventurous, up to four miles with over 600 feet of gain--it is up to you! You will witness beautiful rock formations (ever seen a "hoodoo"?) and we will be on the look out for wildlife. We will stop for water, snacks, and MOST importantly-- breathtaking photo ops! Along the way, we will tell you about the local flora, fauna and history of the area. After the hike we provide you with a summary of your experience that you can share on social media! Other things to note: Palmer Park has great year-round trails! Lightweight hiking shoes are ideal but tennis shoes are adequate for this trail. Hit the trail with us to see the best views and make the most of your time while visiting Colorado. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable, safety-oriented, informative and fun experience that motivates you to explore more!