Cabaña Ecológica La Tortuga (the tortoise)

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Enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean! Juan and Estela's cabañas lie in a beautiful grove on a sandy bluff overlooking the beach just south of Tehualmixtle, a small fishing cove in the middle of nowhere. It has no electricity--just water, an outdoor cooking area and 'tranquilidad.' It is well off the dirt road, so no dust or noise--only the sound of wildlife and waves. And Juan and Estela are natural hosts, deeply rooted in and knowledgeable about the land and incredibly caring and friendly.

There are three cabañas at "El Buque." Each has its own bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. There is no internet or cell reception and cold water only. You can arrange to use the hotel's internet next door or check your messages at Juan and Estella's house. There is a beautiful outdoor clay oven/stove for cooking. La Tortuga also has a gas tank and stove, along with basic cooking implements and dishes.

The cabin is named after the local tortoises who lay their eggs on the beach. A great activity is to go and help with the release of hatchlings that is run by a local conservationists.

The grove is on a small bluff just up from the beach. Two of the cabañas, including La Tortuga, overlook the ocean, the other one is snuggled behind and has an ocean view. There is a trail down to the gorgeous beach. This is one of the most peaceful and quiet places in Mexico.

By the time the dry season starts, in Mid-December or so, there are very few mosquitoes and by late January, even fewer. The cabaña is screened and there are also mosquito nets for the individual beds.

For MEX$30 pesos, Juan and Esthela will provide you with a garafon of water (20 liters).

If you plan to cook and are coming by car, it is a good idea to bring a cooler. Another great idea is to ask Pepe, Juan and Esthela's son, who is a talented cook who worked in a Chinese restaurant in California for years, to cater a meal for you and your family. His Chinese food is fabulous but... nothing beats his classic Mexican ceviche.

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Jun 13, 2023 - Jun 20, 2023

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, i-Mexico

Overview of the Area, Food, Things to Do

The cabañas are just north of Villa Del Mar and 4km south of Tehualmixtle in the Cabo de Tuito Selva. It is a 5 minute walk to Villa, where you can pick up basic foodstuff and water at the local stores.

Villa del Mar is part of Cabo Corrientes and the Selva de Tuito. The Selva between Tuito and Villa is amazingly beautiful. 'Selva' means jungle but this area is really more woodsy, with deciduous trees and shrubs, and very mountainous.

This area is known for its risky currents and fierce undertow--there's good swimming in nearby Tehua (and amazing fresh fish from a multitude of great restaurants). While the intensity of the ocean here gets in the way of swimming, it makes for amazing wave watching. Lie on the sand cliff the tide makes and watch the hermit crabs play chicken with the ocean, as the sun sets... or just sit and me lulled into peace by the pounding waves.

Go horseback-riding with Juan (or by yourself if you are experienced) for US$10 andhour.

Want more relaxing? Estela is an excellent and very experienced massage therapist--she does deep tissue and relaxation. The charge is $500 MXN (~$25 US). Her daughter-in-law, Blanquita (wife of Pepe the amazing cook) gives wonderful facials and facial massages. You'll look 5 years younger. Esthela or Blanca can bring their massage table to your cabaña, or you can have a massage in the palapa that overlooks the beach.

The beach is beautiful, so beautiful it is easy to forget the gorgeous mountains! Rent a quad or horse and investigate the amazing Selva. It is not a tropical jungle but woodsy and fascinatingly beautiful in its own way. (And yes, of course, you can also ride on the beach!)


Esthela will definitely offer you food if you come by their house. It is delicious.

Ask Pepe to cater you a meal or more.

The two-story orange house at the crossroads of the little town sells tacos on Saturday and Sunday nights. Just come up to the door and ask for as many as you would like. They are amazing!

From the grove, you can see the lights of a small fishing village, Tehualmixtle. (Locals often call it Tay-Wah.) This is an unusual spot along the coast because it is sheltered from the rough waves and fierce undertow typical of the area. Swimming at Tehua is delightful. And so are the seafood and oysters sold at the local restaurants--fresh-caught that day. This is also where you want to go to charter a fishing boat, of course.

Another great watering hole is the Rinconcito in Mayto--relaxed, excellent food, often lots of Americans and Canadians. Closer to you--next door in fact--is a more posh hotel/restaurant called El Cielito. For a fee you can log into your internet there and catch up. The restaurant has an awesome view.

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Juan and Estela are warm, caring and have the gift of creating a peaceful and happy environment. They are deeply rooted in the local community and very knowledgeable about plants and animals of the region.

Juan built the cabañas using traditional methods: daub and wattle using flexible branches and local clay, locally-made adobe bricks, palapa roofs. From hammock hooks to the hand-made adornments in the tilework on the floors to the broth of local seafood, everything Juan and Estela make is informed by history, local materials and a lifetime of wisdom.

Their motive for creating this business for the grove is that they want to protect it from development, a little sliver of peace.
Juan and Estela are warm, caring and have the gift of creating a peaceful and happy environment. They are deeply rooted in the local community and very knowledgeable about plants a…

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Juan and Estela are very friendly and 'simpatico.' They live in one of the cabañas now and soon will be moving to a house just at the entrance to the property. They don't speak much English, but they are great at communicating across language barriers!
Juan and Estela are very friendly and 'simpatico.' They live in one of the cabañas now and soon will be moving to a house just at the entrance to the property. They don't speak muc…

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