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Sohra Day Trip
In the morning the vehicle will pick you up from your hotel and the adventure begins. We head towards Sohra(Cherrapunjee) the land of waterfalls and beautiful mountains. We make a short stop at Mawkdok Dympep Valey view point and enjoy the view of the beautiful deep gorges. Enjoy ziplining across the beautiful valley(optional) and have a cup of hot tea and bowl of hot noodles before continuing on your journey. Our next stop at Garden of Caves Laitmawsiang is one of the best kept hidden gems! It has seven major spots - Ka Synrang Syiem (the king's cave), Sum Syiem Falls, Ki Stieh Maw (warrior rocks), U Mawdohnud(heart-shaped rock), U Mawkhyllung (baby rock), Arsdad Falls, and Riat Umlwai Falls.. Our next stop is at Arwah Cave. Arwah is easily accessible and makes a great family or a group activity. Watch out for narrow turns and do not forget to look out for fossils! We then head towards Wei Sawdong Falls a three tier waterfalls with Emerald pools. Our next stop is at Nohkalikai Falls the tallest plunge waterfall in India. We the make our next stop at Nohsngthiang Falls. Have a cup of hot tea and enjoy the view of the seven-segmented waterfalls. Our last stop is at Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church and the Welsh Cemetery. Established in 1846 by the Welsh missionaries, the village is home to one of the oldest Church in Meghalaya.
Shillong - Laitlum Day Trip
Join us on a journey as we explore Shillong " The Abode of Clouds" and the Laitlum Canyons. Blanketed in velvety white clouds and rolling hills and the deep gorges. Our journey starts when you are picked up from your hotel/stay. Our first pit stop is at Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians is the church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Shillong. Founded in 1936. Our next stop is at All Saints Church an ancient building boasting colonial style architecture. We then move to Ward's Lake It is a busy tourist attraction with boating facilities and a cafeteria at the heart of Shillong. We then move to Shillong Golf Course. Established as a 9-hole golf course in 1898 by the British Civil Service Officers, It was then converted into 18 Holes in 1924. Our next stop is at Don Bosco Museum. It has 7 stories and 16 galleries. It also has a skywalk with a 360 degree view of Shillong. We then head to upper Shillong and visit Elephant Falls , Matillang park, Orchidarium and Meghalaya Tea Garden. We then move towards Laitlum and make a quick stop at Ka Iing Sat a symbolic of Khasi royalty and tradition. We then reach at Laitlum Canyons and enjoy the beauty of the deep gorges. Our next stop is at Sweet Falls. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Shillong, 315 ft in height, is Sweet Falls. And our journey ends when we drop you back to your hotel/stay.
Mawlynnong-Dawki Day Trip
Join us on a journey to the mystical little village of Mawlynnong, a popular destination known for its award titled 'cleanest village in Asia' by Discover India in 2003 and to Dawki another gem of a place - truly a visual delight of Umngot River which holds the status of the 'cleanest river in India'. Our journey begins when the car picks you up from your hotel from Shillong. We then move to the Tea Garden in Upper Shillong and enjoy a sip of the high altitude organic tea. Our next stop is at Mawjngih Lapynshongdor Veiw Point hereone can enjoy a stunning view of the valley . We then stop at Living Root Bridge at Riwai and take a walk through the beautiful and unique living root bridge to reach Mawlynnong Village. We then have some local food and take a Village walk in the Cleanest Village in Asia. We then go and look at the Balancing Rock nearby to the village. Our next stop at Umkrem Falls a three tiered cascades, gushing down with might especially during the monsoon season. We then stop at Dawki for the crystal clear water of wah Umngot. it offers fun activities like boating and other activities. We then head to Tamabil, a border town in Sylhet between Bangladesh and Meghalaya.At sunset, there is a synchronised flag lowering ceremony by the Indian and Bangladeshi border forces. If time permits then we head to Rymben Falls and Byrdaw Falls. Return to hotel.
Shillong - Culture & Heritage Walk
The walk begins outside Raj Bhavan and proceed towards wards lake which is one of the most popular attractions in Shillong. We then move to the shillong club a gentlemens club build by the British High Society which has host many regals from the old world Indian Kingdoms. We then visit the Assembly Library, this is where the British Legislative Council was dissolve in 1947. We then go to KJPA Church, this church was build in 1923 and has played a large part in the cultural changes in Shillong. We then visit Brahma Samaj an institution build in 1874. We then visit Old Legislative Assembly build in 1923. We then move to Police Bazar which is the centre of shillong and which is well known for its street food and shopping. This leads us towards Jail Road and we will reach polo ground, this ground have been a major part of the city. We then visit the Buddhist Monastery the oldest Buddhist Monastery in the region. We will conclude our walk in Shillong Golf Course the only naturally landscaped 18 hole golf course in Asia. Some of the activities that we provide in this tour are Local Attire photoshoots, Putting Golf and Refreshments(Local fruits/tea and snacks to stay refreshed on the tour) Our presenters will highlight all the above places with fascinating history and anecdotes that are unheard of and will share a very unique perspective of Shillong.
Cycle the Wetlands of Kolkata
Your cycling trip will start with a 3 km city ride till the green eye candy of Kolkata, known as the East Kolkata Wetlands which has a unique bio diversity and practically no pollution and vehicles. This area though open to public is practically unexplored even by the local citizens. It has its unique natural beauty being next to the town but yet an atmosphere which of a Nature holiday. After travelling through hamlets you will love the winding roads with fish ponds and green trails. The views and atmosphere will be a nature lovers paradise. You will also be practically explained why Kolkata is one of the most economic cities due to the wetlands. The ride will last 3 hours depending on your speed and we will have a hot cup of local tea in the wetlands. If you want to do a walking tour please message me or type the following link The booking can be done for more people i.e. groups of 5 to 7 maximum. For which please message me. Start times are flexible by half an hour to your convenience(please message and get confirmation) i also do walking tours - for which you can message me or check Other things to note you should be knowing cycling even if you had done it a few years back it does not matter. In case you would like a hiking/walking tour of the wetlands please message me 3 hour options, continuous cycling or rests or reduction of overall time, depends on your skill and stamina
Kolkata- A Sea of Faces and A Thousand Places
Join me to watch a real-time biopic of Kolkata! A walking tour that personifies this city as a living entity through a story that will take you on a journey to witness her different shades, to learn how she has evolved into what we know as 'The City of Joy'. The tour gets you started with her present life which is illustrated by modern neighbourhoods of South Kolkata, from there you will be taken back to her olden days which is evidential through the facets of architecture and hear tales that have been crucial for her upbringing. You will get to cover places in all directions using various modes of transportation (from taxi to ferry) and get to witness her different elements which comprises of the charming Old North Calcutta, the intellectual and cosmopolitan Central Kolkata, the explosion of trade in East and West, while stopping in between to taste the flavour at different food joints. By the end of this experience you will know Kolkata personally and feel like a local. Other thing to note: The price does not include transportation and food charges. Hence, carry an additional minimum of INR 500.
Photo Shoot cum Walk in The City of Joy
Hello beautiful people! Join me on one of the most beautiful Photo-Walks in This City of Joy, and create memories you cannot forget. I'm a Geographer turned Photographer & I Head a Leading Photography Company in Kolkata. My Passion for Photography & Love for This City, & its culture, made me Curate this Experience! We'll walk through the Heart of The City - Victoria Memorial, Princep Ghat - Overlooking the Vidyasagar Setu, The Historic Tram Ride, and more. The Best Part - It's not just another walk! You'll be Clicked at the Best Places by a Professional Photographer (Me!) - Creating Stunning Photographs & Memories! All this, and we will only walk for about an hour. All Places Combined. The in-between Movement will be done in Cabs. This is one Experience you don't wanna Miss if You Ever Visit Kolkata. When we return, we'll end our time together with local street food and chai (local tea)! This experience is great for one-on-one private sessions and also for groups! I’ve worked with individuals, businesses, and government organizations. My Photographs & Travel Trivias are Often Published in the Leading Newspapers - Looking forward to a Great Photo Session in The City of Joy!
Try pottery in a terrace studio of a North Calcutta home
Travel back in time in a 150 years old north Calcutta house, where you step into a small terrace studio to spend some time with clay, along with good music and conversations, followed by a traditional bengali snack and piping hot tea. The pottery session includes a 1 hr demo - from prepping the clay to moulding it on the wheel with all the steps explained. Photos and videos can be clicked for the same. Food - vegetarian local/traditional bengali snacks cooked at home/trusted street stalls with homemade tea! We have cats around the house who might pop in, you can pet them or enjoy their company from a distance, as you please. :)
Alleyway Food Tour:Street maze & Food
Calcutta famous for its narrow alleyways known as the By-Lanes exist like a labyrinth in the oldest part of the city. Each alleyway holds a particular treasure at the end; A famous eatery. This food tour not just lets you indulge in mouthwatering dishes that are part of Calcutta's culture for centuries but also delves into the history and story behind the eateries. Local legends and alleyway stories are uncovered in a 3 hour non-stop eating fest. By the end you would've tasted Calcutta's best food and known more about the Bengali's and why they call Calcutta a food lover's paradise. You may See Calcutta Capsule for more reviews or also stay with my family in the only Airbnb Listing of the oldest residential area of Calcutta- Owl's Nest(Super Hosts) Other things to note Requirements: Appetite
Bengali Nights Kolkata Food Tour
Experience the true Kolkata. We'll catch a train to an old district with local cuisine that's little visited by tourists. We'll dive straight in with an exotic lasse found at a street vendor, before hopping into a tiny joint that's been whipping up some of the best masala curries in Kolkata for more than a hundred years. Jump aboard a local bus for a short journey up to one of Kolkata's most celebrated seafood restaurants, where we'll tuck into their signature jumbo prawns covered in chingri coconut cream sauce, and a mouth-watering curried fish mousse steamed in a banana leaf. Next we'll clamber aboard one of the old rickshaws, and gorge on a prawn kabiraji at a legendary kitchen started by a Scot in the 19th century. You'll try tasty tidbits from the city's most famous onion bhajis to zingy gram salads made from herbs and pulses. Sip on local ginger infused chai tea before taking an old tram to College Street. Drop into a local cafe to sample a famed coconut sherbet drink, before Bengali treats at a nearby sweet shop. The evening finishes in the faded grandeur of an old colonial coffee shop. Come join me! (Sorry, this tour is not suitable for vegetarians, or lactose intolerances, as you'll miss several dishes, with no alternatives available. There is a small amount of gluten in some dishes. Any food allergies, please message before booking).
Dine and Tour in a Forest Garden
We will start the tour by introducing you to the simple concept of Permaculture and our zero waste philosophy. We will then take you through a guided walk in our forest where we will showcase some of our working models of waste management and our integrated farming system. We will then take you for a walk towards our terraced gardens and past a bamboo bridge over a gushing mountain stream to introduce you to our dwellings in our forest - natural buildings that is handcrafted by mostly using just mud, bamboo, wood and stones. The guests are then free to enjoy the various spaces in our forest that appeal to their senses, from sitting by a waterfall to exploring our forest trails to discovering some more secrets of the forest. We will serve lunch at 13:30 hrs. It will be a treat of local cuisine and vegetables that are sourced from our forest farm or from other local organic farmers. If you would like to customize the whole experience as an evening one (15:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs.), pls let us know during the time of booking. We can also extend the experience to include a bonfire evening and stay in one of our accommodations (charges will be extra). Other things to note The tour in our forest garden involves a fair amount of walking (read: hiking) in forest trails. Pls ensure that you have the comfortable shoes and clothes for this experience.
Hike / Run in Himalayan Forest Trails
We will meet up in our forest garden (8 Mile, Gorabari) at 6:00 a.m. and start a short hike to the forest trail. The hike would also be a perfect warm-up before we start the run. During this hike, you will pass through a picture-perfect hamlet offering incredible views of the mountains and encounter farmers practising organic farming since ages. The run can be customised to suit the group. We could either do a short 5 km run or extend it to a half marathon (21 km). Either ways, the plan would be to take it easy and soak in the fresh and crisp mountain air. The running trail would be a flat stretch and for more adventurous folks we can even do a trail that snakes its way up and down the forest. We can also customize the whole experience as just a hike instead of a run. An additional activity that we can also indulge ourselves in is - Plogging! We will pick up whatever amount of litter that we can and create Plastic Eco Bricks which will be later used for construction at Tieedi.
City tour on Royal Enfield
I v started working in tourism industry since 2012 since then i m making explore kolkata city to our guest in a very typically and authentic way and making their visit great we bring our guest to many famous and infamous places of kolkata to make them discover kolkata from very deep where they can see the real life style of kolkata some nice and historical monuments and also some nice and amazing nature place so we give mix experience of life style historical monuments and nature of kolkata
Hike to a Local Farm
We'll leave around mid-morning from Mirik for a day's forest trail walk and hike down to a village farm about 5kms away. It won't be a long difficult walk, but the forest is rough at certain parts. So please wear comfortable shoes/sandals. We used to walk on this route in the earlier days when public transport was few or expensive. However, that also means that it is a quiet and peaceful walk in today's times, literally in the arms of Nature. We will aim to reach the farm for lunch where we will relax for some time till we come back to Mirik. At the farm, you may engage in some of the farm activities or simply wander around. This hike is also perfect for small families with children who would like to witness farm animals and farming activities. Other things to note Please be aware of sunburns and exposure to outdoor temperatures, pollen, allergies and pack your lotions, etc. accordingly. Do let us know in advance if you prefer vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food, and have any other dietary restrictions.
Nazraana, a walk to remember through the art of storytelling
Have you ever wondered what we get to keep from the people we cross paths with? Or the conversations that move us? Nothing except the way they see the world. Their Nazraana! In this 5 hour workshop, from 11 am to 4 pm on weekends, we will invoke the storytellers in ourselves by seeking stories in the ordinary, unnoticed scenes of life. We will take a 'story walk' such as a 'photo walk' but without connections with any electronic devices such as our phones or cameras. We will be touring nooks and corners of the city where nothing 'tourist-y' really happens because, trust me, that is where life bustles! We will try to capture all with our mind, learn to articulate fictional descriptions, practice free writing and truly experience the meaning of the word 'connection'. Also, huddle over a wholesome and hearty home-cooked lunch!