Maker's Mark Distillery

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If you're ever out in our neck of the woods, stop by the distillery to see your whiskey being made in person. There's nothing like it. In 2012, we'll stop mashing between May 23 and June 23 for maintenance, but we'll still conduct tours. Closed Sunday January and February.
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September 27, 2021
One of the most beautiful campus'. Worth the trip just to tour the campus.
August 22, 2017
Watch a sour mash ferment in giant cypresswood vats on its way to becoming that heavenly Kentucky bourbon at this distillery
October 2, 2021
We like hiking trails in KY but this one's a little different. Hop on the "Bourbon Tail" with 25 distinct distilleries along country byways. On the tours you'll learn why Bourbon whiskey is a treasure sought after around the world. You'll sample some too. Buddy-up for this one.
Matthew  (Matt)
Matthew (Matt)
September 1, 2017
If you like Bourbon and want to make the Trip you will love the Distillery Tour! Its a must at some point if your a Bourbon Fan.
December 29, 2021
Offers tours and the experience of "dip your own bottle."
December 18, 2021
This is one everybody mentions as a great distillery to visit.

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“Another distillery to consider! You really cannot go wrong with any distillery along the Bourbon Trail.”
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Point of Interest
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“Many Kentuckian's favorite bourbon. A gorgeous distillery in the beautiful city of Versailles!”
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“Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Offers guided tours and tastings.”
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“Everything here has been delicious! The menu is huge, anyone can find something that is to their liking, even kids love it! ”
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3350 Burks Spring Road
Loretto, Kentucky 40037
Ifoni+1 270-865-2881
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