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Local Pondy Heritage tour by cycle
Join with a local to know the story of Pondicherry from the prehistory to present - the session gives you a perspective of storyline and incidents and few facts from the times of many kingdoms to the French and the influence of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. We shall be covering the quaint charming heritage quarters of the Ashram with its departments, French history and colonial buildings, monuments, institutions with its cultural and architectural significances and the Tamil with the amalgamation of Franco-Tamilian through people and expression of unique architecture plus all what is local. The experience through the eyes of a local makes its compelling and special. We will be providing normal Indian cycles. The seats, adjustments are fixed cannot be changed. For the tour it will be just fine. One can bring one's personal cycles for tour as well. This tour can be done by walk as well subject to terms and conditions.
Kayaking in backwaters mangroves Harbour Arikamedu visit
Please note this activity is based on tides( water level) Timing will change daily. Kindly message before booking to help you better. Get onboard kayak after general instructions of Do and donts. Wear proper life jacket provided with the help of Kayak leader. Start paddling in the backwater - visit ancient port ruins site 'Arikamedu' which dates to 1500BC - 2AD, proceed paddling near the harbour port area of Pondicherry to witness docks ships and boats and fishermen in action. Further paddle through the patches of mangroves with small creeks and inlets. A kayak leader will join you for this experience. You can opt to chose join with a co paddler or go solo.
Fivefarms Coffee- From farm to cup
Coffee is an annual crop, and not all of it can be experienced in three hours. We'll start the tour showing you images of the complete cycle. You'll then be wearing the farmers' hat (literally) for a tour of the estate. Depending on which season you visit, you could also help with the job of the day: whether it's transplating young plants from the nursery, checking for fragrant coffee blossoms or picking ripe red berries. If lucky, you'll also sight some four-legged wild visitors. Once back from the estate, you'll get to see a complete roasting and if time permits, we'll roast two batches personalised for you that you can take home. End the tour with a traditional vegetarian lunch in our homestead with a perfect South Indian filter 'Kaapi' or a French press brewed by you ...This is as fresh as it can get! Other things to note During rains you might be bit by leeches. Tour guide will be prepared with adequate medical measures. The plantation is regularly visited by wild animals. You will be advised to stay close to the tour guide.
Wild Bhoomi Nature tours
Discover another side of Pondicherry, away from the crowded Promenade or the busy marketplaces. Spend an early morning or later afternoon by one of the many water bodies. Colors and bird songs will fill your day. Stay in the comfort of a car while watching birds go about their business or take a walk to practice your stalking skills. Photograph some beautiful landscape, gorgeous birds, and if lucky maybe other creatures like a Mongoose or for the bold ones a snake or two. When hunger grabs you take a break and sip on some refreshing coffee or tea while having a great view of the wilderness. Drive back through some quiet rural areas and witness a simple, slowed down life that we all miss out on in the everyday rush. Other things to note The timing of the tours will depend on the season. During the monsoon, early mornings at water bodies aren't too fruitful due to the lack of birds as the water levels can be too high for them to feed in. Although some years the water levels aren't an issue. In that case, evenings are the best option to experience the wilderness as we explore the forests and wooded patches.
Offroad forest cycling
Pick up and drop within 10kms radius as compliment. Cycle in branded MTB Raleigh or Toronto cycles. Visit Sadhana forest 50 Acres - 8 kms total cycling (Or) Aranya Forest 100 acres - 12 kms of total cycling Cycling in the nature trail offers immersion into regenerated landscape with tropical dry evergreen forest & shrub jungle. Visit to intricate sand formations and get to know medicinal plants, indigenous trees, lesser-known flora and fauna species which help to sustain critical ecological balance and listen to in practice ideas on regeneration, sustainability & climate resilience. One side cycling with load vehicle assistance on the way back is INR 750
Give time a break with Taarak
Pondicherry has some unique corners and no one knows them as well as I do. Here is the list of experiences I offer; you can choose one according to your interest and time in hand: 1.We visit the Matrimandir and other Auroville units. I will tell you why and how the life shaped in this universal town. You will get to experience the life at Auroville closely. The entire experience takes about 3 hours. 2. We will take a leisurely stroll around the French Town. I will tell you some interesting stories that shaped the present town of Pondicherry. You will walk past the old light house, Notre Dame Des Anges church, the old and the new pier, and many other monuments on the beach road. If time permits, I’ll show you one of the beaches close by. This is a 2-hour walking program. 3. If you are an adventure freak, I’ll take you to the granite quarries for a refreshing swim. 17 kms out of the town, It usually takes 45 minutes to reach the quarry. We swim there and drive back. This can take up to 3 hours. The drive along the countryside is pleasant and full of greenery. 4. There's a beach which is insanely beautiful and secluded. If you are someone who loves solitude, this experience if definitely for you. The best time is either sunrise or sunset. You will need 2 hours. Food and Transportation is not included in the above experiences. These experiences are children friendly.
Bestt kept secret of Bangalore with Dinesh
Join me as I take you on a journey of lifetime; filled with life, laughter, WoWs and more. From Exploring- The best food around hidden delicacies of Malleshwaram, Places around Bangalore that are not much known to travellers and witness Bangalore in no better way than this tailor made curation. So why wait? Take a backseat and witness Bangalore's serene Beauty, we've covered it all. We have well-tried and tested plans that is as smooth as our masala dosa. 5% off for couples. 15% off for defence personnels. 25% off for people with disability.
Experience the finest beach in Pondicherry
I'll take you to a beach which is peaceful and away from the crowd. From here you can experience a mesmerizing sunrise or a sunset depending on the time you choose. I will help you experience the sea from close quarter. You can choose to swim, take photographs or enjoy the solitude. This place is hard to find on your own. So book this experience with me and make sure you don't leave this part out. I will tell you everything you want to know about Pondicherry too. Experience is available in the mornings and evenings.
A day with a South Indian Family
Once you arrive at our home, we begin by learning to brew the aromatic filter coffee. While the coffee brews, I will take you to the temple near by, where we explore some interesting stories and common customs. After you get back home, we sit down for a cup of filter coffee, discussing the menu and ingredients for the cook along session. You get to cook some of the most loved South Indian specialities as we discuss the flavours & spices used. Now we sit down to relish the home cooked meal you made. I will customise the plan according to your interests. This is a fun, relaxed and hands on experience as I take you home and it can't get more authentic than this!
Abhyanga Ayurvedic Bodywork Therapy in Pondicherry
This is interactive ayurvedic abhyanga massage therapy workshop. Both guest and host are interactive and collaborative to enhance the experience. You'll enjoy a divine protocol that includes a silence, sound bath, aromatherapy, foot reflexology and active isolated stretching. This bodywork workshop involves more interactive physical movements and body balance conducted by male therapist. Pouring warm medicated herbal oil in a systematic way to relax your body, mind and nervous system which helps you to improve blood circulation, flexibility, concentration and assure sound sleep. My Other Experience - Rejuvenate yourself with Cupping Therapy : Message to customize the timing, location (chennai, mahabalipuram & pondicherry) etc. for any of my experiences. DM to check few more massage experiences which is not listed here.
A musical walk along the Marina Beach
Timing flexible (contact us). The promenade along Marina Beach is dotted with more than 10 statues on the beach side and faces heritage buildings and institutions of prominence on the other side of the Kamaraj Salai (road). The statues include those of historical importance and icons of Tamil literature. Starting from the Triumph of Labour statue (, we will walk the (less than) 3 km stretch towards the Lighthouse at a gentle pace, taking in the sights and sounds. If you'd rather cycle than walk the way, we can arrange it by using bicycles that are available for hire. While both of us will be explaining the claim to fame of the various people now carved in stone, I will be bringing some of them to life through musical renditions of some of their more popular works. We will end our walk at the Lighthouse, climbing which offers stunning, rich views of the vibrant shoreline. (Visits to the Lighthouse are subject to its opening hours.) Based on your choice, this walk can be done at various time slots through the day. We would suggest slots closer to sunrise or late in the evening, as lesser vehicular traffic affords a better environment to listen to the songs performed. Other things to note As our starting and ending points are well apart, cab aggregators and public transport would be handy to get you to the starting point, which you can find at the what3words address ///lyricism.prestige.rams Download the free what3words app to find the precise location easily, even offline.
Narayanapuram Village Trip
Activities will be conducted in our village "Narayanapuram" It's about visiting a typical village and learning nature with some entertainment. There will be Two sessions at this event. Morning 6 to 12 & Evening 12.30 to 18.30 1. Tractor ride -15 min/ Bullakart (Maattu Vandi)- from the village main to farmland, 10 people can travel in one kart. 2. Campfire during sunrise/sunset. (optional based on weather) 3. Coconut tree Climbing techniques will be explained and fresh tender coconut will be served- 2 no's per head. 4. Tractor driving and photo session. 5. Borewell Pumpset shower on an open farm field. 6. The muddy wetland will be provided for playing games (of their interest). 7. Traditional village healthy food is provided for breakfast/supper (evening session) Pre-booking will customize the food required and lunch optional for both sessions. 8. Back to the village main by walk or by a tractor. 9. Customers can explore the village atmospheres like a traditional temple, traditional hut, and agriculture. Other things to note This place is a village farm located 15km from PUDUCHERRY. A group of people who are interested in exploring a typical village by taking bath by open shower in borewell pump water and enjoying traditional food served!
Intro to Vipassana Meditation
You will get a short 10 minute Introduction to Vipasanna Meditation after which you can ask questions about the meditation technique or about exploring spirituality in India. Then there will be two 25 minute guided meditation sittings with a short 5 minute break in-between. Other things to note Note that there are two little house dogs which are rarely intrusive. It is otherwise a quiet and fresh space.
Nandi Hills - One day trip
We will start from Bangalore on Saturday/Sunday at 03:00AM and reach nandi hills by 05:30AM (60 kms approx). Start from parking around 5:30 AM towards the sunrise view point. Stay there for approx 3-4 hours, enjoy the weather and serene beauty of nandi hills and visit Nandi temple, Tipu Sultan Lodge, view points, etc. Points of attraction - Nandi hills sunrise view point - Nandi - Beautiful trek around nandi hills We will leave Nandi hills by 9:30 AM and leave for Bangalore(Breakfast on the way) so you can reach back to bangalore by 1 or 2 PM.
An introduction to Dosa
India's signature crepe comes in different varieties and forms. Allow me introduce you to this world. During the course of the afternoon we will 1) Understand the traditional ingredients and process that make a Dosa 2) Cook a few types of Dosa. You are free to do as much or as little as you are comfortable during the session. 3) Eat some Dosa. Paired with its traditional accompaniments of course Along the way we will trade stories, discuss the local food and beverages scene and enjoy a nourishing meal with local craft beer. Contact me : If the dates you are looking for are not available. There is a 50% chance that I might be able to reschedule my other class (Introduction to Roti) and open up availability to this class for you. If you have any other questions regarding this experience, feel free to get in touch.