Jackson Nook (small and well below market value).

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Konke ukubhukha kuhlanganisa isivikelo samahhala sokukhansela koMbungazi, ukunganembi kwemininingwane yendlu, nezinye izinkinga ezinjengobunzima bokungena.
Eminye imininingwane ihunyushwe ngokuzenzakalelayo.
This is a residential house that is over 80 years old, which gives it some character. However, it also means that it is not perfect. If that is what you are looking for or are a complainer, this is not for you.

I find that the interior decorating is special about my place. When you walk through the door, you are met with happy colors (yellow is my favorite color.) The decor makes the home cozy and gives you that homey feel.

The home is clean, neat and all things are in order. Good energy.

•I worked very hard to offer so many amenities at a well BELOW market value because I love hosting. But lately, it has become challenging dealing with individuals who come with negative energy and complaints about little stuff.

•I offer all of this, and you complain that a wall has a small crack in it, or the fact that you cannot use the washer/dryer every day and run my water bill up past the $30-$45 you are paying. Come on, please don't come into my home judging, nit-picking, or acting like you grew up in a palace.

•I don't complain about much in life unless it involves a life-or-death situation. So, I really don't have the tolerance for these types of individuals. If this, is you, save me the stress, and please book someplace else? This arrangement has to be conducive for both the guest and the host.

•Furthermore, don't go making up safety concerns that don't exist. If you have an issue with something, then Airbnb requires that you bring it to my attention so that I can correct it. If you feel like you won't be able to do this, then please book somewhere else.

•My job as a host is to make sure you are reasonably safe while you are in my home and have everything that you need for your stay. So, if you are not pleased, feel free to let me know what your valid issue(s) or concern(s) are.

•If you can handle this, then read on about your unique space.

The nook is designed for individuals who are looking to stay one to a few nights or who don't require all the fanciness. However, I will grant longer stays if the guest is comfortable with that.

*Your space is closed off with a curtain (no door) but it still provides privacy from on lookers.

*Your room is cute and cozy. It is filled with amenities above and beyond what is required by Airbnb and any hotel. In addition, the rate that you are paying for this space is far BELOW that of any hotel not offering the same amenities or access to washer/dryers, stoves, backyard, etc. This equates to value. Value has to do with how much something is worth, either in terms of cash or importance. So, for $25-$28, you have access to an entire home.

*Your room will be clean, sanitized, and easily accessible. In addition, I have supplied you with plenty of disinfectant and cleaning items in the room to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe.

*Your room has a window unit for air conditioning that you can control as you see fit (there is a slight noise), and a heater for heat on those cold winter nights.

*Your room has a 32" Roku TV that has free access to Netflix (I pay $21 a month so that you can have access to this for free on your TV). In addition, there are other accessible channels upon request.

*Your room is equipped with your own private refrigerator to store your food and drinks and a microwave in the kitchen to cook or heat up any meals that you may have.

*Your room has your own private laundry basket to store your clothes until you are ready to wash them (washer/dryer is located in the basement and has a schedule because you are not the only one that has to use it).

*Your room has the basic essentials required by Airbnb: towels, bedsheets, pillows, soap, and toilet paper (in the bathroom).

*Your room also has the "Popular Amenities" guests like: Wi-Fi and TV. In the home, hot water, shampoo, hair dryer, smoke alarm, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide alarm.

*Your room has amenities for work: Iron, Hangers (located in nearby closet), and dedicated workspace in a common area.

*Your room has amenities that I was not required to supply but did anyway to ensure your stay was beyond reproach: wash rags, extra sheets, comforter, ironing board, vacuum, broom and dustpan, plates (paper and plastic), utensils (paper and plastic), cups (paper and plastic), storage containers, plastic bags, aluminum foil, cotton balls, first aid kits, cleaning materials, lotion.

*Your room is equipped with numerous extension cords for easy access to charge your electronic equipment. These do not present a safety concern (they are new cords, and my outlets are not frayed or damaged).

*Your room has a twin-size mattress on a bed frame. It is comfortable to me, however, that is relative to each guest.

*The bathroom is equipped with a plethora of cleaning items for your use. It is clean, and the door can be locked while you are in there. If you like to listen to music, then you can ask Alexa to play your song.

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Oct 20, 2022 - Oct 27, 2022

4.90 out of 5 stars from 120 reviews


Lapho uzobe ukhona

Dayton, Ohio, i-United States

Please read the neighborhood description in detail. Understand what you are booking. If you cannot leave me a “5” for location because of the aesthetics of the neighborhood, then I rather you not book this stay because I cannot change this fact. It is not fair that you book here after I explained the neighborhood to you and submitted pictures of it also and have you lower my rating review. Again, don't book if you are going to give me less than a "5" for location.

*The neighborhood is older and has some wear and tear (vacant homes) and this is reflected in the low price (otherwise, for everything that I offer above and beyond, you would be paying more). Most residents have been living in the area for generations. Unfortunately, the recession hit the area pretty hard, and it never quite recovered.

*Generally, there are no kids or adults who hang out on the streets all times of the day or night. However, during the summer, I cannot guarantee that you won't see this.

*It is almost always quiet and safe, as far as safety goes in this world. There isn't a lot of walking traffic, so you don't have people messing with your cars. I have 2 high-end cars that sit in front of my house every day and I have NEVER had any problems.

*Free on-street parking directly in front of my house and across the street from my house.

*The house is located on the west side of town in an urban environment. So, if you are afraid of a diverse community, then this probably wouldn't be the place for you.

*The house is 12-minutes from downtown Dayton; 10 minutes from I35 west/east to 75 N/S, and 18 minutes to the Dayton International Airport.

*There is a bus stop (#4) up the street-4-minute walk and access to Uber/Lyft.

I have lived here for 3 years, and I wouldn't host my home if I believed that it was not safe. Heck, I would not be living here if I felt that way.

Please don't judge the book by its cover. I get so sick of outsiders saying this neighborhood isn't safe. I cannot vouch for the entire neighborhood, but I can state that my street/block is safe.

Understand that I cannot control your happiness or the surrounding neighborhood. Your comfortability and safety inside my home is my main concern and the only factor that is in my control.

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I live in the home, so I will be available at some point. I do have a job so I will not always be here.

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