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    Do you need help getting into your account? Want to update your profile or edit your account? No problem! Here you’ll find info on how to reset your password, upload a new profile pic, or change your email address.

    Troubleshooting account issues

    If you’re having trouble signing in to your account, try resetting your password (it’s easy—head to the reset password page).

    If you can’t find reservation info once you log in, there’s a chance you may have two Airbnb accounts. If you do have two accounts, unfortunately we can’t combine them, so choose the one you’d like to keep and delete the other account (just be aware that any pending reservations on that account will be canceled). It’ll make things easier the next time you book or host.

    Change or reset your password
    Details on how to reset your password or create a new one.

    Merging multiple accounts
    How to decide which account to keep if you accidentally end up with two.

    Deactivating or deleting your account
    Find info on temporary deactivation or permanent deletion of an Airbnb account.

    Managing your personal info

    Once you’re logged in, go to your Account to edit things like your email address or phone number. Note that some of this account info will be public (like your picture or first name), but we won’t share things like your government ID, payment info, or email address.

    Edit your account settings
    Get details on where to find and update settings and profile info.

    Change your email address
    How to change or add an email address in your account.

    Editing phone numbers on your account
    How to change or add phone numbers in your account.

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