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Villa Oisyme - Beachfront Paradise

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A beautiful and luxurious Villa in harmony with nature and with amazing views of the sea and the city of Kavala! The Villa is located in a heavenly spot in Cape Vrasidas, hidden in nature, between 2 beautiful sandy beaches and just a few minutes away from the famous beach of Ammolofoi, one of the best beaches in Northern Greece.

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Nea Peramos, i-Greece

Nearby Places of Interest

Ancient Theater - Philippe, a World Heritage Site (UNESCO): The Archaeological Site of Philippi is lying at the foot of an acropolis in north-eastern Greece on the ancient route linking Europe with Asia, the Via Egnatia. The city of Philippi, re-founded by Philip II on a former colony of Thasians in 356 BCE, was reshaped by the Romans into a "small Rome" with its elevation to a Colonia Augusta of the Roman Empire in the decades following the Battle of Philippi. The vibrant Hellenistic city of Philip II, of which the walls and their gates, the theatre and the funerary heroon (temple) are to be seen, was adorned and transformed with Roman public buildings including the Forum and a monumental terrace with temples to its north. Later the city became a center of the Christian faith following the visit of the Apostle Paul in 49-50 CE. The remains of its basilicas constitute an exceptional testimony to the early establishment of Christianity.

Lydia’s Church: When Paul the Apostle visited Philippi in AD 49/50, founding the first Christian Church in Europe, the appearance of the city changed. Among those who heard the Apostle Paul’s sermon was a woman called Lydia. Lydia decided to be baptised in the waters of the River Zygaktis and she thus became the first Christian woman in the whole of history. The Apostle Paul visited Philippi on another three occasions, a fact that, along with his Letter to the Philippians, shows the long and close relationship between the saint and the community of Philippi. The modern Baptistery of St Lydia (1974), with an octagonal design, can today be found very close by to the archaeological site. On the adjacent bank of the River Zygaktis there is an open-air baptistery within the flowing stream, similar to those that survive in the Early Christian basilicas of Philippi in the shape of a cross. On 20 May each year, the day of memory for St Lydia of Thyatira, an adult baptism is performed in the River Zygaktis after the Divine Liturgy. Being present at the mystery of baptism is a unique spiritual experience.

Amphipolis: An Athenian colony, was the seat of the battle between the Spartans and Athenians in 422 BC, and also the place where Alexander the Great prepared for campaigns leading to his invasion of Asia. Alexander's three finest admirals, Nearchus, Androsthenes and Laomedon, resided in Amphipolis, which is also the place where, after Alexander's death, his wife Roxana and their small son Alexander IV were exiled and later murdered. Excavations in and around the city have revealed important buildings, ancient walls and tombs. The finds are displayed at the archaeological museum of Amphipolis. At the nearby vast Kasta burial mound, an ancient Macedonian tomb has recently been found and seems to have much more to reveal. Finally, the Lion of Amphipolis monument nearby is a very popular destination also.

Mud Baths (Krinides):
The place where people nowadays take care of their health, by the use of therapeutic clay and thermal water, has been a "sustainable laboratory of nature" for tens of thousands of years ago up to today, manufacturing this precious, for our health, material with admirable precision. In the past, geological, ecological, biological, chemical conditions and complex physical mechanisms were favorable in the creation of the right environment by and in which therapeutic clay was created and aged naturally. The therapeutic effect of clay is twofold: it performs topical effect (on the surface of skin) and general effect (in various functions, thanks to substances that penetrate into the body). Also, Hydrotherapy is indicated for rheumatoid arthritis, hip and knee osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, lumbar problems etc.

Thassos Island: Thassos is the northern-most Greek island in the Aegean Sea and sits just 6 nautical miles from the coast of Greece. It's incredibly easy to get to the island on your own, thanks to: Frequent daily ferry crossings all year long - Two international airports conveniently located on the nearby mainland - Quick and direct access to the ferry ports via the Egnatia Highway (E90). There you can find beautiful beaches and traditional allure. Local delicacies in the villages, hike the trails and seek out the island’s secrets. Plenty of tree-lined roads from the beaches to the ravines, lakes, cascades and footpaths around the villages.
Nearby Places of Interest

Ancient Theater - Philippe, a World Heritage Site (UNESCO): The Archaeological Site of Philippi is lying at the foot of an acropolis in north-eastern Greece on the ancient r…

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