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My home is in the middle of Detroit Metro, 15-30 min away from all the cool spots from Detroit to Ann Arbor and close to the airport.

This basement is ideal for privacy, long term stays and for larger groups of people: 1 Queen bed, 2 futons, 1 Twin air mattress.

I live in this house w/ my teenage brother so I ask that guests read the house rules BEFORE booking. This space is not suitable for children younger than 13. If you book w/ someone, you’re responsible to make sure they know the rules.


Below are some important tips for your stay in light of covid19 concerns:

- We clean the shared spaces daily to ensure that we disinfect them as much as possible.
- We have extra cleaning supplies in the bathroom for your convenience.
- When going out, we ask that guests use as much protective gear as possible, particularly gloves and masks. Upon return or after the use of the restroom, we ask house members to wash hands for at least 20 seconds following the CDC guidelines. It’s also recommended to wash hands every couple of hours.
- When ordering delivery, we choose the option “Leave at the door” and let the item outside for at least 30 mins before collecting it (unless it’s food).
- We do not handle guests package so please don’t have any mail sent here.
- We do not accept anyone in the house other than the registered guest(s).
- If guest is planing to cook, we ask that they get their own cooking items, dishware and cookware to minimize the spread of the virus.
- We recommend guest do a temperature check before coming and cancel with no consequences if they observe any illness symptoms of any kind. Please keep in mind our family living in the space.

It’s always so strange for us to send this because we love our guests to feel comfortable and at home. Unfortunately with these times, even we have had to follow processes that don’t always feel natural to us in other to quarantine safely at home until this storm is over.

Please let me know if you have any questions and hopefully we will see you tomorrow!

Take care,

Maru & Vitrice


As you know, Airbnb in shared homes are very different from hotels. You are using a spare room in someone else’s home. As such, it is fundamental that you review this manual so we are both on the same page with expectations and both enjoy a wonderful experience together. Please read carefully and let me know if you have any questions:

** NO 3RD PARTY BOOKINGS: You must make a reservation with your own account only. If your friend wants to make a reservation, they would need to have an account with their information and make the reservation themselves.

** SAFETY: I live with my teenage brother so no one other than the registered guest(s) would be allowed to stay in the house. No visitors allowed for short term stays. For long term, you must request permission from me first every time someone unregistered wants to visit. Do not invite or bring anyone to my place without my consent. If they are not approved to visit, you will need to make arrangements to see them outside of the house.

** HONESTY: Make sure if you are making a reservation for more than 1 person (usually you), that you mark the correct number of guests in the booking. Otherwise they will not be allowed in the house unless you add them as an extra guest in your reservation. Keep in mind each additional guests have an additional fee. If a room sleeps 2 people, you still have to list 2 guests in your reservation as the final cost will not be the same. I’ve had a few issues with this so I want to be clear.

** CLEANLINESS: Clean after yourself every time you use any of the public spaces. This includes (but not limited to) removing your hair out of the shower or floors after every use, cleaning the sink/mirror/shelves in both bathroom and kitchen after you use it, doing dishes after every use (you can use anything in the kitchen but it must stay in the kitchen). Let me know if you need cleaning supplies or if you notice any cleanliness issues. Again, keep in mind I live with a teen.

** DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: If a guest damages anything in or around the house, depending on the cost of the repair or replacement and the length of your stay, you may be charged for repair or replacement of the item. It is more helpful when a guest informs me of the damage immediately after it occurs as context matters. I don’t usually go this route unless it’s extensive or it was hidden from me. Damages will be reported and payment will be requested within 48 hours of checkout.

** FOOD STORAGE: Every guest will have space in the fridge and the kitchen cart to store their groceries. If you’re in the basement, you will also have a mini fridge to use. Please do NOT store cooked food in the rooms to avoid attracting any pests in the bedrooms (bed bugs, roaches, ants, etc.). If you cook in big batches and need to store food, we encourage you to purchase your own food containers. I also encourage long-term guests to purchase their pots/pans if they plan to cook often. Keep in mind you will have one shelf in the fridge so don’t overshop or overcook. Again, do not store perishable food in the bedroom and keep the kitchen clean when you’re done using it. Cleaning supplies are under the sink in the kitchen.

** LAUNDRY: Short term guests will need to do laundry offsite. There are two highly ranked laundromats 5 mins drive from my place for your convenience.

** UTILITIES MANAGEMENT: Speaking of conservation, in order to maintain low rates for our guests, we ask that you be mindful of your use of utilities (water, light, electricity, gas, sewage, etc). In other words, turn off the lights when you’re not in a space or if sleeping, do not use the dishwasher, turn off water when not using it, take shorter showers (water warms up in a few seconds in the shower so no need to let it run for minutes), minimize amount of electronics plugged, especially when not in use, just to name a few things.

** OTHER GUESTS: Be aware that we might also have other guest(s) in the house during your stay. This is why it is critical that everyone abides by these rules.

** NOISE: Please be mindful of the fact that this is a cozy home with a young boy living here. If you’re in the basement, you might hear footsteps from folks walking but we will keep it to a minimum. Be mindful of making noise that impacts others’ ability to sleep, study, relax. If you experience abnormal levels of noise, let me know. Any noise that makes anyone’s experience uncomfortable will be addressed and if it persists, we will not be able to accommodate the guests further. Your peace is our priority!

** SPACE USE: I only have one shower. I also have a half bath in the basement, making it easier for us to manage toilet and sink use. If you have a strict morning schedule and anticipate there might be a conflict, let me know in advance so i can ensure you shower on time. For the kitchen, we ask guests to limit their use of the kitchen to no more than 1h a day as the residents of the house cook regularly as well. If you need more time on a particular day, ask the host first to see if it’s possible. For folks in the basement, it is equipped with almost everything you need to do some **light** cooking. We ask that you ensure that no burning or strong food smells are produced or stay in the basement as there are no fans and very small windows. You can always use the kitchen upstairs for a full meal prep or for baking.

** PARKING: In order to make our guests and residents comfortable, please park on the street first for easy access to you and others’ cars. If there’s no space to park on the street, park on the driveway but know you might be asked to move your car. If your car is blocked, let me know.

** TEMPERATURE: Let me know if you need the house temp adjusted and I’ll do so as safely as possible. Do **not** change it yourself. For those in the basement, I have a couple of small heaters if it gets too cold for you and a fan if it gets too hot. Just let me know so I can provide it to you.

** HOUSE CHECK-IN INFO: Someone will check you in in person and hand you keys to the house and your room/basement. Wi-fi information are right here on the app for your convenience when you check in. If you have trouble with it, let me know. If you need recommendations on things to do in the area, let me know ASAP! :)

My experience with Airbnb over this past year has led me to create this detailed manual. This is not to be nit picky but rather to ensure we are all on the same page and have a great experience together. If this agreement is not respected, I will be reaching out to address the problem with you in person. If it persists, I will have to end/cancel the reservation with no refunds. If you encounter any problem during your stay, please also reach out to me to address it.

Thank you for your cooperation and let me know if you need any clarification with any of these items.

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Westland, Michigan, i-United States

Very family friendly quiet neighborhood with friendly residents. No crime or raucous. No issues with parking car on the street. Do make sure to lock your doors and not leave any valuables - just a precaution to take no matter what neighborhood.

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We live with my teen brother in the middle of Detroit metro area. We love exploring the city as well as the neighboring suburbs. We are usually laid back, homebodies, but also very friendly and outgoing. We hope to use our extra spaces to provide a cheap alternative for folks to have a good lodging experience while they visit Detroit, Ann Arbor or any surrounding areas here! :)
We live with my teen brother in the middle of Detroit metro area. We love exploring the city as well as the neighboring suburbs. We are usually laid back, homebodies, but also very…

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I am always available to my guests (via ABB and text/call) to answer any questions or concerns they have. For the most part, I do prefer to give my guests their space. That said, I also enjoy conversations when seeing each other in passing.
I am always available to my guests (via ABB and text/call) to answer any questions or concerns they have. For the most part, I do prefer to give my guests their space. That said,…

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Ababungazi Abahamba Phambili banesipiliyoni, ababungazi bezinga eliphezulu abazinikele ekuphatheni izivakashi ngendlela ekhethekile.
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