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Taste Authentic Turkish Cuisine in Old Town; Food Tour Izmir
- A special culinary experience. - Top local delicacies. - Walk through hidden alleys, dive into the culture, hear personal stories from my childhood. * Meet me at the local market in old town for an exclusive tour. * Try 15+ authentic flavors in 8+ traditional places. * Taste what you have not tasted before. - This is the first and original Izmir Food Tour. - Read the reviews. - Satisfaction guaranteed. * I encourage sustainable tourism; contributing to local economy. * You have a positive social impact, supporting small, family businesses. * We visit 80+ 100+ year-old traditional restaurants, food sellers. - This is a gastronomical journey in the first place. - Also a cultural, historical experience. A sightseeing, walking tour. - All in one :) We eat, travel in time with interesting anecdotes, eat even more. By the end, you will have: * Full stomach (in case not, we continue extra time, with additional stops for free), * Tried unique cuisine, escalated your appreciation for Turkish food to the next level, * Better understanding of the customs, with insider knowledge from a local. - 3 tours every month are 15% cheaper to support budget travelers. - Find those dates in the calendar to save a bit. - Write me if price is high for you. I want everyone to be able to attend. * Tipping is optional. * When my guests enjoy the experience, usually they tip. * I appreciate it.
Ephesus Private Tour
PLEASE SEND MESSAGE BEFORE BOOKING I'm a photographer who loves to travel and explore amazing places. In this experience, you will be able to reach Ephesus in the safest and cheapest way, and you will be able to collect unforgettable memories with professional photo shoots. I will pick you up from your hotels with my own car and set off for a nice day in Ephesus. I will help you to buy the tickets and we will go on a historical journey in the ancient city. After visiting Ephesus, we will drive to Selçuk and have a delicious Turkish meal at a local restaurant. After lunch, we will return to Izmir. If you want, we can add Virgin Mary's house and Sirince to the tour. Write me for details. Other things to watch out for I am not a history guide, I will help you reach Ephesus safely and cheaply. and I will take your professional photos. I organize different experiences, you can find it on my profile. Airbnb doesn't allow me to host experiences at the same time, so please send me a message to find out the days and times. Price includes: Pick-up Drop-off Photo shoot Lunch
İzmir Kemeraltı Sokak Yemekleri Turu
I offer you a walking tour with delicious street food in Izmir Kemeraltı. I have determined 6 different food spots for you. But it doesn't have to be limited to 6. Your choices are important to me. We can tailor the experience to your preferences. Our tour, which will start in front of the Izmir Clock Tower, will continue by visiting places known by the local people in the crowded but exciting Kemeraltı streets and giving historical information throughout the tour. Izmir food is very delicious. You will love those food! Don't forget to bring your sneakers, an empty stomach and a smiling face with you. We will gain weight together :)) *Kemeraltı street flavors tour is a flexible tour. Therefore, the expenses belong to the participants. But we can also decide the opposite. Please write to me. *Please indicate in advance if you have a special diet or are allergic to a product. * The program is quite flexible. We can decide the days and times by sending me a message. I hope you have a nice trip to Izmir. Take care of yourself and enjoy the beautiful city of Izmir! Melis
Discovering the Ancient Bergama with a Local Photographer
Hi, I invite you to join me on a historical journey through Bergama. On this personal tour, we will explore the region's most unique historical sites in my own car. Bergama was one of the most important cultural centers of the ancient world, leaving behind many historical treasures that we will discover on this tour. We will start by visiting the Asklepion, an ancient health center where famous doctor Galen practiced and where we'll learn about interesting medical practices of the ancient world. Next, we will climb to the Acropolis to see the famous Zeus Altar. This ancient structure was an important cult center in the Hellenistic period and still impresses visitors today with its magnificent architecture. During our tour, we will also visit Bergama's historical houses, where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the region's traditional lifestyle and culture. Spending time in Bergama offers a great opportunity to discover the region's historical and cultural heritage. Join me on this enjoyable tour and explore the most important historical sites of the area while I take professional photos of you. Other things to watch out for: I am not a history guide, I will help you reach Bergama safely and cheaply and I will take your professional photos. I organize different experiences, you can find it on my profile.
Alaçatı And Çeşme Private Tour
PLEASE MESSAGE BEFORE BOOKING I'm a photographer who loves to travel and explore amazing places. In this experience, you will be able to reach Çeşme in the safest and cheapest way and collect unforgettable memories with professional photo shoots. I will pick you up from your hotel. Then we will go to Çeşme by My Car. Our first stop will be Çeşme Castle, we will be able to see the whole city from a bird's eye view and we will take great photos there. After visiting Çeşme, we will go to Alaçatı and take an incredible journey through the beautiful streets of Alaçatı. If you are interested in shopping I will take you to a great local market. and at the end of the tour we will have a cold drink and rest. This tour is personal, so it can be arranged according to your wishes. For example, you can swim and surf on the most beautiful beaches of Izmir. Write me for details. Other things to watch out for: I organize different experiences, you can find them on my profile. Airbnb doesn't allow me to host experiences at the same time, so please send me a message to find out the days and times.
Ephesus Ancient City and House of Mother Mary
Pick up from hotel or dock in Kusadasi and First we will visit Artemis Temple, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, standing today next to Ephesus Antique City. Then we will drive to Ephesus. Ephesus was one of the most important harbor cities in antique world and also it is mentioned in the book of Revelations as one of the seven churches. Also Celsus Library and theater in Ephesus are the other highlights. In Ephesus we will see, Celcus Library, Temple of Hadrian, the fountain of Trajan and the Theater. We will have lunch in a local Turkish restaurant and drive to Virgin Mary’s House. This place is discovered by Lazarist priests after a German nun described the house and the mountain as the last residence of Virgin Mary after she had some visions about the place. Today this place is a Muslim and Catholic, being cared by Lazarist Fathers. Lazarist Fathers still celebrating the mass everyday. 16:30 End of the tour and drive back to your hotel or to the dock.
Photography Session in Izmir
PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE BEFORE TO BOOKING Are you traveling alone and don't want to ask a stranger to take a picture of you in every place you like? Are you a couple on a romantic trip who wants to have a memorable photo shoot? Or maybe you are a bunch of friends who want to have an awesome picture of all of you without taking a selfie once in a while?) Then a personal photographer is a right choice! We will meet up at the city center and go to explore the heart of the city, enjoy the rhythm and lifestyle of the old neighborhoods. It will be a comfortable, relaxed walk with a professional photographer as your personal paparazzi. I will give you some tips on how to act naturally in front of a camera, and avoid standard posing. We will avoid beaten paths and crowded touristic places so you would feel very uninhibited during the whole photoshoot! To see our work, check the instagram: @ahenkmedya Please be aware that it's a group photo shoot (up to 4 people), but you also can book a private experience! I cannot add dates because I have more than one tour, if you couldn't see the date that suits you, send me a message.
Glorious Ephesus and Mary's House
Visiting the local villiges and pick the fruits of the season and then do Turkish wine tasting at one of the local winery ( from 15 Euros to 25 Euros, 3 to 5 types of wine) At Sirince fruit or ordinary wine tasting is free but too commercial. Visiting Ephesus Ancient City, Temple of Artemis and House of the Virgin Mary. Walking around the local farmers’ market. Visiting a village to watch locals where they are producing wool threads and silk warms and dying them making handicrafts using silk and wool threads. Visiting a local seramic workshop to watch and learn how to make pottery with local white clay. Taking the advantage of being at the hub of leather goods products at outlets. Other things to note: for 2 and more guests and private bookings transportation is included. I wil be holding a paper on which your name is written so that you can recognize me to meet.
Horse Ride With Beautiful Mountain Views
PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE BEFORE TO BOOKING "The ride is suitable both for beginners and experts - we will be there to help you! You will receive a small training and you'll be guided throughout this exciting excursion. " Our experience will start with a quick training before getting on the horse, to make everyone comfortable and understand how the horse behave and how we can get relaxed on them. Finally the real fun will begin by exploring the valley. The ride lasts usually about 20-30 minutes For the finale you will enjoy cold drinks! Other things to note Is your first time riding a horse?No worries at all,I'll be really happy to introduce you in this magic and amazing world! If you don't find an available date feel free to contact us! The place we're going to is a place with a wonderful mountain view. this place offers natural Turkish breakfast. I would definitely recommend this. Write me if you are interested in breakfast. Price includes: Pick-up Drop-off Riding a horse Transportation Photo shoot Drinks
Efesin gizemlerini ve hikayelerini kesfetmeye ne dersiniz
Efes antik kentini kesfedin.saat... da aracımla sizi konaklama biriminizden alacagım. 1 saatlik keyifli bir yolculugun ardından antik kente varmıs olacagız.Bütün odagım gezinizin cok keyifli ve unutulmaz olmasını saglamak. efes antik kenti dilediginiz gibi gezip adeta caglar oncesine giderken ben sizleri efes girişinde bekliyor olacagım ..bolgeyi tüm hikayeleri ile gozlemlemek ve fotograflamanız keyıflı bır deneyıme donusecek..mola verdigimiz dogal ortamda kendi hazırladıgım tonbalık yada tavuklu sandvicleri ikram edıyorum. essız fotograflar cekebıleceksınız.grupta katılıma gore yenı ınsanlarla tanısabılır ve bolgenın keyfını bırlıkte cıkartabılırsınız.gezı bitiminde donus ıcın hazırlıklarımızı yapmaya baslıyoruz ve sizleri konaklama biriminize teslim edıyorum.. Neler Dahil: Tüm ulasım (gidiş dönüs)-aperatif ögle yemegi- Neler Haric:Efes antik kent giris ucreti ve aldıgınız kısısel hedıyelık esyalar. extra yeme icmeniz
Kemeraltı Gourmet Tour
Are you ready to taste the wonderful food and drinks of our country. We will meet in front of the clock tower at 14 o'clock and taste 10 kinds of food and at least 4 kinds of drinks in the historical Kemeraltı bazaar, which will last for about 3 hours. First of all, we will eat our indispensable stuffed mussels and a glass of pickle juice. Our Traditional Pickle is a fermented healty beverage and the shop in Kemeraltı has been selling pickles for many years. We will taste soup, kebab and dessert varieties in a small kebab shop that has been operated for 4 generations and then we will visit historical places such as the synagogue street. Then we will drink Turkish coffee and sahlep in the Kizlaragasi inn, which remained in the Ottoman period. You can be sure that it will be a tour where you will learn our culture and You will leave with good memories. .
Wine Tasting Tour at Two Wineries
We will visit 2 wineries of "Urla Wine Route" project with a small group. I will pick you up from city centre and drive to Urla, which is the one of the most famous wine locations in Turkey. In each winery, we will see wineyards, production facilities and taste different wines. And then I will drop you back to the city centre. If you are tired of the common tastes and ready for new experiences, this tour will help you broaden your horizon!
Akdeniz yemekleri eşliğinde müzik şölenine davetlisiniz
Evimizde veya hava güzelse açık havada çimüstünde saz ve gitarlı müzik şöleni eşliğinde 2, 5 saat 5 çeşit meze yemek ve içki tadımı yapacağız. Yerel yemek türlerimizi ve yerel şarkılarımızı deneyimlemekten zevk alacağınızdan eminim. Yemekler benden müzikler oğlum ve eşimden..
Turkish Meyhane Experience - Eat and drink like a local
We will have dinner at a traditional Turkish "Meyhane". You will have a special night in a Meyhane which is only known by some locals. 2 kinds of meze, a main course and 2 glasses of Rakı, wine or beer ara included to price.
Turkish Village Tour - Village Adventure with The Farmer
I offer you an unforgettable village journey. I will pick you up from your hotels with my own car and set off for a nice day in my village. A warm welcome awaits you here. We will take care of the cows and sheep in the village, feed and love them. We will cook village meals and taste local delicacies. You will feel how precious village life is and you will find peace in nature. By visiting the old village mosque, we will witness the historical and cultural heritage of the village. We will meet the village people and listen to stories about their local life. We will get lost in intimate conversations over tea and coffee and touch the traditions of the village even more closely. After the village adventure, we will visit the Ulubey Canyon, the biggest canyon in Turkey, and the ancient city of Sardes, where the first money in the world was minted. However, the purpose of this tour is not only to discover the beauties, but also to support my family in the village. I want to touch the lives of the people living in the village by contributing to the livelihood of my family in the village with the money that will come from this tour. The memories I will share with you will give hope and strength not only to me but also to my family in the village.
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