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Rail Bike Adventure in Megara
How about cycling on abandoned rail tracks, enjoying the scenery, the unique view of the Saronic Gulf, and stories about the mythical Skiron and the German machine guns of World War II in the famous Kakia Skala near Megara? We offer the unique experience of riding specially designed pedal-powered railroad carts, on the vintage metric railway that used to connect Athens with the Peloponnese, through a region of unrivaled beauty and great history, from antiquity to the present day. First, you will be informed about the route and what you are about to see, as well as the contribution of the railway to the industrial history of the area. Then you will sit comfortably in your seats, after a short demonstration of how to operate the pedal-powered railroad cart, which is stabilized by four wheels on rails and therefore does not require balance or any other skills. The railbikes are completely safe, and in terms of speed, they are the same as conventional bikes. The route length is 7.5 km, 15 km in total including the return to Megara, and it is really easy. There will be stops along the route, during which a member of our crew will answer any questions you may have. Stops take place at selected locations with benches and stunning views.
Sailing Cruise in Nafplio with Light Lunch
Amazing traveler, hop on Nafplio4sail (sailing boat | catamaran cruises website) & swim into the most beautiful and secluded beaches of Argolic Gulf! Use our offered snorkelling equipment to discover sea life, try the SUP or just lay down and enjoy Greek sun! Our team will go above and beyond to preserve your sea vibes while experiencing complete calmness, privacy & sea games. Program: • We set sail from Nafplio port towards beaches accessible only by boat near Ksiropigado for our first swimming stop • Then, if wind power is enough, we open sails and head for our next stop, a cave and a beach at Daskaleio & Romvi island • You can be part of the sailing procedure, as much as your mood allows it • We sail around Romvi island, take a look of Tolo and start our way back to Nafplio • Through the cruise, our crew prepares meals, drinks and shares historic facts of the area Additional info: • This semi-private cruise, based on our boat protocol can host up to 12 people on board (10 +2 crew members) • The sailing boat is 36 feet long with 3 cabins and 2 toilets • A full, onboard safety briefing is conducted prior to every departure • All touch-points are frequently cleaned • Due to weather conditions, itinerary may change to a safer destination or not set sails Nafplio4Sail cruises team is ready to set sail with you. Contact us to discover our complete list of offered experiences.
Sea Kayaking in Kardamyli
Our trip starts from Kardamyli’s old harbor, the place we meet. The activity includes 30 min preparation time, 2-2,5 hours paddling exploration 1 hour break for rest,swimming and snorkeling. Before departure, we brief you on trip details, kayak paddling techniques and safety measures. Soon we get into our kayaks and begin a coastal exploration at a relaxed paddling pace. Each little cove hides a special surprise such as hidden sea caves, rock gardens, cliffs with spectacular formation, hidden sandy and pebble beaches. One of the top attractions of this trip is a visit to the Blue Cave. A spectacular natural phenomenon where sunlight passing through a crack in the cave reflects on the sea floor and bathes the entire cave in aquamarine light. A swim into the cave is a must do and a lifetime experience. Weather and time permitting we may head to Stoupa for a stop at the beach of Kalogria with its fine golden sand and turquoise waters. Halfway we make a relaxing stop for swimming, snorkeling and rest. Once the lunch stop is over we paddle back to the starting point to end an adventurous day spent in the coastline of the Mani. Other things to note The Seakayaking in Kardamyli trip is suitable for everyone, beginners and families . We keep a stable and comfortable paddling pace and there's sufficient rest time during our stops.
Ancient Olympia with a local tour guide
On this 2-hour tour, we will explore Ancient Olympia, listed as one of the monuments of the world heritage of UNESCO. Olympia looks like an archaeological park. Upon arrival, we will assist to buy the tickets in order to avoid waiting in a long queue. Together, we will explore the land of the Olympics and visit all the Highlights, such as: The ancient training facilities, the famous gymnasium, and palaestra. The workshop of Phidias, the sculptor that created the gold and ivory statue of Zeus which was one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world! The ruins of the temple of Zeus, the largest one in the Peloponnese! The temple of Hera, that hosts exclusively the ceremony of the lighting of the Olympic torch. The Olympic stadium - the tradition has it that Hercules was the first one that run the track and we may grasp the opportunity to run it, too! We may even make our own olive wreaths and challenge each other for the crown! After, the end of the tour, your expert guide will give you all the required information to visit the nearby Archaeological Museum at your own leisure – A 5-minute walk will bring you to the treasures of the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia. It houses the antiquities from the site excavations, such as the Hermes of Praxiteles statue, the statue of Nike, and the Pediments of the Temple of Zeus. Everything is ORIGINAL Other things to note According to Greek law, only certified tourist guides by the Greek Ministry of Tourism are authorized to provide tours within the sites, monuments, and museums in Greece. Private guided tours can be arranged in several languages, such as: Greek, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, upon request.
Savor Nafplio, Cooking Class in Nafplio
Join our Cooking Classes in Nafplio. Our chef will transform your cooking class into a warm, joyful life experience. He will use his profound knowledge of traditions as well as the Avant Garde cuisine techniques to create with you a meal measuring up to a 5 Star Restaurant. Savor a hands on experience. You will cook all the plates you have decided and then will enjoy them drinking wine which has been compined accordingly. Gain with us an experience to remember.
Olive Tour & Tasting
Olive Tour & Tasting is a unique experience just a 25-minute drive north from Kalamata. Special offers for kids over 12 years old! During your visit, you’ll walk in a century-old olive grove that have been groomed and harvested the antique way for over 4 generations. Next, you’ll learn about the production of olive oil in a private mill. Lastly, you’ll finish with an olive oil tasting lesson and learn about the great benefits of olive oil. A funny lesson that you’ll taste olives and olive oil of different qualities along with some traditional Greek snacks. Live a unique experience! Taste Greece! Other things to note The area is flat, no need for hiking, but a pair of boots is always useful. In the olive mill there is a wc and a kitchen if you need something. Free wi-fi.
Mythology and Philosophy in Symposium
Philosophy for me walk and talk!! It's a mythological tour, like...going into a time macchine, abandoning in this mythological narrative living path...experiencing it as a representation ! So...from the springs of Ancient Lerna (now Myloi) to the river delta. Where ''Lerna Hydra'' was living...a huge snake with nine heads. This snake was causing huge damage to the area. Only Hercules (the second legendary Labour of the 12) was able to kill it. What was going on, in the position of each head cutting by Hercules, two more were falling out. So he thought that when he was cutting each head to burn immediatly it with fire and came out no more. That's how the legend stayed! Then from this mythological river of Ancient Lerna we will visti the older harbor with the lighthouse ...a huge trading hub from the 1889, to Argolikos, the Aegean and the Mediterranean! Then moving towards it the most famous Greek railway Station in the Peloponnese and in Greece... the old Mill Station since 1882...with trains and engines machines, charcoal pumping ever! An outdoor museum, in essence!!! Finally, we will end up at the older house of Myloi (stone made by my bis grandfather in 1806) the CASA LELA, to enjoy the worthy chef Antonella (my wife) variety with Ouzo. Because Philosophy without a Symposium does not exist!! Other things to note, Is important...respecting
Savor Nafplio_Wine Tasting in Wineries
We will have a 35 minutes' drive to one of my favourite wineries in Nemea which I love to visit not only for the information about the wine production process and the tastes of the wine varieties but also about the people and their passion about wine making! After this we will visit a second one so as our experience to be fully completed! * The time schedule could be tailor made
Explore Blue Lake & Temple of Hera with Locals
We will explore the wide area of Loutraki with amazing natural beauty, elements of its ancient history and wonderful beaches. I will be your escort to this great experience in order discover the hidden gems that make this area so special. First we will drive to Gerania mountain, right next to the town of Loutraki. Our first stop will be at 700 meters of altitude to important Osios Patapios monastery. We will admire the Corinth Golf and the Corinth Canal from above. We will talk about out the history of the area, enjoying the amazing view. Then, we will drive to the very end on the mountain through olive tree fields heading to the Temple of Hera and the great Lighthouse. You will feel the unique aura of this "open air" museum and imagine how ancient Greeks where using this location as a port and aqueduct. Our final destination will be Lake Vouliagmeni or "Blue Lake". The salty lake is a place of amazing natural beauty. We will swim to the crystal clear water and enjoy our refreshments.
Extra virgin olive oil tasting a breath from Athens, Greece
We will learn everything about olive oil , the categories and how to describe an olive oil correctly according to the fruitiness, pungency and bitterness.We will learn how to shop an olive oil, how to store it and how to use it properly.Also we will discover the health benefits of this unique greek product, the olive oil, which is the base of the greek mediteranean diet Then we will taste Extra Virgin Olive Oils, from different regions of Greece and made with different olive varieties. You will need your 5 senses! Together we determine the main flavors and characteristics. And finally, we will see how to associate each of these oils with simple foods as tomato, orange, cheese, yogurt or…chocolate! It is not a complete meal. Food can change depending on the season. Children from 10 years old can participate in the event and pay the whole fee
Kalamata's authentic Walking Food Tour
Our tour will last for approximately 3 hours exploring and eating our way through the historical centre of Kalamata. We will stroll around the Historical Center of Kalamata and stop at selected stops where you will taste traditional food and snacks, typical of the region. I have integrated within our tour, expertise and information on valuable nutritional information, gastronomical history facts, interesting knowledge regarding the Mediterranean diet as well as an insight on the food culture of Greece from the ancient times until now. We meet and present ourselves and what we will do and which path we will follow along our food tour. There is little preparation involved and we soon visit our first stop to start the tasting. I will make sure that you walk in the shadow, have regular breaks to enjoy the route as well as time to take photographs of the stops, food and surroundings you visit. I believe it is essential that you feel the Greek hospitality and make my best for you to enjoy this tour! Through this tour you will sample Greek traditional food, walk in non-touristic areas of the city, visit the farmers market (extended market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays), eat lunch and meet local people. I hope you enjoy it! Other things to note The tour involves some walking in the morning sun. Consider wearing a hat, sunscreen cream, sunglasses, and flat shoes.
Dicover the highlights of the Navarino Bay
During this 11 km walk we take you along the highlights of the Navarino bay. We start at the old pump house of the Gialova - Divari lagoon and walk the first 4 km around the lagoon. A paradise for nature and bird watchers. Here you will find many different and rare animal and bird species, they forage here for food, hibernate or breed here. In winter you can see large groups of pink flamingos. We take a break at the Church of Profitis Ilias, where we enjoy a beautiful view. After this we walk down to the hidden beach Paralia Glossa and the Tomb of Thrasimede. We walk around the famous Voidokilia beach, rated by the New York Times as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. To really see the beach you have to see it from above. That is why we walk via the north side to Paleo Castle, the old fortress of Pylos, built by the Venetians in the 13th century, where the Mycenaeans had their city of Pylos in ancient times. We pass Nestor's cave, where, according to Greek Mythology, Hermes is said to have hidden a herd of animals he stole from Apollo. In these caves objects from the year 7000 BC have been found. Then it is a bit of a climb to get to Paleocastle, but it is worth it, because the view is breathtaking. After this we walk down the south side and there is the possibility to end this walk with a refreshing dip at the Golden beach.
Hiking Menalon & Lousios gorge
Our trip starts from Stemnitsa the village of goldsmiths to Dimitsana the village of watermills. These are two of the most important settlements in the Peloponnese and two of the most picturesque of Greece. Both excellent examples of traditional stone architecture, dominant in every public building, dwellings and churches and in the village cobble paths. We walk into a versatile environment encountering the Byzantine Monasteries of Prodromos and Philosophos dating to 963 A.D. literally hanging off the cliffs. We discover old hermitages, watermills and water springs while crossing the imposing gorge of Lousios the river where mythical god Zeus had his first bath. We end our journey at the Open-Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana, a place highlighting the importance of water power in traditional society.
Walk and taste; three villages with meze
During this walk we pass 3 authentic Greek villages where we are surprised with meze. Mezedes are the Greek tapas and an important part of the Greek food culture. Sharing these tasty snacks is a fun and a nice way to eat together. The walk starts and ends in the village of Kaplani, after a 2 km walk from Kaplani to Yamia a frappe with a fresh koulouri awaits us in the tavern. Two km further we stop at Agios Dimitrios church to enjoy the beautiful view over the bay of Finikounda. Enjoying the sea on our left and the green valley on our right we walk 3 km to Akritochori. A fresh drink with meze is waiting for us there. Then it is still 3 km to our end point to talk over the walk in the tavern of Kaplani while enjoying a drink with your diner if you want (not included).
Walk & Talk; Finiki churches
Walk & Talk, Finiki. Go for a nice walk at a leisurely pace and have a nice chat with fellow walkers. We start in Finiki at the church and during this 10 km walk we pass 3 more typical Greek churches. Here we will have a break to enjoy the sea view and of course to take pictures. As always in this environment it is a bit up and down, but not really heavy, especially enjoy!