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Discover beauties of Fethiye in a convertible private tour
A wonderful seaside town... A convertible car... Speed boat adventure...Cyristal clear water...Wonderfull view points...Historical sites... Great videos and photos that you can share on your social media... A fun-filled 5 hours... Our first stop is Aquarium Bay.We'll make a 20 minutes speed boat journey for this bay.On the way you will enjoy beautiful Turkey coasts.When we get there you will be amazed at how clean and perfectly colored the water is.After spending 1 hour at this paradise we'll head back and start our journey with convertible.Next stop is Amyntas Rock tombs. You will admire these structures built by the Lycians 2400 years ago. Later we'll go Fethiye view hill.From here, we will be able to see the Gulf of Fethiye, the peninsula and a 1600-year-old ancient theater from the Romans.We will drive to our next stop, Kayaköy, on a magnificent mountain road full of pine trees. While looking at the abandoned Greek houses in Kayaköy, I will tell you the story of this place. Next is the Butterfly Valley view point.I'm not going to take you to a place that everyone knows, but to a secret place where you can see the valley completely.
Safari adventure in unique beautiful areas of Fethiye
Serüvenimiz şehir merkezinden 8:30'da başlayıp 18:00'da bitiyor. ---Nereye gideceğiz? Saklıkent Kanyonu Saklıkent Şelalesi Tlos antik kenti Çamur Banyoları (Öğle yemeği fiyata dahildir.) Ekstralar Girişler 25 TL Rafting (10 Pound) Zipline (10 Pound) Su tabancası kiralama (50 TL) Lütfen rezervasyondan önce benimle iletişime geçin Yamaç paraşütü veya tüplü dalış ile ilgileniyorsanız, bana yazabilirsiniz.
Turkish Pizza-Pide Baking At Home
CONTACT ME FOR A SPECIAL REQUEST FOR TIME AND DAY LETS SEE WHAT I CAN DO:) *This is 2 and half hours activity I will meet you at our Meeting point which is in the city center (Atatürk Statue).And than we will head to our home. If you are not sure about the address of the meeting point please let me know ;) We will begin with a Turkish tea and then i will give you a short introduction about what we are baking.Afterward, we'll prepare the ingredients and cooking starts. Our menu is: -Pide (Turkish Pizza) -Seasonal salad - Ayran ( Salty Yogurt Beverage) We will prepare them together. And eat together Other things to note: -Contact me for a special request for time and lets see what we can do:) -You do NOT need to have a high level of cooking skills :) - I do the class also in German:)
Set Sail in Bodrum with Captain Riza Tolga
Would you like to experience the Mediterranean and learn how to sail on a comfortable yacht? Join me and set sail to new experiences. Have a chance to sail, take a swim, enjoy a cold beverage and spend a nice time on the water. Learn the basics of life at sea, navigation and sailing during this three hour long trip on the sea. For my experience, we will meet on my boat Amos which is located in Turgutreis D-Marin Marina (The marina is on the west coast of the Bodrum Peninsula). We will leave the marina and sail westwards for about thirty minutes. I will show you the basics and you can get active as we sail. Then we will take a swim break at Çatalada (Island). We will have a vegetarian meal and enjoy some drinks here. After about two hours of relaxing here, we will sail back to the marina and complete the trip. You will have many chances to steer Amos and unfurl the sails. Sailing is actually not difficult and I will show you that you will be able to do it after a few minutes :) I am looking forward to seeing you on Amos and creating a fun experience for all attendees. See you soon! [Our boat Amos is located in Turgutreis D-Marin Marina. The marina is on the west coast of the Bodrum Peninsula] [Please send a message for inquiries about day and multiple-day options]
Traditional Baklava Baking Experience At Home
♥︎CONTACT ME FOR A SPECIAL REQUEST FOR TIME AND DAY LETS SEE WHAT I CAN DO:) I will pick you up at our Meeting point(Statue of Atatürk).And than head to my place.If you are not sure about the address please let me know;) We will begin with a Turkish tea then i will give you a short introduction about ' baklava'.Afterward, we'll prepare the ingredients and baking starts. You will make the baklava dough.This includes everything from kneading the dough to rolling out at least 40 layers.You'll learn everything there is to know about making this delicious treat. At the end of the class, we eat our masterpieces together with either tea or coffee ;)
Private Horse Riding Lesson in Kayaköy
Get a basic lesson in horse talk and controlling your horse. Horse riding is a great sport to get involved with and is an activity for all ages and ability. We can walk, trott or canter depending on your experience level. There is real sense of exhalation and freedom when you ride. Ride for a hour on the old city and mountain paths. We have good roads to ride a horse. Other things to note It is best to wear jeans, that are not too tight, riding pants or long pants. It is also best to wear shoes with a half inch heal, boots or hiking shoes work best. If you can not see a date or time that suits you, please contact me to request another date.
Private Snorkelling Tour with Photo and Video shooting
I will start you out from the beach where we will go over information and fundamentals of using the snorkeling equipment and giving a quick safety briefing and tutorial on how to snorkel. This tour is for beginners, so no prior experience is needed **YOU do need to know how to swim in order to do this activity! PLEASE DON’T BOOK IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM *This is not a boat tour During the tour we could observe fish such as trumpet fish, sea bream, octopus, urchins ecc and if we are lucky enough also lion fish. This obviously doesn't depend on me :) You can even see the 13th century amfor pieces. Lets hang out as friends as we enjoy the blue waters of the Aegean sea together and shoot high quality photos :) If you don't have a diving mask, I will supply it to you. Unfortunately I can't supply fins because I cant keep so much sizes Look forward to meeting you and having an amazing experience!
"Marmaris" фото прогулка
- Во-первых, после встречи в нашем месте встречи, мы войдем в район «старого города мармариса». Мы прогуляемся и сфотографируемся. «Старый город Мармариса» очарует вас, и вы почувствуете себя как во сне. -Мы прогуляемся к старинным домам и знаменитому старинному замку «Мармарис» -Мы будем фотографировать и рассказывать об истории Мармариса. -И мы закончим нашу прогулку в парусной гавани Мармариса. Мы будем фотографироваться с яхтами и морем.
Authentic Traditional Turkish Breakfast in the Village
Are you ready for a truly authentic breakfast at a village near Dalaman? Not just any breakfast. We pick the eggs from the neighbour's coop. The butter, the honey, the tomatoes everything is sourced from the village locals. The olives come from the trees at my own garden. The butter and cheese is made from the village’s cows’ milk. Fresh greens, tomatoes, tahin-pekmez, the famouse honey of the neighbouring Koycegiz region. And of course Turkish tea the traditional way! We enjoy a long breakfast in the garden. After the breakfast I make you Turkish coffee, we sit and talk about your plans, your dreams about your trip in Turkey. I tell you all about Turkish culture and the Dynamics of the country. Where you can see what you can do! Whatever you wish to find in this country. Outdoor discoveries, remote camps, blue cruises, unheard adventures, extraordinary spritual experiences, meeting healers or finding out parties and festivals known only to locals. Perhaps you wish to settle in Turkey and you need guidance as to how to start. I give you tips and if you wish we can talk about how I can provide extra guidance.
Carpet - Rug weaving in Village
we will take to you our village from bodrum ; 20 minutes by drive. and we will explain and teach to you how you can weaving carpets. same day you will try different experince with real Turkish village life and taste lunch on day. our pexperience price included - lunch and guiding. Other things to note if you want learn carpet weaving in A day ; we will teach every details and in 1 day. you can weav your own carpet and we will present to your own hand made carpet.
Sound Healing Journey
The session will include a short breathing and easy body movement introduction. Then with our own vocal sounds we will meet our own vibration in order to prepare the mind and body for the deep relaxation. The main part of the session will be lying down and experiencing the live sounds, which are including gongs, singing bowls, as well as other instruments. Tibetan bowls are one of the oldest healing instruments found in the East. The harmonics that they create are the closest to those found in nature. When exposed to these vibrations, our bodies recognize them and use as a source to tune in to and re-calibrate. Gong is one of the most powerful instruments that can take you deep into your soul and heart and create space for self-discovery and healing. We all have our personal vibes. This personal vibration of ours can be affected by the vibration of the world and other people. No matter how it affects us, being able to shine our natural vibration is what we really need. If you would like to schedule a sound healing on a day/time that is not scheduled, or at a specific location, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate you. I can also accommodate private sessions for you or your group by sending me a message.
Yoga, Mantra and Meditation in Bodrum
We start with a conversation, meeting each other and then passing to our Yoga practice ( Pranayama, VinyasaYoga, Meditation). After releasing our mind through the body and the physical practice, we pass to our meditation during Shavasana. You will experienced the live sounds, which are including gongs, singing bowls, as well as other instruments. We will end the session by singing mantras. The experience will take place in my peaceful house studio in Ortakent, Bodrum. Don't hesitate to ask me about available times (I am flexible). You can contact with me for any of your questions. Put your comfortable clothes on and come to session.
Fethiye Horse Riding
I will teach you how to communicate with horses. And we will see seaview together with horses. I share my experiences with you. And you will ask me about horses and horse riding. I am a physical education and sport teacher. I will be your manager in this tour.
Food Geek's Turkish Cuisine Gathering
Our event is designed for a small group of 4 people. I will be welcoming you with Turkish tea, there will be a variety of them which I will be explaining. During this tea tasting session, we will have a chance to get to know each other and talk about food, of course! All the ingredients will be ready in the kitchen, I will be explaining to you the dish and story behind it and all the tips I have! Then we will proceed to cook, following stages. I will be showing and explaining you thdishes in detail and since it is a small group you are free to ask further. My menus are consisting of two different kinds of salads/mezes, main dish with a side and dessert following that. For this experience, our menu is hummus, lentil balls, lamb with quince/plums and semolina halva. I usually go crazy and make some additional stuff but this is the minimum you could expect. Here on Airbnb I offer traditional Turkish recipes in my family's style of cooking which is Aegean and Mediterranean. After cooking, we will savor the food together and most probably talk more, about food! As precautions for Covid19, we will be spending most of our time on our balcony which is attached to my kitchen. Food preparation will be done in open air and also in our well-ventilated kitchen.
Hiking the coastline of the famous Lycian Way
We are two adventurers who invite you to join us for a unique 1-day hike on the Lycian way among the breathtaking Aegean coastline. We created a unique route that includes hiking, swimming, and a little bit of mountain hiking. We'll start our hike from Kabak village and after 5 km we will arrive at Paradise beach, where we going to spend time swimming and power napping to recharge. We’ll continue hiking for 1,5 km to the ancient harbor Kalabantia, where we gonna swim and snorkel. Then we will have a boat transfer back to Kabak village where we will introduce you to traditional Turkish cuisine. Walking for the day: 5-6 hours ↑543m
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