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Nature Walks with Llamas
Join us and our llamas for a 2-mile nature walk and explore the trails on our farm. We'll walk trails along our pastures and into the woods with your own llama companion. You'll learn the history of the camelid family, llama domestication, and how llamas and alpacas are used today. We'll also have the opportunity to tour the farm facility, meet the rest of the herd, and learn more about how we prepare and use their fiber. Other things to note: * We reserve the right to cancel an experience in the event of bad weather - we will walk in light rain, but will cancel in the event of heavy rain; * We do not schedule these walks in the middle of summer (July and August) as it gets too hot for the animals, but will add days from time to time over the summer as we check the weather forecast for cooler days. * Parts of the trails may be wet, muddy, or icy especially in winter, we'll navigate these areas carefully or find alternate routes as necessary. * guests should wear closed toed shoes and weather-appropriate clothing that is suitable for light hiking Each child under 10 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and will share a llama on the trails with an adult unless they've had prior experience with handling large livestock. Please do not ask to bring your pup as saying ‘no’ makes us sad.
Come Cuddle With Animals On A Local Micro-Farm
*New babies born May 8th!* Looking for a fun outdoor activity for the family? Need to de-stress from the craziness of life? Cuddling with animals offers the opportunity to relax your mind and let go of the stress and anxiety for brief period. Not to mention, it's just FUN! During your visit, you will have one hour to cuddle and play with the animals on our micro-farm. Being that this is an outdoor experience, we are really not set up to do cuddle sessions during inclement weather. If we are expecting bad weather for your booked hour, I'm happy to work with you on re-scheduling for a nicer day or time. We currently have lots of Nigerian Dwarf goats of varying ages, an almost 2 year-old miniature Zebu named Molly, a rescue steer named Ferdinand, and two pigs named Charlie and Ellie. We also have numerous chickens, as well as our little Holland Lop bunny Oliver. ** For the health and safety of both our animals and yours, we do not allow outside animals to visit the farm. ** **We do not have a public bathroom on-site, since this is our home. For your convenience, we do offer a Porta-John with hand sanitizer** *** For those interested, we do offer our pasture raised eggs available for purchase during your visit***
Public Art Tour
Join us on a stroll around Pittsburgh’s Cultural District downtown, where we’ll visit public artworks that combine local and national histories, thoughtful perspectives, and technical skills. You will get to see colorful murals, intriguing light installations, as well as captivating sculptures - all within a few city blocks! Other things to note: Every participant will have to sign a waiver. - Free cancellation and full refund up to 24 hours before tour start. - Tour will take rain or shine! Please message if there are any concerns about inclement weather.
Wine and Beer Trolley Tour
You’ll hop on the trolley and tour award-winning vineyards and breweries, sampling their offerings and taking in their gorgeous views. Along the way you’ll learn about the history of the area and how it’s becoming a world class destination for wine and craft beer. Other things to note Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start of tour. Tastings not included in price.
Tea Time with Baby Goats and a Miniature Horse
Come join us for tea on the farm with baby goats, Miss Beulah the cow and mini horse Chester! Looking for a chance to destress, calm down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life? Guests are invited for seasonal refreshments while enjoying the entertainment of our friendly goats, cow and horses, including baby goats born here on the farm and Chester, our adorable miniature horse. This experience is conducted in the pasture and guests are welcome to interact with the animals while tea is served. Tea refreshments are seasonal and include options such as mint tea, scones and cucumber sandwiches. This is a short-term seasonal experience while our baby goats are still babies, we only host this during the month of May! (For safety we cannot welcome dogs to the farm at this time.)
Cuddle baby goats & bottle feed, walk a sheep on a leash
WE HAVE BABIES!!! Come out to Pickle Meadows Farm to snuggle with three adorable goat babies and one you can even bottle feed!! Our farm offers an interactive and educational look at farm animals, learning facts about their basic anatomy, things they eat, and how they communicate. We offer hands on experiences with feeding, grooming, and basic animal caretaking. Walk the goats on a leash and watch the lamb jump through the field during our walk through the pasture. You can even take a stroll through the nature trails and discover the indigenous trees and plants of Central Virginia. Come spend some time with our animals and reconnect with nature. All of the goats and lamb were bottle fed and enjoy interactions with humans. Petunia, our potbellied pig, was hand raised and loves children and belly rubs. We even have a hedgehog, Princess Buttercup, that enjoys playing on the farm.
Up close and personal alpaca walking adventure
Shed the outside world for a few hours. Picture yourself walking among gentle and always curious alpacas. Meet alpacas up close and personal. Feel their fuzzy noses as you hand-feed them. Learn about their history, their behavior and personalities, and what makes alpaca fiber special. Take a guided walk with one of our alpacas over pasture and wooded trails. Then check out our farm store and studio where you will find yarns and roving made from our alpacas’ fleece, felted soap wrapped in their fiber, a wide selection of wearable alpaca items for the whole family, alpaca-themed gift items, and photo cards of each of the alpacas you met. Then dip your fingers into the world’s softest, silkiest, warmest fleece. After the tour, you can relax in one of our three picnic areas or explore trails through 23 wooded acres and along Ballinger Creek. It’s time to take a break, relax and enjoy the farm. We set up this farm especially for your enjoyment. SUMMER HEAT ADVISORY — It is too dangerous to alpaca health to walk them when the Heat Index is above 90°. We can still do the tour, but not walking the alpaca. What we offer in place of the walk is to have you help us cool off our critters by hosing them. We will show you how, then you can take over giving them one of their favorite activities. They are like kids playing in the sprinklers.
Hike Frick Park with a Hairless Dog
We'll set off from Regent Square and hike up the back trails with your new best friend: a jovial hairless dog named Lola! Along with exercising and socializing, we'll take some photos to publish on Lola's world famous Instagram profile. As we hike, feel free to take time to photograph the Pittsburgh backcountry. Along the way we will have great views of nature and Western Pennsylvania!
Hug A Highland
Hug A Highland allows guests to visit our family owned and operated farm to brush, love, feed, and take nonprofessional pictures with our Scottish Highlands and miniature donkeys! If wanted, guests can also take a look around our farm to learn more about beekeeping, cover crops, or agriculture in general.
Smell like a goat! Farm Experience.
Upon arrival, please take your time getting situated, there is no rush on the farm. Most often you will be greeted at your car by our farm dogs, Bowie & Freddie. Chickens and a goat or two may greet you as well. This is a chance to show off our farm and farm store! You are welcome to stroll the property and visit our Herbal Earth Apothecary farm store! At your leisure, feel free to wander and take in the property or interact with the animals. We offer you the chance to relax and enjoy a slow-paced time on the farm. Hanging out with goats may be the secret to happiness. Family friendly. Picnic friendly. Stay at your leisure.
Breathe; Fire and Ice
For Folks who might value pushing their limits... We'll be at The Ix Art Park in downtown Charlottesvile, a beautiful place! The whole experience will take about two hours. We'll start with some simple breathing exercises to enjoy the ice! This brings us into and out of internal, self directed states of intensity. A little bit of talk on how we can upregulate and down regulate the sympathetic nervous system, and how we can use that to support our experience and sense of empowerment in the ice, stress at work, to help go to sleep, deal with negative behavior, and all the ways we experience stress in our lives. Then we start rounds of high heat dry sauna and ice baths. I will be coaching you through all of the experience. you will be in community and enjoying your body, breathing and nervous system. The whole point is to get familiar with the range of our nervous system, our ability to be aware of it, and discover that we can regulate our body-mind. When your done you'll feel like a million bucks and have had an experience of expansion and empowerment that carries into your life. Other things to note VERY IMPORTANT: You are guided by the providers, and all the while YOU are in charge of participation, your experience, and using wisdom and responsibility to regulate your self. There’s no wrong way, only YOUR way.
Sunrise Hike at Scenic Humpback Rocks
Come along on a Shenandoah Valley tradition and take in the sunrise from 3000 feet. We'll meet at the Humpback Rocks trail parking lot to embark on one of two hikes, short and steep or a 1.5-mile stroll, to a vista unlike any other in the Blue Ridge. Along the way, you'll shake off the early-morning sleepies and learn about the history and geology of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley, all in a safe, fun environment supportive of all levels of hikers or hikers-to-be. After watching the sunrise crest over the scenic vineyards and fields of Afton valley, we'll head back to the cars, a total of 2.5-3 hours. **Note: Starting spring 2023, I'm donating 10% of my revenue and ALL cash tips to nature preservation and sponsoring at-risk youth on a hiking trip. Please consider cash tips toward these causes!**
Whiskey Walk
Our tour for those who: Love whiskey? Walking? Pittsburgh? Then this sounds like the tour for you! From the mill to the still, whiskey has been a cornerstone in Pittsburgh's history. Come downtown for our whiskey history tour where you will discover how whiskey has fueled political, labor and social movements throughout the region. We start the tour with a sample of the oldest and longest continuously produced whiskey in America. A second taster of locally produced whiskey will get you into the mood to explore Pittsburgh's whiskey past and present. As we walk the streets of Downtown, you'll learn about the violent Whiskey Rebellion in Pittsburgh, hidden former (as well as existing!) speakeasies around the city, and how Prohibition affected the region. Besides that you will find out a lot about the revival of craft spirits, the history of a local and family-owned distillery and the first privately run liquor store in PA since before Prohibition. You will get 2 generous whiskey samples (endless refills!) at the beginning of the tour and 1 handcrafted cocktail - an 1884 Manhattan to get a real "taste of history" - in combination with 1 additional whiskey sample at the end. (Fun fact: The 1884 Manhattan was a pre-prohibition cocktail that became popular during prohibition times.) *Please note: This is NOT a bar crawl but a whiskey history tour that includes whiskey samples and
Farm Animal Interaction Experience
Have you ever held a chicken? Petted a cow or donkey? Introducing Butterfly Field Farm located in Bedford VA! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity and have over 70 residents including donkeys, miniature horses, goats, pot-bellied pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks and bunnies. We recently adopted our first special needs farm animals, 2 blind Black Angus Steers. Our mission is to bring awareness to the plight many farm animals face of neglect, abuse or abandonment. We love bringing people to the farm and interacting with the animals one on one and seeing first hand how gentle and loving they are. Come on out and meet our animals if in the Lynchburg / Roanoke area of Virginia!
A magical walk with goats
Meet our small herd of goats at the barn. To begin our adventure, we will introduce you to our goats. Learn their names and fun facts about these funny and sweet animals and how to care for them. When you are ready, we will begin our walk, through beautiful woodland trails and pastures with the goats happily following you. Experience the world in a new way as you observe the goats delighting in the delicious world around them. Learn about native plants and discover which plants the goats like to eat. We will also talk about their care, diet and our intensive rotational grazing system. Depending on the day and your preference, the trail may take us over bubbling creeks, through fields filled with butterflies, to an enchanting wetland, or down through the pines to the river. Besides the goats, you will have a chance to see rare plants and animals including bald eagles, wild orchids and beaver activity. The trails are easy to moderate. Don't forget good walking shoes. We will finish our adventure back at the barn, where you can spend a moment resting your feet and petting them before you say goodbye. If you have a date or time that you would like to visit but don't see it on the calendar, please send me a message and we can try and accommodate! We love dogs, but we ask you to leave yours at home. Blue, our Guardian dog, is very protective of his goaties.