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Meteora Sunset Tour on e-bikes
We meet in front of our office,right in the center of the lovely town of Kalampaka. We pick and adjust our bikes and equipment.Your tour leader will lead you out on a 3-hour sightseeing tour by e-bikes.See all the remaining active monasteries with stories about tradition, history and landmarks you see along the route. We will take short breaks for pictures and chat and as the sun slowly sets behind the mountains we will stop and enjoy the most amazing sunset from the best spot in Meteora.Groups are small,with a maximum of 9 people and your smiling local tour leader. Other things to note We offer a variety of bike sizes so everyone will find the right bike.
Meteora Hidden Beauties
If you like nature, hiking, history, geology and photography you found the right person to guide you around the area of Meteora. My ancestors inhabited in the area of Meteora and the village of Kalampaka for centuries. This connection with the magnificent landscape is imprinted in my genes. This strong energy guided me to explore all the aspects of this phenomenon. Due to my scientific background, as a biologist, I was urged to discover all the hidden beauties and the secrets of this magical land from my own unique perspective. Would you like to experience it? If the answer is YES!!! Let’s take a walk together! Be my guests!
Meteora secret spots & untold stories
If you like ordinary tours, this experience is definitely not for you ;-) Meteora is an area full of delightful​ hidden sites and remarkable untold stories. Join this experience to discover the secrets of this land, through the eyes of a passionate local. First of all, I will customize the tour to your hiking skills. We will make easy walks/hiking visiting some of the most beautiful locations and we will take our time to feel the rejuvenating energy of the landscape. We will visit amazing hidden view spots, we will do aromatherapy discovering wild medicine plants and I will show you how the powerful element of water created this massive geological masterpiece. We will feed our senses with refreshing smells, birdsongs and we'll take our shoes off to make the connection with the smooth solid earth. We will talk about wild edible plants, geology, history, spirituality, about the special energy of this area and the life of the extraordinary monks who lived in this phenomenal 'wonder' land. We will end this tour with a pic nic and we will enjoy organic, healthy homemade cookies, nuts and local fruits. Feel free to contact me directly for time adjustments, larger number of participants, groups or private customized tours (my speciality) !!! Other things to note : You don't have to worry about your hiking skills or special clothing. This experience is suitable for all of you!
Meteora tour on e-bikes!
Right in the center of the small town of Kalampaka you will find our office.Within two minutes you''ll find yourself on a smile stretching bike tour between the unbelievable rock formations of Meteora,with the cliff suspended monasteries on top.Your tour leader will tell you stories about tradition,history and everything you need to know from this spellbinding location.Our electric bikes are the best way to explore Meteora away from traffic,buses and big crowds while your local leader will take you to the most exciting spots for taking pictures of the most beautiful monasteries, the Game of Thrones scenery, and other hidden gems that not many are lucky to experience. Other things to note We offer a variety of bike sizes so every rider will find the right bike for his size. The riding pace is at a low speed so we can enjoy the views. We take many short breaks for pictures and stories.
Hiking for views to Makrinitsa
Get ready to enjoy a beautiful morning in nature on the mythical Mount Pelion! (Walking time around 3h.) We will start our day at your hotel where I will pick you up from. Our first leg will be quite easy. We'll walk up to Stagiates village for about 40 min where we will have a short break to fill our bottles with cool spring water and continue to the second part of our trek (approx. 50 min). The path will lead us deeper into the forest where all the beauty is hidden. The sounds of running water will relax you and the stories about local myths will impress you. At some point, the inclination will increase and the path will get narrower as we approach one of the oldest villages of Pelion, Makrinitsa. At the scenic Makrinitsa, you'll have the chance to shop for native products, visit museums, admire the Pelion-style architecture, take photos and enjoy a cup of coffee with incredible views. On our way to Portaria we will explore the amazing Centaur's Path. This refreshingly beautiful walk lasts only 30 minutes but the beauty of it will remain on your minds forever. In Portaria you will witness old mansions, traditional taverns, local goods and take a look at the oldest church, the Virgin Mary of Portarea. Our journey will end by taking the bus to the city of Volos or if you feel mighty enough we can walk back. PS: If you are interested take a look at my other tours.
Taste Pelion with locals
Σε σημεία ιδιαίτερου φυσικού κάλλους , που επισκεπτόμαστε συχνά με φίλους, κάνοντας περιηγήσεις, συμμετέχοντας σε εποχιακή συγκομιδή καρπών, μαγειρεύοντας και περνώντας χρόνο στη φύση καθώς συναναστεφόμαστε.
Guided kayak tour at Vourvourou
Our tour starts at Mikro Karydi beach! We meet there and prepare all the stuff for our departure. We prepare/ have sandwitches, fruits, juices and water in portable refrigerators for you. After some instructions, we jump in the kayaks and go together to the best beaches of Kalamonisia islets and Diaporos island! We stop there and you have the opportunity to swim, snorkel and relax at the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki! During the tour we take pictures of you and after the tour we send all of them to you! Also there is one more small surprise gift for you at the end of our tour! Join us and explore the blue of your soul! Other things to note This kayak tour is designed so that it is also very easy for people who have never tried a kayak. During the kayak tour we are all together and there is no reason to worry about anything.
South Pelion Secrets and Memories
We will start our experience by meeting in the city center. I will pick you up and we will drive to Mt Pelion, which is known from Greek mythology as a place where centaurs lived and the Gods of Olympus were resting. On our way to the Southern Pelion, we will make a few stops in traditional villages, speak about the history, take some photos and admire the idyllic views. Our first stop will be the picturesque village of Argalasti where we will witness the local culture, the old mansions and have a cup of Greek coffee next to the locals. Here you will have the chance to shop for traditional products of the area like olive oil and herbs. We then will continue our ride to the nearby village of Metohi to fill our bottles with spring water and head to explore the scenic rocky beaches of Patrichori, swim in a secret natural pool and relax on the beach. At St. George fishing village and with the amazing views of Skiathos we will taste the local seafood, try 'tsipouro with meze', and discover the secret of the famous fish soup of Mr. Kostas (the lunch is optional). Before returning back we will have a short refreshing walk in a forest and visit an old scenic church. I am sure that the entire experience will be rejuvenating and you'll come closer to nature. PS: Please note that this tour is fully customizable. Contact me if you want an alternative route or an overnight stay.
Cooking and dinning with a Greek family
Cook with one of the best chefs of all time: my mom, and my children's grandmother Mrs. Maro. Together with us we will teach you how to make Moussaka , or meatballs with tomato sauce, or sole fish with green onions zucchini pie, or aubergine salad and semolina halva for desert. Also some other dishes will be available to taste. Vegetarian-option available You will become a member of our crazy family for a day and you will accompany us, in our home, in our yard and in our kitchen.  After we make our dinner, we will enjoy our effort with a delicious dinner in our yard! Please feel free to contact me by message for any other days is more convenient for you. If you are more than three please contact me we will pleased to help you. Minimum 2 guests.
Try scuba diving in Kassandra's blue waters
Join us to try something new, give you a taste of how much fun it is to scuba dive! Enter a new world, come closer to the sea fauna and flora, by engaging in this introductory program to Scuba Diving. In approx. three hours, you will learn basic rules about scuba equipment and practice essential diving skills in the shallows, before going on an unique, guided and safe underwater adventure with your PADI instructor. You get the experience of personalized training as you dive in small groups of three students or fewer; you progress at your own pace while you meet new friends. The program aims at beginners, no license or previous experience needed. Highlights * Find out what it's like to breathe underwater * Admire the Mediterranean sea life * Practice new skills * Get the VIP treatment, enjoy a personalized training approach * Safety and...a lot of fun! All diving equipment is provided to you. You have to be at least 10 years old which makes it an experience suitable for the whole family!
Paragliding Μeteora Flying Adventures
A unique experience, to feel like a bird above the rocks and mountains of Meteora region, an UNESCO heritage monument. Let's fly in the sky paragliding with us. Please bring sensible, good, closed shoes (running shoes/trainers/sneakers– whatever you like to call them). Mountain and hiking boots are even better. Clothing-wise, wear shorts if its hot, but generally Jeans and a T-shirt with a windbreaker is the best bet. We include everything needed for the flight (helmets and all flying equipment) as well as water, suntan lotion, snacks and refreshments. Naturally, it’s best is to drink lots of water and use that suntan lotion before arriving.
Explore magnificent Meteora on an E-Bike
Starting from our meeting point which is in Kalabaka's city centre and meet our partners. They will help you to choose the ideal E-Bike for your ride throughout a fleet that can cover any need. Safety equipment will be provided and then be ready for not even breaking a sweat lifetime experience. Start cycling with our tour leader and in less than 5 minutes from the meeting point you will be at the hermit caves and among the giant rocks of Meteora. You will navigate through the picturesque village Kastraki and when you get out of it you will find yourself cycling under giant rocks and the hunderd years old monasteries on the top of them. You will have the chance to see all 6 of them and visit 3. Tour leader will tell you all the historical details and take you at the most amazing places for pictures. After visiting the last monastery it is time to feel the amazing sense of descending from Meteora back to the city of Kalabaka where tour ends.
Paint the sky A gorgeous Meteora sunset tour on an E-Bike
Serene, spiritual, magical, amazing, breath-taking. These are only some of the words used by people to describe Meteora . Meet our partners in the city centre of Kalabaka, choose the ideal bike for you throughout our big fleet that can cover any need and begin the tour of your life. First stop of the tour would be the Acropolis of Kalabaka where stands the 1000 years old Byzantine Curch of the city. Tour leader will tell you everything about this monument and the Temple of Apollo that the church built over. After this you will visit the hermit caves of Meteora, where the first monks came in 11th century. As the sun is setting slowly behind the mountainous landscape you will have the opportunity to see all 6 monasteries of the area built on the top of the rocks from the monks. The tour leader will tell you all the amazing stories and stop you at the best places for pictures combined with our E-Bikes that will make the experience effortless and safe you will have the tour of your life. last stop? Be romantic, find your spot and enjoy the magnificent sunset on a giant rock.
Ανακαλύψτε τη Σκιάθο και τα γύρο νησάκια μέσω θαλάσσης
Μία μοναδική ξενάγηση στο νησί της Σκίαθου με σκάφος η οποία θα γίνει η πιο όμορφη εμπειρία της ζωή σας. Θα περιηγηθούμε στις παραλίες του νησιού ανακαλύπτοντας παραλίες δυσπρόσιτες, όπου μόνο μέσω θαλάσσης μπορεί κανείς να προσεγγίσει, γεμάτες εικόνες πλούσιες σε φύση. Θα περιηγηθούμε σε έναν απ τους πιό αρχαίους Ελληνικούς Ναυτικούς φάρους ‘‘Ρέπι’’ Τοποθετημένος σε ένα νησάκι το οποίο ονομάζεται ‘‘Τρυπητή’’. Θα κατευθυνθούμε στο βόρειο μέρος του νησιού και θα ανακαλύψουμε τη σπηλιά της Φόνισσας και τη Μπλε σπηλιά. Επίσης θα κάνουμε μπάνιο στη πιο γνωστή παραλία του νησιού, την οποία μόνο με σκάφος μπορεί να προσεγγίσει κανείς,Ο τα ‘‘Λαλάρια’’ που ξεχωρίζει στο κόσμο για τα μοναδικά βότσαλα της αλλά και για τα γαλαζοπράσινα νερά της. Επόμενη στάση; Το επιβλητικό Κάστρο πάνω σε μια βραχώδη χερσονησίδα, στο βορειότερο σημείο της Σκιάθου το οποίο χρησίμευσε ως Καταφύγιο των ντόπιων επι περίοδο Τουρκοκρατίας. Στο δρόμο μας μπορεί να έχουμε την τύχη να δούμε και να φωτογραφίσουμε δελφίνια! Θα απολαύσουμε το μπάνιο μας σε διαφορετικές παραλίες και θα κάνουμε μια στάση για φαγητό σε ένα από τα παραδοσιακά ταβερνάκια για ψαράκι ημέρας!
The magnificent hiking tour of Meteora
In the oak forest of Meteora, between rock giants and cliff-suspended monasteries, there’s a magical world where birds serenade, fresh air rejuvenates, and blue skies mesmerize. Join us on this hiking tour, and listen to the ancient whispers and nature’s songs in one of the most spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites.
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