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Discover Armenia in one day from Tbilisi
Tbilisi - ARMENIA - Tbilisi in one day! Discover another gem of the Caucasus region as you visit UNESCO sites, enjoy the scenic landscapes and taste delicious Armenian food! We'll see mystic medieval monasteries surrounded by beautiful gorges and valleys and discover unique Soviet architecture in an old industrial town. On the list: UNESCO listed monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat, the fort of Akhtala and it´s 14th century frescoes created by Armenian, Georgian and Greek painters. And what makes the experience most authentic? Of course the food, so please join us for a lunch to a hidden gem of Armenian culinary - a traditional open air restaurant, loved by locals. A truly memorable trip for everyone who wants to see more of the Caucasus.
Хинкали и Хачапури - готовьте легко
Мастер класс Грузинской Кухни Научимся готовить Хинкали и Хачапури по-Имеретински под руководством Шеф повара одного из самых вкусных ресторанов в Тбилиси: – обучение мастерству приготовления 2 блюд Хинкали и Хачапури – тарелка с местными Грузинским сырами – салат из незабываемых Грузинских помидоров и огурцов с Кахетинским ароматным маслом – Грузинское домашнее вино – ну и забавные истории о городе Тбилиси План: - Вы приходите к нам в гости. Проходите к большому столу в зале. Надеваете фартуки. - Мы угощаем вас большими бокалами домашнего Грузинского вина и ассорти из грузинских сыров. Знакомимся и начинаем подготавливать тесто для Хачапури. - Пока тесто поднимается повар рассказывает о всех видах Хачапури и регионах их происхождения. - Потом мы готовим начинку для Хинкали под истории о них и забавные случаи. Учимся плести красивые складки на хинкали и правильно отрывать хвостики - Подходит тесто на Хачапури. Собираем и раскатываем хачапури и отдаем его на кухню в печь. - Пока все печется и варится повар рассказывает о Грузинских специях и способах их применения в ваших любимых блюдах. - Когда еда готова - мы подаем салат из свежих овощей с кахетинским маслом и приготовленные вами блюда по 5 хинкали на человека и один Хачапури на 1-4 человека
Rainbow mountains and David Gareja off-road
Embark on a captivating one-day tour to the David Gareja Monastery complex, a revered and historic religious site located in Georgia. Situated about 100 kilometres southeast of Tbilisi, the complex was founded in the 6th century by Saint David Garejeli and featured buildings that have been carved into towering rocks. The monastery is home to ancient frescoes and offers stunning semi-desert landscapes to explore. During the tour, you will also visit the Natlismtsemeli monastery, also known as the Saint John monastery. The tour includes a stop at a cosy house for lunch and a wine factory where you can savour traditional Georgian wines. Please note that this tour requires a moderate level of physical fitness and involves walking approximately 4 kilometers (2.4 miles) on uneven ground. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and prepare for walking on the dirt path. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the rich history and cultural significance of the David Gareja Monastery complex.
Kazbegi and Truso valley off-road tour
We promise that you will see the ancient Ananuri fortress, the Zhinvali reservoir with turquoise water, the arch of friendship and ski resort Gudauri, the confluence of two rivers, and the Gergeti Holy Trinity church in Kazbegi. But that's not all – the Georgian military road has more secrets! The Truso Valley is the place where the Terek River originates and the landscapes take your breath away. Add a nice walk in the Kazbegi area in an almost abandoned valley towards the South Ossetia borders. Except for the nice nature, there are also interesting travertine formations due to local mineral springs, geysers, ancient towers, and several abandoned settlements. And of course, at the lunch, you can try the best khinkali (Georgian dumpling)! Great value for groups and single travellers. Most popular tour in Georgia in a new format! Explore more with us! Price includes: • Guiding service • Transportation by 4x4 car • Drive to the Holy Trinity Church Price excludes: • lunch (vegetarian option is available, lunch can be paid by card or cash) • personal expenses • tips for the host and driver After the tour, we can drop off you in Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) or Gudauri.
Тур по барам Тбилиси в формате игры - квеста
Тур по барам - (англ. Pub Crawl, Bar Hopping) - популярный вид развлечений в Европе и Америке. Это экскурсия-вечеринка, в которой люди из разных городов и стран знакомятся, общаются, танцуют и перемещаются от бара к бару большой веселой компанией. В среднем 10-15 чел. За один вечер участники проходят 4 бара-клуба, выполняя веселые задания. В финале самые активные участники получают призы, а вечеринка продолжается. В стоимость включено: - 4 бара-клуба - 4 welcome shots - Развлекательная программа - Весёлые гиды - Фотограф Другая важная информация - Переход между барами 5-10 минут в пешей доступности.
Tbilisi Friendly Walking Tour, Food&Wine
If you are searching not a "basic history" tour, filled with tons of interesting facts, and personal stories about living in Tbilisi, that will make you feel like you learned a lot about cultural habits, the city, and the country, then you can continue reading! As you may know, the old town is the most atmospheric district of the city, full of traditional Tbilisian houses, different architectural styles, and historical buildings where you can enjoy walking the labyrinth of alleyways and discovering hidden restaurants, cafes, and shops. In this walking tour, we will explore all highlights of the old town, stopping to admire landmarks such as the Narikala Fortress, the Sulphur baths, the Juma mosque, the waterfall, and the Metekhi church, from where we will continue to see the modern Bridge of Peace, Rike park and with using of the Cable car we will see the monument The Mother of Georgia! For a better introduction to the city and culture, after seeing all the main attractions, we will go to the Wine boutique, where you will be able to try Georgian wines made in Traditional and European ways and after tasting them you tell me which one you liked more! At the end of the tour, If you would like to try Georgian traditional food, we can go to the authentic restaurant, or you can take notes of the places, that I will recommend going to!
Tbilisi Pub Crawl experience
"Turning strangers into friends!" - this is the motto I go by. We meet in the lobby of Fabrika hostel, from where our adventure starts! The first stop is a wine bar, where we will drink 3-4 kinds of delicious Georgian wine and play games. Then we go to 4 local bars, in order to see Georgian nightlife, have fun, drink tasty shots, craft beer or more wine, maybe sing and dance as well!
Taste Khinkali, see Kazbegi, feel happy
TOP MOUNTAINS AND FOOD COMBO: Experience the essence of the Great Caucasus on our unforgettable trip to Stepantsminda/Kazbegi! A day of breathtaking landscapes, authentic food and rich history. Join us on a journey to the picturesque mountain town of Stepantsminda/Kazbegi. Elevated at 2170 meters above sea level, this is where you'll get to feel the true essence of the Great Caucasus. We'll embark on an adventurous road trip along the historic Georgian Military Highway, stopping at some of the region's most iconic and beautiful sights, including: the medieval Ananuri fort, a piece of history that has stood the test of time the stunning Jinvali water reservoir, a photographer's dream come true the panoramic view from the Friendship monument in Gudauri, a breathtaking experience that you won't soon forget mineral water springs and other hidden gems waiting to be discovered As a special highlight we´ll take you to our favorite local countryside restaurant for a true khinkali tasting experience. Khinkali are the famous dumplings, that originated from the highlands. Here, in their homeland, they still taste very different from the Tbilisi style. Join us for a day of stunning views, thrilling history and delicious mountain food!
Learn Georgian granny's recipes
Learn the secrets to cooking delicious traditional Georgian food with a local! I will show you how to cook khachapuri "Adjaruli" according to an old recipe of the families in Adjara (Georgian region). It is a famous Georgian boat-shaped cheese pie with egg yolk in the center. You will make the true Adjarian khachapuri under my guidance, and also you will make Georgian dumplings - "khinkali" in the style of local highlanders. Of course, after the class, you will enjoy the meal you cooked, with a glass of tasty homemade wine. Other things to note The cooking class takes around 2 hrs. If the time you would like is not available please feel free to contact me.
Ювелирный мастер-класс
На мастер-классе вы создадите кольцо из серебра своими руками. Познакомитесь с основами пайки, увидите, как можно нанести декоративные элементы. Узнаете, как отполировть изделие. Цена мастер-класса включает в себя 5 грамм серебра. Самая главная задача подарить радость опыта, но ни в коем случае не напугать тонкостями "ювелирного искусства". Каждый сможет понять, что может это сделать. Вот увидите!
Local Wine Experience in Kakheti region
First, we will visit a local wine factory, where you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with traditional and modern winemaking technology and taste different wines made of endemic grapes. After lunch you will master yourself as a baker of Georgian deda’s puri and then tasting it with local cheese and magic Chacha ( Pure alcohol made from leftovers after winemaking) After relaxing in a beautiful Bodbe monastery we will head to Sighnaghi, city of love. While exploring its ancient wall you can enjoy drinking coffee/ tea/ wine at a cafe with wonderful views. Right after the city tour we will move to the wine cellar, where you will be hosted by the local family. Here, you will soon become acquainted with the traditions of the Georgian feast (Supra- Local Causine whith an unlumited drinkings) – making toasts and drinking wine from special horns, called Kantsi. Supra Is an inseparable part of the Georgian culture frequently accompanied by folk music and traditional dances. Other things to note A few days before the start of the tour, you will be contacted via Whatsapp and added to the group where the rest of the group will be.
Тбилиси незабываемое впечатление
Живое общение с человеком, влюбленным в свой родной город, сложно заменить общеизвестными данными из обычных путеводителей. Мы команда гидов предлагаем вам сначала познакомиться с Тбилиси «для своих». А также мы предлагаем групповые и индивидуальные туры в различные уголки Грузии - Кахети, Казбеги, Мцхета Уплисцихе. Все поездки проходят на комфортабельном транспорте. Вы увидите достопримечательности и древние архитектурные памятники и услышите легенды об истории этого гостеприимного города и узнаете как сориентироваться в современном ритме Тбилиси. Мы поможем разобраться в изобилии национальных блюд и насладиться знаменитым грузинским многоголосием. Тбилиси – город с многовековой историей, он полон живописных уютных улочек, двориков, удивительных памятников древней и современной архитектуры. Серные бани, Инжировое ущелье и водопад, Крепость Нарикала, Улица-лестница, Театр марионеток Резо Габриадзе, Мост мира, Балконы на крепостной стене, Храм Анчисхати, скульптуры по рисункам Н. Пиросмани, Кафедральный собор Сиони, Метехскую церковь! Наша прогулка проходит каждый день. Мы чередуем Впечатления «Современные маршруты» и «Древние тропы», чтобы показать вам город со всех сторон. Обе прогулки проходят по старому городу. Вы увидите известные места города, секретные улочки, дворики и разные "тайные" места известные только местным.
Feel the city vibe from the local's experience
Kutaisi is a city of myth, the legendary capital of ancient Colchis, established circa 4000 years ago and it is in the top 5 oldest cities in Europe. Kutaisi was also the Capital of Georgia in medieval times. Here in Kutaisi gymnasium was studying Vladimir Mayakovsky the great poet of Relovulition alongside other Georgian famous writers and poets. You would have a pleasure to see and experience the old town ( ''the royal neighborhood'' ) vibe, Botanical garden and learn about their history.
First morning in Tbilisi
What would be the perfect first morning in Tbilisi for you? A deliciuos coffee? A friendly lesson of fun and easy Georgian? A local expert to help you plan your holiday? Don't search anymore. If you feel lost in the thousands of chaotic informations online and don't know how to organize your time in a new city, meet us in a typical Georgian cafe in the lively beautiful Vake area of Tbilisi. 1. We'll teach you some Georgian phrases so you would know how to introduce yourself, make an order in a restaurant, book a taxi and even confess your love. And some fun local toungue twisters! 2. While sipping your morning coffee, you'll give us a glimpse of your expectations on this trip. So that we will provide you with detailed guidance, whether it’s just a one day trip, few days or a week, you will find the best plan for your stay in Georgia. We'll give you lots of tips on how to avoid multiple tourist traps and to use your time most effectively: how to move around the city and the country, what to see, how to get tickets for museums or events, where to go for classic highlights and so on. 3. Instead of looking up the internet for hours for a suitable place to eat, you'll get the fresh insight into Tbilisi food scene and we'll give you the list of best local restaurants and bars. It will be a very nice, friendly but professional chat with a local expert. See you in a cafe!
Imagine, The First Night in Tbilisi
You make only one FIRST impression! Sometimes you do not get a second chance. Tbilisi is a city, various as hell. So, you need to know a trustworthy local to avoid knocking on the wrong door. Any Georgian would take you to traditional Georgian restaurants to explore culture, cuisine, and the human condition. But you have me, George from Georgia, willing to build up your first night in Tbilisi and make it 'Legen...Wait for it...Dary'. And you know, some of the best parts of Tbilisi can only be seen after lights out. My tour takes you to the best venues that offbeat nightlife neighborhoods of Tbilisi have to offer. We hit the places with different atmospheres & vibes that locals know and love. This experience is the best way to explore the venues that will come in handy for the rest of your holidays and, more important - to meet new people from all over the world. We start from the chic cocktail spot and move from venue to venue depending on the day and the events held there. The locations can be authentic or trendy among youngsters, a bit hippie, or elegant and sophisticated bars that are meeting points of famous Georgian musicians. As my guest, you will have access to locations full of trendy socialites, influencers & sometimes even celebrity appearances. *The first round of drinks is on me!* *Dress nicely, but this is Tbilisi - casual cool is the name of the game*