Airy Catskills Renovated Barn with Pond

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Ababungazi Abahamba Phambili banesipiliyoni, ababungazi bezinga eliphezulu abazinikele ekuphatheni izivakashi ngendlela ekhethekile.
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**Please Note: We are currently only accepting booking requests from guests with previous Airbnb Reviews.

Airy, spacious, private lofted barn with a full kitchen perfect for a getaway for two at the base of the Catskills. Fall asleep to the gentle trickle of water in the pond, sit by the fire pit outside and gaze at the stars at night. Comfortable all four seasons of the year. Close to Callicoon, Livingston Manor, and a host of other towns with dining and shopping options.

Barn is entirely private at the rear of our property. We live in the house that is closer to the road.


Unfortunately, we do not allow guests to bring pets on the property.


Please ONLY park in the driveway, in front of the garage door. Do not drive through the yard.


Please note that while we’ve done everything we can to make our internet signal as strong and stable as possible, we are still located in a rural area and our internet does occasionally go out from time to time.

Kitchen Use

Please cut ONLY on the wooden chopping boards and NOT directly on the counter tops.
Silverware is located inside of a smaller drawer inside of the top drawer to the left of the stove
Please pro-actively use the vent hood fan while cooking- Turning the smoke alarms off can be tricky.
Our water is from a well and filtered. It’s been tested recently and is safe to drink, however a Brita pitcher has also been provided if you prefer.

Bathroom Use

Our plumbing is extremely old and absolutely can not handle anything beyond toilet paper being flushed. This includes sanitary wipes, feminine products, condoms, paper towels, etc. Please dispose of all of the above in the trash can only.

Grilling Outside

Guests are welcome to use the Weber grill, please just move it off of the deck and out from under the deck roof when in use. If you need to empty the ash can on the bottom, please do so into the fire pit. We don’t guarantee that there will be charcoal available, but if any is leftover from previous guests, it will be placed underneath the prep table on the deck. There should be a metal chimney starter under the prep table on the deck, as well as some newspapers or phone books within the wood cabinets to help you light. When lighting the chimney starter, please place it on the large rock surface on the ground between the deck and the fire pit. A large spatula for use with the grill is located in the drawer to the left of the stove.

Fire Pit

Small outdoor fires are permitted only within the fire pit. Guests are welcome to use any wood or cardboard located in the wood cabinets on the other side of the deck. Please only use wood from these cabinets, stacked underneath the roofed area next to the fire pit, or bought in bundles. Do not enter the woods beyond the pond to scavenge wood.


NO SMOKING of all types inside of the building, but it is tolerated outside on the deck so long as guests be respectful of the space and dispose of all waste properly. There is a brown flower pot filled with sand on the back porch set aside for ash and cigarette butts.

Trash & Recycling

The trash can is located inside of the pull-out cabinet under the sink. Recycling should be placed in the blue can next to the counter. Any full trash bags should be placed inside of the fire wood cabinets on the deck. Extra bags are located under the sink.

Additional Guests

Unfortunately, during the pandemic we are not allowing unbooked guests to visit the property.

Off-limits areas

Guests are not allowed to enter any area not on our property, a map of which is hung on the wall at the foot of the stairs. Please note, this absolutely includes the dilapidated barn just south of the fire pit. In addition, guests are not to enter the woods on the other side of the pond (The ground is deceptively slippery and steep. Not suitable for hiking). Guests are not to swim in the pond, and guests are not allowed to open the attic door inside of the building. Guests are not to enter the garage, shed, or the other house on the property.

Outdoor Lights

For guest safety, all outdoor lights are automatically scheduled to be on during the following times-

Driveway- 8:00 pm - 6:00 am
Front porch of house- 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Back porch of house- 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Side door of barn- 8:00 pm - 3:30 am (guests can turn this off earlier if they like, or turn it back on once it’s out.
Barn flood lights facing pond- if on, automatically turns off at 3:30 am. Guests can turn back on if they like.


The red blinking lights in the corners of the building are motion detectors that are part of our burglar alarm. This will not be armed while you are staying with us, though you may see the motion detectors blink red when you walk by.

In Case Of Accidents, messes, other emergencies

Contact us! If spills happen, please just let us know where. For major spills (red wine on light fabric, for example), we should have a bottle of Oxiclean in a drawer in the far right cabinet in the kitchen that should be used. When in doubt, call/text us!

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Oct 17, 2022 - Oct 24, 2022

4.97 out of 5 stars from 105 reviews


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Hortonville, New York, i-United States

Some recommendations:

Less than a 5 minute drive to North Branch Inn

Callicoon (10 min drive away):

Peck's - employee-owned local grocery store chain. Also available in Jeffersonville and Livingston Manor, both close by.
Callicoon Theater - a historic, single-screen theater with fantastic projection
Callicoon Wine Merchant - wine store with excellent tapas/small plates
Litt - store selling housewares, stationary, gifts, etc. Fantastic selection!
The Western Hotel - spot for dinner in an old, saloon-like space.
Callicoon Farmer's Market - on Sundays! Excellent local produce, jams, jellies, wine, etc.
Lander's drop-off point - for kayaking/canoeing during the summer.

Livingston Manor (25 minute drive away):

Main Street Farm - local meats, cheeses, ciders, honey. Higher-end grocery store with tons of vegan options and a cafe attached.
Upstream Wine & Spirits - fantastic wine and liquor selection. An abundance of natural wines and friendly faces to help you if you're unsure of what you'd like.
Sunshine Colony - wine bar to drink said natural wines.
The Kaatskeller - wood-fired thin-crust pizza, excellent cocktails.
Long Weekend - home goods/furniture store, beautiful selection.
Upward Brewing Company - beautiful, airy, mid-century furnished brewery with a fantastic menu and plenty of vegan bites.

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We're Matt and J! We have a place up in the Catskills and are excited for you to experience it.


  • J.
  • Matt

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