A unique, elegant family home with a spa area

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The house is situated in a nice, elegant suburb 10 minutes from down town Reykjavík and 30 minutes from the airport. It has got spectacular views and is surrounded by nature. You can find nice hiking trails from the house with breathtaking views of magical mountains. Our garden is wonderful and because of its trees it has got less wind than what is normal in Iceland. We offer beds with comfortable matresses, wonderful pillows and duvets, clean sheets and towels. Wifi and 5 parking spots.

The house is 286 m2 and on two floors. It has got 4 bedrooms and the masterbedroom is extra big (20m2). There are 2 bathrooms, 2 showers and a hot tub which is lovely to use after a long day of travelling. There are 2 living rooms, one for television and one for dining and sitting. When sitting in the main living room you have wonderful views from the windows. You can see the sunset, the ocean, the beach, the residency of the president, the mountains and all the houses in our little cute town. The kitchen is modern and has got all the cooking equipment you can imagine: 2 fridges, 2 ovens, 2 freezers, a large cooking area etc. The garden is exceptional with 30 year old trees blooming in yellow and pink and helping to keep the wind from the patio area.The patio is well situated from all winds, it has got 2 electric heaters and an electrical suntent (markise) to keep the heat in. We dine there very often during the summer, even when it rains. The view from the patio is wonderful and I would say it is the most wonderful thing about the house as well as the outdoor spa area we have on the ground floor.

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Gardabaer, i-Iceland


All restaurants are mostly downtown and they are all very nice. The food is extremely good. You have to try some of our seafood dishes.

Perlan is a fancy Restaurant on top of the water tanks of Reykjavík. The restaurant circles the tanks so if you sit there for 2 hours you get the view of all Reykjavík.

Þrír Frakkar is seafood restaurant. You can also get meat dishes. It is one of my favourites. Local and great food.

Grillmarkaðurinn – nice steak

All the restaurants downtown by Höfnin are very nice and well priced. I love Kopar and La casa grande. And there are so many other restaurants that are very very nice.

Viking-village restaurant in Hafnarfjörður (see Big map) – authentic food and music. I love it.

Mathús Garðabæjar (This one is by foot, in Garðabær). It is very nice and reasonally priced. It is where the big tower with the clock is.

Pizza – order home. You have to tell them that you want the pizza delivered to your house otherwise you pick it up yourself (cheaper that way)

Pizzan: (00354)- 565-9440

Dominos: (00354)-581-2345

Grocery stores:

Hagkaup: The best store with the best ingredients and greatest selection of fruit, vegetables steak etc. Open day and night all week long.


Víðir: At the tower with the clock: A small store, selection o.k.

Bónus: The cheapest store. Good selection of food (not fresh meat nor fish).

Gullfoss and Geysir. 1,5 hour drive.

Þingvellir: 35 min. drive.

Blue Lagoon: 30 min. drive (direction Keflavík).

The south of Iceland is close and beautiful:

Look at this website: http://www.south.is/

You have to see this:

Seljalandsfoss and Skógarfoss (2 hour drive)- two beautiful waterfalls, you can walk behind Seljalandsfoss. Beautiful glacial scenery on the way. If you feel like driving a little longer you could go to Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjörur and then of course Jökulsárlón.

Þórsmörk is our favourite

Family and Icelandic domestic-animal park.

Fjölskyldu og húsdýragarðurinn í Laugardal.

You will find all Icelandic domestic animals and also some rides for the children.



For biking in the area:

To see biking routes in Garðabær and area


Hiking in the vicinity of Reykjavík:

Glymur: (one of our favourite and not very touristic). 40 min. drive. Direction: Akureyri/Borgarnes. Do not take the Hvalfjarðartunnel. Turn right just before and enter Hvalfjörður (fjord of whales). Turn right at Botnsdalur (Valley at the Bottom) and drive to the end of the road for parking (3 min.)

The hike takes around 2 hours and is a beautiful one around a canyon with a waterfall (Glymur). You can take the circle clockwise or anti-clockwise. The scenery is better anti-clockwise. Then it is best to first cross the river (you walk on a log of wood with a rope) and follow the path to the top. Right above the waterfall where the river runs the broadest you have to cross to get down again. The river is swallow but cold. It can be a good idea to bring waterproof plastic shoes for the crossing (you can take ours). The toughest ones just do this barefoot.

Here there is a better description:


Esjan: 20 min. drive from our house. Direction: Akureyri. 2,5 hours up and down. On the top you have beautiful scenery of the capital city. Most people don´t go to the top as it can be quite a risky, but if you do, follow the path. Most people just stop at the rock (Að Steini) as they call it. And take another way down. This spot is pretty obvious, a 1,5 m. rock where most people stop to have a snack and write their name in a book. There is a cosy restaurant at the bottom of the mountain. Most people who enjoy mountain climbing do this walk at least once a year.

For further information


On the way back you could stop in Mosfellsbær and go to a very small, authentic place called Álafosskvos. It has got authentic Icelandic products/handcraft stores and a small café/restaurant. For further information see:



This is a very touristic spot, but a must see. On the way you have:


On your way back/or to Thingvellir you could also stop a the horserental Laxness which is situated close to the home of the nobel prize winner. Very nice scenery on the way . They have nice, calm horses for beginners as well as experienced riders. Make sure to book in advance though.


You could also look at Álafosskvos on your way back from this trip.


It is a nice drive, going out of the car once in a while, looking at nature wonders. It is in the area of The Blue lagoon.



Hveragerði- Reykjadalur


Drive towards Hveragerði/Selfoss. You can bring bathing suits and towels if you want to get into one of the hot lakes.

Driving to Reykjadalur, Hveragerði. Walking trail from there


Hellisheidarvirkjun – Hengill

This is a geothermal plant. You can have a look at that, it is available for tourists. You can then hike from the plant.


From there you can both drive an interestin route in Hellisheidi or walk in the Hengill area. Climbing to the top of Hengill on a good day will give you a great view of the area


On page two in this file you will see a map of trails in the Hengill area. The green, blue, red and black dotted lines are hiking trails (increasing in difficulty), the grey dotted lines are off-road trails you can drive.

Helgafell (an easy walk on a mountain close to us 388 m. high). We often bike there, take the hike and bike back (4 hours altogether). The landscape is pretty bare but interesting and you have great scenery on the top.


The route: https://www.google.ca/maps/dir/St%C3%B3rakur,+Gardabaer,+%C3%8Dsland/Helgafell,+Hafnarfj%C3%B6r%C3%B0ur,+%C3%8Dsland/@64.0549096,-22.0364008,11z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x48d60cb0ada3332b:0xf10678a8bed6ab02!2m2!1d-21.9066672!2d64.0953593!1m5!1m1!1s0x48d61298283aef2d:0x53468f406e14d1dc!2m2!1d-21.8510342!2d64.0109798!5i1?hl=is

A little further than Reykjavík:

Thorsmork (Þórsmörk)

Our favorite spot in Iceland. A natural gem between glaciers Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull. A variety of hiking possibilities in this area, both short and long.

To get there you take the ring road (Highway 1) to Hvolsvollur, a small town on the Southern coast. You drive through the town and follow highway 1 approximately 22 km further east. There you will see a large waterfall called Seljalandsfoss on the left hand side. You turn off highway 1 there.

It is well worth while to stop at Seljalandsfoss. There is also a nice camp site there if you want. You can also camp in Thorsmork.

To get to Thorsmork from Seljalandsfoss you continue on the same road (Road nr F249). To Thorsmork from Seljalandsfoss is approximately 30 km. You should drive to Basar – a camping site and cabin on the eastern side of the largest glacial river in the area, Krossa. I would not recommend crossing Krossa as it can be quite precarious. The other rivers on the way (you will be crossing 3-4 medium sized rivers and a number of smaller streams) are usually easy to cross. Just stop and wait for other cars to cross to see the best place for crossing.

If you zoom in on the map below you will see the location of Basar.



Another beautiful place inland Iceland. You also take the Ring road east past Selfoss. A map below will show you the route. Roughly three hour drive from Reykavik and ideal to combine with your trip to Thorsmork or when you are goint to Jokulsarlon for the kajak trip. Not difficult to reach with the jeep.


Fjallabaksleid (Behind the mountains road)

This is the same as the road to Landmannalaugar. If you continue on this road from Landmannalaugar heading east you will eventually reach the ring road (1) between Vik and Kirkjubaejarklaustur. However the eastern part of the road is still closed due muddy conditions. You can check for the opening of the road at this site


Here are some directions for crossing glacial rivers.

There are also some things to consider when crossing the glacier rivers in Iceland.

· When you cross rivers, make sure that the 4 wheel drive has been engaged before going into the river. Drive very slowly and use the low range if possible. Never switch gears in the middle of the river.

· Glacial rivers usually have less water in the mornings. During warm summer days, the flow of the river can increase a lot. Heavy rain can also increase the flow of a river substantially. Be aware that rivers can sometimes not be crossed even if the road is open and you are driving a 4x4 vehicle.

· A good rule of thumb regarding glacier rivers is that if you would not want to wade through a river you should not drive through it. Crossing rivers can be a serious matter if people are not careful. Whenever possible, cross with someone with experience in crossing rivers.

· Fords over rivers are usually marked and should be easy to spot. Be aware of big rocks that might be under the surface of the water. The worst place to cross is where the water is most calm because that is usually the deepest part of the river. The best way to cross is to follow the torrent diagonally down the river, that way the torrent helps the vehicle over.

The video here below shows river crossings at Thorsmork. The water level is unusually high in the video.

The second link is a guide for driving off road in Iceland



Everyone is very helpful, just ask the next Icelandic person.

We do hope you enjoy your stay in Iceland.

With best regards

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I am a 49 year old teacher. I work in administration in an elementary school in the area and I love it. I am very nice and helpful, a typical Icelander. I am loyal and I always keep promises. I am open and I like getting to know new people from all over the world. I love outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, skating, etc. I also love travelling or just staying at home, reading and relaxing with my family.
I am a 49 year old teacher. I work in administration in an elementary school in the area and I love it. I am very nice and helpful, a typical Icelander. I am loyal and I always kee…

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