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Snorkeling at Mnemba Island
Join us on a boat trip to one of Zanzibars famous islands called Mnemba Island which is popular for its beautiful underwater world. We start in the morning from Nungwi Beach around 8.30 am and will head to Mnemba Island. Transport from your Hotel can be organized. You’ll have around 1 hour to jump into the water and enjoy watching all of the tropical fish species. If you‘re not a good swimmer or never snorkeled before - don’t worry! A professional guide will help you and make sure you’ll enjoy this experience. After we will head to a sandbank next to the island where you’ll be offered some fruity snacks and have the option to take stunning pictures. Fruits and water is included in the price - if you would like us to arrange anything else, let us know ahead and we will get everything you need! If you're lucky, you might even see some dolphins on the way and will be given the chance to swim with them. We will then head back to Nungwi Beach where to journey started. ♡ Please read me! We will do the experience as a group of usually 5-10 people maximum. If you would like to have more privacy, you can book our experience as a private group. Photography/videography services can be booked additionally.
Zanzibar spice tour & cooking class
Fantastic spice farm tour with Zanzibar cooking class. You'll start the day at a local market Darajani in Stone town for ingredients shopping,afterwards head to the spice farms, short walk + learn about the spices, then proceed to a cooking class with experienced local chef. Available for all dietary options i.e Vegans - vegetarians - gluten free etc.
Stone Town Historical and Cultural Walk with a Local
Join me or one of my team guides on this insightful walk, within the hours invested in the tour you will gain a great understanding of the architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will soon notice how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Other things to note: The tour duration is not limited to 2 hours, depending upon your interests it can be more or less.
The Blue Safari
The original and the best safari blue is a full day excursion on locally made traditional sailing dhows. It is a great way to spend the day while you swim, sun bath and wander on the sandbank with great views during the day. Other things to note This is a whole day trip so we will leave in the morning till gong back in the evening. The trip ideally starts from Stone Town and can be arranged from other parts of the island at extra cost for transportation.
Learn Delicious Traditional Cooking with Mama's of Zanzibar
Welcome and unlock a side of Zanzibar tourist don't get to experience! The real Zanzibar! A community lifestyle in Zanzibar, that is authentic, educational, enjoyable, delicious and fun for all ages! You will get a hands-on training from our homes on how to learn how to cook authentic Zanzibari food We are a group of passionate Zanzibari women eager to share our rich cultural cuisines and traditional dishes with you! Our menus has rich exotic island flavours and aromas overviewed by a professional chefs. We will be honoured and super excited to welcome you to our community! Please keep in mind that when booking this experience you will be supporting and empowering us directly, as Zanzibari woman. Our day starts 0900hrs - 13:00hrs. (Flexible) 09:00 Arriving + Greet and Meet 09:15 Menu Introduction + Day Routine 09:30 Heading to Local Market 10:15 Back at Pishi HQ to prepare for cooking 10:30 - Prepare cooking Items + Cooking Classes 11:00 Free time as we arrange for lunch + Explore the neighbourhood + Discover the boutique Shop* + Henna Painting* 12:15 Lunch Time 13:00 End of lunch 13:30 Experience End * We are vegetarian friendly and are happy to cater to special diaries, share your dietary in details and we shall do our best to pick a custom menus accordingly! Please feel free to contact me and ask me anything! :)
The Spice Tour
The history of Zanzibar would be incomplete without the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, and many other spices which brought the Sultans of Oman and the beginnings of the infamous slave trade. They can be seen in the plantations just outside Zanzibar town, and a good tour includes opportunities to dazzle the senses with fresh spices. We have developed a special Spice Tour with in-depth information not only about spices but also herbs and a detailed description of their uses in medicine, cosmetics, and cooking. We will show you the traditional natural herbal medicine plants and their uses, herbal creams, and beauty products produced from his organically grown spices and herbs. After the tour, we invite you for an opulent lunch, where you can taste the spices and fruits you saw before. This is also the place to purchase fresh spices and spice oils. Other things to note We will be walking on the farm so proper clothes and shoes are to be noted.
Walking through the beautiful trails of Stone Town
Walk with me on the most beautiful trails of Stone Town. I personally will provide you with an insightful walk through the city. During the experience, you will gain a great understanding of the city's architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will learn how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Please note: - Depending upon your interests, the tour's duration could take up to 2 hours, however it can be more or less. - Sights that are included: Old Slave Market/Anglican Cathedral, Mkunazini Road, Stone Town, Zanzibar City Tanzania You will truly see the most interesting places like: Old fort , Old slave market, House of Wonder, Forodhani garden, Hammam bath and the unique carved Zanzibar doors .
Professional Photo Shoot In Zanzibar
I love to photograph travelers and their experiences whiles visiting Zanzibar, to give them unforgettable memories of their trip. We will go to the most interesting, unusual, and unique places in Zanzibar, there are lots of hidden gems on the island that we can introduce to you. I will take a lot of beautiful photos of your trip, which you will keep to remember the fun, life-changing, and fantastic moments you had in Zanzibar. Photoshoots always are private. For one person, couple, family, travel group, etc. We are also open to your curated location or at your hotel. You will get around 14 well-edited images and extra 80 unedited jpeg raw photos (with beautiful color grading and light correction), which I will send between 10 days after you select your final sets for edits. We are also open to sending a few within 2-3 days if it's your birthday or anniversaryy. Other things to note We are really open to all Ideas of guests and our experience is very comfortable. We curate every part of the trip and also provide help, and advice on other interesting things you can do on Island.
`Intangible Cultural Heritage of Stonetown` Walking Tour
Our meeting point is in front of Cape Town Fish Market ( a South African and Japanese cuisine restaurant) in Zanzibar. We will start our tour in the iconic place - The Forodhani Gardens is a small park in the historical city of Stone Town, Zanzibar. We will continue to Fuerte Viejo De Zanzíbar, also known as an Arab fort, one of the oldest buildings in Stone Town, originally built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. You will get chance to see the evidence of historic interactions between the Swahili Coast and Arabian Gulf as a part of 2018 excavation works. Then we will pass the `House of Wonders` ruins to know how the name came about and why the whole East Africa knows about this building. Then we pass by the Palace museum, also known as a The Sultan's Palace and Then Old Dispensery. Next point is the Anglican Cathedral Stone Town Zanzibar, the most prominent example of early Christian architecture in East Africa. You get a unique opportunity to walk through underground slave chambers and see extraordinary historical monuments, followed by the Old Slave Market, infamous for being the most brutal. After that we come back to our meeting point in The Forodhani Gardens.
Vibes and vibrations in stone town
This experience is based in one of the most historical place in stone town Zanzibar where with the finest hotel with a pool party with a classic bar and restaurant where in day time in stone town no party so the only event it’s on Saturday day time to late night concert at Antonio garden hotel pick ups can be arranged so you don’t need to worry about that. I will provide my number in case you can write to me
Full day Safari trip to Mikumi National Park
Do you have safari on your bucket list? Then this is the trip for you. It will be an unforgettable day in your life. Not much can beat a good safari trip with wild animals. The flight from Zanzibar to Mikumi is leaving at 6.30. You reach Mikumi park at 07.30. The flight is landing inside the park so you can start the safari directly after landing. You will meet your guide just outside the flight, where he will be waiting for you with the car. After a few hours driving and watching animals (like lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, zebras and buffalos etc), you will enjoy a delicious lunch at 12.00 with your guide inside the park. After the lunch your game drive continue up to 16.00. At 17.00 your flight to Zanzibar is leaving and you reach Zanzibar again at 18.00.
Bicycle Tour in Stone town Zanzibar
We will meet at Old fort in the evening at 16:00 by bicycle and we will visit different places in Stone town Zanzibar such as Forodhani park, Old dispensary, Zanzibar Doors, Zanzibar Slave Market, Freddie Mercurry house and Darajani Market to see different spices available in Zanzibar. We expect to finish this tour around 18:30.
Zanzibar Night Market Experience
Zanzibar is very famous for spices and Seafood around the world. So that you will learn differently spices as an ingredient we use for cooking and different species available in the ocean that we eat. This Tour will allow our clients to learn more Zanzibar local food and have the chance to test the food. We will pass different places in Forodhani Night Market to show you around a different kind of food available in Zanzibar, how we call it in Swahili, ingredients, preparation and also you will have the opportunity to test the foods like Zanzibar Pizza, Urojo and plates of seafood like Octopus prawns, calamari and lobsters. You will interact with chiefs and you will ask questions if you need more information about how we prepare our daily local foods.
Stone Town Tour
Because am having problem schedule time setting on my experiences so l do like to give you an opportunities of requesting time and date Stone Town tour is a very special and unique experience if a customers travelling to Zanzibar and don't do Stone Town experience it will be not real/true trip, A very small old Stone Town of Zanzibar it makes huge vibrant for tourists to visit in every single day comes in/out An old Stone Town has so much to see and learn - Freddie mercury home and museum, House of wonder, Forma salves market, old fort, people palace, tippu house, visiting souvenir shops.
Zanzibar Taxi Nightlifestyle
Zanzibar night lifestyle is everywhere but if you decide to join zanzibar nightlife with us here is the plan . the main theme is to experience and join the most fun and parties cross the island .we start early pickups for nightlife where we ride a luxury tax service cars where there would be shots and drinks over the car with car karaoke , live dj , dj your own, music and games inside the car start off are early since we move across the island for pick up and take you experience the lifestyle. as i mentioned above nightlife in zanzibar is every where what's so difference with us is getting sure you enjoy and staying safe so we decide to take you only to the most experience nightlife to all the beach in zanzibar on specific day so that you can fully experience ,so after booking we pick you up from your destination and drive through to the specific nightlife , on our way we sing, drink and live dj and after reaching the destination we drop off experience and later be return to your destination
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