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Build a Mud House and learn about Natural Building
Do you remember the bliss as a child playing with mud- digging, molding, and building castles? Do you remember the scenery you drew in school - mountains with the sun peeking through, farm fields, cattle grazing, birds flying high, and a river stream flowing in the middle? Do you remember building blanket forts and reading a book? Rediscover your childhood and curiosity and introduce yourself to Natural Building and learn how you can construct your own dream mud house. Join us as we walk across the wooden bridge over the river and through the jungle, along the Ganges, identifying various natural building materials. This trail is easy and fun for beginners. We will tour the building site of a tiny mud house we are building and talk about the journey so far. You will learn to test soil, make cob (A mixture of clay soil, sand and straw) with your feet, dance, and build the cob wall. We will have vegetarian authentic local food at our residence overlooking the farmlands. Post lunch, you will learn about different techniques of natural building through an informative talk and presentation. Additionally, you will see various samples of homemade biomaterials and bioplastics. You will learn about books to dive deeper into the topic. You will leave with a spark to start your journey into the natural building. The mud will wash off. Memories will last forever.
Scooter tour with yogi
** Minimum 1 Guest per Booking** For group booking please inform in advance. 1 st - we will go to the "mountains for sightseeing" and freshness / or any other selected place. [ we will do trekking in mountain so please wear shoes ] 2nd - we will go in my scooter for a hidden place in nature or a sadhu kutiya for having real vibe of rishikesh. 3rd - we will go to a ancient temple of rishikesh to understand science and spirituality if you are interested. 4th - In the end we will explore the streets of Rishikesh and we will explore ashram and stories of Yoga sadhus. Which will blow your mind give some meaning of this tour. If you are interested in yoga we can do a class on the beach too . At last i can drop you to a night ceremony place [ arti] or on your way of home we will decide when we will end the tour. [
Lazy sound meditation/sound bath in a healing forest setting
We will meet at the deck of the Healers hut and proceed within, to experience how gongs, singing bowls, pulse tubes and other instruments have a healing effect on the heart, mind and body. This is an interactive and soothing experience, we will start the experience lying down on ground mats as I play the selection of instruments. You can soak in the himalayan forest vibes @ HEAL FARM after the session and indulge in relaxed conversation too. The farm is a lovely space to chill and assimilate the effects of the immersion, it is literally as many call it, a healing forest. We are located on a ridge adjoining the Sattal reserve forest which can be approached via a small town called Bhowali. The location for the lazy sound meditation may change to the Yogashala or outdoors as the weather permits depending upon the size of the group. Kindly dress comfortably as the season dictates, the session might also be outdoors depending upon group size. Please note: This is a no-smoking/drinking zone, kindly refrain or please step out if you really wish to indulge.
A Temple tour of Rishikesh
As a part of the Temple walkthrough, we start our journey from Laxman Jhula Ghat, near German bakery. We will cover about 4-5 temples of historic and religious significance and end our trip at Parmarth Niketan Ashram for the evening Ganga aarti, following which we, if the guests are interested, we may head for a classical indian satvic dinner. Please note, if you'd like an alternate timing for this experience, all you have to do is ask.
Kumaoni village walk followed by Kumaoni lunch near Ranikhet
Indulge yourself in this unique Kumaoni way of living. I'll take you on a walk through some of the old villages and beautiful old homes of the region. We will end with a Kumaoni lunch comprising of recipes passed down the generations in my family. This Kumaoni village tour takes you through this all. We'll first go on a short hike through the old Kumaoni village. I'll show you some of the wood carvings (also known as Likhai work), the produce grown in the year, other means of sustenance and some of the trees in the region. At the end of the hike, we will rest and eat in a beautiful oak forested private dining space. It will be a 4-course meal consisting of Starters, Vegetarian Mains, Non-Vegetarian Mains and Dessert. You can then relax in the environs of the property and return once you're well rested.
Jungle walk & Guided Flute meditation
we will start early in the morning from Tapovan in Rishikesh and will walk towards the waterfall and up from the waterfall after 2-3 km walk uphill from here we walk a little bit more further to find a quiet spot and start with music healing session, In the session you will get to experience first hand the alaap form(non rhythm way of exploring and expressing in raag) of raaga (set of notes to create a melody) , and experience the healing properties of raga as I will play according to time and weather, each time and weather call for different raga to be played, to suit a particular atmosphere. Enjoy the guided meditation and then start walking back towards the lake And back to the beach Other things to note please get your water bottles as their are no shops on the way, Please don't throw your garbage on the way, get a bag or something to carry your waste with you.
A bicycle tour of Rishikesh, Bicycle Provided
We Start the day by visiting the Triveni Ghat, a sacred bathing spot located on the banks of the Ganges River. Watch the Hindu morning prayers and rituals, and take a dip in the holy waters if you wish. After that we will visit the Parmarth Niketan Ashram (via Ram Jhula) one of the largest and most popular ashrams in Rishikesh. Post that ake a walk across the iconic Laxman Jhula bridges, which connect the two sides of the Ganges River. Enjoy the views of the river and the surrounding mountains. We can also have lunch at one of the many vegetarian restaurants in Rishikesh, which serve traditional Indian cuisine. Post lunch, we shall visit the Beatles Ashram, located on the banks of the Ganges, where the famous band The Beatles wrote many of their songs during their visit to Rishikesh in 1968. The ashram is now covered with graffiti, which is a result of a graffiti festival, which is annually held here. Additionally we can also take a boat ride on the Ganges River, which offers great views of Rishikesh and the surrounding mountains, and visit the Trimbakeshwar temple for the evening Ganga Aarti.
A walk through a forest and a Kumaoni lunch near Binsar
The forest is one of the most relaxing places to be in. Through this 4hr walk and lunch combination, you will see the best of what Kumaon forests have to offer. This journey takes you through the mixed forests of Rhododendron, Pine, Oak and Bayberry. Through the way, you'll hear barbets, flycatchers, magpies, finches and more. On the walk, you will end at a large meadow to relax and laze around it before you return for a scrumptuous Kumaoni lunch. The starting point of the hike is 3hrs from Nainital.
Optical Art Workshop - Texiles
You'll learn to create textile art. We will explore quirky textile techniques. Depending on how much time you wish to spend on learning new technique's. All the technique that you will learn are taken from DIY culture. You can view my clothing brand on Insta - @anekism
Creative expression through guided art workshops
These art experiences are equally suited for the beginner, intermediate and advanced artist. We will meet at the art centre at HEAL FARM and start with a nice chai around conversation to understand what you would like to engage in over the next couple of hours. We shall then proceed to paint the choice of medium using the supplied material to unlock your creativity in the moment. We offer an open and closed space to work in the art centre which comprisis of a woodworking space and art gallery which also doubles as a creative space. We shall break for a nice home style lunch post which you will have adequate time to finish your artwork that you can carry home with you.
Five Elemental Music in the Himalayas
Stemming from my work in the region as a Music Therapist and Sound Healer, are four potential music and sound based experiences. 1. Community Drumming Community drumming, is a drum circle experience, harnessing evidence based research in to the positive health benefits of drumming, and the co creation of non-improvised yet structured rhythmic play. (Requires a minimum of 4 adult participants, children are welcome too.) 2. Sound Journey A sound journey is a relaxing experience, immersing in to the vibrational pane of our existence. A thoughtfully curated space, amidst nature, begins with an emphasis on breath work and tuning in to Nada. Participants will be in a reclining position, and the journey unfolds through a wide variety of harmonically tuned instruments and symbolic sonic representations of elemental sounds. (Open to a maximum of 6 people) 3. A Strange Beautiful Musik Story This experience traces Stephen's work as a music therapist in the Indian Himalayas. Drawing from 7 years worth of documented footage, the story promises to be heartwarming and salted generously with humour. Participants can equally expect insight in to the challenges of pioneering a music therapy project in rural india. 4. Music Therapy Sessions A professional client-therapist relationship, adhering with best practice standards. (Minimum 4 sessions)
Explore Hidden Trails of Nainital
Come and join me on a beautiful hike to Dorothy's seat for sunrise, on the hike we can spot some exotic Himalayan birds, serene Himalayan ranges, the famous lake and the town. Visit Raj Bhawan, a Scottish-look castle built in the year 1897. The architecture of the castle is Gothic and is built on a European pattern. The Golf Course at Raj Bhawan is one of the oldest and vintage Golf Courses in India. After enjoying boating during the sunset in Naini lake we will explore the local market, Naina Devi temple, mall road, Thandi Sadak, Tibetan market and try local food.
A walkthrough of off beat locations at Rishikesh
We will meet up near Laxman Jhula Bridge and start by walking up to Neelkanth Bridge and from there hike to one of the most secluded waterfalls in Rishikesh. From there, we head back to Tapovan for a satvic lunch and post lunch we explore the forests near secret waterfall and then end the tour by heading to Neem Beach and/or Tapovan island. Additionally we can also go to Rishikesh main market for shopping or evening Ganga Aarti at Triveni ghat. Please note, if you'd like an alternate timing for this experience, all you have to do is ask.
A Spiritual Guided Trip to Varanasi
We will start from rishikesh abd head to Varanasi. We will spend some time exploring the various ghats of Varanasi and also understand the hindu concept of Death as per Bhagavat Gita. We will then head to sarnath, about 12 kms from Varanasi, the place where Buddha gave his forst sermon after attaining enlightenment. Post that we will come back to the ghats of Varanasi for the evening Ganga aarti and then make our way back to Rishikesh.
Bird Watching
meeting the guest - we will meet at WILD KUMAON Premises in Sattal at 06:30 am in the morning. Have a coffee in the property. start walking - Sattal road trail (also telling them about Sattal and its birds) Birding and walking - this walk consists of much birding activity in the morning which we will witness in this trail (this will go for 2.5 hours), the visitor would be told about the calls we hear and all the birds we sight..interesting facts about them and from where those birds have migrated. arriving Garur Lake region - this area touched to the beautiful lake has some Birds in winters which like to stay in this area only - Thrushes, Blackbirds, and Parakeets are few examples. (we will spend a half-hour here) and walk towards Hanuman Lake trail. reaching the Hanuman lake region around 10 am - walk will bring us to studio region where we will do the trail in the forest and look for small and beautiful birds. walking back to the first meeting point doing birding only. closing the activity at 10 am. Other things to note : guest need to know about the weather forecast that day. if the date is very near.
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