【Shukuhonjin gamo】120㎡★100y Machiya★Delicate Yard

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爱彼迎全球华人最想入住十大民宿之一, 2021
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The homestay is established in the 42nd year of Meiji Period (1909), which is one of the few independent family left over from the air raids during the Second World War. Designed and decorated by the well-known Japanese designers in 2016, it covers an area of 120 m2 and keeps quiet in a noisy neighborhood. The house has an elegant appearance, and the modern equipment is used for the interior decoration and facilities.

We pursue the humanization in design. The whole house has two bathrooms, which are separated with washroom and large bath, to ensure there is clean and hygienic independent space when many people check in.

House characteristics:
Stateroom: 1
Kitchen: 1
Western-style bedroom: 1 (2 beds  ※ can add 1 tatami)
Japanese-style bedroom: 1 (add 3 tatamis at lease)
Bathroom: 2
Washstand: 2
Great bath: 1 (2 shower nozzles, 1 natural marble bath)
Japanese-style courtyard: 2

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ubusuku obungu-7 e- Ōsaka-shi

Nov 3, 2022 - Nov 10, 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars from 109 reviews


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Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu, i-Japan

Joto-ku, Osaka is the fourth largest urban area in Japan in terms of population density after Tokyo's Toyoshima-ku, Nakano-ku and Arakawa-ku (from 「Population Density Survey Data in National Prefecture, County, District, Town and Village Area」 of Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, Ministry of Land on Oct. 1, 2014). One of the most prosperous locations in joto-ku is Gamo 4-chome, with about 70,000 people within a radius of 2km. Gamo 4-chome has been known as "Gamo 4" since ancient times. Compared with Umeda - Osaka's prosperous street, Nanba and the adjacent Kyobashi, it is permeated with a strong "Japanese-style", which has a special charm for sightseeing and accommodation. The Japanese-style or high-grade restaurants, convenience stores, cosmeceuticals shop and so on are all available.

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Hi, everybody! I'm landlord yaya of Shukuhonjin series homestay, and a Chinese having lived in Osaka for 13 years.

Osaka is different from other cities and is like a "hospitable" Chinese, where people are passionate and cheerful and humorous. As one of Japanese cities which don't seem to be like Japan most, it contains the most prosperous commercial district in Kansai Area, cultural heritage left over from history, dissipated and luxurious customs area, stimulating and amusing large amusement park…… and the most exquisite "eating culture"! Osaka people love and understand eating. The cate gathers there and barely tempts everyone's taste bud. The lure on the tip of tongue is just like that.

I started to serve as a purchasing agent as my sideline 12 years ago. Hence, I acquaint with many good friends from the whole country. As the exchange rate of Yen declines, the dazzling commodities and famous humanity culture and science technology in Japan emerge in Chinese mind again, and the endless passenger flow volume makes me decide to provide more perfect service for Chinese, that is the outbound tourism- Japan. Like all girls, I also love eating, beauty and dressing up. If you come to Japan for shopping and playing, it's your best choice to trust me, because I worked on trade for many years and have many good sources of goods. If you come to Japan for cate, it's also your best choice to trust me, because I will arrange the meal properly from snack to big meal. If you come to Japan for business visit, it's your best choice to trust me of course, because I could act as your interpreter with your reassurance and perhaps the unlimited business opportunity would start from here.

I belong to the Cancer, so I love arbitrary crab. I have to take you to taste the large, tender and meaty crab. There are many Kaiseki Ryori good in both inside and outside, but in fact, the best one is the most hidden one, which is strongly recommended to you. Many stores sell cute octopus ball, but which one shall be selected on earth? It is highly required, hey hey.

I aim to present the best thing in Japan to you. In addition to providing homestay, I can also customize your exclusive route as per all your requirements, and provide the one-package service, including the flight ticket booking, airport pick-up and airport drop-off, homestay providing, interpretation, VIP shopping, beauty, wedding photography + honeymoon, health examination, business visit, studying abroad and investigation, house purchase for investment, etc.

Homestay is located in Osaka City, with very convenient traffic, around which is the residential area so that you can feel the most real Japan. The house is newly decorated, without waiters at ordinary times, so that you can relax completely, without disturbance.

I expect to see you in Japan.
Hi, everybody! I'm landlord yaya of Shukuhonjin series homestay, and a Chinese having lived in Osaka for 13 years.…


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There is no owner or staff in the apartment. But our house is very close to the apartment. I can speak Japanese, English and Chinese! We will tell you the check-in method after confirming the reservation. The homestay is located in a centralized place gathering many "hidden" restaurants (which are popular due to the praise of local people) in Osaka, and we will introduce them to you one by one. If you have any questions, please send me an email or call me.
There is no owner or staff in the apartment. But our house is very close to the apartment. I can speak Japanese, English and Chinese! We will tell you the check-in method after con…

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  • Inombolo yepholisi: I-Special Economic Zoning Act | 大阪市指令 大保環第17-456号
  • Izilimi: 中文 (简体), English, 日本語
  • Izinga lokuphendula: 100%
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