The "Advice Ruler" Ronaldo @ Hemjarbar

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Ronaldo means "Advice Ruler". It is our newest offering at Hemjarbar (formerly Casa Feliz): a small and elegant apartment complex we operate in Boscobel, a peaceful community in the cool lower hills that lie just behind the Ian Fleming Airport, a few minutes away.

Gentle, law-abiding, and friendly, this little town is surprisingly close to many world-famous attractions.

This is a 2 bedroom apartment with kitchen. We think that it can be an excellent hub for guests as they explore Jamaica's North East coastline.

My place is close to public transport and the airport. It is good for solo adventurers and business travelers, families, lovers and friends.

The apartments can hold up to 4 people and in addition to being safe and attractive.... they are very very affordable!

And you can view the sea from the rooftop!

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Jun 28, 2023 - Jul 5, 2023

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Boscobel, St. Mary Parish, i-Jamaica

This is a quiet, almost rural area, that is lucky enough to be within reasonable reach of all of St. Mary's, and even St. Ann's attractions.

Located less than 2 minutes away from Ian Fleming Airport, it rises sharply from the shore and becomes the peaceful scenic and respectable residential area of Boscobel.

Cool and green, Boscobel has been attractive to immigrants and many returning residents who live here along with other middle-class residents. The incidence of crime is very low, and there are several local bars and grocery shops, etc where provisions can be purchased.


Boscobel has had a few good years recently.
The airport, 3 minutes away is expanding its runway, and air traffic is expected to increase quite a lot.

Orcabessa, a few minutes to the East, is undergoing significant development, including a lot of tourism expansion.
In every corner, Airbnb is rapidly proliferating its outreach and many are setting up shop.

The beauty of this area, and a property like this, is that an investor could live in one apartment, and manage the rest. You can do either Tourism or local rentals very successfully because we have done both.

Boscobel is a small country town in North Central Jamaica, about 20 minutes East from Ocho Rios. It nestles in the lower hills and marks a gradual ascent to about 1000 feet of elevation. From there it catches the vagrant sea breezes, and also the steadier wind that blows down from, the higher hills behind it.
As such the climate is quite cool, especially in the evening.

The word Boscobel comes from French, originally meaning " Pretty Forest" Not a bad name for it at all, as flora is plentiful.

Most of its residents are educated and respectable people who could be described as middle class. Here nurses live next to policemen, civil servants, and private office workers, and of course, many operators of small or medium-sized businesses.

There are a lot of "English Returned" residents who live in some of the better houses in the community and give the area a particularly English atmosphere that permeates this little town.

It is the kind of place where neighbors gather at gateposts in the cool evenings to share news and local gossip.
The kind of a place where children play cricket on the quiet streets and drivers smile at them and slow down for them.
The kind of place that has many half-hidden, tiny, shops and bars where local worthies supply their daily needs.
There is a constant stream of tiny children coming and going from these shops. They are either on family errands or have come to expend their own modest means on wicked sweeties and other snacks, which are probably not at all good for them.

From its higher places, Boscobel has a charming view of the sea. Often, in the dark, staring out at the black bay, you see tiny little lights in the water. These are fishermen, in their small boats, on their lonely vigil, in their small groups.
Quite often too, you see a cruise ship, decked out like a bride, in an orgy of lights, moving in majestic progression, as it glides towards the cruise town of Ocho Rios.

Of course, they completely obliterate the little fishing boats with their feeble torches. They will not be seen again until the ship passes, and gentle darkness is restored.

Looking West towards Ocean Ridge, you see the large mansions of the wealthy, rimming the surrounding hills.
Many of these are owned by the English residents of that community.
These folks, the "Ocean Ridge English" seem to be a lot richer than our "Boscobel English"!

At this point, the patient reader may have grown impatient. What, he might ask, has this sleepy little town have to do with tourism or Airbnb, or anything like that? So, let us turn to that question next.

In recent years a lot of infrastructural work has been done, and now, far from being a forgotten and remote hamlet, Boscobel is quite well-positioned for tourism.

Let us examine it.

Boscobel and Kingston: Kingston, our social, political, and economic capital is easily reachable from Boscobel. You can get there in about 90 minutes, from 2 completely different directions. It is an easy day trip, and one worth making. Kingston represents culture, fine dining, business, movies, BobMarley, Lime Cay, Port Royal, Devon House, Carnival, Parliament, museums, and the list goes on and on.

Boscobel and the East-West Highway: Boscobel is approximately 100 kilometers away from both Montego Bay and Port Antonio in either direction. This 200-km stretch of road is the jugular vein of Jamaican tourism. This drive is an easily doable day trip, to either place or to any point along the way. This means, literally that dozens of beaches, bars, attractions, beaches, parties, historical sites, cultural and historical places, are at your disposal. Some examples are Dunn's River, Mystic Mountains, Dolphins, Scotchies, plenty of beaches, plenty of shops. Most of what Jamaica has to offer is on that 200-km stretch of road.

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I was born and raised in st Andrew then I moved to Kingston 19, as a teenager and young adult I had acted, co wrote and co directed some of Jamaica's top stage plays from (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) , Im also a reggae poet.
I re located to the United States and joined the US army, I'm a 10 year veteran, I have performed reggae poetry through out the United States and also on numerous United States army bases.
I love Jamaica, the history, the culture and our people.
So I decided to do something in my birth country, my aim is to merge different cultures, so through Airbnb, visitors to our island will can get a great vacation plus being Around locals in a community that is very pleasant and safe, guest will see Jamaica the way I grew up seeing it, in a loving and warm neighborhood and the beaches are close by.

Having this will be the start of me uniting Jamaicans in theater and poetry with theircounterparts all over the world.
I was born and raised in st Andrew then I moved to Kingston 19, as a teenager and young adult I had acted, co wrote and co directed some of Jamaica's top stage plays from (Phone nu…
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