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Tata favorite part of the apartment house, the old lake 300 meters area in the holiday. The house is suitable for 8 people 110N floor area and fully furnished. Ideal for families, groups of friends who want to spend their holidays together, and

Tata favorite part of the apartment house, the old lake shore 300 meters area in the holiday. The house is suitable for 8 people 110N floor area and fully furnished. Ideal for families, groups of friends who want to spend their holidays together, and working around and Tata (website hidden) furnished apartment with living room, kitchen, bathroom and two spacious rooms available for guests' disposal. Easily accessible, enclosed courtyard and covered carport. Parking is available directly in front of the house.

Guests are welcome to beautiful small town Tata!

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Mar 25, 2023 - Apr 1, 2023

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Tata, Komarom-Esztergom, i-Hungary

Tata is a special place and surroundings Hungary, where established by the people living in the countryside and the natural values exist in perfect harmony with each other to form an integral unit. There are many opportunities to fall out also that visitors to fill their free time usefully, however, participate in the city and the area acquired knowledge enriching programs. Tata come to the Danube and extending Gerecse area, a variety of hiking, biking and water tour offers to choose from up to individual organization or group setting.

The main attractions of the small town (castle, Esterházy Palace, Parliament Square and the Capuchin church clock tower, English Park, Old Lake and the shore of Lake cseke) can be viewed during an approximately three-hour walk. Meanwhile, everyone may feel sites referring to the city's unique, can not be compared with anything (website hidden) human presence, while walking between buildings and statues at every step encounter the works of nature as well.
Sitting around a bike with more distant destinations are also available, such as the Old Lake southeast protected natural area, or the Calvary hill. The latter spot next to the Geological Survey Open-air Museum is a small chapel, the Statue of Calvary, the Jakab Fellner lookout and the Jewish cemetery offers even more attractions.
When a river dried up due to the coal mining around Tatabanya Bright sources of industrial activity accrual fortunately returning again. Short nature trail in the area of Bright Bath insight into the unique nature comprehensible form this "church" of odd flora and fauna. It is open to the extraordinary experience for those seeking to sink the Army source with diving depths. The crystal clear waters and an impressive forráskürtő easily.
The picturesque Tata Old Lake related to water sports enthusiasts is a popular destination. Those who wish to enroll in a more pleasant canoe trip, learn about the water in the landscape, the nature and the harmony of the city every little detail.

Gerecse Hungary belongs to the lesser known mountain regions in Hungary. Shorter or longer, perform better and be more physically demanding significant boots and bike rides, illustrate the natural and built cultural values of the villages.

The bird life of our country who are interested can look into Major Francis fish ponds under the protection of wetlands of international importance (Ramsar Convention) in addition to the vibrant life of Macclesfield. Birds can learn the habits and behavior, in addition, a variety of useful information collected in Hungary and the "old" continent of birds during the program.

At the end of a meaningful day, you can relax, chat with Neszmélyi nedűinek sparkling wine company. The small cellars of the winemakers would like to welcome the visitors to present their wines. In addition, by the end of September, the Tata Old Lake during the day flying schedule cruise ship - if needed - on Friday and Saturday evening wine vessel as the water runs out again. Aboard the Neszmélyi wine can taste wines for guests, while - under favorable weather conditions - can be admired in the light of the setting sun behind the castle. Be glasses of wine the winemakers themselves tell the interested parties, at the end of the program, it is possible to purchase the wines.

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