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The world without Bucharest
Dear Traveler, If you are reading this you are probably on your way to or you are already in Bucharest. As you, I am a traveler and I love so much to travel that in 2017, I've decided to change my job and to transform my passion for travelling into a new career. You know what Ibn Battuta said about traveling: it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller! This is what happened to me too as, since 2018, I am a tour guide in my hometown, București. I will offer you a unique and colorful experience with many stories, presenting you the history of Romania since Ancient Times to the present day, sharing with you my childhood memories from the Golden Age – The Communism period, telling you all kinds of anecdotes from the city's life, showing you hidden gems, recommending you my favorite places, giving insight tips where to go, what to do not only in Bucharest but also in Romania. During the tour, we will cover architecture, education, health care system, economy, religion and any other aspect of the social life you might be interested about. It will be my great pleasure to guide you in time and space inside (what I call) the City of Joy! Please join me and you will definitely experience a joyful moment in my hometown! A big happy smile, Daniela P.S. Happiness in the Heart is Joy on the Way!
Bohemian quarters, food & market tour
Ours will be a cultural excursion set around good food, and architecture — just as any food tour should be! I will first introduce you to two of my favorite neighborhoods: The Armenian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter. This area simply screams Bucharest with its multi-cultural history, amazing hidden gardens, and 19th century eclectic architecture. We'll make several stops on the way, including an achingly cool ruin bar for a Romanian platter with a story to tell. We may suggest some great Romanian Craft beer for you to get alongside this spread or traditional appetizers. And because the best way to know a city is through the belly, we'll hop on a vintage tram and journey to the city's liveliest market: Obor. Well hidden inside a brutal communist neighborhood, surrounded by utopian blocks of flats, this very old market truly feeds the soul and gut of Bucharest. Someone told me once that beer makes history better, that's why we'll start our exploring at the nice people of Terasa Obor to get a few tasty and very famous "mici"- Romania's proud meaty contribution to the world of mouthwatering street-food. Vegetarians will not be disappointed either as local cheeses and fresh vegetables will complete this rustic feast. Other things to note Please let me know of any dietary restrictions at the time of booking. Check up on the meeting point before the tour, or else write or call and please be on time. Don't hold back with your questions:)
Life in Communism
During this 3 hours walking tour on the streets of Bucharest, you will see how the years Romania spent under the Communist regime changed its architecture, its people and most importantly, its present. We will go through all the major changes Communism brought to this country and to this city, including but not limited to: nationalization, Secret Police, demolitions, etc. We will see around 15 objectives, each of them marking a specific moment/change during the Communist regime timeline. We will end the tour in the Revolution Square. This tour is great for groups and teams!
Bucharest Pub Crawl in the Old Town area
A great way of diving into the local nightlife of Bucharest is by joining the most popular Pub Crawl in the Old Town area. We'll visit four unique venues each Saturday, in the Old Town area, with a crescendo-planned tour. A local experience that promises to be both fun and insightful, off the beaten touristic path. Starting in a social bar or pub where the guests can meet each other, continuing to a fancy social venue, moving to a buzzing party venue and ending in a big club, the group will have a broad view of the local nightlife by the end of the night. During the tour, we may experience karaoke singing, live bands, social games, special DJ sets and even special events for holidays. Each pub crawl promises tasty shots included in the package, booked tables, interactive guiding, photos and hints for enjoying Bucharest to its most. A must-try activity for solo travelers, couples and small group of friends. Surprises may be provided for birthdays or pre-wedding celebrations.
Life under Communism
In this 3-hour journey, you will learn about the major landmarks and events in the Communist history of Bucharest, the violent beginnings of the Communist regime, the nationalization and forced demolition of thousands of houses, the People's House (currently, the Palace of the Parliament), dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his megalomania, and the bloody anti-Communist revolution of 1989. The experience tells the story of the conflict between two worlds -- a brutalized Bucharest under the Communist regime, and the peaceful and prosperous Bucharest of the interwar period. You will learn about why Bucharest is such a striking mix of very different architectural styles, how each regime has left its mark on the city, how the city looked, and what its inhabitants went through in their daily lives under Communism. You will re-live the emotions of the anti-Communist Revolution and the fall of the Iron Curtain. We'll explore: > Historic Cosbuc and Uranus neighborhoods > Antim Monastery, the Nuns' Convent > The Palace of the Parliament > The former Boulevard of the Victory of Socialism > Former headquarters of Securitate > Revolution Square. Great for groups, as well as for individual travelers.
Bucharest Half a Day Bike Tour
Discover Bucharest in the easiest possible way! Biking will allow you to extend the visiting perimeter. You will visit the most important attractions that Bucharest has to offer. The tour will start in the Old City center with a story about the birth of the City and the birth of the Romanian civilization. You will visit 5 to 6 highlights that will help imagine and understand how the city grew up. After you will cross a major boulevard and you will get back into the Old City. During communist period Old City of Bucharest was decimated and split by grandiose urban projects. Today is one of the poorest areas in Bucharest and it's mostly inhabited by gypsies. Forward you will make an incursion into the communist part of Bucharest with its monumental Parliament Palace (The People’s House). After finding out how the people were living under Ceasescu’s regime you will pass back to the 19th and 20th century Bucharest, the golden ages of its existence. You will discover a lot of places and their stories from the period when Bucharest was called Little Paris.
Bucharest Highlights Bike Tour
Discover Bucharest's highlights through a relaxing bike ride. 70% of a city attractions are in the city center or the proximity of it, this is the perfect way to have an introduction into the new Eastern European popular destination. You will start in the Old City Center by visiting the oldest witnesses of Bucharest birth and development: Old Court Citadel, Manuc's Inn and Stravopoleos Church. After, you will visit the most famous boulevard of Bucharest, Calea Victoriei with it's impressive architecture and grandiose buildings like Military Circle, Telephone Palace, Royal Palace, Romanian Atheneum, etc. Forward you will get rid of city crookedness and you will have the opportunity to relax and cool down into the Cismigiu Gardens where you will find at the end Bucharest City Hall. In the end you will pass into the 20th century and the communist era by seeing the grandiose Ceausescu's Palace and Union Boulevard which was designed to be longer and wider than Champs Elysee.
Bucharest Highlights Walking Tour
You will start in the Old City Center by visiting the oldest witnesses of Bucharest birth and development: Old Court Citadel, Manuc's Inn and Stravopoleos Church. After, you will visit the most famous boulevard of Bucharest, Calea Victoriei with it's impressive architecture and grandiose buildings like Military Circle, Telephone Palace, Royal Palace, Romanian Atheneum, etc. Forward you will get rid of city crookedness and you will have the opportunity to relax and cool down into the Cismigiu Gardens where you will find at the end Bucharest City Hall. In the end you will pass into the 20th century and the communist era by seeing the grandiose Ceausescu's Palace and Union Boulevard which was designed to be longer and wider than Champs Elysee.
Peles&Bran Castles&Brasov daytrip and a surprise
1. Pickup from your centrally located hotel, hostel, or accommodation, then set off to explore the historic castles of Transylvania in the medieval city of Brașov. First, you'll see the beautiful castle of Peles in Sinaia, the residence of Romanian kings, with a beautiful architecture. 2.Bran Castle(Dracula Castle) is a slender stronghold with tile roofs erected in the 14th century,located not far from the city of Brasov in Romania. It commands the green hillson the edge of the Little Carpathians, a sub range of the great chain arcing across Romania. The Bran castle was built in the 14th century, a stronghold to protect the villagers and landowners of the plains beyond the Bucegi Mountains, although is most famous for being the location of the famous vampire, Dracula. 3. Brasov, located in Transylvania region, is one of the best cities to visit when traveling to Romania. It is the perfect mix between nature, medieval tourist attractions and relaxation opportunities. Here, you can have your own free time for walking, having dinner or buying souvenirs. **** Usually, there is a minimum number of 2 people required for the tour to operate, or book private tour if 1 person interested. For more info, use +40735.356.156 /whatsp Entry tickets and lunck is not included
Two Castles and Brasov day trip
Single travelers, please ask about availability before booking :) The trip* starts at 7.30 am and lasts for about 11-12 hours I will give you a private tour of Peles Castle in Sinaia, the first Summer residence of Romanian kings. The Netflix movie A Christmas Prince was filmed here last year, check it out for a preview of the castle :)... Then the (in)famous Bran castle, aka Dracula's castle, a former defense fortress turned into a Royal residence at the beginning of the 20th century. Build atop a cliff, its imposing presence is impossible to miss and not admire. Then we'll go to Brasov medieval Old Town, where we'll have late lunch at one of the best Romanian restaurants in the country and then you'll have free time to explore the small shops in the pedestrian area. We'll see the 3rd narrowest street in Europe and the most impressive Gothic cathedral in Romania - the Black Church. *Entrance fees not included, the total cost is 15 Euros/adult, half that price for students. At Peles there is an extra fee of 7 Euros for photos. Other things to note We will pick up all our guests from their centrally located hotels or apartments. Lunch is not included, the cost is around 10 euros/person, for main course dish and a drink. Vegetarian dishes also available! The trip is not wheel chair accessible. You will climb stairs.
Taste of Bucharest – Food & Culture
This experience will take you off the beaten track into an authentic culinary experience with local flavor and best quality ingredients. You will enjoy the finest dishes of the Romanian cuisine in a perfect blend between traditional recipes, fresh products from local farmers, hot and cold drinks of the world. We will start the day with a rewarding tour of the iconic Obor Market, one of the biggest and oldest traditional markets in Romania. We will mingle with the locals and stroll around this lively place, while trying to resist the inviting smell of the famous “mici” or “mititei”, the savory traditional food of grilled minced meat served with mustard and cool beer at the surrounding terraces. After meeting the local farmers and filling our bags with their fresh and delicious products, we will get on a local tram for 3 stops, towards my home. You will be welcome in a cozy new flat located close to the center, having a true cosmopolitan vibe and a beautiful terrace with a panoramic view over the city. Here we will enjoy a truly delicious multi-course home-cooked meal. We will eat, drink, share stories and gain valuable insights into one another’s world. So if you are into discovering the real heart and soul of the place you visit and thus enriching and expanding your own world, this experience is surely for you. All you have to do is come hungry and wear comfy shoes!
Transylvanian Castles & Brasov in One Day
Hello everyone, Info ➕4️⃣0️⃣7️⃣4️⃣3️⃣5️⃣3️⃣5️⃣1️⃣5️⃣1️⃣ ✅ I offer you an original one-day trip to Transylvania, its historical castles and the amazing city of Brașov. ✅ Pickup from your centrally located hotel, hostel or accommodation. 1️⃣Peleș fairytale castle (⛔️Monday) in the city of Sinaia, surrounded by nature, in the forests of Romania, the first summer residence of the Romanian kings, became one of the few buildings in the world that had central heating, electricity, telephone, telegraph, sewage, running water in the bathrooms. 2️⃣Visit the medieval Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle) is a narrow fortress with tiled roofs built in the 14th century, located not far from the city of Brașov in Romania. It commands the green hill at the edge of the Small Carpathians, a secondary range of the great ranges that cross Romania. Bran Castle was built in the 14th century, a fortress to protect the villagers and owners of the plains beyond the Bucegi Mountains, although it is most famous for being the location of the famous Dracula. 3️⃣Explore the medieval city of Brașov, visit the most impressive Gothic cathedral in Romania - the Black Church and Sforii street (the narrowest street in Europe). ✅Optional lunch in Brașov, traditional Romanian food and drinks, ✅ RENT A CAR optional - Do it yourself - Get car and info ‼️ ️ ‼️Entrance fees are not included, 20 euros
Explore Bucharest with a trained historian
Experience the Ultimate Crash Course in Bucharest and Romanian History! Join me for a 3-hour immersive walking tour where I'll take you on a journey through the ages, from the Dark Ages to the fall of communism. Discover the fascinating stories of Vlad the Impaler and Nicolae Ceausescu, old conventions, folklore, love stories, betrayals, conspiracies, and monumental architecture. Get ready to explore almost six centuries of history, culture, and traditions through the lenses of some of the city's most iconic landmarks. This isn't just any walking tour, it's a journey through the eras those landmarks represent, filled with sightseeing, funny anecdotes, and plenty of recommendations for the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and pastime activities in town. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!
Wine Route by Bicycle near Bucharest
08.30 - we meet in Bucharest - Press House Square - and transfer to the winery area (1.5 hours driving) 10.30 - cycling trip through the vines, along the wine routes of „Big Hill” region Visit of a local church, an open air sculpture museum and other local places. We will adjust the route according with participants' experience and potential. The routes are steep, so you need minimum experience of using a bicycle. Option 1: Easy 10 km asphalt route with very low traffic Option 2: Average 30 km on mix - gravel and asphalt - with no traffic 13.00 – visit of a premium cellar and wine tasting 15.00 - transfer to Bucharest Important notice about the safety of the trip: By booking the tour, you confirm you know how to ride a bicycle and you will agree with all the conditions and rules communicated by the guide. As we are riding on public routes, we must respect the traffic rules. The helmet is mandatory and suitable equipment is highly recommended. We are experienced guides with all required certifications, and we are respecting all the official rules for your health and protection.
Local Food and History Tour of Bucharest with Local Foodie
During this experience, we will be exploring Bucharest, its history, and its most popular street food places. From small neighborhood cafes and cake shops to some of the oldest and most popular hang-out spots in Bucharest, we will cover all types of awesome places. Along the way, we will enjoy a variety of traditional Romanian snacks, cakes, and beverages During this experience, we will cover all of the tourist attractions Bucharest has to offer and their history. As we walk between locations I will make sure to: inform you of the history of the city, point out the most popular bars/cafes/restaurants/hang-out spots, and tell you as many interesting facts about the Romanian lifestyle as possible. The cost of the food that we will be trying along the way is around 15EUR/72RON (NOT INCLUDED). Please make sure that you have cash in the local currency (RON/Romanian LEU) in order to be able to purchase and try all of the things we will be stopping for along the way Along the way you will have the chance to try: 2 Romanian Snacks in two different locations 1 coffee 1 cake from one of the oldest cake shops in the city Mici (traditional Romanian food/grilled skinless sausage), Bread and Mustard 1 Beer 1 Palinca (Romanian Traditional Plum Brandy) - Transportation Tickets for the entire duration of the tour - 2 metro rides with a total cost of 6RON (payable by contactless card)
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