The House on the Slope

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Camouflaged amidst a virgin pine and oak forest at 7000 feet, on the slopes of a remote, yet reachable, hamlet called Chalnichina (50 kms from Mukteshwar), is a soulful 02 Bedroom Private Retreat aptly called "The House on the Slope".

The House sits upon multiple terraced fields giving way to a unique layered architecture. An all-glass skylight runs through the roof and transitions into the front wall of the house offering breath-taking views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks such as Trishul .

The House on the Slope is where the mind, body and soul can succumb to their own rhythm and yet be in perfect harmony with nature.

As you walk down to the House on the Slope, the first thing one immediately falls in love with is the majestic view: A valley of terraced fields, virgin mountains, blue skies and snow-covered peaks in the distance.
The architecture of the House itself derives inspiration from the terraced fields and the mountain peaks that surround it as if it was meant to be part of nature itself.
Lemon, Malta and Oak Trees mark the pathway to the entrance of The House On The Slope. Like a fortress, the entire structure is made out of thick stone bricks that have been intricately carved out of locally found natural stone and stacked in a symmetrical fashion to give the house its rustic look. An all-glass skylight that extends all along the roof to the central living area makes way for sunlight to flood the interiors of the house and provides for a rare opportunity to watch the night sky from the comfort of your own private refuge. A floor-to-ceiling front wall then merges with the skylight to offer an awe-inspiring scenery that tells a dramatic story: that of the invincible snow-covered Himalayas and the slow-paced mountain life.

The attention to detail extends to the interiors of the house as well: Warm lighting, soft rugs and chic furniture, all create a minimalistic yet cosy atmosphere. The lowest terrace forms the living room and a thick-walled bedroom, a wooden staircase leads to the larger room, on the upper level, that is made with the sole intention of being one with nature. A kitchen sits on the topmost terrace of the house and does not interfere with the privacy of the guests.

The Rooms:

The rooms at The House on the Slope strike the perfect balance between traditional architecture and modern design. As you step inside, you will find a beautifully laid out living area with warm interiors and scenic views. The "Pataal" floor of the living room is covered with soft rugs, a central seating area faces the floor-to-ceiling glass window, the custom designed dining table rests on one corner of the room and another corner forms a cozy nook for those who love to read.

Apart from the living room, this level is also occupied by a cosy thick-walled bedroom that was a part of the original traditional house. The old-world-charm is reflected in the warm interiors and the thick walls that keep this room warm during winters and cooler during summers. The base of the bed is made of the same stone bricks that are used for the walls and is topped by a 12 inch mattress and exquisite beddings. A small window lets in just the right amount of natural light and once the door the living room is opened, one gets the perfect glimpse of the Himalayas from the comfort of the bed. A part of the spacious attached washroom is also open to sky yet offering complete privacy.

A wooden staircase leads the way from the living room to the second and the most picturesque bedroom of the house. The glass roof stretches up from the living room and flows above the bed for a perfect night of stargazing. The glass roof also branches out into an all-glass front wall that offers the same majestic views as the living room. Large windows offer panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings so that you never miss a part of nature. The room has its private dressing area and a washroom that is almost as big as a room. A private patio offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a sumptuous meal with a view.

There is also a kitchen on the top most level which has a separate entrance so that there is complete privacy. The kitchen has been primarily made for the use of the caretaker and while we have a trained in-house cook that will cater to all your meal preferences throughout the duration of your stay, the kitchen is kept well-organised and clean so our guests can indulge in cooking as well.

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Chalnichhina, Uttarakhand, i-India

There is plenty to do around The House on Slope besides just gazing eternally at the mesmerising scenery from the living room, watching the night sky from the all-glass roofline or learning to cook local delicacies from our in-house cook.

There are only very few places in Kumaon that offer the tranquillity and peace that the forests of the relatively unexplored Chalnichina have to offer. Numerous hiking trails run through these forests on which very few city-dwellers would have stepped upon: some leading up to the top of a hill for a beautiful sunset, down to a river stream and a waterfall or through a nearby village where the locals still live by their traditions. Our caretaker is from one of the nearby villages and knows his way to the most beautiful spots.

Away from all the noise and pollution, Chalnichina is also a paradise for a wide variety of butterflies and migratory birds such as the Blue-fronted Redstart, Red-billed blue magpie and many more. And then, if you'd still like to do a little bit of the touristy things, you can head to other nearby places such as Binsar, Jageshwar, Kasar Devi and Almora.

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Homestays over hotels. Offbeat Destinations over mainstream ones. Nature over concrete buildings. Peace and Calm over Sightseeing. I love everything that is off the beaten path, peaceful and spreads good vibes. This led me to found Hushstays : An exclusive collection of extra-ordinary stays. My bags are always packed! Things I cant live without: 1) My Backpack 2) My Dog 3) Atleast one getaway a month :) Favorite Travel destination: Koh Phangan No. of Countries I've been to so far: 21 Simplicity is my Mantra.
Homestays over hotels. Offbeat Destinations over mainstream ones. Nature over concrete buildings. Peace and Calm over Sightseeing. I love everything that is off the beaten path, pe…

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I am mostly travelling in the mountains and am seldom at one place for a longer duration. Our caretaker and cook are well-trained and shall take care of you throughout your stay. They come from a nearby village, ask them to take you around if you would like to explore the local way of living.
I am mostly travelling in the mountains and am seldom at one place for a longer duration. Our caretaker and cook are well-trained and shall take care of you throughout your stay. T…
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