New Elba 45 catamaran that sails the Cyclades.

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The ultimate kitesurfing cruise in Greece. A week of adventure, water sports and exploration of the greek islands and culture.
Secluded bays, picturesque island towns, wonderful food and vibrant island nightlife. Our goal is to provide a well rounded trip focused on nature, sports and local culture.
We will kite the famous spots as well as ones reachable only by boat. Customized for kiting with a unique hydrolic platform, kiting off the boat is easy, safe and delightfully social.

Our boat, Makani, is the perfect vessel to explore the islands. A brand new Fountaine Pajot Elba 45, with an exceptional design, it has all the amenities of a villa that also floats on the water. The boat is designed to be 100% off-the-grid. We will avoid the busy marinas and instead anchor to beautiful, secluded spots. The boat strikes the right balance of being very comfortable with all the luxurious amenities, while not being too big to reach the smaller bays, not overwhelm the surrounding nature and maintain the intimacy with the beautiful and welcoming Greek waters.
The boat is comprised of 3 levels / stories. At the bottom there are four master bedrooms (double beds) with private bathrooms each. On the main level there is a large indoor kitchen and living room with exceptional, modern design and panoramic windows. The kitchen/living area connects to the main “patio”, a well shaded area with a big dining table. In the front of the boat there is a net floating on top of the water and a sun lounge. Finally on the top floor, there is a large open deck to be enjoyed thoroughly when sailing. The boat is very comfortable for 8 guests, where one can find their private place but also enjoy one of the many lounging areas.
By no means, living on a boat is a luxurious feat that takes a lot of effort to maintain and keep it running. We have taken all the measures possible to reduce our environmental footprint. We only use the most appropriate cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly. For our energy needs, we have a custom installation of 1,200 Watts of solar panels and lithium ion batteries that are amble to run all the boat’s electronics, lighting, refrigeration, ice making, water making and charging needs for our guests devices, without the noise or pollution of the typical diesel generators. Also, our captain is an avid sailor and we use the boat’s sails consistently to reduce or completely shut off our engine use and enjoy the magic of sailing.
A lot has been said about the Greek cuisine. At Makani, we embrace it all. We stock the boat with the freshest ingredients to make delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch. In the evening, after a day of activities in the water, we will hit the island towns where there are some incredible restaurants and food options in idyllic setting, an experience by itself. Also, for the nights that we will anchor right at the secluded kite spots, we will prepare a delicious dinner and keep the party on the boat. Finally, we have a fully equipped kitchen with all the basic cooking ingredients available, and during our stops on the islands you are welcome to buy groceries to keep on the boat and use whenever you like.

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Jul 24, 2022 - Jul 31, 2022

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Paros, i-Greece

Greece is the ideal place for a sailing vacation. Amazing weather, many islands clustered together with countless beaches and coves to explore, incredible food, vibrant island towns that flourish with life every night and warm and welcoming people with a thousand years old in-the-making culture. We deeply love this part of the world, and we are proud to share our favourite places with you.

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My motto has always been – bringing people together. My home was for many years a place where I brought people together, all sorts of people, any age, any background and any nationality.

I love making everyone feel @ home @ my place in a cozy atmosphere (with of course good food & wine). It has always been my dream to bring this all together in the only place that for me feels @ home – Blouberg/ Cape Town.

After 20 years of living abroad (Germany & The Netherlands), studying hotel school and traveling the world, it was time to come home and create a place where the best of all these worlds is brought together to share this with my guests @ Rosie’s.
My motto has always been – bringing people together. My home was for many years a place where I brought people together, all sorts of people, any age, any background and any nation…

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A day in Makani:
A typical day on the boat starts with a swim or SUP paddle on the warm, turquoise waters. Or maybe you opt to go straight to your delicious, healthy breakfast that is prepared for you. The crew will take into account the weather and make a plan for the activities of the day. We will expect to sail from one to three hours to reach our next destination where we can kite or wing foil and explore the beautiful coast line. Downwinders during that time are also possible. In the evenings, we will take the auxiliary (tender) boat to get straight to the middle of the island towns. Antiparos and Koufonisia are our favourite, picturesque streets, quintessential white houses with vibrant nightlife. Some other nights we will prepare dinner on the boat and enjoy the magical experience of living over the calm waters and under the sky full of stars. With the natural breeze that occurs in the sea, a cool and peaceful sleep is a much needed end to an active day.
A day in Makani:
A typical day on the boat starts with a swim or SUP paddle on the warm, turquoise waters. Or maybe you opt to go straight to your delicious, healthy breakfas…
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