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The house is located in the heart of Ortigia close to Piazza Duomo, Teatro Comunale, Palazzo Bellomo, Palazzo Montalto, Piazza Archimedes Archimedean Museum, the Temple of Apollo. At walking distance from the Cala Rossa beach and access to the Solarium, near Pubs, Pizzerias and Restaurants, the stop of the electric bus is close to home. L 'accommodation is suitable for couples, business travelers and families (with children). Angela and I shall strive for excellent reception.

It ' was recently renovated, consists of a bedroom with double bed , wardrobe , bedside tables with the addition of a sofa bed for one and a half , tastefully decorated ; follows a kitchen - living room with a kitchen complete with oven and living room with dresser , kitchen table with six seats and sofa bed , it follows bathroom with shower, bidet toilet and wash basin . There are 5 beds.

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Syracuse, Sicilia, i-Italy

1st Itinerary Island of Ortigia
Ortigia is accessed through the Umbertino Bridge, at the end of which stood the Porta Ligne, demolished in 1893 that transformed 'Ortigia fortress in free cities, door realized in 1673 with the royal coat of arms of Spain (preserved at the Bellomo museum), it we find near the Temple of Apollo, the oldest Doric Temple d 'greek West, VI sec. B.C.
Near the Temple of Apollo is the Church of St. Paul, proseguento trovia the Church of St. Peter is the oldest church early Christian IV sec. A.D. , Following the Church of the Carmine in 1602, follows gargallo Palace and the Church of St. Thomas, then Arrivia Piazza Archimede 1872 behind trovia Palace Mergulese (Montalto) in 1397 prestigious building of Syracuse Medieval Gothic-Chiaramonte style, just ahead is recognizable the old Cantonal Church of Crowned saints (Severiano-Calpofaro, Xavier, Vittoriano) founded in 1515 are carved on the lintel, the symbols of the brotherhood of masons (hammer-team-compass); proseguento to Via Maestranza with eighteenth-century structure with architectural structures of great interest Andolina palace, palace Romeo Bufardeci, Hinton-Pizzuti palace; Dumontier building, so ttroviamo the Church of St. Francis Immaculate, proseguento from via mastery in Via Giudecca is Palazzo Ardizzone with the Baroque façade, followed bonanno palace, Spain Rizza palace and palace. Via Maestranza, take the district of the Giudecca in it has kept the urban scanning system GREEK-ARCAICO, said STRICAS, ie right angle intersections, this neighborhood was inhabited daggli Jews until 1492, the year of their expulsion at the hands of Ferdinand the Catholic, in Syracuse since the Roman Empire there was a substantial Jewish community, we find them the Church of St. Philip and St. John the Baptist, the precursor IV sec., then reach St Joseph Square adjacent to the Dammuso Ortigia where we find palaces Diamond and Cardona Midiri of Settecentesca invoice, then we find the church of San Domenico near you Find the Theatre in 1872, then Via Roma with its palaces Palazzo Arezzo, Palazzo Romeo and Palazzo Burlo then Santa Maria delle Monache 1169 continuing via Roma crossed Via del Teatro near the Dammuso are continuing Paazzo Bellomo thirteenth-century palace with medieval and modern galleries.
2nd Itinerary Island ortigia
In Via XX Settembre fortification of age Dionigiana V sec. to. C., and marine port follows the Foro Italico on Porto great 1863 within which is the Fountain of the slaves in 1571, so we pass the Church of Miracles in 1501 ,, and the port within which open their mouths the Ciane, onusto in history and myth, and anapo important inland waterways. then we find the construction Fediriciana Castello Maniace, proseguento find Via Cavour crossing via dei Bottai dopve took place one of the most profitable businesses of 700-800, Palazzo Abella 1330
Piazza Duomo is the heart of Ortigia is the place where you have collected the signs of the oldest inhabited Ortigia, the remains of the Bronze del'età huts, here planted the minute their homes and places of worship the Corinthians led by Archias 734 B.C liquids trovia the Senate building and then we find the CATHEDRAL which presents a splendid façade, built between il1728 and 1753 by Andrea Palma the highest testimony to Baroque Siracusa.Il Temple on which arose the VI c Cathedral. a.C.tra the 480th 470 BC erected by the tyrant Gelone temple dedicated to Athena, built after the victory over the Carthaginians at Himera. It was converted into a Christian church in the sixth century. A.D.
The patron saint is Saint Lucia Siracsua that IL13 December 304 A.D. Diocletian was martyred during the persecution. Then we cross the Church diSanta Lucia to the Abbey, so we reach
at the end of Via Picherali where it says the extraordinary myth of Alpheus and Arethusa. The beautiful nymph Arethusa of Achaia, while bathed in the waters of the river Alpheus, it was ardently desired. to escape with lan protection of Artemis, turned into a source of clean water, gushed in Ortigia. But the lover Alpheus races with its water under the sea, Greece island of Ortigia, to confound with its waters of myth ninfa.Il celebrated since ancient emphasizes the connection of Syracuse with Greece since ancient times see the Greek coins V sec. B.C.
Casstello Maniace
It serves as anelllo between the ancient and the modern in Syracuse Greek and the subsequent ages. It was built by Frederick II between 1232 and il1240
Museum Paolo Orsi

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Leggo molto per lavoro e per piacere, sono molto sportivo ed amo viaggiare, conosco bene la storia di Siracusa, vi posso indirizzare nei punti di maggiore interesse, l'appartamento è molto vicino a Piazza Duomo, al centro dell'isola di Ortigia, si raggiungono a piedi Via Roma, Via Cavuor, La Giudecca, Piazza Archimede, Palazzo Bellomo, Fonte Aretusa, il Tempio di Apollo; con i Bus elettrici ( Feermata vicino casa Cala Rossa o Forte Vigliena Bus Blu N° 1 si scende al Molo Sant'Antonio e si prende la Linea 2 Rossa fino al Parco della Neapolis ) si raggiunge facilmente il Parco Archeologico ( Teatro Greco - Anfiteatro Romano - Tomba di Archimende - orecchio di Dionisio ) nelle vicinanze troverete il Museo " Paolo Orsi" , le Catacombe di San Giovanni e la Madonnina delle Lacrime ( il tutto a circa 3 km a circa 5 minuti dall'appartamento ), il costo del biglietto è di 50 centesimi . Curiamo molto l'accoglenza. INGLESE I read a lot on business and for pleasure, I am very sporty and love to travel, I know well the story of Syracuse, we can address the major points of interest, the apartment is very close to Piazza Duomo, the center of the island of Ortigia, reach on foot Via Roma, Via Cavuor, La Giudecca, Piazza Archimede, Palazzo Bellomo, Fountain of Arethusa, the Temple of Apollo; with the electrical bus (Feermata near the house Cala Rossa or Forte Vigliena Blue Bus # 1 go down to Pier St. Anthony and take the Red Line 2 to the Neapolis Park) you can easily reach the Archaeological Park (Greek Theater - Roman Amphitheatre - Tomb of Archimende - to Dionisio ear) Nearby you'll find the "Paolo Orsi" Museum, the Catacombs of San Giovanni and the Madonnina of Tears (all at about 3 km from the apartment about 5 minutes), the cost of the ticket is 50 cents. we are very attentive to welcome. FRANCESE Je lis beaucoup sur les affaires et pour le plaisir, je suis très sportif et aime voyager, je connais bien l'histoire de Syracuse, nous pouvons aborder les principaux points d'intérêt, l'appartement est très proche de la Piazza Duomo, le centre de l'île de Ortigia, rejoindre à pied Via Roma, Via Cavuor, la Giudecca, Piazza Archimede, Palazzo Bellomo, Fontaine d'Aréthuse, le temple d'Apollon; avec le bus électrique (Feermata près de la maison Cala Rossa ou Forte Vigliena Blue Bus # 1 descendre à Pier St. Anthony et prendre la ligne rouge 2 du parc Neapolis) vous pouvez facilement rejoindre le parc archéologique (théâtre grec - amphithéâtre romain - Tomb of Archimende - Dionisio oreille) à proximité, vous trouverez le "Paolo Orsi" Musée, les Catacombes de San Giovanni et la Madonnina des larmes (tous à environ 3 km de l'appartement environ 5 minutes), le coût du billet est 50 cents. .Nous sommes très attentifs à accueillir SPAGNOLO He leído un montón de negocios y de placer, soy muy deportivo y encanta viajar, conozco bien la historia de Siracusa, podemos hacer frente a los principales puntos de interés, el apartamento está muy cerca de la Piazza Duomo, el centro de la isla de Ortigia, llegar a pie Via Roma, Via Cavuor, la Giudecca, Piazza Archimede, Palazzo Bellomo, Fuente de Aretusa, el Templo de Apolo; con la barra de alimentación eléctrica (Feermata cerca de la casa Cala Rossa o Forte Vigliena Blue Bus # 1 descienden al muelle de San Antonio y tomar la línea roja del 2 al Parque Neapolis) se puede llegar fácilmente al parque arqueológico (Teatro Griego - anfiteatro romano - Tumba de Archimende - Dionisio oreja) Muy cerca se encuentra la "Paolo Orsi" Museo, las Catacumbas de San Juan y la Madonnina de las lágrimas (todos a unos 3 km del apartamento a unos 5 minutos), el costo de la entrada es de 50 centavos de dólar. estamos muy atentos a la bienvenida
Leggo molto per lavoro e per piacere, sono molto sportivo ed amo viaggiare, conosco bene la storia di Siracusa, vi posso indirizzare nei punti di maggiore interesse, l'appartamento…

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We are at your disposal to show you local , pubs , places of interest and how to achieve the same , we expect a very cute , we are full of enthusiasm for our business .

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