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Ukusuka ekubukeni indawo kuya emagugwini afihliwe, thola ukuthi yini eyenza leli dolobha lihluke ngosizo lwabantu bendawo abalazi kangcono.
“It’s a nice park in the middle of Berlin, where you can see pieces of the old wall of Berlin, hang out, watching the sunset or just to have a nice walk. It also hosting the biggest (and well known!) flee market of Berlin on Sunday. ”
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“My favorite open space in Berlin. Just love seeing sunsets there and enjoy the wind, being close to taking off :)”
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“one of Berlins most beautiful parks - every district has its own. a joggers favourite”
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“During warmer months Mauerpark transforms into a great fleahmarket with amazing karaoke and multiple musicians playing everywhere in the park.”
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Indawo Yokujuxuza Ebusuku
“Best and biggest techno club in berlin, but very expensive and not always easy to come in for tourists”
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“Mostly favorite shopping area, it has a ton of history as well and is the home for frequent markets on different occasions.”
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“Over a hundred original wall paintings can be seen on the 1.3 km long piece of the former hinterland wall in Friedrichshain. Paintings like the "brother kiss" are still popular photo motifs.”
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Natural Feature
“Galleries and Museums with a great 3 day ticket pass and area on the spree to enjoy afterwards.”
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Isikhumbuzo / Uphawu Lwesikhumbuzo
“Berlin's most famous site. Its history reflects the entire history of Berlin and of Germany. A must !”
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“Great for just a walk along the water or more intense for history lovers whilst visiting old monuments.”
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Ingadi Kabhiya
“Not your usual Biergarten - perched atop a multi-storey parking lot -come for the views, stay for the concerts.”
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Indawo Yokudla
“Great Mixture of fresh food from all over the World with local ingredients. ”
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Ingaphandle Elihle
“There is hardly any corner in Berlin from which you cannot see the striking television tower on Alexanderplatz (some say the the DDR solider used the tower for watching its citizens). The tower ball of the tallest building in Germany offers a wide panoramic view.”
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“Opened in 1907, it is the most famous department store in Germany and the largest department store in continental Europe.”
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Isikhungo Somlando
“The most interesting site in terms of the Berlin Wall. An original part of the wall including some parts of the no-mans land are preserved there. There are many information boards spread around the area. Somer of the famous tunnels below the Berlin Wall were dug there. There is also a museum there. ”
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Isikhungo Somlando
“The famous crossing point is worth a visit even though nothing at the site is original. There are a few museums around. The better one is the Assisi Panorama.”
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Izindawo zokudlela ezihamba phambili

Ingadi Kabhiya
“Not your usual Biergarten - perched atop a multi-storey parking lot -come for the views, stay for the concerts.”
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Indawo yokudlela Yama-Italian
“Excellent thin-crust Italian pizza on the lovely nearby canal. After you eat, you can take a stroll on the canal. It gets very crowded, especially in summer.”
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Meal Takeaway
“Great burger place, usually you have to wait (outside) bewtween 10 and 30 minutes”
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Indawo Edayisa I-Burger
“A long wait is definitely worth it! The recommendation to find the best burger in Berlin in an old toilet house (yes you heard it right lol) in front of a subway station seemed a bit suspect at first, but I didn't want to leave it untried. The burger was top notch, as were the fries. Highly Recommended.”
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Indawo Edayisa I-Burger
“Best Burgerjoint in the City! Try the hot wings if you dare ;-) _ BUT YOU MUST MAKE A RESERVATION”
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Indawo Yokudlela Yama-Vietnamese
“It's cheap, fast and delicious - what more could you ask for? Get the drink with the mint and lime, it's UNREAL. Anything on the daily specials board is always a good time in the mouth.”
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Indawo Yokudlela Yama-Ramen
“definately the best home made lemonade ever! And delicious food in a beautiful garden next to the riverside......”
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Indawo othenga futhi uphuze kuyo utshwala
“"Koenigsberger Klopse" and local beer under old chestnuts or in the inn with attached theater.”
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