Private, Comfortable, Traditional Japanese House

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We are now offering an accommodation plan using “Go To Campaign”, which is run by the Japanese government, to customers in Japan, so our accommodation fee is set higher than usual (→JPY 13,000) since it includes dinner. The promotion (“Go To Travel Campaign”) will end on January 31st, therefore from February 1st you can enjoy our usual.
This is your home away from home! This private Japanese-style house is located in a quiet neighborhood, yet only 20 min walk(1.4km)from Tokushima station!

The house is recently remodeled, and there are built-in kitchen, television, washing machine, etc. The house is fully stocked with pretty much everything you would need for a comfortable stay:D
Once you confirm the reservation, we will send you very detailed information about our house (how to check-in/check-out, direction, wifi, etc.) via email. Please read them before your arrival and ask us any questions:)

※Completely Private
You can have the whole house to yourself. Absolutely no sharing with others.

※Family Friendly
Our house is located in a safe and quiet neighborhood, and comfortably hosts up to 4~5 guests. It's Wheelchair-accessible (1st floor), and there are children's toys (badminton, kickboards, Chromecast, etc.), so it's perfect for a family trip!

※It's Official and Legal
We've applied for the official "Japanese-style guesthouse license 簡易宿泊業", so you can feel completely safe, and no awkwardness with neighbors!

※Professionally Cleaned
We hire professional cleaning stuff and use fresh and clean lines, so you can feel comfortable, and have a good rest.

※Free Parking and Bicycles
A free parking spot in front of the house (garden), and 4 bicycles available for guests.

※Fully Stocked Kitchen
Yes, you can definitely cook in our house! Everything you would need for cooking is prepared in our kitchen.

We stock our house with all the necessities: coffee/tea, variety of cooking utensils, condiments, dinnerwares, paper towels, garbage bags, liquid dish soap, bath products, towels, hair dryer, clean linens, cleaning products, laundry products, toilet paper, tissues, iron & ironing board, stationeries, air conditioner(each room), air purifier/humidifier, futon dehumidifier/dryer, guidebooks, tourist pamphlets, chess, cards, games, Chromecast, etc. There are pretty much everything you would need for a comfortable stay, so it feels very "homey" and you can pack light!

We do not charge children under 5 years old, and give additional discounts to children under 12 years old. Also, we would give additional discounts for larger groups and longer stays.

Self-Check-in, Self-Check-out style! - The house key is inside the lockbox at the entrance. The instruction for the check-in and check-out process is in the document we will send . Please read it BEFORE your arrival:) We would like to give our guests their privacy, but we are available through phone call/texts, LINE, or Airbnb message;D
●Check-in time: anytime after 14 am
●Check-out time: anytime before 10am

High speed, unlimited internet available at house.

There are build-in kitchen, induction cooktop, cooking utensils, microwave, dinerwares, condiments, etc. - pretty much everything you need for cooking is available in our kitchen! Please feel free to use everything while you are here;D

Complimentary drinks, teas and coffee, fruit jam&butter, variety of condiments, bread for cooking and breakfast.

4 bicycles available for you - parked in the garden.

A free parking spot available for one vehicle in front of the house (in the garden). There is another car usually parked there too, so when you park, please park it in the far left.

We have 4 sets of futon mattress for our guests - 2 sets on each floor (inside the futon closet). We hire professional cleaning stuff and use fresh and clean lines. We also use futon cleaner and futon drying machine every time to keep them clean, so you can feel comfortable and have a good rest!

***LAUNDRY ***
Washing machine,clothes drier located outside.

The listing is remodeled all-electric house. For our guests' safety, we have first-aid box located inside the cabinet in the living room, and installed wired fire alarms, fire extinguisher, intruder alarm (it's a very safe neighborhood, so you probably do not need this).

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徳島市, 徳島県, i-Japan

Our house is located about 1.4km (15-20min walking) from JR Tokushima station, where SOGO department store and other shopping places are located.

There is a decent sized supermarket called "mama no mise" about 700m (8 min walking) away from our house.
Also, "family mart" convenient store (24h) is located 300m from our house.

For more info, you can check the document we will send "DETAILED HOUSE INFO". You can also check the file on the table for more restaurants, bars, coin laundry, supermarket, and other stores near our house:D

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Hello everyone! My daughter introduced me to Airbnb 3 years ago, and I've had such a wonderful experiences so far! I have lived in Taiwan for several years, and my daughter was in the United States and Canada for several years as well. We both enjoy traveling and hosting guests from all over the world! As a travel lover myself, I know how difficult it is to find a nice accommodation in other countries! I try my best to make our listing as comfortable as possible for our guests. My listing is fully stocked with pretty much everything you would need (and things you do not necessarily need, but nice to have like Chromecast:P) for a comfortable stay. If you have any questions or find anything unclear about our listing, please feel free to ask me questions. I truly enjoy hosting guests from all around the world, but I’m not fluent in English (I can speak Japanese and conversational Chinese), so I might take a while to reply your messages. So, in order to make your stay convenient and comfortable, once you confirmed the reservation, I will send you very detailed documents about our house via email. I assure you that everything you would need to know about our house (how to check in, direction, garbage separation, etc.) is written there. So, you can know everything before your arrival, and feel homey and comfortable during your stay. I am super excited to welcome you into Tokushima;) Looking forward to seeing you~ instaglam @tokushima_airbnb fa-ebook: tokushima airbnb 我和女兒要開始airbnb的由來是六年前女兒在NY上大學的時候,因為婆婆在日本住院,所以我往返於日本和台北之間的生活大約有一年。當時除了我,沒有人照顧她,因此那是感覺身心疲憊。所以很想去紐約看女兒。但心裡清楚要是去NY的話,飛機票,住宿費等都很貴、所以一直猶豫著。女兒建議我:「媽媽這次來紐約利用airbnb,借住別人的家好不好?」我試著採取她的建議。到紐約之後,我們在這裡騎著房東提供的腳踏車,很方便購物。一應俱全的廚房設施,可以很方便地買當地產的蔬菜,在這煮了很多餐。 這就是我在紐約想體驗的生活。雖然只有短暫十天左右,但卻讓我釋放了身心的壓力和疲憊。現在回想起來很難忘,也很溫暖。 五年前婆婆過世了。我們商量怎麼把她的日式房屋保留著等到老公退休後我們回德島再住。所以決定現在開始airbnb。 最近有馬來西亞來的一家人旅客借住我們airbnb的家。我和女兒剛好回德島,所以跟他們的五個孩子們一起做年糕,一邊給他們介紹日本過年的風俗習慣。我們從沒見過旅客這麼開心的樣子,我們都從心裡感覺很溫馨。 咱們家因為我老公工作的關係在台灣住了五年,當時受到了當地人的照顧。 記得我在國立師範大學的國語中心學習漢語的那時候,我認識了很多從東南亞剛剛高中畢業的學生們。他們大部分都是一邊念書,一邊打工。有好幾次,我曾看到台灣的房東,對無論是從哪裡來的留學生,照顧得是那麼周到細致,我真心佩服台灣人。所以當外國的遊客來德島的時候,作為小小的回饋,我們也像台灣人一樣熱情周到的服務帶給每一位旅客家的感覺,家的溫暖。如果能夠滿足旅客的需求,我們會很開心,並且我相信這房子也會感到很幸福。 我們民宿的名字是vacatio house 月yue。 名字的由來是我開始經營民宿的時候,感謝女兒一直在身邊支持我,幫助我,鼓勵我。所以,從我女兒的名字裡取出「月」的漢字。 還有,「月」的發音是 「yue」 Yue的名字裡有對台灣人的感謝之意。 我們衷心希望每一位來到這裡的游客都能像在自己的家裡一樣度過一段愉快的時光。 PS 我們取得了住宿經營許可。按照法律規定,必須保存住宿者的護照複印件。所以請事先準備好護照的複印件。 其實我的中文水平還需要更多的提高,所以關於以上的文章,我是請中文老師幫我做的修改.請您知曉並諒解。 -------------------------------- 皆様、はじめましてYorikoと申します。 airbnbを始めたきっかけをお話し致します。 六年程前、初めてairbnbを利用しました。 当時NYの大学に通う娘の様子を気にはなりながらも、主人の母の介護が続き先の見えない日々が続いていました。病状も少し安定し、やっと決めた私の新婚旅行以来の海外への旅。宿泊費が高いからどうしようと迷う私に娘が提案してくれたのがairbnbでの宿泊でした。おかげさまで一泊二人で (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) 日間、暮らすように過ごすことができました。ご飯とお味噌汁がないと涙涙の私は毎朝の朝ごはんをairbnbのお家で作り、地域の生活に触れ、背中の重い荷物をよっこらしょ!と下ろす事ができました。 主人の仕事の都合で45歳からの5年間を台湾で暮らしました。国立師範大学の国語中心に通いゼロから始めた中国語。一生懸命やっても覚えられない自分に落ち込み、べそをかき・・・そんな時に学校で学ぶ自分の子供の年と同じ位の東南アジアから来た子供たち、台湾人の人達にどれほど手を差し伸べてもらったか・・ 日本に戻り、決して上手な中国語とは言えないけれど、体と心で表現すればなんとか通じることができる。 日本に来られた旅行者の方に、何かの形でお返しすることができないのかしら・・・という気持ちが芽生えました。 当時、入院中で一か月に一度家に帰ってくる母のために、設計事務所さんにお願いして、住み心地よく母が暮らせるためのプチリフォームをしました。 その後、母を見送り、誰もいなくなったこの家を、どう維持していくか・・つぶして更地にするのか・・考えました。 私たちは今、京都に住んでいます。選んだ選択がairbnbでした。家を維持しつつ、海外から徳島に長期で来ていただける人に滞在してもらいたい。自分の家のように生活してもらい、徳島の良さを感じてもらうことができれば・・・私たちもとてもありがたいですし、このお家もきっと喜んでいるのではないかと思っています。 民泊を始めたばかりの頃、三か月滞在されたMalaysia人の新婚のご夫妻。ご主人様が徳島大学での勉強の為、休暇を取って来られたとの事。ご近所のおばあちゃんとも仲良くなり、私も帰省の際には一緒に出掛け、本当に心通う時間でした。「お家を貸してくれたおかげで一緒に来られました。信頼してくれてありがとう」ご夫婦のにっこりの笑顔が忘れられません。 会いたい人がいる外国の地に・・ そして学びたいと思う外国の地に・・・長期間、安心して過ごせる場所を作ってあげたい。 少しでも私の中国語が・・娘の英語が・・お役に立って小さな国際交流ができれば、本当にありがたいことと思っています。 日本人の方に対してもその想いは同じです。香川、宮城、広島、鎌倉、京都と転勤し、行く先々で、いろんな方に助けてもらい子育てをすることが出来ました。 のんびりくつろいで滞在していただければ何よりです。 -------------------------------------------- お知らせ この家は簡易宿泊業の許可を受けています。 Guest house 月(Yue) 条令を遵守した形で営業するため、お手数ではございますが、御宿泊のお客様には、御氏名、御住所のご記入をお願い致します。
Hello everyone! My daughter introduced me to Airbnb 3 years ago, and I've had such a wonderful experiences so far! I have lived in Taiwan for several years, and my daughter was in…


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