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Bring alive fairytales in this Edwardian castle at the heart of private 2000 acres of glen walks, forests, 3 beaches, 2 lochs, walled and woodland gardens, maze, and 2 waterfalls. Comes with a stately reception rooms, 25 bedrooms and bathrooms, with luxurious amenities and a dedicated team. An award-winning, all-inclusive catering program is available. We host exclusive use and private events for up to 90 guests. March - September, NY & Xmas requires minimum 36 guests, all other times 16 guests.

Please note during the pandemic events are not allowed according to government regulation.

Established by a dapper industry magnate and Member of Parliament Charles Lindsay Orr Ewing, Dunskey Castle infuses intelligent luxury and historical romance into every second of your spectacular stay. The Castle, completed at the turn of the century, showcases unrivaled technology of its heyday and historical architecture of enormous proportions.

Throughout the Castle, physical features will bring alive the patriarch's globetrotting influences and the rich history of Scottish merchants at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution. From the iconic Delft tiles that grace the mantelpiece in many bedrooms and social areas, to the outrageously intricate Baronial plaster ceiling, which is deemed culturally significant by the Scottish government. Every moment at Dunskey promises true immersion into history, authenticity, and a perfectly bespoke luxury that befits the Castle's historical grandeur.

The Baronial Porch pays homage to the Castle's medieval roots by original stoneworks from the 11th Dunskey Castle ruin that still stands dramatically cliffside a few miles down the coast. Its pared-back austerity sharply juxtaposes the entrance foyer, where rich oak panels immediately cocoon guests in warmth and resplendence. Ornate frames of art works original to Castle are displayed throughout the reception rooms, including an ever-growing collection of ceramics, a tribute to Charles Orr Ewing's travels throughout South and East Asia. Inside the Great Hall, the Jacobean fireplace with its impressive curved countenance, bearing the ancient family crest, commands your attention and invites hours of lazing in front of its cracking embers. Offering views of rolling meadows, through the woodlands and as far as the eyes can see to the coast, the Great Hall embodies a quiet magnificence that can sheathe and soothe outward distractions.

In contrast to the stateliness of the Great Hall, the Victorian Drawing Room recalls silk gloves and calligraphed letters. Sink into sumptuous wool and velvet upholstered armchairs, most of which have been painstakingly restored. Stretch out on our buttery leather four-seat Chesterfield and be seduced by the handcrafted Grecian and Scottish vines and foliage that adorn the ceiling. Or play the liveliest round of Chinese Whisper on our leather-and-grommet Windsor conversational settee. There are few places better for escaping into a book than next to the roaring fireplace, beneath the spectacular floor-to-ceiling mantelpiece painted in the softest of dove gray. Operatic callings may be on the cards with the presence of the 19th-century mahogany pearl-inlaid piano, or if karaoke is more your jam, consider treating it as a station for whisky tasting.

Speaking of strong tipples, ensconced yourselves at the United Turkey Red Bar, named after the company founded by the Orr Ewing brothers in 1898, to produce their famously passionate and royal red dye. Entirely bespoke to Dunskey Castle, the bar retains its character from the oak wood paneling salvaged from the attic! While perched on gold and velvet barstools, you'll be charmed by maritime artefacts that came from yachts commissioned and built by Charles Orr Ewing, including gilded prints and photographs. The unusual exposed-brick, multi-tier fireplace will transport you to all the ship's rip-roaring follies on the sea once upon a time. Drink up if the ship's bell from HMS Anson is rung out. Charles' son David was a Naval Captain aboard HMS Anson during World War II.

If it gets too lively at the bar, retreat to the Officer's Corner, a stately homage to the Estate's history and records upon its formation. Here, you'll find an impressive stone-carved fireplace and a fascinating bookcase designed specifically for this quarter. Leather bound and gold embossed volumes of Estate records, crystal ink pots, and mementos from Charles Orr Ewing's globe-circling travels will certainly stir at your own wanderlusts. If that's not quite enough, wool upholstered sofa, throws of sheepskins and velvet armchairs will undoubtedly spur the most intimate parleys.

Wander past the main carpeted stairs and towards the art-deco double-door into the main dining room, one of the most romantic spaces in the Castle. An enchanting chandelier evoking golden liquid sunlights and dappling raindrops hang from the intricate plaster ceiling. On all four walls, a custom-designed Chinoiserie mural in shimmering lavender and copper takes you back to gilded Victoriana. At each end of the dining room, the signature painting of suave Charles Lindsay Orr Ewing gazes cooly upon his happy guests, while the portrait of Lady Augusta Hunter Blair smiles coyly. Both paintings have been heavily influenced by the John Singer Sargent aesthetics.

After a dizzying feast in the dining room, retire to the library next door. One of the best-kept surprises at Dunskey is the full-size billiard table that is original to the Castle. Lit by four lamps from the 1880s, designed for this specific purpose, the billiard table commands all your attention. Not to be outdone, rows upon rows of antique books, with their embossed spines and leather covers, exude erudition and solemnity. The bespoke design of the book case is truly one of a kind, with its beveled glass doors and elaborate wooden curlicues, echoing art deco influences that were emerging at the turn of the century.

 In need of an even cozier place? Head to the Club Room, where you'll find overstuffed couches, TV, and an original wood-fire range in a heritage room decorated with antique collections of sports and travel paraphernalia. The heart of the castle, of course, is in the farm house kitchen with its soaring skylights and A-frame ceilings. Here, a very large space is dedicated for the loveliest roasts in an incredibly well-equipped kitchen.

Head towards Dutch kitchen with our most treasured heirloom at your feet: the carpets, dyed of course with the Turkey Red. Commanding perhaps the best lights and views in the Castle with its double-story windows, the space is named after the blue-and-white Delft tiles that grace the wrought-iron fireplace. Full disclosure, these Dutch tiles with their delightful depictions of a coastal village are exceptionally dear to our porcelain-obsessed hearts. Here, you'll find an antique spinning wheel, rosebud fainting couch, lioness chairs and, improbably, our upstanding bear Wilson, who is at least 140 years old. That should be all you'll need to create your favourite fairy-tale reenactment.

On the first floor, the first bedroom you'll find is Ella Baker, named after an African American civil rights activist who worked alongside W.E.B Dubois. Hand painted murals and lacquered Chinoiserie panels adorn the indigo walls, showing off a most spectacular gilded ochre bed. The true wow-factor, however, comes from the other-worldly bathroom suite, with its original ceramic and brass bathtub large enough four full size adults, not that we would encourage that sort of frolicking. Moroccan lanterns are suspended above the bath, lending an exotic air to the suite, and contrast beautifully with the hand-glazed teal tiles. Too much to do to contemplate a leisurely soak? Step into our full-size shower, created with great sympathies to preserve all heritage features of the bathroom.

Rainbow suite sits across the hall, offering heartstopping views through the fields and to the ocean. Its namesake is the RYS Rainbow, a multi-award-winning schooner that competed in the most exciting international competitions of its days. Keeping true to its seafaring motifs, you'll find lovely coral decor and gold conch lamps throughout the room. We've searched high and low for the mahogany four-poster bed in the suite, and settled on this intricate canopied piece from the early 18th century. Modern comforts won't be compromised though, as a full shower ensuite and a built-in bathtub will ensure you are up to date in luxurious convenience.

The third bedroom, Orion, often elicit gasps from our guests, particularly those who have always treasured the idea of a gold soaking tub in front of a fireplace. Drawing from the circles in "Orion", also named after one of Charles' yachts, a steel and French linen ring canopy bed sits with spherical gilded lamps flanking its side. Get ready for an evening of fine dining in front of the antique dressing table, featuring, you guess it, a circular gold mirror. One of the best parts of the bedroom, of course, is the velvet emerald chaise, encouraging maximum lazing about.

Garden bedroom features a unique view of the vast back lawn, glimpses of the Castle's east wing Baronial architecture, and the woodlands. Here you'll find one of the Castle's original brass beds, restored by us, and outfitted with supremely comfortable mattress, downy duvets, and exquisite linens. A tufted vintage velvet green loveseat ensures ample space for snuggles and reading in this retreat. Featuring the only double-door bathroom in the Castle, you'll be greeted with a built-in bathtub by the bay window, and large shower as always.

At the end of the corridor, straight ahead, is Glen. It was part of the corridor many years ago, we suppose, but has always been a cozy bedroom in living memory. In fact it was the current owner's childhood bedroom. How does that all fit in a corridor you might ask - let's just say our corridors are rather wide. In those days it didn't have a bathroom but it does today, beautifully appointed around a green glazed tile fireplace. Your view is of the forests and you'll dream of the nature abundant in them.

At the end of the corridor on the right is the Oak suite. It seems like you could almost touch the massive sweet chestnut right outside your bedroom window. Look closely for the red squirrels running up and down its gnarled old trunk and sometimes up and down the house itself. The squirrels may be red but the unusual paneled walls are a luxurious grey. Lying in the bathtub is perfect vantage point to take in the forest canopy but if you can't spare the time for the tub the high pressure shower has instant hot water.

We have finally arrived at the Morroch, the grandest and most awe-inspiring room of all. This expansive suite is guaranteed to take your breath away with its infusive lights streaming from every corner. A brass and velvet four-poster superking bed awaits you. A reclaimed carved pine Colonial sofa in French linen and fringe dove velvet chairs creates a romantic atmosphere. To enhance the grandeur, a statement cream Victorian mirror armoire with full length mirror makes sure you look resplendent from every angle. Not to be outshined, the opposite wall features a splendid two-tier Chateau dressing table, a piece so gorgeous designed we have little difficulty lingering by its side. And of course, one of the most phenomenal bathrooms in the Castle resides here. Truth be told, the bathroom itself is slightly larger than our first studio apartment in Manhattan! We won't tell you everything about it, for a little intrigue goes a long way, and you'll best experience the wow-factor first hand when you arrive.

Now don't get lost as you continue down the corridors and pass through a gallery of historical paintings and pictures, proudly showcasing the castle's roots. The first bedroom in the East Wing, Sunset Hill, faces the woodlands that lead to the loch. A handpainted mural of Marrakech and a linen-and-steel canopy bed will transport you to dreamiest destinations. A large en-suite bathroom here features a built-in-tub right by the window, affording the loveliest views of the woods.

Next door is one of the most romantic bedrooms in the Castle, Heartsease, named after one of the superyachts built by the Estate's patriarch. Restored damask chaise lounges right beneath the enormous bay windows, providing exceptional views of the fields and to the ocean, means you have the best seat in the house. The bathroom with its large shower and claw-foot bathtub on an elevated platform will provide stunning views of the matured trees outside.

Blair bedroom is one of the largest in the Castle. It features a super king bed with an upholstered headboard with velvet fabric from the Designers' Guild Collection. Antique furniture are plentiful in this bedroom, and you'll find quite possibly the largest shower here as well.

Adjacent to Blair bedroom is Abdiel, a beautiful paneled bedroom with views to the ocean. It is a smaller room with an ensuite shower, but is grand in its hand-carved bed, artworks original to the Castle, and a beautiful fireplace.  

We can go on to describe every inch of Dunskey to you, and it still would not to do justice. Countless rooms and spaces still await your discovery and exploration, including the movie theatre, magic parlour, yoga and art studio, and so much more. 

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Jul 2, 2022 - Jul 7, 2022

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Portpatrick, Scotland, i-United Kingdom

Portpatrick Village has a public tennis court, putting green, golf course, beaches, and many restaurants. It is a very family-friendly destination.

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We are a small but mighty team with our hearts set on sharing with you the most glorious hidden gem in this rural corner of Scotland: Dunskey, a 2000-acre estate by the sea, where world-class heritage meets modern splendour, surrounded by secret gardens and endless wonders.

Everything we do is rooted in our three values: compassion, innovation, and transformation. We strongly believe that the first steps towards spectacular hospitality is taking care of our team and environments. Here, you'll meet the incredible Dunskey stewards who sincerely wish to share with you the joy, beauty, and warmth in all that we do. Most significantly, you will find extraordinary thoughtfulness in every moment of your journey here.

We are also a feministic company with a laser focus on sustainability. We use re-fillable products wherever possible. Our heating system is nearly at 100% sourced from renewable energy. We compost 100% of our food waste, and our water comes from a fresh spring. We continuously strive to do more and do better.

Our ongoing other projects include policy advocacy in immigration and anti-human trafficking, working on turning out the votes in America and fighting against voter suppression laws. Seeking social and racial justice is a constant, though sometimes painful, anchor in our lives. We would like everyone to read the two novels, The Overstory, by Richard Powers, and, Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson. When not heartened by the possibility of collective action to address climate change, we like to cook a ton-load of Vietnamese beef noodle soup and plot the next magic mushroom trail on the Estate.
We are a small but mighty team with our hearts set on sharing with you the most glorious hidden gem in this rural corner of Scotland: Dunskey, a 2000-acre estate by the sea, where…

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