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Imakethe Yabalimi
“food ,fruits and vegetables ,cafe shop and baguettes and oyster bar soo cheap ”
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“This majestic urban park is a major gathering spot for cyclists, sun bathers, concert-goers and festival participants. Great for families as well.”
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Iminyuziyamu Yobuciko
“A must for art-lovers, the Museum of Fine Arts has amassed centuries' worth of paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, furniture, prints, drawings and photographs.”
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Isikhumbuzo / Uphawu Lwesikhumbuzo
“Montréalers are proud of their 'mountain,' the work of New York Central Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted. It's a sprawling, leafy playground that's perfect for cycling, jogging, horseback riding, picnicking, etc.”
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Indawo ye-Poutine
“obligatory poutine. if you want dive poutine (i.e., the real deal, head into any La Belle Province or Lafleur you see)”
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Inxanxathela Yezitolo
“he Montreal Eaton Centre is a shopping mall in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, accessible through the underground city, and it is connected to the Montreal Metro via McGill station.”
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Indawo ezungeze idolobha
“The historical Old Port offers Montrealers and visitors alike access to a wide variety of activities, including the Montréal Science Centre, with an IMAX Theatre, and the Montreal Clock Tower. It offers riverfront access for walking, cycling, roller-blading, quadricycle, pedalo and Segway rentals. It is also located at the eastern end of the Lachine Canal, which has itself been extensively refurbished as a popular destination for cycling, roller-blading and pleasure boating. Cultural events include the Festival Montréal en lumière, Igloofest and the Matsuri Japon festival. There's also an urban beach opened adjacent to the Clock Tower.”
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“Just off the Canal de Lachine, this fantastic market has a mouthwatering assortment of fresh produce from local farms (some promoting sustainability), excellent wines, crusty breads, fine cheeses and much much more!”
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“On its 75 hectares, the Jardin botanique de Montréal presents a remarkably diverse array of plants to visitors in all seasons. Explore its beauty through themed gardens and its 10 exhibition greenhouses.”
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Indawo yokudlela
“Wolrd famous smoked meat in Montreal, they have a counter to order to go the address next door ”
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“Take a hike up Mont Royal and tackle the city's namesake for stunning views of downtown Montreal and the surrounding urban areas. All year around. Access via Parc Mont-Royal. Montez jusqu'au sommet du Mont-Royal pour admirer une magnifique vue sur le centre-ville de Montréal et les environs. 4 saisons. Accès via Parc Mont-Royal.”
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Isikhungo Somlando
“a lot of tourist attraction in old Montreal. it's absultly beautiful. street performers old building there is a science museum there as well. food courts and souvenir shops. it's about 30-45 min drive from where your staying but worth It. ”
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“Plenty of shows and food trucks during summer time (every first friday's of the month) from June 7th to October 4th”
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“At this captivating exhibit you can amble through a rainforest, explore Antarctic islands, view rolling woodlands, take in aquatic life in the Gulf of St Lawrence, or wander along the raw Atlantic oceanfront – all without ever leaving the building. The five ecosystems house many thousands of animal and plant species; follow the self-guided circuit and you will see everything. Be sure to dress in layers for the temperature swings. You can borrow free strollers; and interactive exhibits are at small-child height.”
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Indawo Okwenziwa Kuyo Imidlalo Yezobuciko
“If you're into dance/classical music/theatre/Jazz/Rock/ Francophone Pop you will surely be into the events taking place there.”
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Iminyuziyamu Yobuciko
“In the heart of summer festival headquarters (JazzFest, Francofolies, Nuits d'Afrique, Just for Laughs)”
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Indawo ye-Poutine
“obligatory poutine. if you want dive poutine (i.e., the real deal, head into any La Belle Province or Lafleur you see)”
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Indawo yokudlela
“Wolrd famous smoked meat in Montreal, they have a counter to order to go the address next door ”
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Indawo Yokuphuza Ubhiya
“Best place for the avid beer-lover! If you like experimenting, this historical local brewery is the place to try!”
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Indawo Yesiteki
“Relaxed restaurant & bar serving steaks & seafood in a compact, old-school setting.”
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Umuntu Odla Imifino Kuphela / Indawo Yokudlela Yabadla Imifino Kuphela
“It is a great place for vegan food on-the-go (take-out counter) or for a nice meal with friends/family at the restaurant. They serve bowls of rice filled with veggies and amazing homemade dressings, sandwiches, soups and more. ”
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Indawo Yebhulekifasi
“The most iconic montreal breakfast spot there is. Huge plates, delicious food, great service. Lines can be long but do move quick. Don't miss visiting the bathrooms as they are super unique!”
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“Memorabilia-filled British pub for tap beer & traditional Anglo dining, plus football on TV & DJs.”
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Indawo Yokudlela Yama-French
“Chef Martin Picard’s hearty Québécois fare, starring foie gras & pork, served in a lively space.”
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