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Izinto ezingavamile ongazenza e-Northern Norway

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Konke okwenziwayo eduze ne-Northern Norway

The hunt of Aurora Borealis in a small group
We are meeting in Tromso, by the main Library. Then we are going for the HUNT. We are going to chase the northern lights, finding good weather and perfect spots to watch this beautiful lights. On the way we will make many stops to check the weather, to get to the restroom, note that later it might be no restrooms around us, so we will have to use wild nature. On the tour you will get hot drinks, snacks and a light meal. I'm gonna take pictures of you and northern lights, also I will have extra tripod for your camera if you will need it. NOTE: Meeting time might change, depending on coditions, so be ready.
Explore the forest with Huskies & kart
Say hello to our friendly Alaskan huskies that are ready for action! *IMPORTANT* If your dates (or hours) are not available in our calendar, just drop us a message, and we we will do out best to arrange you! (transport from Tromsø not included). Espen and Delphine will take good care of you, and ensure that you always feel safe & comfortable. You will be passenger or drive your own Kart while you enjoy the landscapes with beautiful views on the majestic mountains and forests. At your arrival on our Huskyfarm, we equip you with overalls so that you stay warm and protected during the trip. Before heading out, we will explain how to drive the dog-team. After a short briefing, we are ready to head out and explore the surroundings! We will be out for +/- 2h. During the trip we also enjoy a coffee/tea break and some snacks. No previous experience is required but you need to be in reasonable shape. The terrain here is slightly challenging so you need to be able to break going downhill and get off the kart to help the dogs going uphill. At the end of this exciting excursion, we head back to the farm to say hi to our puppies! Family friendly experience. Other things to note Don't hesitate to contact us, to get more informations on the tour! Two options : 1/ Join with your own rental car. Address : Espen Prestbakmo, Evenmoveien 158, 9334 Øverbygd 2/ Join by bus. Transport is not included, ask us for details on time schedule of the line 100 (Tromsø - Narvik)
Cross country course with a view
Would you like to explore the arctic nature and traditional winter sport at the same time? Try the Norwegian national sport cross country? Come along with me! I do cross country course in different levels. And I’ll hope to teach, and show you the value and nature thru skiing. First, we'll meet up at the parking spot and start point. Then we go thru the equipment and basic information about cross country before starting. During the lesson and touring I’ll give you some technique advices and how to approve your skiing skills. We enjoy a hot drink and some sweet snacks. After a couple of hours, depending on the weather we return til staring point. INCLUDED; Skis, shoes, poles, guide, warm drink and sweet snacks. Estimated time : 2-3hours. Price: 990 kr.
Dogsledding Day-trip at our small kennel
Welcome at OffTrack Experience! Say hello to our friendly Alaskan huskies, that are ready for action! *IMPORTANT* If your date is not available or you want a tour on another time of the day/night, please send a message. Accommodation also possible at our log-cabin at the farm Espen & Delphine will welcome you at their farm, and ensure that you always feel safe & comfortable. At your arrival, we will equip you with good winter clothes so that you stay warm during the trip. Then we will take you in our kennel to meet our dogs up-close and personal. You will be taught how to handle a team of huskies, and we will explain what Alaskan huskies are, their origin, their history and of course why we have them today. After a short briefing, we are ready to head out & explore the snowy forest by dogsled! We will be out on the trails, with beautiful views on majestic mountains, for +/- 2h. You need to be in reasonable shape, to help and walk / push the sled on the uphills, and break / hold the dogs on the downhills, since the terrain here is slightly challenging. During the trip we enjoy a typical Norwegian outdoor lunch (warm reindeer soup) at our campsite, and some snacks. We will also talk about our daily life with 30 dogs. At the end of this exciting excursion, we head back to the farm, for some warm drinks in our log cabin.
Arctic summer adventure
This excursion takes place under the midnight sun during the summer season. The midnight sun is visible from the middle of May to the end of July, but the nights are bright all through May and well in to August as well. We start the hike with the pickup by the Arctic Cathedral in Tromsdalen - on the mainland side of Tromsø. We head for the cable car that is situated only a 15 min walk from where we meet. On this summer hike, we walk up one of the paths leading to the Storsteinen mountain at 420m. Here we have a small break and enjoy the view before we head towards the Fløya mountain at 670m. The last leg is about 1,5km on rocky terrain. On top, we stay for a while, we have a snack, put on a dry layer, and enjoy some of the best views the Tromsø has to offer. We head back down the sherpa stairs on the north side of the mountain and head back to the church where the excursion ends. Other things to note This is a mountain hike, uphill for half the journey. You should not book if you have issues with joints in your legs or a heart condition. There are places to get water on the way but bring a full 0,5l bottle. The trip might be perceived as physically tough, but we will adapt the pace to the group. Norwegians do this with their kids on Sundays, I just have to put in this disclaimer :-)
Experince the fantastice view of Tromsø after a great hike
Hiking up to the cable car. We meet at the parking lot, and depending on the season we plan the hike and give you the equipment needed for the experience. The hike up takes about 60 minutes to the top, we make a stop along the way for something to drink and take photos. On the top we get the spectacular view of Tromsø, and some cocoa and sweet. The way down takes about 45 minutes. In the winter we might se some northern lights on the top, depending on the weather. During the summer season you can see the midnight sun.
Lag din egen sølvring
Vi gjør gullsmedfaget tilgjengelig for noen timer – lag ditt eget smykke hos oss. Vårt gullsmedmerke har tatt navn etter den japanske filosofien Wabi Sabi. Hos oss tolker vi filosofien gjennom å la våre smykker bli til i møtet mellom metall og flammer, inspirert av samspillet og kontrasten mellom rå nordnorsk natur og urbane Tromsø by.   Du møter opp i vårt showroom/studio hvor vi først serverer litt lette forfriskninger og snacks, mens du får en kort presentasjon av Wabi Sabi AS og kveldens opplevelse. Deretter går vi inn i verkstedet hvor dere blir veiledet gjennom hele produksjonsprosessen av en minglering av en utdannet gullsmed. Vi jobber oss gjennom forming, smelting, regulering og renovering, og du får gjøre nesten alt helt selv.  Når opplevelsen er over har du laget en minglering av sølv i rett størrelse, som du får ta den med deg hjem som et minne om besøket.  Gjennom hele opplevelsen vil vår erfarne gullsmed veilede og bistå deg, og besvare alle spørsmål du måtte ha. Vi ønsker velkommen til en unik opplevelse og gleder oss til å treffe deg. PS: Om du ønsker å lage et annet produkt i mingleserien, legger vi til rette for det, men det vil da tilkomme et tillegg i prisen.  
Nature Bow Game - Archery experience
Your adventure starts in a glade just outside the city. You will be equipped with full archery equipment (bow, arrows and all the protections) and trained on how to use them with precision and safety. Here you will be granted the mastery to perform the full adventure: putting your skills to the test with the targets which you will find during the hunting trip. You will be shown the path, but it will be up to you, as the protagonist: it’s you who will spot the prey, silently approach it and loose the winning arrow. At the end, after the walking trip, sitting in the wood with a cup of tea and some biscuits, we will celebrate the hunt and your scores. -NOTE: Archery equipment (as bow and arrows) are by any law considered as "not weapons" (but rather "sport equipment") and requires no weapon license. No animal are wounded during the activity: although realistic, the targets are all made of plastic. Beside that, safety is of our imperative, paramount concern- Other things to note We will hike and we shoot with a bow to targets on the path: you need to be normally fit as for any outdoor activity. I can not accept children younger than 14 years old for security reason. Remember waterproof shoes: the place is incredibly beautiful, but the ground is very often wet.
Hiking into the wilderness - Lofoten
Dates are flexible, subject to planning. In middle of Lofoten, Ausvågøy islands I will take you to a guided tour to my favorite secret mountain. This place is one of the locals favorite and not many tourist get to know about it. From the trail start we will leave the cars behind and hike into the remote mountains where we will watch the midnight sun which never sets in the summer/or hike in the daytime. Our destinations is a peak which provides a 360 degress view towards the ocean, fjords, lagoons, wilderness and unpopulated mountains. We hike back on the same route to the cars. The hike takes about 4-6 hours depending your fitness level and breaks. Perfect destination in the autumn as well.
Explore the magical Northen Norway running or hiking
I will show the most beautiful spots in Northern Norway by foot! Either by easy hiking, mountain hiking or running! I meet you by the parking spot where the destination starts. We get to know the area, the opportunities and possible challenges. When we are ready we follow tracks in the nature that will give you a feeling of freedom, fresh air and a typical experience of the Norwegian landscape. We will have pit stops to catch our breath, soft drinks and nice conversations. When we reach the final goal we enjoy some well deserved sweets before returning! The destination will depend on your physical shape, experience level and weather conditions.
My secret mountain - hiking, Austvågøy
In middle of Lofoten, Ausvågøy islands I will take you to a guided tour to a beautiful mountain top which is not well-know for tourists. This place is one of my favourite destination due to its view and accessibility. From Sydalen we will hike up on a path which for once is not disappearing. Our destinations is a peak which provides a 360 degrees view towards the ocean, fjords, lagoons, wilderness to unpopulated mountains and cute sandy beaches. Even in July we find snow patches on this mountain. We hike back on the same route to the cars. The hike takes about 4-5 hours depending your fitness level and breaks.
Snorkeling above the arctic circle
Are you ready for an adventure? Come with me under the surface of the arctic waters and be amazed by vibrant colors and arctic life! You can see beautiful kelp forests, fields of algae, spectacular jellyfish, urchins and starfish, not to mention large fish species & crabs. Snorkeling is safe, easy and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. It’s an ideal adventure for families and friends:-)
Sled ride with Alaska husky in the beautiful Alta Valley
Når du eller dere kommer til kennelen så er opplegget følgende : -Påkledning av vinter dress. -vi går ut til hundene og hilser på dem. -Sikkerhets opplæring -klargjøring av hundene til sledene. -vi starter ut fra kennelen med sledene og hundene, jeg Ole johnny kjører den fremste sleden og følger med at alt er i orden -selve slede turen tar ca. 1 time og vi stopper underveis for å gi hundene pause og du eller dere får tid til å ta bilder -når vi kommer tilbake til kennelen så plasserer vi hundene tilbake til plassene sine -nå har vi god tid til å hilse bedre på hundene og ta mer bilder -vi avslutter med noe enkelt å spise og varm drikke mens vi prater om alt på kennelen og vi forteller om det du ønsker å spørre om Jeg Ole johnny og hundene ønsker dere velkommen til en fantastisk opplevelse.
Go for a memorable trip in Lofoten Island-Hike&photography
We are a couple who can offer an excursion to unique locations in Lofoten. Document the trip with photo or film, teach about photography. Nathalie, is a local who knows hidden beaches or hiking spots in or around the mountains. Eirik from Senja is a professional cinematographer and photographer. It is possible to make the good memories last or get some help with your photography. We can arrange a tour in the nature as you would like!
Spektakulær utsikt fra vedfyrt badestamp med sjøvann
Vedfyrt badestamp med sjøvann. Mellom 1 juni og 15 september kan du bestille en tur i badestampen. Badestamp med plass til 4 mennesker og med en spektakulær utsikt over Barentshavet. Her kan du sitte (kanskje med et glass i hånden) og følge med på dyreliv og fiske. Rundt kl 22--23 kan du også se Hurtigrutene seile forbi - først en fra sør og så en fra nord. Disse møtes i Berlevåg hvor de hilser på hverandre før de seiler videre. Vannet du sitter i har vi pumpet opp fra havet. Dette er salt og godt og gjør at du kanskje flyter litt ekstra. Vi synes det er deilig å få skyllet seg i ferskvann etter et bad og pleier å fylle en tiliters kanne og denne legger vi oppi stampen. I løpet av den tiden dere bader blir også vannet i kannen temperert. Så bruker vi en portabel dusj slik at du får dusjet bort saltet. Husk badetøy og håndkle. Vi skifter vann etter hver opplevelse slik at det vil alltid være rent vann i stampen. Det kan være det er noen småstein eller skjell, dette fordi det har fulgt med opp fra sjøen. Minimum 2 personer.