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“Iconic LA landmark. Parking can be tricky though so easier to catch an Uber or Lyft!”
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Iminyuziyamu Yobuciko
“An always-evolving collection of permanent and featured exhibits in a constantly changing compound of art and activity. Enjoy spectacular dining also on the premises.”
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Theme Park
“This is a must-visit if you’ve never been. The Harry Potter World is crazy! Buy tickets ahead of time online and make sure to get there early to give yourself enough time to see everything.”
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Inxanxathela Yezitolo
“I love the Grove for shopping , people watching and good eating .... a great LA shopping experience ”
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“Just two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard, Runyon Canyon Park is an often overlooked urban park that offers some great views. Atop the canyon, you can glimpse views of the San Fernando Valley and the Pacific Ocean, as well as the Hollywood Sign and Giffith Observatory. The park also boasts several hiking trails and is a popular spot for celebrities to exercise. Travelers say that the canyon is reminiscent of Old Hollywood with several old mansions and estates scattered throughout the park – keep your eyes peeled as you follow the trail. ”
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Iminyuziyamu Yobuciko
“Free! Just pay for parking. Majestic hilltop buildings, the art is Ok, the traveling collections can be great, but the real attraction is the space and gardens themselves. Must not miss!”
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“While this is a pretty basic boardwalk pier, the beach is lovely around it. Also find the historic and renovated Carousel. A short few hours of family fun featuring a mild roller coaster, scrambler, ferris wheel with beautiful views, dragon swing, boardwalk games and junk food. Tip #1- get the wristband if you plan to go on more than one ride. While they're pricey, you'll still be better off. Tip #2 - go off the pier for food. Right up the hill, Ocean Ave and Third Street Promenade offers much better food choices.”
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Shopping Plaza
“Outdoor shopping scene. It has everything. A nice walk, crowded on the weekends.”
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Iminyuziyamu Yobuciko
“Free. Great permanent collection. They have parking but I recommend walking here from the Grand Central Market. Park at GCM and take the historic Angels Flight Tram ride up towards the Broad. Closed Tuesday’s. ”
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Indawo Yomculo
“Hollywood bowl has wonderful concerts and shows in the summer! Take your own food and picnic supplies and enjoy an evening watching something entertaining at this arena!”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-551 bayatusa
“Great place to see the famous Walk of Fame of every star who has graced Hollywood. Enjoy exploring and learning more about the world's most famous sidewalk and the celebrities it honors! ”
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Inxanxathela Yezitolo
“Great variety of stores and people watching you may see famous people here!”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-360 bayatusa
Inxanxathela Yezitolo
“Fun, unique area for shopping, restaurants and sight seeing! See the Hollywood walk of fame and enjoy the funny characters outside. ”
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Ibha yebhishi
“You’ll see everything here, from muscle fitness freaks to original 60’s hippies and surfers. The epitome of the beach set. Shopping, eateries and great beaches.”
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Indawo Yokudlela Yama-New American
“Everything here is delicious...this place is so cool they don't even put their name on the outside...the takeout next door is great too! ”
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“Griffith park has an extensive amount of hiking trails. Also, the Griffith Observatory is a LA staple. Surrounding the park, are grass lawns, horseback riding and places to picnic and enjoy a nice day out.”
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Indawo Yokudlela Yama-New American
“Everything here is delicious...this place is so cool they don't even put their name on the outside...the takeout next door is great too! ”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-492 bayatusa
Indawo Yokudlela Yama-French
“A popular hip restaurant and rooftop lounge in the heart of downtown LA. Get dressed up and go for a night on the town. ”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-342 bayatusa
Indawo yokudlela Yama-Italian
“Best French-Italian restaurant in my opinion. Almost everything on the menu is good. Their dessert selections were amazing, I love the tiramisu. ”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-219 bayatusa
Indawo yokuphumula
“It's a nice spot to chill and meet people. It get very busy on weekend nights. But you can go anytime they're open and still meet people”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-249 bayatusa
Umuntu Odla Imifino Kuphela / Indawo Yokudlela Yabadla Imifino Kuphela
“Delicious Vegan restaurant! I love most of what they serve.. great salads and bowls!”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-256 bayatusa
Ibha Yongqingili
“Cocktails & shared plates are served at this lively gay lounge with outdoor terraces & dance floor.”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-224 bayatusa
Indawo Yokudlela Yama-French
“Another great atmosphere! Decent French restaurant, but we go for the drinks and atmosphere. Make reservations because it gets very busy! You can always grab a pre dinner drink whether dinner is there or not and the bar is a bit hidden and has a different entrance.”
  • Abantu bendawo abangu-283 bayatusa
“If you looking for an upscale version on Gjelina, this is it. Solid food, drinks, cool atmosphere and priced accordingly!. ”
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