Villa El Tucán

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Beautiful Villa located among the nature of the residence "Flor de Pacifico n°4 - Villaggio Claudia".
Every morning you will wake up listening to the harmonious sounds of nature: colorful birds and smiling monkeys start to live again when the sun rises.

From here you can both go to the beach "Playa la Penca" or just relax in the SWIMMING-POOL, it's up to you!

Wi-Fi is free and available for all in the Villaggio and you have a free parking lot with a janitor 24\24h.

Relax and... Pura Vida!

As soon as you enter Villaggio Claudia, you know that Costa Rica is not like every other Country. It's a mix of nature, sea, sun, relax, exploration...and why not? Also good food!

You'll have full access to Villa El Tucán. You can distinguish it since it's on the left and it has orange curtains to reflect the colorful world you are entering in.

In the Villa you'll have all the most important amenities you could think of, and moreover you will have: A\C (it's really hot down there! One air-conditioning per room!), Wi-Fi, some bikes.

On the ground floor you can find a nice living-room with the kitchen and just some step forward you can enter the master bedroom, from which you can go into the bathroom.
On the first floor instead, you can find the other double room and bathroom.
Wardrobes are bigger than enough, since you will almost always wear just swimsuits!

If you feel lazy you can just lean in the central swimming-pool, but if you want you can also go to Playa La Penca, an amazing sandy beach, to relax and take a break from everything.

To reach these places you could just use our bikes or by car if you rented one, it will take just few minutes.

In Villaggio Claudia a custodian and two gardeners are always available!

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Potrero, Provincia de Guanacaste, i-Costa Rica

The Villaggio Flor de Pacífico is characterized for being a quiet, safe place with beautiful gardens, a beautiful pool and an excellent position to know the different beaches of the Guanacaste area.

There is not any lived place on earth the nature is the protagonist as in Costa Rica. BioGem is not a fanciful definition but the specific name that NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), one of the world’s leading organizations for environmental protection, attributes to wild places and unspoiled natural treasures for those who protect same way NRDC is committed in a particular way, ranging from a glacier in Patagonia in a Baja California lagoon, from an Alaskan bay area of the Amazon rainforest of Peru. And Costa Rica is the only nation to be designated BioGem.

Costa Rica is famous for its natural beauty. It is the country that invented ecotourism. Among national parks, biological and forest reserves, protected areas and “shelters”, 26% of the entire territory is under protection. It is the bird watchers paradise. The south area where migrating species in North America and the northern point, where all the typical birds of South America arrive.

Costa Rican beaches of both oceans reg ularly come four of the seven species of endangered sea turtles to lay their eggs.

If you like the flowers know that in Costa Rica reproduce spontaneously over 1,500 types of orchids. And you could go on and on with such examples. Then, generally, we talk about biodiversity, and we say that it is estimated that in Costa Rica there are at least 500,000 distinct species, or about 4.5% of what is supposed to be the total number of living species (plants and animals) all over the planet.

Enjoying all this in Costa Rica is easy by visiting parks and biological reserves. The Corcovado National Park is among the national parks and protected areas of Costa Rica and the most exciting, in fact, is considered the biologically richest place on the planet thanks to its incredible biodiversity that is maintained because the park remote location and the not presence of humans. The protected area of the Corcovado Park area covers 42,469 hectares and protects a total of eight different habitats ranging from forests, woods and marshes. This park is also join by The cloud forest in Monteverde biological reserve that stretches for 10,500 hectares with gaps from 600 to 1,800 meters above sea level. The Costa Rican parks are many and all rich in flora and fauna, one of the most visited is the Tortuguero National Park famous for being the breeding area of green turtles.

Costa Rica has more than two hundred kilometers of coastline on the atlantic ocean, over a thousand of the Pacific Ocean, with a vegetation that almost everywhere borders the ocean. A plateau in the middle, the Meseta Central, with an altitude of one thousand and and four hundred meters, where are concentrated all the major cities and about three-quarters of the population. Woods, real forests, which cover more than half of the entire surface of Costa Rica. Four mountain ranges, of volcanic origin, with 132 craters, one with them is in constant signs of activity, with many peaks above three thousand meters. There are several volcanoes on the national parks, among them also the Poas Volcano, the volcano with the largest crater in the world. In Irazu National Park we find the highest volcano in Costa Rica, the Irazu Volcano is 3,432 meters above sea level.

The climate?Low temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees and maximum always below 30 degrees in the Meseta Central. A few degrees more down towards the sea, less up the slopes of volcanoes, but in fact the wardrobe remains the same all year. the umbrella is only used between April and November than between December and March.

All of this makes Costa Rica one place from a naturalistic point of view. But there is another thing that helps to make it a special country. Sometimes we speak of Costa Rica because it is one of the few nations in the world without military forces: the army was abolished in 1948 and it was decided to divert economic resources absorbed by troops and armaments to education budgets and public health, and today up to 96% and literacy is among the countries with the highest development of public health facilities in Latin America.

Costa Rica is a presidential democratic republic for over 160 years. The New Economics Foundation, an independent research center based in London, has compiled a world ranking, called the Happy Planet index (Happy Planet Index), in which Costa Rica firmly holds first place for several years. The index of “Happy Planet” is calculated on the basis of three parameters: the welfare of citizens of a country, the life expectancy at birth and the ecological footprint of a country that is the measure of how much land, water and natural resources a nation requires to produce the resources it consumes. Costa Rica is at the top of this ranking thanks to its very high life expectancy at birth (79.3 years, while the ecological footprint is 2.5 g per head), the second highest of all the Americas, higher also that of the United States.

So it’s true: the money does not bring happiness, but live in a BioGem such as Costa Rica does.

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Ciao a tutti! Sono uno studente universitario di Medicina, a Bologna. Mia mamma Vera ed io, utilizzando molto raramente alcune nostre case (o perché troppo impegnati o perché troppo lontani) ormai da tempo, abbiamo deciso di metterle in affitto. Sono un appassionato pianista e assiduo lettore di romanzi, anche se (purtroppo o per fortuna) lo studio mi porta via molto tempo. Sono un attento osservatore delle minime cose e mi piace riflettere e tenermi informato su tutti gli avvenimenti contemporanei, così da farmi un’idea su di essi. Per staccare un po’ la mente amo fare jogging, anche se una volta (prima dell’Università) ero un pallavolista ed ho militato fino alla serie B2. Ma mi piace comunque tenermi in forma. Per il resto adoro viaggiare e scoprire nuovi posti, anche sperduti, in particolare modo sentieri di montagna (ancora meglio se con i miei cani), che, anche se faticosi, portano a vedere panorami mozzafiato. Hello everyone! I am a university student of Medicine, in Bologna (Italy). My mum Vera and me decided to rent these houses out since we very rarely use them (since we have always have something else to do or they are very far away from us). I am a passionate pianist and assiduous reader of novels, even if (luckily or not) studying takes me a long time. I am an attentive observer of the smallest things and I like to reflect and keep myself informed about all the contemporary events, so as to get an idea about them. To get away from studying I love jogging, even if once (before I attended university) I was a volleyball player and I played until the B2 series. But I still like keeping myself fit. Eventually I love traveling and discovering new places, even in the middle of nowhere, especially mountain trails (even better with my dogs), which, even if tiring, lead to breathtaking views.
Ciao a tutti! Sono uno studente universitario di Medicina, a Bologna. Mia mamma Vera ed io, utilizzando molto raramente alcune nostre case (o perché troppo impegnati o perché tropp…

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Since I don't live there, but in Italy, I usually will not be around, maybe sometimes my mum will.
Anyway I keep in touch with all the people working down there, so if you need something just contact me! Or just ask the locals, they are always kind!
Since I don't live there, but in Italy, I usually will not be around, maybe sometimes my mum will.
Anyway I keep in touch with all the people working down there, so if you nee…
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