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Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Waterfall Savica
Join me on a full day trip to Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Waterfall Savica in national park Triglav We are meeting at Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana at 9:00am We are going to Waterfall Savica in national park Triglav, there is a half and hour hike to reach Waterfall Savica After Waterfall we are going to visit lake Bohinj located in national park as well After Lake Bohinj we are going to visit Lake Bled There is a entrance fee for Waterfall four euros
Sail & walk magical Ljubljana
This locally guided boat & walking tour allows you to explore this unique city and cruise around whilst doing so! See the best Ljubljana's spots from the river (boat) ground (walking) and sky (skyscraper) point of view. We will explore some of the greats of Ljubljana's, history, architecture, monuments and sail through the beautiful scenic canal of the river Ljubljanica. We will sail with a beautiful licensed boat of Ljubljana (official boat) which is spacious enough to feel comfortable and safe. The boat is open which will give you the true feeling of being one with the river and its beautiful surroundings, but it can be closed with panoramic windows as it can be cold or a bit rainy this time of year. Blankets are there to keep you comfy and they serve wine, beer, soft drinks, tea, and coffee to keep the inner you warm. For the other part of the tour, we'll walk through the beautiful Baroque old town, Art-Nouveau new town, Town Hall, Dragon Bridge, Farmers Market, and of course experience life of the local people. Last but not least, we will visit old skyscraper with its remarkable architecture and enjoy a panoramic view of Ljubljana from above the sky. Yes, I would love to show you my home town. Let's go for the extra (s)mile! :) I would love to hear from you if you would like to start the tour at a different time of the day. Feel free to check my other tours.
Cooking class; Traditional sLOVEnian Štrukelj
How to explore a traditional Slovenian culture better than through its local food? Slovenia is a country with and old and rich cuisine history. From my grandmother, to my mother and now to me, recipes and different ways of cooking a traditional Slovenian ŠTRUKELJ have been passed on and now I want to share this with you! Together we will dive deep into Slovenian traditional cuisine. After a warm welcome we will put our aprons on and get our hands dirty! Did you know that there are more than 13 ingredients in the traditional štrukelj and many natural flavor enhancing additions, some that are secrets from our grandmothers? I want to invite you to come and find out! The class is led by Luka, a local with an aptitude for cooking and love for Slovenian culture. He will make sure your štrukelj is a success and that you will be in a food & laugh coma at the end of the experience! Included in the cooking class: - homemade traditional wine liquor in viljamovka - cheese and prosciutto plating - beverage/juice - printed and digital recipe - group photo - 100 % good company
Land Lover adventures Slovenia
A trip plan: ▶Meet point in Ljubljana (as agreed). ▶Travel starts through the area of exeptional natural and cultural haritage named Ljubljansko Barje. This beautiful area is market as UNESCO National Park. It is also the biggest unforested and the most often flooded place in history of Slovenia. Wait to hear historical local anecdotes! ▶ Podpeško Jezero. Simply known as Lake Jezero. Why is it so interesting? It has a special shape feature of the lake and it is the one of the deepest lakes in Slovenia. We can also take a walk up the hill with the church of St. Ana, where we will see the most beautifull view of Ljubljansko Barje National Park. ▶ Ice Cave hidden in the heart of the Krimean woods, off-road adventure included. ▶Goodies time: tasting of Slovenian goodies and a small meal. We will introduce you the specialities of Slovenia, make some coffee/tea, try some of the best authentical Slovenian wine, tell eachoter stories and enjoy the beauty of the nature that will sorround us. ▶Exeptional mount Krim. The most recognisable feature of the Ljubljana Basin and visited each year by lots of adventurers. Ljubljana Basin is covered in clouds and fog during the winter. The peak of Mount Krim makes your day! ▶ More goodies: Authentic Slovenian desserts and digestiv :) ▶End of the adventure! We hope you will enjoy every second with us! Other things to note ▶ IF THE SCHEDULE HOUR DOES NOT SUITE YOU, YOU CAN CHANGE IT! ▶This will not be a local boring tour filled with boring historical facts. This will be an adventure. We love the world, different cultures and nature. It would be a blast to hear all about your culture, beauty of your country and people
Personal photoshoot in the beautiful Ljubljana/Bled/Bohinj
During this 1,5 hour experience we will walk around the beautiful Ljubljana center where we will choose beautiful spots and I will take photos of you: along the river, little cute streets that you wouldn´t find by your own, we can also go up to the highest Café of the city, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the castle or go to Tivoli park. In the meantime we can have a great talk, I love meeting people from different parts of the world, hear their stories and share with them mine :) As you can see in my gallery, I like to take photos that tell a story, that feel natural and full of emotion. Being yourself and enjoy the city is the best way to catch unforgetable moments. I am happy to photograph all kind of travellers: families, couples, solo travelers, group of friends... Before starting our walk we can talk about what kind of photos you would like to have :) Hope to see you soon!
Top choice Postojna cave and Predjama castle
Welcome with us to Postojna cave, you will experience amazing system a series of caverns, halls and caves 2 millions old and about 24 km long distance underground. In the entrance you will take electric train it will takes you into a Great Mountain cavern for a distance about 4 kilometers and walkable 2 kilometers around stalagmites and stalactites. Visit will take about 1,5 hour. After we take a drive to Predjama castle wich is world wide famous and it lies on the mouth of cavern half way up a 123 meters high cliff. It is 9 km away from caves and you need a transport. Please contact us before booking, attractions is very visited.
Discover Ljubljana with a local
[Small groups, max 10 guest.] ⚠ CAUTION! This is NOT a typical city tour full of boring data, history facts and rigid itinirary. Yes, we will walk by the most important and interesting tourist attractions, but we will also focuse on Ljubljana's local life. Do this tour if you want to get integrated into the local life and really get to know the city while having a great time! ▶ More reasons for discovering Ljubljana with me? ✔We'll visit the farmers market with special attention - the best way to get to know a culture is through food. ✔I'll tell you how to make the most out of my city, give you tips where to go and make sure you don't fall into tourist traps. ✔After the tour you'll get a list of additional recommendations - places where locals go and all tested by me. ✔You'll have great fun and meet new friends ▶Some of the places we'll visit: ✔Gorgeous city center- the new and the old ✔Central market ✔My favourite street that is still very authentic, a bit rock'n'roll and full of delicious street food ✔City's alternative cultural centre full of amazing street art and vibrant nightlife (plenty of stories there!) ✔Local residential district ✔The famous Dragon bridge ✔Ljubljana castle Be prepared for a local's perspective of Ljubljana and enjoy city's laid-back vibe in good company. If the tour is not available at your desired time contact me.
Explore Ljubljana with iconic Pony bike
Cruise bicycles and SEE, FEEL & TASTE Positive Vibes, People, Places, Food, Art... This locally guided bike experience is carefully prepared in hopes to see, feel and taste Ljubljana in one perfect day. Experience this beautiful city through the eyes of local people, feel the culture, taste local food, learn the language, visit art exhibitions, old skyscraper, river canals, botanical gardens, etc. Experience Ljubljana like never before... See the best of Ljubljana's main sights; Dragon Bridge, Market place, Town Hall, Roman Wall, Metelkova Art-center, whilst getting around and enjoying cycling through neighborhoods and local hidden spots. Explore some of the greats of Ljubljana's, history, architecture, monuments and ride through the picturesque Tivoli park and feel the wind in your hair by the beautiful canals of river Ljubljanica. See it all... You can simply relax in a small group as your local licensed tour guide will safely show you Ljubljana in the most fun and efficient possible way. We cycle to share our passion, culture, language, take photos, have fun and get an authentic feeling of the city. Let's go for the extra (s)mile together!:) I would love to hear from you if you would like to start the tour at a different time of the day. Feel free to check my other tours.
Taste the world of Slovenian wines in the heart of Ljubljana
We will try a beautiful palette of Slovenian wines, from white to orange to red one. All different in taste, but all brilliant. Stories and history about them will also be involved, so your knowledge will also be satisfied. You will also get the chance to upgrade the experience with chocolate pairing (extra fee applies.) Other things to note You have to be at least 18 years old to join me
Highlighted crown jewel Bled Castle and the Island on Lake
Discover the fairy-tale land of Bled on a GUIDED trip and discover rich heritage with Ines. I am A LOCAL and growing up in Slovenia. Traveling enthusiast. TOUR IS GUIDED IN THE CASTLE I explain exhibition inside after we GO TO THE ISLAND together. Follow my IG "govisitslovenia" to see more about it and ask for more activities. We'll do a few hour's tour. When we arrive at Bled we will start at the point where we sit on a pletna traditional boat made by locals which are only known at Bled. Following the boat ride, you get some time to explore the little island and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding area. The journey will follow the tour on the top of a rock, from where we will enter into the Castle. The Bled Castle offers the finest view of Bled island, the town of Bled and the wider countryside of the Gorenjska region. Experience the picturesque architecture of the castle and the museum collection, representing the historical development of Bled. * Free WIFI ** First tour start in the morning hours 8.30 AM. *** Would you like a tour on a specific date and time? Contact me. Other things to note In case if you host is far away from the meeting point please write to me an address where are you staying.
Wine tasting in a boutique winery
Prepare to have your taste buds dance the tango and your funny bone tickled at Arret Wines winery! Wine lovers, gather 'round and get ready for a hilariously good time. At our boutique winery, we roll out the red carpet (or should we say, the grapevine) just for you. It's like stepping into a world where wine reigns supreme and laughter flows freely. Embark on a guided tasting extravaganza where our wines will serenade your senses. But wait, there's more! We'll also treat you to homemade finger foods that will make your taste buds do the happy dance. Think cheese that's as heavenly as a fluffy cloud, bread that's crustier than your best friend's jokes, and meats so succulent they'll have you begging for an encore. Once you've experienced the sheer delight of our wines, why not take a stroll through our vineyards? You'll be amazed at the grape types we have tucked away and the harvesting methods that make our wines sing. Plus, if you've fallen head over heels for a particular wine, fear not! You can snag a bottle (or a few) to take home and relive the magic whenever the mood strikes. We're not just talking about any wine tasting here, folks. This is a wild ride of flavor and laughter. So, what are you waiting for? Get those fingers dialing, book your visit, and join us for an unforgettable adventure at Arret Wines. Cheers to good times and belly laughs!
City exploring & Photoshoot
We will visit the biggest attractions in Ljubljana, which are a must see before you leave! I will take you to the classic touristic places and also less popular places, so you can experience Ljubljana as a local. You will have fun, see everything you need, have a good walk and finally get a drink at the bar with amazing panoramic views of the whole city. I will make professional photos of you on every destination. Other things to note Wear casual clothes and have comfortable shoes. In case of bad weather, we can cancel the tour and you will get the money refunded/ or if possible, we will postpone the experience. Ask me anything :)
Join us on a culinary walk through lovely Ljubljana
We'll meet at the Prešeren square and then we'll go together to different restaurants, inbetween we will also visit the most important sightseeing spots in Ljubljana! The food you'll taste is Slovenian traditional and you'll hear interesting anecdotes and stories behind it. Other things to note Let me know if there are any dietary restrictions / allergies.
Lončarska izkušnja - delavnica oblikovanja gline
Lončarska izkušnja Lončarski center Maribor je prostor, kjer lahko izrazite svojo kreativnost, se sprostite ali pa si le umažete roke in predpasnike. Vodili vas bomo skozi sproščujočo izkušnjo, v kateri se boste preko gline povezali z naravo in hkrati ustvarili unikaten kos keramike, ki je lahko kreativno darilo z osebno noto ali lep spomin na nepozabno lončarsko doživetje. Delavnice oblikovanja gline so primerne za otroke, družine, manjše skupine in posameznike. Program prilagodimo glede na vaše izkušnje, želje, spretnosti in starost.
Learn how to roast coffee like a pro
First we will discuss the origins of coffee and discover the difference between Arabica and Robusta. Then we will move into the sensory phase of the experience and discover how green raw coffee smells like, and what how different varieties of roasted coffees can also have different smells and aromas. Then we will cup and taste 2 different types of coffees, prepared 2 different ways: espresso and V60, or V60 and French press. This will allow you to get acquainted with each method, and learn the differences between each and their impact on taste, clarity, drink strength. After that we will learn about the different roast profiles (light, medium, dark), and discuss what chemical reactions occur during the roasting, and their impact on the taste of the coffee beans, depending on the profile roast: acidity, sweetness, bitterness. Finally, we will roast 2 batches of coffee, visualise the roast from start to finish, from green to roasted bean, and see how it develops from a grassy to nutty caramel flavour. We will then bag 2 bags of coffee you just roasted so you can take it home and enjoy with your family! This whole 3 step process will last about 2h-2h30 hours. This introduction course on coffee roasting is done with very small groups of max 2 people, so you can enjoy the most of a hands-on experience.