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    Can’t be there to give your guests the local tour? Take a few minutes to create a guidebook—it’s a great way to win over travelers.

    Once you’ve completed the steps to list your place, you can suggest your favorite restaurants, stores, parks, and attractions.

    Creating or editing a guidebook

    Only primary Hosts can create and edit the guidebook. Here’s how:

    1. Go to your Listings and select a listing
    2. Click or tap Info for guests and go to Pre-booking details 
    3. Next to Guidebooks, click or tap Edit
    4. Click or tap Create
    5. From here, you can edit the title and cover and choose which listings this guidebook is associated with
    6. Click or tap Add to guidebook and you'll be prompted to enter places, neighborhoods, and city advice
    7. Follow the prompts and when you're done, click Done

    Host guidebooks are public and everyone Airbnb can view them. You can also Share to make your guidebook accessible outside the Airbnb website or even click Preview & print for a hard copy to leave for guests.

    Host recommendations in neighborhood guides

    Your recommendations may appear in our neighborhood guides, which provide a detailed picture of what guests can do in that city. The best part? Your recommendation will include a link to your guidebook and listing.

    We use algorithms to determine the most interesting content created around each location, based on informativeness, uniqueness, and representation of the place.

    Note: Not all places have a neighborhood guide. The best way to create one is to expand your own Host guidebook with your recommendations.

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