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Beautiful Native Indian Private Room: Queen bed, private bathroom. FREE: gym, breakfast,snacks,masks/h.sanitizer! New: furniture, art, access & bedding. Pillow top bed. Big closets.43"Smart tv w/sound bar free Netflix/Internet/Hulu. Full access to main Kitchen.Rooms
& Common areas SANITIZED MANUALLY & W/UVC OZONE SANITIZING MACHINES.20 min to airport & slopes. Quiet/safe ngbrhd. Huge new patio w/firepit.Eclectic house.Fully licensed w/Sandy City! We have'5+' star ratings, none compare for $.

We are fully licensed with the City of Sandy and SLC, #152315;SUP-10-18-5539. I was the first to get the application in and first one to get the Permit!! So why book with others when you run the chance that they are not licensed and soon to be shut down? Only 10-15% of the people with STR’s, i.e. Airbnb's are licensed with the City; that is a chance 90 are not legit, and in risk of being shut down and you not having your reservations when you show up. You won’t have that problem with us.

We are Rated 5 Star in every category. Doesn't that say something right there? We never know who will come through our door: our first Guest was a Queen Swordswoman who came out to direct Netflix Mini Chopped Jr, a Director of Forged in Fire, Crew from Costner's Yellowstone, then quite a few famous Authors too. We even had Guest who Owns a Parkour studio, and was teaching the kids in the neighborhood the tricks.

Those who book the "evening" of Thanksgiving and Christmas get the full blown holiday meal FOR FREE, all cooked by scratch too! Imagine that, right? These days that type of meal is $35 per person! Our place, it is part of the holidays. Note: no special requests, it is buffet style.

You can book instantly for a 5 nights, if you want a longer time contact me and I can send you a special offer. This is due to City of Sandy guidelines and mine.

You can't beat the price of this package: spacious room w/fan & electric fireplace, brand new 43" Smart tv with sound bar with subwoofer which includes free internet/Netflix/Hulu, Private bathroom w/full free toiletries, fun brand new Blue light Rain fall w/massage jets shower panel, bidet on toilet, full gym, access to the main level fully stocked kitchen, washer/dryer w/free soaps, free mainstream breakfast w/over 60 items to choose from* and full run of the house.

The nearest Motel 6 (scary) in Midvale is $85 a night base rate with NONE of these items above why, why would you book anywhere else? And our cleaning fee is pittance: the average cost for an Airbnb is $143 as of 9-22 !

Those who book 4 or more nights get a free jewelry gift from Princesspstreasure shop.

The PRIVATE sea themed bathroom includes: 2 Jack/Jill sinks with overhead bright lighting, you are given 3 large drawer. The shower/tub is incredible!: stainless steel rainfall waterfall shower panel, tower rain massage system, 4 adjustable massage jets, hydroelectricity temperature display, hand shower nozzle, plus a tub spout into a cast iron tub. The toilet has a bidet upon it as well. In the bathroom, we will supply fresh bath towels, shampoo/conditioner, soap, bubble bath, bath salts. On the sink counters you will find upgraded soaps, lotion, Qtips, facial soap, razor, toothbrush/paste, shaving cream, hair mousse, make up remover too! Within the drawer is a hair dryer,.

The bedroom is full of authentic Native American Indian artwork and accessories everywhere you turn. There is a home office downstairs so if you need print outs or something scanned we can assist you with that. It has a great working desk/chair too. 2 nightstands, 2 full hanging closets and one closet with shelves plenty of storage. The bed is incredible double pillow top covers too; perfect when you come back from hiking or skiing. We just added an electric fireplace heater - perfect for the winter season. During the spring/summer you have a brand new ceiling fan. Something for everyone's temperature.

It is only 3 steps from the bedroom to your private incredible & fun bathroom.

There is also a water softener, great for those with dry skin.

The bedroom is on the top floor, which has the laundry room, your private bathroom, and 3 other private personal bedrooms which we/the Owners occupy.

We will supply a free breakfast consisting of coffee/tea, toasts/jelly/butter or bagels or muffins, instant oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, cereal (Gluten free too!), yogurts and fresh fruits. All Guests must mandatorily wash their hands and use our supplied hand sanitizer before accessing anything in the main kitchen; either for the breakfast, using the kitchen, or popping something in the fridge. There are no special requests. If you have special dietary needs, please bring those items with you.

Also a free snack bowl with bottled water will be in your room too. Downstairs on the kitchen counter are further free bakery snacks too!
I will daily come into your room, make your bed, fill up your snacks & water. If you do NOT want this Hotel service, please let me know before your arrival.
Currently not even the $700/night Hotels offer that service!

You are able to use the kitchen, the oven, the stove, and put your items in the fridge. We also share for Free our spices, sauces, condiments, salad dressings etc. However, if you use any of these free items, they must be left on the counter, so we can sanitize them before putting them back away. Also the same for the fridge/microwave etc, sanitizer first. Safety for all, at all times.

We have an incredible gym too: rowing machine, bike, elliptical, yoga mats, with 2 comfy bean bags to watch TV. Next to those are a foosball table & air hockey, fun for all. The gym is in the main social area in the basement. It has a 75" brand new smart tv with free Netflix, Hulu, internet. All those using the gym, before they start their workout must sign the waiver of liability on the desk top, and use hand sanitizer. The hours for the gym, out of respect for those sleeping in the basement Airbnb, is 7am to 9pm.

Did you know One of the US biggest Hotel Operators MCR is now charging $20 to check in earlier than the stated check in time, $25 to use the gym, and $50 per day for housekeeping services. At our Airbnb - that is all FREE- imagine that!

If you are sensitive to scents, please let me know well in advance. As I do wash the sheets, comforter, and towels with a light scent along with a scented dryer sheet. Then after all that I also Fe-breeze the bed. 99.9% LOVE it. I also have an automatic Glade spray in the bathroom. We want to make sure that your stay is comfortable, and if you want scent free, let me know in advance and I am happy to accommodate and will not Febreze the bed and can remove the Glade from the bathroom.

There is a laundry facility, our fun Dia De La Morte themed room, right off your private bedroom/bathroom. We offer free laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and even have lingerie bags!The hours for using the room is 6am to 10pm.

If you have a child this place is for them, any age. I give the younger ones (10 and under) a free gift to play with, as it makes them feel comfortable and special and they can take it on the road which makes your drive easier too. . I even put special soaps in the bathroom for the kids too. Who could ask for more?

We call our house "It's a small world" since each room has its' own theme; but it all flows in a Zen type of atmosphere. Many people say the house (and us) has a welcoming and calming effect.

Our Airbnb absolutely stands out from the rest of them. We supply fresh towels daily, beds made daily, trash taken out daily, toiletries replenished, and sheets changed after the 5th night of stay, and thereafter if you are here longer. Other Airbnb's just give you the key and nothing is attended to, even if you are there for 1-2 weeks. One word I have to describe that: gross. One should enjoy their stay, not have dirty towels or linens, or trash piling up. We offer as our current and previous Guests said "100 star service". The door will not have a lock on it; for the ease of entering the room if there is any warranted issues going on.

We unfortunately can't allow any animals inside the house, regardless of size/cat/dog or in cage. There is a local vet around the corner where you can board them at an inexpensive rate.

Our current check out time is firm 10am, as we always clean the room thoroughly, with check in at at 3pm. Once this Covid is over, we will go back to check out time of 11am and an earlier arrival once the room is ready.

Please note if you have a job or circumstances in which you must leave more than 2x during the night, this Airbnb not a good fit for you. There is another Airbnb and family that lives her full time; and we all need our sleep. So please take this into consideration when booking.

Carefully read all house rules before booking.

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Dec 8, 2022 - Dec 15, 2022

4.99 out of 5 stars from 512 reviews


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Sandy, Utah, i-United States

We are in one of the safest neighborhoods in SLC.
It is an inclusive neighborhood: everyone associates with each other; many kids playing with each other too. Is a very nice neighborhood, upscale to say the least.

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My Husband, Mahmoud, speaks Arabic, English, and some French, is from Egypt & US Citizen, worked in over 6 countries and lived in 2.

Our Son speaks Arabic, English and is learning Chinese, he has traveled already to 5 countries himself! He is in H.S. in the IB/AP program and wants to be a Bio Medical Engineer.
I, Pierrot: speak English, some French and Spanish and understand most conversational Arabic, am a mixture of many races (a melting pot for sure) and I have lived/worked in 5 countries. I, Pierrot, will be the one communicating with you before your arrival w/house information etc.

Husband/Wife have 4 of the Pfizer Covid shots, and Son has 3 of the Pfizer. Yeah!
Mega safety in this family!

All of us are easy going, down to Earth people no pretenses here!! We love traveling, gardening, cooking, martial arts/MMA, hunting, camping, scuba diving, indoor skydiving, traveling, and meeting new people.

My husband is a CFO/CPA with multiple college degrees and certificates (he is currently working on the CMA), for an International Heavy Mining & Compressor Equipment Company based in Sweden. He started out though as a busboy, and even cab driver in NY. His numerous degrees, coupled with his tenacious hard work ethic took him where he is now; but he is still so humble at all times and will tell you he is a simple Accountant.

I am a currently the Controller for a Private Equity firm. Some of my interesting previous jobs were: Buyer for the Haute Couture St John, Purchasing & Contract Negotiator for F.F.&E for projects up to $350 million plus (i.e. I personally did the Luxor F.F.&E purchasing, accounting & scheduling all by myself), and even a Saleswoman at Club Med in Mexico, Bahamas & the Caribbean. I worked for 14 years washing the body of the Muslim women who have passed, as a charity job (loved it & still would do it, if the current Management abided by Covid regulations). I currently have my own Etsy/Amazon shops selling jewelry, soaps, lip balms etc under Princesspstreasures too.

In our house, we believe: black lives matter, women's rights are human rights, no human is illegal, science is real, love is love, judge character not skin color nor choice of religion nor culture, history is real, hypocrisy anywhere is a thread to truth everywhere, kindness and tolerance is everything
My Husband, Mahmoud, speaks Arabic, English, and some French, is from Egypt & US Citizen, worked in over 6 countries and lived in 2.

Our Son speaks Arabic, English…

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Interaction with Guests:
This is our primary residence, so we are on-site and will be here to greet you and show you around. The country kitchen, laundry, dining room, family room, living room, Foyer, and gym are shared; so you will run into us of course. But isn’t that what an Airbnb experience is? We do not allow any drinking of alcohol, , or smoking cigarettes, cigars, or e-cigarettes inside. We will supply breakfast consisting of coffee/tea, toasts/jelly/butter or bagels or muffins, instant oatmeal, and fruits. If it is winter, we most times more than not will have a real wood burning fireplace going in the family room.

If you need immediate attention and booking - please email me at
Interaction with Guests:
This is our primary residence, so we are on-site and will be here to greet you and show you around. The country kitchen, laundry, dining room, family…

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  • Izinga lokuphendula: 100%
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