Manor House on the Danube Bend

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Landscape , History and Location:

Amazing historical villa with close to 2 acres of park. On one of the highest point of the estate is a look- out house that displays a spectacular view of the Danube bend. Part of the park is a small chestnut forest with a serpentine road up to the hill. The end of the serpentine there is the look-out house. A perfect place to drink a glass of wine and enjoy the view.
There is also an open grill on the lower part of the property closer to the house. A perfect place to cook outdoors.

Our place has a rich history. Interesting to mention , that John Naumann (inventor of computer) Edward Teller (inventor of the atomic bum) and some of the greatest Hungarian physicists of the 20th century were spending many of their summers as university students in the villa with the original owners at the beginning of the 20th century.
Originally in the 1870's the building was constructed for a hunter's bath house for the local nobility, but in the early 20th century the owners converted it and was known as the Hunter's Manor. 10 years ago the building went through a major redesign gaining it's current appearance.

Located in the outskirts of Budapest in Tahi, only a 25 minutes drive from Budapest city center. The estate is a few blocks from the Danube river, 10 minutes drive from the local hot spring.If driving is not an option, the bus station is only a 5-10 minutes walk away, that takes you to Budapest city center or other surrounding locations.We can also provide you car service and tourist guide if needed. Must visit in the area, Budapest, Visegrad Cassle, historical town Szentendre, historical town Esztergom.

Tahitotfalu’s (Tahi's) tourism is known for horse rides, hunting, hiking and bicycle roads.Bicycle trails are a few minutes away, where you can explore the Danube river.

Door to door airport shuttle service also offered for 25 EUROS /trip.

5 bedrooms on the upper level of the house are available for rent. 2 rooms have king size beds and one or two extra single beds. Two rooms has single beds - 2 of each. One room has 4 beds. From the long foyer also there is an entrance to the Sauna, and another entrance to a pisoar. One end of the foyer opens up to the upper part of an atrium above the main entrance. Two separate bathrooms open up from the foyer of the upper atrium. Each bathrooms are equipped with showers, small sinks and a toilette. They are available for our guests to use as private bathrooms. From this upper atrium there are stairs to take you down to the lower level and further stairs to take you to the ground floor to the garden where you have excess to another bathroom with a shower facility. (In case on a warm day you want to shower close to the garden or while in the garden use the bathrooms , you do not have to enter the building. Choosing to exit the house through this atrium entrance you might run into your host or the house keeper often.We prefer you to use your private entrance to the building and enter the way explained below:
By going to the other direction on the long foyer passing in front of the rooms, will lead you into a large wooden upper salon. From the upper salon opens a spiral stairway down to the main dining room , previously celled the "Room of the Knights".
This large size room is furnished with 18th and 19th century furniture and there is also a very large rustic fireplace located there. In this room there is a large table with 14 chairs, accommodating the guests of the house during meal time. This is our formal dining room.
Breakfast is served here or in the kitchen.
(From the "Formal Dining Room" there is an exit to the garden.We prefer you to use this as entrance /exit during your stay.) If you are further entering the house from the dining room, you will step into the piano room. We can also arrange a piano player or even a gypsy band or a singer to entertain you certain nights while you are staying in the villa. (You share the piano room with your host, because there are 3 private rooms open from the piano room. (These rooms are not for rent but for private use only by your host's family.)As you are exiting the piano room going further in the building, you would pass through the TV salon. Because the piano room is shared with your host and has a direct entrance to your host's living space, we ask you to schedule specific times for it's use.) The only time the entire lower floor is open is during meals. We ask you to only walk through this entire area if you have requested a training class for Hungarian style cooking and your private chef is conducting a cooking class in the kitchen of the house. The door that opens up from the kitchen will also lead to a private area for the housekeeper and the cook.

Exit to ground level facilities ( basement & garden toilette/ shower):
As you exit the "Room of the Nights" after a small terrace and a few steps down, you are in the rose garden. If you take a sharp right, through a few stares down passing the herb garden on you left you will be in front of the house. The 2nd door after the garage is the entrance to the basement, where we keep our wines. You can request a wine tasting as well. Our wines are from Tokaj and Szekszard. The garden toilette is the very last door of the building to the right.

Flexible and guest-friendly landlord, our objective is to make your stay a great experience. Promotional rate!

The property is located in a decent outskirts town called Tahi and offers an excellent access to Budapest by car and Bus.

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May 10, 2023 - May 17, 2023

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Tahitótfalu, Budapest, i-Hungary

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Hi, my name is Mike your host.

I was born in Hungary, but most of my life I lived in the USA.
I love to listen to music and also write music, like hungarian food, history,
nature , some sports, meaningful conversations and many other things....

My work is to create events at our family estate located on the Danube bend in Tahi. Wellness days, Culinary nights, Movie nights, Classical and contemporary music concerts, Weddings, Business seminars and many other fun programs. You are also welcome to join our events on discount rates if it is happen to be suitable for you. The building and the neighboring villages have rich history as well.

I will try to help you with anything you might need, while you are staying in Budapest.

motto: I want to treat you , as I want to be treated when I am a guest.
Hi, my name is Mike your host.

I was born in Hungary, but most of my life I lived in the USA.
I love to listen to music and also write music, like hungarian foo…
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