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Theme Park
“Tivoli is an amusement park in the center of Copenhagen. This is a must-see if you travel with kids! Tivoli has an amazing Christmas exhibition!”
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“Not a typical place, housing a lot of artist, and a different lifestyles. Please read more about the place, before you go there. ”
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“A beautiful park right next to Søndermarken Park and the zoo. The park has beautiful canals where and you can rent a boat and sail through the park. The park was landscaped by the King Frederik the 4th around the castle Frederiksberg Slot. There is also a playground in the park and a well-attended 'pacifier-tree' where children come and hang their pacifier when they don't need them anymore.”
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Indawo Yokudla
“Need a place to relax after shopping, or while the rest of the family is. This is the place. ”
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Indawo ezungeze idolobha
“Famous meat packing district with lots of restaurants, clubs, galleries and shops to explore. ”
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“People actually hang out here :) Find the graves of some of the most famous Danish personalities Located on Nørrebro”
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Isikhumbuzo / Uphawu Lwesikhumbuzo
“Den Lille Havfrue or in English: The Little Mermaid is the trademark for Copenhagen. Take a picture of the mermaid sitting on the stone while seeing the beautiful horizon.”
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Iminyuziyamu Yobuciko
“SMK is the main museum of Denmark. It´s here you can see classic danish art, but the museum also has a perfect children-workshop where the imagination can be released. ”
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“Go to the beach and ...take a dip in the ocean, eat ice cream, stroll along the site, rent a kayak or a paddle-board, play minigolf or just relax in the sun.”
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“A walk in the zoo can be fun and right next to it is the pretty park of Fridriksberg”
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“A very popular park for both Copenhageners and turist. many locals use the park as a quiet detour or walk through while on their way also. Rosenborg Castle Gardens (Danish: Kongens Have literally The King's Garden) is the oldest and most visited park in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Established in the early 17th century as the private gardens of King Christian IV's Rosenborg Castle, the park also contains several other historical buildings, including Rosenborg Barracks, home to the Royal Guards, as well as a high number of statues and monuments. The park also plays host to temporary art exhibitions and other events such as concerts throughout the summer. ”
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“The biggest park in Copenhagen city, go by the small lake for a wilder area with huge trees and a 'forest' feeling.”
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“There's the queen's castle, but then there's also a pretty garden facing towards the water which is a great place for a stroll and free for all.”
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I-plaza Yabahamba Ngezinyawo
“The most famous shopping street in Copenhagen. You will find most shops you are looking for around this area. ”
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Flea Market
“This and intersecting Steffansgade is one of the most charming little streets in the city, with great shopping, eating, drinking, and generally being merry. Go there!”
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“This very beautiful old harbor is fully packed of tourists during the summer months so personally I would go there late in the evening or very early in the morning because it is a must-see. But a tourist hell. If you're really not into big crowds walk on the opposite side of the colorful buildings. ”
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Indawo Yokudla
“Need a place to relax after shopping, or while the rest of the family is. This is the place. ”
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Indawo Yokudlela Yama-Scandinavian
“Relæ small brother. Amazing Nordic cuisine and great selection of natural wines at a more affordable price tag 🏷 ”
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Isitolo seKhofi
“One of the best places to get a coffee. The cafe is placed in the end of Jægersborgsgade.”
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Indawo yokudlela Yama-Italian
“Excellent pizza and pasta place with really good wines. Make sure to book or be prepared to wait for your table in the aperol bar! ”
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Indawo yokudlela Yama-Italian
“If you are in Nørrebro you should try out Bæst. They serve award-winning pizzas.”
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Indawo Yokudlela Yama-Scandinavian
“"Madklubben" or food club, is a local favorite. They have amazing food and a real "hygge" atmosphere. It's good for solo travelers, couples, groups and family. ”
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Indawo yokudlela
“Relay, in Jægersborggade on Nørrebro, is proud to deliver a 'no nonsense' gastronomic experience. A creative cuisine free of the cultural heritage of traditional restaurants that go after the Michelin stars, and at the same time without being labeled as one of the usual fine restaurants, brasseries, or bistro restaurants. Relay again became a star in the Michelin Nordic Cities 2019 Guide and was ranked 39th in the list of 'World's 50 Best Restaurants' in 2017. Relay has also been named the world's most sustainable restaurant in 2016. The chefs have traveled around the world to find gastronomic delights and mouthfuls that turn their legs away from guests. The wine list also consists of a large number of good European wines. The atmosphere at Relay is unpretentious, warm and inviting and easy to feel at home in.”
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“Danes like a good drink! So there are lots of good places in the nearby area to go and get one. This one has a very relaxing vibe and is the perfect place to enjoy a local draft beer.”
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