401 #6 Near YALE Hotel-Like KING Bed Private Room

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CHECK-IN 4PM,CHECK-OUT 10AM. 1-2 persons only. BEST AIRBNB 0.5 mile to YALE.Discount:10%daily,10%-20%weekly,20%-30%monthly. NO CANCELLATION/NO REFUND POLICY. NO SMOKING.NO PET.KING bed,SMALL PRIVATE ROOM,2ND FLOOR,not good for many baggage,shared 2 baths/2 kitchens.Fast WiFi,Smart CableTV,Printer,Copier,Fax,Landphone,Free Kuerig coffee,shampoo,conditioner,bodywash,washer/dryer,detergent,softener.24-HR videocams outside room.Host not in the house.Free Parking. WARNING: PLS READ FULL DISCLOSURE.


WARNING: If you smoke cigarette, weed, or do drugs in your room, a detector alarm will sound off. The host will evict you day or dawn with the 911 police. But rest assured, there is no video camera in your private room. House Rules are pasted inside the house to guide your stay. They are extremely helpful. This is a very tiny room with a brand new oversized King memory foam bed, computer desk with executive chair, 44 inches Samsung smart TV, fast internet, heating and AC.

EVICTION PROCESS. Airbnb terminates your stay if you violate any of these House Rules. The host will call 911 police to escort you out of the house for illegal presence due to a terminated stay.

LOCATION: This house is located near intersection of Crown St and Park Street in New Haven. This is the closest reference to the exact address. This house is in a prime location of New Haven, located in Crown St, walking distance to famous bars, grills, and restaurants in New Haven, and walking distance to Yale. This is the nearest and best Airbnb near Yale.

VERY TINY PRIVATE ROOM: You are booking a Very Tiny Private Room in a standard American house. This is not a commercial building or facility. This room is not spacious. It is very minimalist and functionally utilitarian in terms of use of its very limited and small space. This has no private bathroom. This shares bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other facilities of the house with other Private Rooms. Three (3) Private Rooms share 1 full bathroom, and 1 full kitchen. This is ideal for guests to book this Private Room for over 30 days or even over 6 months which can provide comfortable and homely stay. This Private Room is not good for persons with many bags, and luggage. This Private Room is intended to provide comfortable sleep with a spacious King memory foam bed for the night, a smart cable TV, a functional work desk, fast internet, and closet. No personal furniture or heavy appliances are allowed. Check the picture very well because the space you see is the space you get. You are not allowed to put nails, write, paste, deface, or deform any part of the wall or your room. You are not allowed to rearrange the room. Leave the room as it is. This Private Room is “hotel-like” only, not a hotel. It is only the host’s subjective opinion to consider it “hotel-like.”

DESK: To use the desk, you have to step across the King bed. A smaller bed can be better. But the host decided to put a King memory bed to provide spacious area to sleep. This room is intended to provide the best sleep a traveler can experience.

THE PRIVATE ROOM DOOR LOCKS: The Private Room has an internal chain lock, and a slide lock. The Schlage doorknob has code entry. The doorknob is “unlocked” and can be opened without using the code if the “lever” of the doorknob inside the room is in a “vertical” position. The doorknob is “locked,” and the door can only be opened using the code if the “lever” of the doorknob inside the room is in a “horizontal” position.

2 PERSONS ONLY: Each Private Room only allows 2 persons. For this purpose, a child over 2 years old is considered a person. No 3 or more persons are allowed anytime in the room otherwise all the persons will be evicted immediately as their entry to the room are recorded by the hallway camera. No refund will be given once a guest is evicted for violating the 2-person rule in the room. However, a baby is allowed if that baby fits in a standard American crib and the age is not over 24 months old. A standard wooden Graco-type is provided.

NO PET: The host has pet allergy. Please book somewhere else if you have a pet. Any guest who brings a pet is immediately evicted without refund.

PAST GUESTS ACCOMMODATED: This Airbnb Private Room is modeled after the properties of the same host in New Haven who hosted people from all over the world; students and staff of Yale University, and Yale Hospital; University of New Haven; Southern Connecticut University, and other academic and medical institutions in the area; professors, researchers, interns, registered nurses, first responders, medical doctors, post-doctoral fellows; including short-term employees of big and small companies assigned in the area like Amazon, Verizon, UI, SCG, US Armed Forces, etc.

CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT: Check in is 4PM. Check out is STRICTLY 10AM. You can self-check-in any time after 4PM.

EARLY CHECK-IN FEE AND LATE CHECK-OUT FEE: Call the host and pay $30 to check in as early as 1PM, and check-out at 1PM. You will send the payment through the “Airbnb Send Money” button.

HOW TO CHECK-IN: To check-in, you must click TRIPS in your Airbnb account on the day of your check-in and carefully read the Check-in Guide with the EXACT ADDRESS, DOOR CODES, and FREE PARKING INSTRUCTION that will appear in your Airbnb “TRIPS” on the day of check-in. No kidding, if you will not follow the Parking Instructions in the Airbnb “TRIPS” in your account, your vehicle will be towed in a wink of an eye or faster than the speed of lightning and you will pay over $250 to redeem your vehicle.

HOW TO CHECK-OUT: To check-out, just close the door and leave. Do not clean your room. Just make sure you bring all your personal items. Anything you left in your room after check-out time will be placed in our storage up to 5pm same day, and after 5pm without you claiming them will be deemed as you quit claim and abandon ownership and host will dispose of them without compensating you.

EVICTION BY THE 911 POLICE: The host will bring the 911 police to evict you if you are still present in the house after 10AM check-out time, or after 1PM if you paid extended check-out time. You agree that you commit illegal presence and trespassing in my house based on Federal and State Anti-Trespassing Laws if you overstay beyond your authorized check-out time. This is a Private House, not a hotel lobby or a public place. You are under the Federal and State enforcement of Private House and Private Property Laws of the United States.

OTHER GROUNDS OF EVICTION: Guests will be evicted by the host with the help of the police if the host considers the guests to violate the safety, security, health standards, peace and order, and rules of the house. Guests who make loud noise, shouting inside the room, make loud music, or have more than 2 persons or a pet in the room at any time will be evicted immediately. If you leave unwashed items in the sink, take the food of other guests from the refrigerator, enter other Private Rooms, allow 3 persons in the Private Room anytime, bring strangers not in your guest list into the house or into the patio; then Airbnb will terminate your stay and you will be immediately evicted.

NO GUEST IS PERMITTED TO ALLOW OTHER GUEST/GUESTS TO ENTER HIS OR HER PRIVATE ROOM: If you allow other guest/guests to enter your room, you will be evicted. Transact your business with other guests not inside your room.

RECEIVING MAILS AND PACKAGES: You are allowed to use the address to receive mails and packages. The host is not responsible for your lost mails and packages.

DROP-OFF: You can arrive earlier and drop off your bags in our storage closet before check-in with no charge. You can also leave your bags after check-out in the storage closet, but you must retrieve them before 5PM, and after 5pm without you claiming them will be deemed as you quit claim and abandon ownership of your things and host will dispose of them without compensating you.

PARKING WARNING: You are only allowed 1 vehicle and 1 free parking space at the back of the house. You must put the Parking Permit on your dashboard immediately after parking to avoid being towed and fined over $250. You must snap a picture of your car plate and send it to the host through the Airbnb message platform after you park to your assigned place. If you failed to send your car plate to the host, your car will be towed even you have the Dashboard Permit. There is no excuse. Inform the host if you have 2 or more vehicles or else your additional vehicles are towed immediately if you do not pay $25 per extra vehicle per day. You must follow the “Check-in Instructions” and "Parking Instructions" in your Airbnb “TRIPS” on the day of your check-in for the specific parking guide. Call the host if your vehicle is towed. The host hires a private towing company to monitor the parking area and immediately tow illegal vehicles in a wink of an eye or faster than the speed of lightning.

$25 FEE PER EXTRA VEHICLE PER DAY: Inform the host if you have more than 1 vehicles and pay $25 per extra vehicle per day so your extra vehicles are not towed. Unauthorized and unknown vehicles in the parking spaces are towed immediately. A private towing company monitors the video camera every second covering the parking area. An extra vehicle can be a motorcycle. Only 1 motorcycle is allowed in one parking space. A towed equipment, a trailer or anything that requires a parking space, must pay $25 per day to park, or else it is towed.

EXTENDED PARKING FEE: You need to remove your car from your parking space on the time of check-out, otherwise, you will be towed and charged $250 plus other towing fees to redeem your vehicle. To extend parking up to 11:59 PM on your check-out day, you pay $25. To extend parking every 24 hours, you pay $25.

THE HOST. The host is a retired US Army Iraq war veteran, working before as a US Army healthcare provider in the US Army medical facility in Mosul, Iraq. He is a former Registered Nurse with a doctorate in nursing, and a non-practicing medical doctor. He was an erstwhile healthcare provider to world’s top 10 hospitals ranked by US News & World Report. The host has brought “CARE to the Hospital Industry.” Now, he left the hospital to be a proud Airbnb host to bring “CARE to the Hospitality Industry.” He is a hands-on host. He does not live in this house. He and his staff will check the house from time to time to make sure the house remains clean, orderly, peaceful, safe, secured, homely, and well-maintained. The host believes that his hosting is not perfect. But you can have a better experience and provide the same improved experience to future guests by communicating directly to the host and share your real-time experiences in his Private House. The host is a single person, not a company like Hilton or Marriott hotel. You can call him 24/7, day or dawn as he seeks to provide you his utmost personalized care, and individualized service during your stay.

COMPETITIVE PRICE: This Private Room is the most affordable and most complete Airbnb type in New Haven. You can compare the amenities and prices with other listings.

NO PROPERTY TOUR: Host cannot give you the exact address of this property as this is a private house. Host cannot physically tour you in this property prior to booking. You are only allowed to see the property on the day you check-in. Check the pictures and read the reviews as guide before booking. Host will not provide further information or any additional pictures.

NEIGHBORHOOD: It is your responsibility to search online the current information of the neighborhood. You are not allowed to cancel using “unsafe neighborhood” or “bad neighborhood” as a reason. You are provided with an “Airbnb Estimate Location Map” and “Two Intersection Streets” in the listing for you to search online about the neighborhood. It is illegal in US Realty laws for any person to publish online as part of business that any neighborhood in the United States is safe or unsafe.

NO COMMUNICATION OUTSIDE AIRBNB. The host does not give his number or email to any unbooked guest. The host does not communicate with any unbooked guest outside the Airbnb message platform. The host does not negotiate for pricing and monthly rental outside Airbnb.

PRINTED WALL GUIDES: Wall Guides are printed and pasted on the walls throughout the house for the guests to read and be guided. This system was suggested by majority of the guests. Few guests find these negatively institutional, and oppressive. One guest said that the pasted Wall Guides are very “dictatorial,” and “stalinesque.” Another guest said, “I hate this lots of rules.” But majority of the guests appreciated these Wall Guide as extremely helpful. So, the host continues to practice these Wall Guides. It is hoped that you will also appreciate the positive functionality of these printed Wall Guides. BOOK SOMEWHERE if you do not want to see Wall Guides in a house.

PICTURES ACCURACY: Pictures about the listing may change without notice due to continuous improvements of this property. The host will always do his best to post accurate pictures based on the actual property. Contact the host if you see inconsistencies in the posting. The host manually enters the correction.

SENSOR LIGHTS: The house has sensor lights all over the communal areas to conserve energy, and electricity. The lights turn off if there are no human movements in the area.

VIDEO CAMERAS: The house has video cameras in shared areas outside the house, hallway, kitchen, living room, and parking lot for the safety and security of all guests. There are no video cameras inside the Private Room, or inside the bathrooms. There are no cameras that are intentionally directed to any door of any Private Room or bathroom in the house.

DISCOUNT RULES: Airbnb applies these discounts immediately before you pay.
A If you book at least 15 days earlier before you check-in, you are offered 10% discount each day provided you book from 1 to 6 days, and you select a non-refundable booking.
B If you book at least 15 days earlier before you check-in, you are offered 10% to 20% weekly discount for booking 7 to 29 days, and additional 10% discount if you select non-refundable booking and this is a total of 20% to 30% weekly discount.
C If you book at least 15 days earlier before you check-in, you are offered 20% to 30% monthly discount for booking 30 days or more, and you are offered additional 10% discount if you select non-refundable booking, and this is a total of 30% to 40% monthly discount.
D You will only get just 10% weekly for over 7 to 29 days booking, and 20% monthly for over 30 days booking if you book less than 15 days before you check-in.
E DISCLAIMER: Discounts may be changed without notice. Any discounts that are applied by Airbnb after paying the booking supersede and override these aforementioned discount provisions and the Airbnb discounts applied upon your check-out become final and non-negotiable.

TRESPASSING & ARREST: You are not allowed to extend stay in the room or extend stay anywhere in the house after check out time at 10AM or after 1PM if you paid for extension. You are not allowed to come back in the house after check-out without the host permission because you are in the video camera, and you are reported to the police for illegal presence and trespassing. You will be arrested, jailed, and fined $2,000 based on State and Federal Anti-Trespassing laws because you are in a private house, and not in the hotel, or public facility.

USE OF THE PATIO AND GARDEN UMBRELLA AND CHAIRS. Only guests are allowed to use the facility in the house. No guests are allowed to bring strangers to use the covered patio, garden umbrella with table and chairs located beside the house. If you need to hang-out with unbooked guests, bring them in the bars nearby, not in my property.

YOU WILL BE EVICTED IF YOU DO NOT WASH UTENSIL, DISHES AND OTHER KITCHEN EQUIPMENT. The video camera records guests in the kitchen who will leave unwashed spoons, forks, dishes, pots, pans, and other equipment. You will be fined $100 for leaving unwashed items in the sink and evicted immediately after the Host will request and Airbnb terminates your stay.

CANCELLATION & REFUND: Call Airbnb if you want to cancel. Do not call the host. Read and understand the AIRBNB STRICT CANCELLATION POLICY if you want to cancel and want to ask for refund. In general, your booking is non-cancellable, non-transferrable, and non-refundable. You are not allowed to reduce or cancel your booked days as you are not refunded. However, you are allowed to extend your booking if the days are available based on current prices set by Airbnb price algorithm which changes randomly. You can cancel your booking and be refunded by Airbnb after completely satisfying these THREE (3) CONDITIONS. CONDITION 1: You cancel 7 days away from your check-in day, AND, CONDITION 2: You cancel 48 hours after your booking is paid and confirmed, AND; CONDITION 3: You did not choose the 10% discounted non-refundable booking.

YOU CANNOT CANCEL IF THE PROPERTY IS UNCLEAN OR IF THE HOST CAN CORRECT THE SITUATION. If you arrive and you find your room, or bed, or any part of the room unclean or any part of the house unclean based on your observation; you will have agreed to have no option to cancel your reservation. Instead, you will call the host to make the room, or bed or any part of the house be cleaned by the host based on acceptable Airbnb clean standard. It is assured and guaranteed that all Private Rooms and the whole house are cleaned based on Airbnb cleaning standard. Leaving the room without informing the host or allowing the host to correct the situation is not eligible for refund and does not fall as extenuating.

REFUND AMOUNT: If you are eligible for refund, Airbnb automatically determines and returns the refund amount to your payment method. The host has nothing to do with collecting or refunding your payment. Airbnb is responsible in charging your card, not the host.

EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES: Airbnb allows cancellation and refund under the "Airbnb Extenuating Circumstances." Please read the Airbnb Extenuating Circumstances. Call Airbnb if your circumstance is considered "extenuating" before calling the host. However, you need to email the host a medical document signed by a licensed medical doctor if the extenuating circumstance is related to Covid-19. The host will call the medical doctor for verification.

HOST REFUND POLICY: As a strict business decision and as post Covid-19 recovery policy, the host will refuse any cancellation and refund which Airbnb does not consider as "Extenuating Circumstances." If Airbnb tells you that it is up to the host to approve the cancellation and refund, then that means that the host will use the discretion to immediately disapprove your cancellation and decline your refund as a strict business policy. Please understand that under the "Airbnb Extenuating Circumstances Policy," Airbnb can cancel your booking and issue you a refund without the host approval if Airbnb deems that your situation is “Extenuating Circumstance.” If Airbnb tells you that it is up to the host to approve your cancellation and refund, unfortunately, the host will disapprove your cancellation and decline your refund request.

SHORT-TERM & LONG-TERM BOOKING: Call Airbnb if you want to book for more than a month. Airbnb allows monthly payments. Host will not make a deal with any guest outside Airbnb whether you book for 1 day or for more than 365 days. You can only book and pay this Private Room thru Airbnb. The host will never accept direct payment for you to stay in this Private Room.

CLEANING FEE & ROOM SERVICE: You only pay one time cleaning fee of $30 for your entire stay in this Private Room. Host provides you 2 bath towels, and 2 face towels. If you book for long-term booking, bring your own towels to cover you for your long-term stay. Host does not provide daily room cleaning service. If you request beddings change anytime during your long-term stay, you will be charged $30 per bedding change. We use commercial laundry to wash and sanitize our beddings, linens, and towels that is why we charge for beddings change. You are not allowed to wash your beddings, and comforter in our washing machine. The washing machine cannot wash your comforter. You will be evicted if you wash the beddings, we put on your bed in the washing machine in the property.

KITCHEN, AND BATHROOM CLEANLINESS. Please clean the bathroom after you use. If it is dirty, call the host. Please clean the kitchen after use. Wash and dry the kitchen sink, kitchen countertop, pots, pans, plates, stove, oven, and other kitchen equipment after you use and put them back to their places. The host will penalize you and evict you if you will not wash any kitchen equipment or utensils that you use. The video camera will have a record of anyone leaving their used items unwashed in the kitchen.

MARK YOUR FOOD IN THE REFRIGERATOR. You share the refrigerator with other guests. So, you are required to put a dot with your room number on every food you place inside the refrigerator. The dot markings are provided. Food with no dots is thrown every day.

IF YOU STEAL FOOD OF OTHER GUESTS FROM THE REFRIGERATOR, YOU WILL BE EVICTED: The video camera records who puts in and who gets food out from the refrigerator. You will be EVICTED immediately if you wrongly get other food or steal other food in the refrigerator. You will be arrested by the police for stealing food in the refrigerator as this is tantamount to property crime. The video camera will be presented as evidence. This has not happened yet in this house, but it is happening in other shared Airbnb Private Rooms based on host actual experience and research in other Private Rooms worldwide.

RODENTS, PESTS, & WILD ANIMALS. This Airbnb accommodation is a Private House. So, this house could be affected by rodents, pests, and other uninvited animals. This house is managed, maintained, and exterminated monthly by one of the largest and best pest exterminators in America. So, this house is free of rodents, pests, & wild animals. However, due to proximity to East Rock Forest, the natural bodies of water in New Haven, hospitals, restaurants, and commercial establishments in the city; mice, rats, other pests, and wild animals might be found outside, or inside the house in rare and isolated situations. Please call the host immediately when this happens. You cannot cancel your booking if you see a rodent, pest, or any uninvited animal in the property. Call the host. It is beyond the host if in isolated case, this happens. The host can call his paid pest exterminator.

5-STAR FEEDBACK: During your stay, call the host instantly to resolve any discomfort so the host will earn your 5-star feedback. If you give 4 Stars, it is a grave punishment that the host will suffer for a prolonged period of time. If you give a 4-star or below, this Private Room will not appear for a period in any search, and this Private Room will be listed in the last 10% listing in the area for every 4 STARS given. Share your experience in this house to the host to improve it, not punish the host. In this way, you provide a better place to future guests rather than punishing the host and you will see the improvement when you come back.

QUIET TIME: All guests must observe quiet time from 10PM to 10AM daily, or as pasted on the wall. You can come in and out the house anytime; quietly and silently.

UNLIMITED KEURIG COFFEE & OTHER ESSENTIALS: Unlimited KEURIG coffee for guests is in the shared kitchen. Each Private Room has 2 bath towels & 2 face towels (provided one time), iron & iron mat, ironing board, hair blower, hangers, baseboard heaters, and AC in summer. Free body wash, shampoo and conditioner are in the shared bathroom. Additional equipment that you need for your stay will be your own charge and will not be reimbursed by the host. The host only provides what are listed. You cannot ask the host for things that are not listed that you will need in your stay.

PENALTY: $1,000 penalty is charged for smoking, vaping, drugs, or any illegal activities inside the room, or anywhere inside the house. You will also be evicted immediately. But you can smoke outside the house away from the house doors. If you smoke weed, and any illegal drugs in the room, the host will know; your door is knocked and forced open, and you will agree to this, and the police will escort you out of the house, day, or dawn.

0.2 mile to Yale University Hope Mission
0.3 mile to Yale Center for British Art
0.3 mile to Yale University Art Gallery
0.3 mile to Yale University Pierson College
0.3 mile to Smilow Cancer Center
0.4 mile to Yale University
0.4 mile to Yale Law School
0.4 mile to Yale New Haven Hospital
0.4 mile to Shubert Theatre
0.4 mile to College St Music Hall
0.5 mile to Yale School of Medicine
0.5 mile to Yale New Haven Hospital St Raphael Campus
0.5 mile to Omni Hotel
0.6 mile to New Haven Green
0.6 mile to Yale Psychiatric Hospital
0.7 mile to Yale School of Music
0.7 mile to New Haven Visitors Center
0.7 mile to New Haven City Hall
0.7 mile to Yale Club of New Haven
0.8 mile to Yale Film Study Center
0.8 mile to Knights of Columbus Museum
0.8 mile to Grove St Cemetery
0.9 mile to Union Station Amtrak/ MetroNorth
1.2 miles to Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History
1.3 miles to Yale Bowl
2.7 miles to East Rock Park
6.0 miles to Lighthouse Point Park

THE 1ST FLOOR: The 1st floor has Private Rooms 1,and 2. It has a full kitchen, full bathroom, land phone, and printer- scanner- fax. Its living room is in the kitchen area, large refrigerator, gas range with 4 gas burners & oven, microwave, free Keurig coffee maker & coffee pods, and washer and dryer. Access is thru the house front door facing the street.

THE 2ND FLOOR: The 2nd floor has 14-step stair. It has Private Rooms 3, 4, 5, and 6. It has full bathroom and kitchen. It has only a 2 burner electric stove, microwave, electric cooler, refrigerator, Kuerig coffee maker with free coffee pods. It has a narrow dining table. It’s living room is on the 1st floor. Access to the first floor is outside through the main front door. Use the oven, the washer, and dryer on the 1st floor, and the fax machine, copier, printer, and scanner.

GUESTS ACCESS: All guests can use the kitchens, bathrooms and all the facilities on the 1st floor and 2nd floor.

NOISE & LIGHTS: Don’t make noise in your room. Room walls are thin. Noise is easily transmitted. Noise may come from vehicles and passers-by in the front street. Bring your own ear plugs. The window blinds may reflect outside lights. Bring your own eye sleeping covers.

WASHER & DRYER: Use of free washer & dryer on the 1st floor is from 8AM to 7PM only. Free detergent and downy fresheners are provided. There are 2 washers and 2 dryers with detergents and softeners for free use at 394 House across the street in the basement. Access is provided to guests.

WALL POSTINGS: You will see wall postings throughout the house as reminders or instructions which form part of this Full Disclosure.

COMMUNICATION: Call David DAY or DAWN for any issue or any concern.

NOTICE: This Full Disclosure may be changed anytime without notice.

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I am a US Army Iraq War veteran. I am a Registered Nurse with a doctorate in nursing. I am also Medical Doctor, but left the hospital to bring CARE to AirBnb. I am happily married to a Registered Nurse, Mary Sue. I have 2 sons, Ben and Joatham, a foster son Mark, a foster daughter, Z and 9 frozen embryos for surrogacy implantation. I am a proud AirBnB host.
I am a US Army Iraq War veteran. I am a Registered Nurse with a doctorate in nursing. I am also Medical Doctor, but left the hospital to bring CARE to AirBnb. I am happily married…

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