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E-Bike Tour of Mount Fuji's Countryside and Lake
This is a small-group e-bike tour in the highlands at the foot of Mt. Fuji, designed to avoid crowds and take you to places off the beaten path. Experience nature at the foot of the mountain and get a glimpse into the local lifestyle. The tour starts from Mt.Fuji Station, Fujikyuko Line and heads to Oshino Village, passing by "Oshino Hakkai," a pond fed by underground water from Mt. Fuji, houses with thatched roofs, and spacious countryside with a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji. Afterward, we'll head to Lake Yamanakako and have lunch at a charming restaurant that serves Japanese home-style cuisine. Weather permitting, you'll enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Yamanaka and Mt. Fuji from Fujimi Panorama-dai. The tour is about 30 km long and requires a certain level of physical fitness, but TREK's high-performance e-bikes will assist you well. Your guide will adjust the e-bike speed to accommodate your needs. *Note ・If there is a definite forecast for rain or snow on the day of the tour, we will contact you to cancel before the event. ・ We can accommodate allergies, vegetarian preferences, or specific food preferences for the lunch meal if we are informed in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. ・If you have small or large luggage such, we can store it in our van during the tour.
あなたと私の時間が合えば送迎可能。 ヒノキを削って自分で作った箸は一生の思い出。日本らしい箸袋もセット。
箸づくり体験です。 一本の棒から自分だけのオリジナルの箸を作ります。 まずは長さを決めます。次にその長さに切って早速箸作りスタートです。箸の木はヒノキです。とても良い香りがします。自分の気に入った形になりましたら、最後は自然素材の仕上げ材を塗って完成です。 箸ぶくろもセットです。旅行中に自分専用箸で食事をするのはきっと楽しいことでしょう。 刃物を使いますので、危険を伴うことがございます。 あなたと私の時間が合えば、送迎が可能です。
Electric vehicles drive tour with guide & awesome Fuji views
Itinerary This is a typical itinerary for the tour, but may vary acc. local conditions on the day: Stop At: Lake Kawaguchiko, Fujikawaguchiko. We start and end our tours at TOURIST INFO Centre Kawaguchiko station for your convenience. All tours go around Lake Kawaguchiko and stop at the best view points. Tours are 3hrs in duration, including 30min free time to shop, enjoy a coffee break etc. The drive itself is 20km in distance. Duration: 1 hour Stop At: Oishi Park, Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun 401-0305 Yamanashi Prefecture Stop to take photos of Lake Kawaguchiko, Mt Fuji and seasonal flowers. Duration: 10 minutes Stop At: Oishi Park, Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun 401-0305 Yamanashi Prefecture Public Toilet available Famous for some of the best views of Mt Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi, complete with seasonal flowers, this is one of the most visited places on the lake. Have a browse around the beautiful hand made in Japan craft shops and choose from delicious locally made ice-creams, dried fruits, pizza and other snack options in a tranquil and wonderfully landscaped setting, complete with treasure hunt! Duration: 30 minutes Pass By: Okukawaguchiko Sakuranosato Park, scenic drive. We will see the Autumn Leaves and see Cherry Blossoms in season. Stop At: Yagizaki Park, Kawaguchiko bridge and beach with view of Mt Fuji. End, Station.
Mountain Climb with Expert Guide
Japanese nature is very rich in the world. There lies number of high mountains, and about 70% of the land is covered with forest blessed with rain water.  Therefore, various wild animals and plants are living in the nature. In this tour, I will take you to an unknown quiet mountain which is difficult to go by yourself without a guide,  because we can have more chance to see wild animals in that kind of mountains.  Actually, I saw some animals already there such as badger, hare, woodpecker, deer and wild boar. However deep in the nature,  there runs local bus until the entrance of this mountain which is already about 1400m high,  and we'll hike on the gentle slope until the peak of 1593m. The trail is well-equipped having restrooms and without any dangerous parts,  so even beginners can climb it up easily.   When you will come to the peak of this mountain and view the landscape with countless mountains and valleys,  you can surely feel like standing in deep nature of this mother earth far from human world. And additionally,  we can also visit other attractive spots such as a big sacred waterfall, a huge historic shrine and so on. I can assert this tour is the best to experience Japanese mother nature deeply! Now let's explore the Japanese Nature with me! (^o^)b
Adventure Hike in Mount Fuji Area
If you want to experience great nature in Mt.Fuji area, this hiking tour is so recommendable that you can experience a variety of nature as a digest! The area of ​​Mt.Fuji has a huge scale of nature such as beautiful lakes which reflect Mt.Fuji on the surface, a vast forest made up on the lava of Mt. Fuji eruption, solemn mountains which have a spectacular view from the top, etc. In addition, there are also many spots where you can feel the Japanese long long history in a mystical air. Although climbing Mt.Fuji is very popular since it's a famous mountain in the world, if you only climb it up, you can't know how wonderful nature of this area is, because Mt.Fuji itself is an inactive rugged volcano crowded with thousands of climbers on the trail. I recommend you to stay long in this area to experience its nature deeply. In this tour, we'll visit various attractive spots where almost no foreign tourists visit such as a sacred cave hidden in the vast forest of Aokigahara, a small mountain where you can overlook the three big lakes and the vast forest, a local small shrine with a mystical air and so on. Of course, if it's a clear weather, you can also view Mt.Fuji closely from several spots on the way. I'm sure you'll feel as if adventuring in Japanese mother nature! Now let's go together with me! (^o^)v
Meditation at the temple in the mountain, Hamamatsu city
・meditation at Ryotanji-temple ・traditional lunch at the restaurant Aoi better ask me before reservation. everything is negotiable !
Mt Fuji Jungle Cycling Electric-MTB
9:00 集合・送迎 9:15 バイクフィッティング・レクチャー 9:30 ツアースタート 10:00 富士浅間神社 参拝 11:00 洞窟探検・季節のフルーツ&ティー 12:00 ツアー終了・送迎 その他の留意事項 只今、開催日の前日19:00前後に予約開始する場合があります。 開催予定が無い日の予約はメッセージにてお問合せ下さい。
Hike in the Village of Mount Fuji Water
Japanese Nature is very rich in the world. There lives more than 90 thousand species of animals and plants including many endemic species. One of the reasons is because the land is blessed with a lot of water which is necessary for any living things due to rain especially in rainy season and typhoon season. So there're number of spots where water comes out from the ground in nature. Mount Fuji area is also no exception. There're many springs in its foot where tons of natural pure water always come out which is originally from the rain dropped on Mount Fuji. And the water makes a flow of river to go among traditional style houses down to waterfalls and rock valleys and also to rice fields used for agriculture. In this tour, we'll hike along the way of water flow in the village which has natural springs with pure water, and visit many interesting spots such as a big garden with old traditional houses, a local shrine and temple, a nature center where they display many wild plants decoratively etc. And I'll explain Japanese wildlife and people's life in countryside to understand Japanese nature deeply. As a nature guide, I assert this tour is very informative, not to mention enjoyable. You can also relax yourself when you see the view of Japanese village through easy hiking on the almost flat trail. Now let's enjoy it together! (^o^)b  
棚田には my炭火焙煎コーヒーがよく似合う
まず、山梨県の富士川町道の駅に集合します。そこから10分ほど車で移動し、山里の畑で体験を行います。 ウッドデッキでコーヒー豆を炭で焙煎し、棚田と富士山を眺めながらゆったりMYコーヒーを飲むまでがこの体験です。   まずは 周囲にある小枝や枯草や松ぼっくり、木片など火付けに最適な材料を集めます。必要に応じて薪割もします。それらをウッドガスストーブで着火。そのあとでできる炭を使って豆の焙煎を開始。香ばしい香りとピチピチと豆の音を丁寧に聞きわけながら、20分から30分程で、深煎りから浅煎りまでの自分好みの豆の出来上がり。さあ そしたら ミルとドリップをしてコーヒーの出来上がり。クッキーなどの甘味をお供に、デッキに座ったり、畑の隅で富士山を見ながらだったり、ハンモックに揺られながらだったりとお気に入りの場所で風を感じながら炭火コーヒーを一杯いかが?  また 道具も手作りなので気に入れば家でも簡単に作れ、何回か繰り返すことで友人や家族にオリジナルコーヒーを喜んでもらえます。そんなスキルとDIYの面白さはお土産です。  激しい雨や強い風などの荒天の場合は、私の家で実施します。家は、手作りのログハウス。エネルギーもかなり自前のおもしろい家です。 一人足湯とのダブル体験も可能です。 公共交通機関で来る場合、甲府駅から身延線や山交バスが可能ですが、不便なので事前にご相談ください。開始日や開始時刻の変更も相談で可能です。お知らせください。
【富士山・樹海】富士の樹海をサイクリング&トレッキングツアー!溶岩洞窟探検も!MTBサイクリング→トレッキング→ケイビング 今、人気の観光スポット「青木ヶ原樹海」の自然を満喫するガイドツアーです。MTBに跨り出発!青木ヶ原樹海まで約1時間のサイクリングを楽しんだ後は、樹海の中をウォーキングして散策。知る人ぞ知る樹海の中の洞窟をガイドと一緒に探検できます。少人数でのガイドツアーに加えて、感染症対策もしっかりと行いながら、樹海の大自然を満喫できます♪ 話題のマイクロツーリズムが可能な新しい遊びスタイル! せっかく富士山の近くに来たのなら、富士山で遊びたい♪ ウィズコロナ時代の新しいトラベルスタイルに合わせて、満足度120%の体験ツアーをご用意しました。 日本のシンボルである富士山の雄大な自然を存分に満喫できるニューノーマルアクティビティです! 世界に誇る日本の象徴、『富士山』。 その富士山で環境に優しい自転車を使ったアクティビティをご提案します。 初心者の方をはじめ、幅広い世代のみなさまにご満足していただける体験を。
Traverse outer rim of Hakone caldera and enjoy onsen
This hiking trail arouses your senses: you see Mt Fuji (weather permits) most of the time along the ridge hike; hear the birds among the native bamboo forests and the hissing sound from the live volcano 大涌谷 opposite the hiking trail; breathe in the fresh air along the trail. This is a hiking tour starting from Hakone Yumoto Station at 8am. You need to be fit to complete the hike. Total hike time is around 4.5-5 hours (about 8-9km). It’s strenuous if you don’t hike often. It takes about 1h to reach the first view point, then you will traverse along the ridge of the outer rim of the Hakone crater in around 3 hours (depending on the number of stops you need to take for photos and rest). It takes 30 min to go down to the lunch area. You are basically walking closer and closer to Mt Fuji, the view of which gets bigger towards the end of this hike. After hike, we have lunch at a local restaurant, and then go to a selected onsen to bathe and relax. Please note that the transportation, onsen and lunch fee are not included in this tour. We cannot guarantee the view of Mt Fuji, but generally it’s more visible earlier mornings. Tour fully customizable if it’s booked as private instance.
世界農業遺産の茶畑で茶摘み体験 富士山も見れるかも?
旅ノ舎へ集合 → 急須で一杯お茶をいっぷく → 茶畑へご案内 地元農家さんの案内で茶摘み体験をお楽しみ → お茶農家さん宅又は休憩処で美味しいお茶をお召し上がり → 旅ノ舎に戻って摘み取った茶葉を天ぷらに揚げた茶葉の天ぷらをお召し上がり その他の留意事項 ※雨天時は屋内にて釜炒り茶づくりを体験していただきます。 ※茶摘み体験が出来ない11月から2月頃までは世界農業遺産 茶草場農法を実際に農家さんと一緒にお手伝いして体験して頂きます。また3月~4月中旬頃までは、雨天時同様に釜炒り茶作りを体験して頂きます。 ※英語は単語で少し話ができる程度です。
Prologue of Mount Fuji Climb
If you are planning to climb up Mt.Fuji, this tour is the must to join for your meaningful climb! Mt.Fuji is not only the highest mountain in Japan, but it's been worshipped as a sacred mountain for long years. The Mt.Fuji worship had developped uniquely enough to have its own believes and customs, and prevailed widely in Edo period, so that many worshippers came to climb it from all over Japan until about 100 years ago. And they visited shrines and sacred spots to pray and purify themselves before climbing it up as its believes and customs. Talking about the climb itself, it can be a boring mountain especially for experienced climbers except the splendid view from the top, because you can reach the summit easily as long as you keep lifting your legs up continuously on the rough trail. But if you deeply understand the Mt.Fuji worship in advance, your climbing experience can become as meaningful as the pilgrimage in old days. In this tour, we will visit several interesting spots in the foot area of Mt.Fuji where you can learn and experience the Mt.Fuji worship such as a hidden sacred cave and World Heritage Center and a huge historical shrine while hiking in the vast forest spreading out in the foot area. As a nature guide, I will show you totally different aspects of Mt.Fuji in this tour! Now let's go together with me! (^o^)v  
Walk & Bathe in Mt Fuji Water beside Waterfalls
Summer in Japan is so hot and humid! But since you stay in Japan, you wanna enjoy cooling down yourself in nature, right? For a nature lover like you, I recommend you to walk in a river and bathe in cool water! When you feel coolness coming up from your foot in the water, the sultry heat will surely be blown away. Moreover, since the place we'll visit is where tons of underground water from Mt.Fuji come out to fall down as waterfalls running into the shallow river which flows quietly in the forest, you can also refresh to bathe yourself in the clean water of the waterfalls like a natural shower. In this experience, the host will give you a lecture on how to walk and play after getting ready by wearing sandals and a life jacket on the riverbank. Then, after playing freely nearby the waterfalls for a while, we'll move upstream and have lunch on another riverbank. After that, if you still have more energy, I'll take you further upstream until another waterfall. When you step into the clear water, and move forward step by step keeping your balance, your heart and body will surely become pure like the clear water, and you will definitely feel having a blast. As a nature guide who has experienced various nature activities, this is highly recommendable! The host will prepare sandals, life jackets, towels, etc for you, so feel free to join us to enjoy it!
Learn the art of wasabi cultivation
We'll meet at Kawai station and walk 20 minutes uphill to the wasabida. I will explain local flora and fauna and the history of the forest, as well as how I came to be in the position of Australian wasabi grower in Okutama. I'll explain how the plant is grown and share some delicious freshly ground wasabi. This also means learning various factors related to getting the very best out of your future wasabi encounters. Other things to note:- The recommended starting time is around 1 p.m. Whether coming to Kawai by train or car, please have lunch before arriving, since there is no shop of any kind near Kawai station. Sturdy footwear is recommended, and being waterproof is an advantage. Please note that conditions in the forest may be quite harsh during the winter. Also, this is a strictly "no smoking" experience.