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Baby Goats, Health Updates Luxury "TINY HOUSE"

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Secluded, mini cabin on a 10 acre retreat style property with a Pool and Pond.

King Bed, Full Kitchen & Bath, Out Door Gas Fireplace & Soaking Tub.

Come for the beauty of the ranch, the coziness of the Tiny House and a place to truly get away from it all: Drink coffee on the deck, Drink Wine, Read, Netflix and Chill, Write, Daydream, Swim, Fish, Hike

We invite you to come and relax and leave the world behind...

ps. dogs LOVE it here!

***Please read the entire listing before booking :)

Covid updates: We are placing a minimum of 24 hours between bookings to allow for thorough disinfections.

Baby goats: We currently have 4 baby goats with 5 more mommas set to give birth over the next 3 weeks. Yes, you can pet them- we are setting up a schedule now to accommodate guests to do this and still keep our social distancing in place :)

TINY HOUSE: Completely separate from the main house. (Approximately 100 yards away in the back end of property WITH THE HORSES!) It's the perfect place for a couple or single to relax and recharge :)

Property: 10 acre Ranchette with a pond, pool, gazebo, walking trails and firepits. We are at the end of a dead end road and the back of our property borders 440 acres of county owned pasture land. All of the roads to get here are paved.

We also have another guest house on the property that we rent via Airbnb. Dori and Meredith live in the main house on the property.

Pool and Property: Guests will have full free roam of all of the property including the pool, gazebo etc.

We have another airbnb on the property:
Listing Link:

If you need an early or late checkout please book the night before or the night after. We are booked almost every night and unlike a hotel with multiple rooms to offer people we are limited to our 2 units and need time to get things ready for arrivals :)

Animals: 2 -5 horses, barn cats and our house dogs.

Horses: The Tiny House is located within the fenced area where the horses roam. You might wake up and they be right by the front window or you might not even see them. They are sort of unpredictable except at feeding time. If you would like to feed and/or pet just let us know

Your Dogs/Cats/Horses: Friendly fur animals are SUPER welcome here!!! Most dogs go off leash and absolutely LOVE being free! They are also free to swim in the pond and pool. Make sure to let us know if you are bringing a pet as we have special welcome packages for them :)

Our Dogs: Banks, Jett and Tennessee. Banks (german shorthaired pointer) is older and is inside 99% of the time. Jett (female pocket german shorthaired pointer) and Tennessee (goofy male black lab) like to play and lounge around outside. We have a fenced back yard off our main house and while guests are here they use this area.

***If your dogs are not comfortable with other dogs then we ask that you NOT bring them- we used to try to accommodate but it is too hard now.

Your dogs: They are free to roam off leash. Our property is fenced but not secure if a dog really wants to escape. We find most dogs off leash just like to run in the grass. Your dogs can swim in the pond and the pool.

If your dog is off leash you must keep an eye on them :)
(Do NOT let them wander unsupervised)

SUPER IMPORTANT: Do not let your dogs harass our cats, horses or goats. (It is normal for a dog to bark a few times at a horse but if it is trying to get to the horses or goats through the fences then you need to not take it close to the fence) Same with our cats- if your dog wants to chase our cats do not let them off the leash.

Having said all of that about dogs- 95% of guests that visit with their dogs are Awesome pet owners and any of the above warnings would never even need to be said! We have unfortunately had some irresponsible doggie owners and now try to be as up front as possible with dog rules to help those that are clueless about being a doggie parent.

Other occasional wildlife include deer, ducks, cranes, geese, wild turkeys, pheasants, otters, muskrats. Ducks and cranes are more common. Geese, wild turkeys and pheasants are seasonal. You will occasionally hear coyotes off in the distance at night.

Fishing: We have a 2 acre pond. Many people fish all day- we just ask that you catch and release :) Please bring your own fishing equipment!

Birds: We have LOTs of birds- we once had a bird specialist randomly come stay with us and tell me all the different types of birds we have here...oh how I wish I would have written them all down. Or perhaps you know about birds and can help me categorize them? :)

Kids: This is a great property for kids to roam and experience semi ranch life. There is A LOT of water here. The pond is about 2 acres and there is a pool. We trust you know your children and can properly discern if this is the right place for them. :-) Over the years we have had tons of kids stay and enjoy. We allow kids 12 and older.

About us: We are entrepreneurs and live in the main house on the property. We have an office that is 2 miles away and sometimes go there but also sometimes stay home if there are ranch chores to do. We are both originally from cities and enjoy the peace and solitude this property provides. We are more than willing to be friendly and socialize or give you complete privacy. If we are traveling we have caretakers stay on the property should anyone need anything. (And Dori's parents are 1 ranch over)

Our interactions with guests: Some guests we never even see. Some we end up having cocktails and dinner with. We are friendly but can sense when guests want to do their own thing! :)

In regards to ranch chores- we try to do anything loud during checkout hours :)

Things to Know Before You Come:

Secluded: We are 20 minutes away from a real grocery store so make sure to stock up before you come. There is gas station 2.5 miles away that has snacks and basic items. We keep tea and coffee and standard kitchen items stocked in the cottage.

Connectedness: We have Wifi. Cell service is not very good. You can stand in certain places to get better signals but Wifi is best here for communication.

Please note: the Wifi might go out while you are here and it might take 24 hours (or more) to get it fixed- we do not have utility services here like in big city- aka things happen slower here! This seems to happen about 1 day a month. We have guests here pretty much every night so if it does happen while you happen to be here we apologize in advance and we always work to get it up as fast as possible. Sometimes it's things like the olive branches needing to be trimmed out of the way of the beam! Most guests take it in stride and will do other things besides being online, however we have had some guests be very upset about this so we want to just give a heads up that this IS a possibility during your stay :)

Ranch Life: The tiny house is luxurious but this is a ranch with animals and wildlife and dirt and bugs :) Please bring appropriate attire to fully enjoy the ranch life. If during the summer please bring bug spray and sunscreen. If during the winter please bring boots for the mud


Spring: Lots of flowers and wildlife. By June it becomes pool time.

Summer: July/August are HOT- pool is great during these months

Fall: lots of fall colors and cooler days and nights

Winter: brings rain and it can be soggy so bring boots. The rain makes the grass green but there are not as many flowers as in the summer. We enjoy a lot of fires in winter (Tiny House is fully heated and air-conditioned.)

Colors of the Ranch: In our area of California it does NOT rain in the summer. This means the grass turns brown and the pond level lowers about 6 feet. We have lots of different plants and some bloom during different seasons. Depending on when you are here the grass could be brown or green and some flowers you see in the photos might not be in bloom :)

Meredith is originally from North Carolina and had no clue the temperature could drop by 30 degrees during the night in California (even in the summer) If you are not familiar with California weather please bring a sweatshirt as early mornings can be chilly. (And do not be afraid to leave the windows open at night for "air conditioning")

We also make our own olive oil. If you are super interested, we can arrange for you to go one ranchette over to see the olive trees, do a tasting and talk to my 85 year old Dad about his trees :-) The olive oil just won gold again at the Los Angeles competition. He has about 100 trees and they are his babies and his oil is excellent...

Ukungena kwesivakashi
Pool in the summer
Walk around the pond and property (we also border 440 acres of county owned pasture land to explore)

Ezinye izinto okumele ziqashelwe
In the summer remember to bring your bathing suit as you will have access to the pool. Or not- and just enjoy the relaxing front porch and shade of the Tiny House :)
In the winter bring your boots as it very well could be soggy. Lol, or just your bedroom shoes as most people do not even leave the bed in the winter :)

HORSES: The Tiny House is located in the pasture WITH the horses so don't be surprised to wake up to see one crossing in front of your deck to go eat breakfast. Currently there are only 2 horses in this pasture and they are pretty friendly and low key.

BATHROOM: Since this is a Tiny House, the bathroom has a RV type of toilet.
This toilet needs to be treated gently- only toilet paper allowed in it.
It attempts to save a lot of water with its flushes but we need you to hold the water down for 5 FULL seconds when you flush to make sure everything gets down the pipes!

BEDROOM: The bed is located up 6 steepish stairs. There is a railing to help you up and down but be sure your knees are up for the task. :-)

We also offer an "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tour & Tasting." My 85 year old father is an artisan farmer that has won GOLD multiple times at the very prestigious Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.

He has nurtured this 100 tree olive grove for 13 years and it is located just over the hill from us (you can walk).

He will give you a tour of the olive grove and educate you on what makes a GREAT extra virgin olive oil, teach you how to properly taste olive oil while you taste and compare different selections of his favorite EVOOs..

Duration: approx 1 hour

Price: $100 per tour and includes a bottle of olive oil. Olive oil is for sale for $40 per bottle if you want to purchase and do not want to do a tour :) (Payable in cash, check, Venmo or Paypal)
(***Note this is based on the season and availability and is also based on his availability- if you would like to do this please message us and ask if the dates you want to do this are available before you book)
Secluded, mini cabin on a 10 acre retreat style property with a Pool and Pond.

King Bed, Full Kitchen & Bath, Out Door Gas Fireplace & Soaking Tub.

Come for the beauty of the ranch, the coziness of the Tiny House and a place to truly get away from it all: Drink coffee on the deck, Drink Wine, Read, Netflix and Chill, Write, Daydream, Swim, Fish, Hike

We invite you to come and relax…

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Ione, California, United States

The property resides at the end of a private road that is in the Sierra Foothills. Rolling hills with oak trees primarily. We are 30 minutes from Sutter Creek and the other old gold 49er towns and about 30 minutes from Shenandoah Valley the "other" wine country.

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One of us will always be available via text if anything should come up. Dori mostly goes to work at our office that is 2 miles away while Meredith is at the ranch more and is often doing projects but only quiet projects while guests are here. We want you to enjoy the peacefulness here :) When we travel we have a caretaker who lives 5 minutes away to help with everything. (or if we are on an extended travel trip we will have a caretaker stay in our main house)
One of us will always be available via text if anything should come up. Dori mostly goes to work at our office that is 2 miles away while Meredith is at the ranch more and is often…
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