Ukusikisela kuzoboniswa ngemva kokuthayipha endaweni yokusesha. Sebenzisa imicibisholo ebheke phezulu naphansi ukuze ubuyekeze. Sebenzisa u-enter ukuze ukhethe. Uma okukhethile kungumusho, lowo musho uzothunyelwa ekusesheni. Uma ukusikisela kuyilinki, ibhrawuza izokuya kulelo khasi.
Amagama asemthethweni

Isithasiselo soMthetho Wobumfihlo we-Airbnb wase-China—Uhlu Lwezimvume Zedivayisi

Our mobile application will request the following device permissions which may collect your personal information to support services you request or related product functions, and you may turn off such permission through the “Privacy” or “Settings” on your device.





To search approximate Listings and display your location

Precise Location (GPS Location)

Your location cannot be automatically indicated, but you can still choose your location manually.

Camera and Photo Album

To take pictures or upload photos for your profile, listings and complete identity verification .

Photos (including selfie)

You may not import and upload photos to Airbnb or complete identity verifications if required.

Device Identifier

To display Listings, maintain trust and safety and improve our services

Hardware and software information, operating system version, system language, CPU model, device unique identifier (IMEI, IMSI, Android ID, MAC Address), device event information, crash data, etc.

You may still use our services but the efficiency and accuracy of these functions would be adversely affected.


To invite and refer friends (as Guest, Host or Co-host)

Contact information

You may not import your contact and invite your friends.

Phone State (Android only)

Read phone number

Phone number

You may not be able to login with a click.

Local Storage (Android only)

To cache the application data in your device and read such cache data to provide our services and enhance user experience

Application data cached in your device (including account information, Listing information and log data)

Such information is essential to the basic functions of our services. You may not not use such basic functions of our services if you turn off the local storage permission.


Recording audio


You may not be able to use customer support through audio messages.



The content you choose to copy or paste, such as the listing address or message

This feature will only be enabled when you use the copy or paste function

Please note that we utilize certain features to provide you with the best possible product experience. Depending on your device's system settings, certain functions may not be able to be turned on/off. However, our application does not collect any personal information while using these functions.

  1. Sensors: Our application utilizes sensors to display an animated user interface.
  2. Autostart: If you use an Android device, to ensure that you have seamless access to our application, we have incorporated an autostart functionality, which will be activated upon a change in system time or time zone on your device, or when your device reboots.

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