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Seeking a well-furnished vacation rental in Pahang, Malaysia? The well-lit 1BR family suite ensures a comfortable stay at a reasonable price. There’s a furnished air-conditioned bedroom packed with modern amenities, including TV, free WiFi, CCTV cameras, first-aid, fire-extinguisher and 24/7 check-in. The guests can contact me for the Best Offers on our property.

"Situated in close vicinity to Shell (Goober Go Sdn Bhd), Bons Gym, Kuantan, Pahang, this is one of those facilities that has all the amenities to make your holiday in Malaysia an unforgettable treat.
The accommodation features an air-conditioned bedroom featuring subtle interiors. There’s a cushioned bed covered with sparkling clean spotless-linen for your comfort. The well-curtained glass windows give scenic views and ensure proper ventilation. The room is packed with a TV placed for indoor entertainment. The stay also offers free Wi-Fi facility for guests to surf online while at a vacation.
If you still wish to explore out a few more options please drop me a message. I have a few other suitable options nearby to offer and will be happy to help you!

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"The well-appointed accommodation is located in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. From sunny beaches to charming lantern-lit rooftops, the effulgent Malaysian skyline is reflective of the festive spirit of the country. Offering the best tourist places in Malaysia, this place is a must visit to witness high rise buildings and luxury.
While Kuala Lumpur is abuzz with luxurious city-life, the islands offer a glimpse at the richness of the nation’s distinct flora and fauna. What’s most refreshing about Malaysia is its varied heritage. On the one hand, you have the statuesque Petronas Twin Towers that are symbolic of KL’s ambition and on the other there is the laidback village-side of Langkawi and the haunting forests of Taman Negara. Malaysia is also known for its beaches and the islands of Redang, Perhentian, Langkawi and Rawa boast some of the most beautiful coastlines. The colours, flavours and fragrances of Malaysia have an unparalleled charm of their own and the cuisine here appeals to the raw and finer senses alike. Fans of spicy food will be pleased to find that chilli peppers are a prerequisite in most Malaysian dishes. Malay delicacies include Nasi Dagang, Nasi Goreng, Curry Mee and Satay.
The landscape of Malaysia is embellished with beautiful flower gardens and parks, such as the Orchid Garden and the KL Bird Park counted among as the best tourist places in Malaysia. Finally, Malaysia is a warm country and makes for the quintessential tropical vacation. Furthermore, it’s quite a pocket-friendly foreign-holiday from India! So, what are you waiting for? Head to Malaysia to experience luxury and fun times.
The accommodation is located in close proximity to a number of tourist attractions, including:
Laman Teruntum Kuantan
Kuantan Waterfront Resort City Show Gallery
Taman Kerang Kuantan
Gua Charas – Sivan Temple
SL Nature Rest House
Petronas Twin Towers
Sungai Lembing Mines
Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Agricultural Park
Malaysian food is one of the most distinctive cuisines in the world with many cultural influences, prominently Chinese and Indian. Some of the nicest restaurants in Malaysia serving rich and aromatic food are nearby:
Coconut Shake King Cafe
Lot One Restaurant and Cafe
Emmy’s Kitchen
Arora Western and Seafood

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Hi Team Host description Hi Folks, Hope you’re doing well! Since you’re reading this I assume I am going to have one more friend on my list. So let me introduce myself to you. Travel is essential for everyone. I personally open my arms and my abode to anyone who is looking out for an experience. Once you move out of your regular homes, you can see how beautiful and extraordinary the world is outside of our mundane life. My place welcomes people from all communities, ethnicities, and cultures. It makes me feel alive to learn about the diversity that is around. Being an extremely happy and outgoing person that I am, I enjoy good vibes of people around. I offer a place of comfort and peace. The exoticness, the accommodation, the experience everything has been packaged so effortlessly that it is simply irreplicable. So come aboard O fellow traveler and enjoy the bliss of a home away from home. I hope it gives you the best travel memories as it has been doing for so many years. Come to be a part of this wonderful travel community that I have been able to nurture, for you never know when you might bump into another traveler who too has enjoyed my hospitality. Waiting for your arrival! Your Host and Friend!
Hi Team Host description Hi Folks, Hope you’re doing well! Since you’re reading this I assume I am going to have one more friend on my list. So let me introduce myself to you. Trav…

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"Hello, it’s me. Your host for this homestay. Please feel free to contact me and your check-in manager for queries related to your accommodation. We look forward to ensuring you round the clock assistance. Let’s talk! ☎
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