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Deep Cove Yacht tour / Indian Arm
Contact the Captain to make your own custom trip or special requests! Deep cove, Jug Island, Bedwell Bay, Racoon island, Silver Falls, Granite Falls, Wigwam inn, Vancouver Yacht Club, Burrard Yacht Club, Crooker Island Brighton Beach, Buntzen Powerhouse are all places you will see on this 3 hour tour. Minimum of 6 or more seats must be booked. The boat travels at 8knots. Drone photos/videos are available at an additional cost. Read, understand, sign a waiver.
Wildlife hike in Metro Vancouver
We will be exploring a trail along a local blueberry farm in Coquitlam / Port Coquitlam. The hike is 8 kilometers and can take up to 3 hours depending on our pace. The bears are hibernating until about April! But during late spring and summer, you might see black bears in the blueberry fields and sometimes they even cross the trail right in front of you. I've also seen all kinds of birds, including bald eagles, Kingfisher and blue herons. Turtles, deer, cougar, raccoon and coyotes live here too. I will take high quality professional pictures of my guests during the hike and share them online afterwards. As much as I want you to see wildlife, I cannot guarantee that we will see any animals. They are a bit unpredictable. After all, they are wild animals! I went on dozens of hikes and showed hundreds of guests the amazing beauty of my "backyard". Every hike is different and we see different animals and scenery. One thing is for sure: It is beautiful! Even in the rain and the scenery is amazing! My guests really like the hike. Read my 100+ great reviews. Other things to note I usually take pictures along the way and share them, but you should definitely bring your own camera. It might also become hot and there is no shade or trees to get cover. Come dressed accordingly.
Whistler Kayaking or Canoeing
Drive, take the bus, ride your bike, or take a taxi to Rainbow Park, on Alta Lake. We'll be waiting for you there with all our gear. I'll then give you safety instructions for our paddling adventure as well as prepare you your vessel of choice; kayak or canoe as well as personal flotation device (life jacket.) For our tour, we will then paddle out and explore Alta Lake-- looking up to spectacular Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, and observing the beautiful scenery and wildlife. Upon landing, we'll enjoy some amazing fresh lemonade. Throughout the experience I'll take some fantastic, professional photos of our entire experience. Finally, this is a great activity for everybody, as we have very stable kayaks, and canoes for all levels of paddlers. If you don't see a time that suits you scheduled-- just let me know and I'll open a time slot for you! Other things to note We have kayaks and canoes for are abilities. Families are welcome-- and kids can be put in a. boat with an adult. Couples can chose to either be in a canoe together, kayak together, or in separate kayaks.
Crab Fishing Adventure
First you must acquire a $7 “one day” Pacific fishing license for the day you’d like to fish crab. These are available online and you must have one to use my equipment (contact me for assistance). On fishing day we’ll meet in a beachfront neighbourhood of Vancouver. I will take you to the dock where I then give a lesson on baiting and setting your traps. You will also learn to identify your catch by species, size, and sex as It is necessary information to follow the legal parameters. I provide you with upto 2 traps each to use and I supervise as you set the traps. We soak the traps for a minimum of 15 minutes at which point you retrieve them under my supervision and we examine the catch. When you are finished (stay as late as 2pm!) for the day the traps will be prepared for storage and collected by myself. Any legal crab you catch are yours to keep!! You’ll be targeting two species: Local Red Rock Crab are not available commercially and have some of the sweetest meat in their claws that you could ever eat in your life!! Pristine, Dungeness Crab are world renowned and the West Coast of North America is the only place to get them fresh out of the ocean! Contact me about weekends or special requests!
Trout Fishing with a Local Guide
Important: we are a 100% CATCH & RELEASE guiding company. Under no exceptions do we bring home fish to eat. Minimum age requirement of 16. All guests must weigh between 100-280 lbs (45-127 kgs) After picking you up from your accommodation in Whistler we will get you looking like a local BC angler by putting you in a pair of waders and boots. This allows you to get into the water and stay completely dry. Depending on the time of year, you may catch Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout or Cutthroat Trout and your experienced fishing guide will select a water body that will give you the best chance of catching one of these species. Because of this, you may be fishing in a creek mouth, river or lake. Our thought process is simple. Drive less and fish more to maximize your time out on the water fishing. This experience involves fly fishing because it is the most productive way to catch trout in BC even if you've never done it before. I am very confident that we can teach you how to fly fish like the pros. This is truly a Canadian experience that you must cross off your bucket list. All guests 16 years of age and older must also purchase AND save their 1 day BASIC British Columbia freshwater fishing licence to their phone. This is NOT included in the Airbnb price
Explore the Whistler Valleys Hidden Gems
Discover the entire Whistler Valley through the eyes of a passionate local! Upon meeting in Whistler Village and getting acquainted, we’ll start with a scenic drive to the northern end of our valley. You'll enjoy an in-depth orientation, learn all about Whistler's first inhabitants and hear interesting local facts that you won’t find in the history books before arriving at the shore of stunning Green Lake. After enjoying some first-class lakeside views, we’ll then drive through one of our oldest neighborhoods, view some charming local cabins and continue through the temperate rain forest to the area’s original town site. At this stop, surrounded by thick lush wilderness, we discover humble structures still standing from the early 1900’s and take time to enjoy one of Whistler’s most beautifully hidden natural recreation areas. Heading south, we'll then stop to view the birthplace of skiing in the valley. You'll learn all about how Whistler became North America’s largest ski resort and host of the 2010 Winter Olympics! Next we’ll take a trip to meet the locals in a little hidden neighborhood at the valley’s south end. This area truly has something for everyone, cafes, breweries, bakeries and even a unique place that offers axe throwing! Finally, our journey will take us to a series Olympic games sites before arriving back in Whistler Village to finish. Other things to note Please be sure to arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes early wearing weather appropriate clothing + footwear and don't forget to bring your camera/phone!
Surrey Axe Throwing Experience
I'm excited to introduce you to the sport of axe throwing! This thrilling traditional Canadian backyard pastime is now bigger than ever in urban communities. Enjoy a 45 minute axe throwing session with a top notch axe coach right here in Surrey, which also serves the Greater Vancouver area and Richmond. We will provide everything you need when it comes to safety, throwing techniques and will be there to guide you throughout your entire experience. Once confident with the basics, our coach will introduce a variety of trick shots as well as facilitate games to crown a member of your group the ultimate axe throwing champion. I promise you'll be crushing bullseyes in no time and will leave feeling like the ultimate bad axe that you are! No experience necessary, all skill levels are welcome.
Italian Cooking Class
Embark on an Italian culinary journey in this cooking class with Chef Maryam as you learn how to cook with the fresh flavors and traditional techniques of the region. First, you'll combine tomatoes, fragrant basil, bocconcini — bite-sized fresh mozzarella — and more on toasted Italian bread for a classic bruschetta. Then, Chef Maryam will teach you the techniques you need to turn fresh ingredients into show-stopping dishes, including a buttery and lemony shrimp scampi followed by flank steak stuffed and rolled with sun-dried tomatoes. Finish with a classic dessert from Italy: Vanilla panna cotta. Guests are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy during the class.
French Cooking Class
Learn how to cook with traditional ingredients and flavors of France. French cuisine holds a special place in the heart of the culinary world with its rich sauces, creamy cheeses, and luxurious desserts that bring a sense of indulgence to any table. In this hands-on cooking class, Chef Maryam will teach you how to prepare three classic dishes. This menu highlights some of the best of French cooking, from a traditional cheese course featuring creamy Camembert to coq au vin with chicken, red wine, and mushrooms. For dessert, you'll learn the secrets to making crème brûlée for a refined finish to your meal. Guests are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy during the class.
Cooking Class-Authentic Mediterranean Bounty
Journey to the coasts of Greece and Italy with this robust Mediterranean-inspired menu. In this hands-on cooking class, you'll learn how to handcraft a handful of traditional Mediterranean dishes packed with freshness and flavor for a healthy meal. Chef Maryam will guide you through grilling or roasting eggplant paired with an herbaceous yogurt sauce for a unique appetizer. Next, prepare a bright tomato and feta sauce for a baked seafood entrée served with fluffy saffron couscous. Finish the meal with luscious poached pears coated in warm spices with chocolate sauce and rich vanilla ice cream. Guests are welcome to bring wine and beer to enjoy during the class.
Forest Bathing to heal the soul
What is it that feeds your soul? For me, spending time playing in nature, let me take you to the perfect place to reflect on your communication with your body, mind and spirit and help you open up to wholeness and grace. In the stillness of now familiar paths of ancient giants, I lead groups to intimately connect with their bodies. My intimate knowledge of this forest, allows me to guide participants to feel more peaceful and connected, more grounded and settled. Immersed in a practice of presence will led to a magical unfolding hidden in plain sight. I will help you notice the abundance of energy and life in the forest and how this practice can lead to peace and healing of the body. I will meet up with guests at Mundy Park , Coquitlam (Hillcrest and Foster Ave Entrance) , then proceed with an orientation and the Forest Bathing Tour. Forest bathing is an ancient practice with scientifically proven health benefits, most notably it decreases the risk of heart attack, reduces blood pressure , stress and pulse rate and many other health benefits. I will guide people for two hours of Forest Bathing in the forest at Mundy Park . **If you cannot find the date you want, Please contact for availability, I can be flexible**
The Great Whistler Walking Tour
Discover the real Whistler (while socially distancing) as your passionate local guide takes you on an insider’s journey of the entire area! Upon meeting in Whistler Village and getting acquainted, we'll start with an in-depth orientation that includes loads of interesting facts you won’t find in the local history books. Next is a beautifully scenic walk that takes us through the temperate rain forest, across a stunning glacial stream and on to the Blackcomb area, or "The Darkside" as the locals call it. While our journey meanders through the vibrant streets, you’ll come to learn all about what this less known neighborhood has to offer. From here, we’ll pass by an array of cultural establishments and return to the forest to take in some hidden works of public art. The art displays continue as we arrive at Millennium Place, Whistlers artisan hub. Next up, we’ll move on to the Village North area to visit the famous Olympics rings, a tucked away local foodie district and the very quaint town museum and archives. As we begin our journey back toward the heart of town, we’ll make one last stop at a towering must-see landmark designed to welcome visitors from all over the world to Whistler. Upon returning to our starting location, you'll be set up with all the info you could possibly need to best enjoy the remainder of your stay, including some great local deals & discounts! Other things to note Please be sure to arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes early wearing weather appropriate clothing + footwear and don't forget to bring your camera/phone!
Ice Fishing with a Local Guide
Important: we are a 100% CATCH & RELEASE guiding company. Under no exceptions do we bring home fish to eat. Minimum age requirement of 16 After we pick you up from your Airbnb in Whistler we will head over to one of the stocked lakes in town to catch Rainbow Trout which on average range between 10 & 14 inches in length. I will set up a large portable ice fishing shelter which will have a heater inside to keep you nice and toasty. After drilling a few holes into the ice with my powered Auger, I will have you fishing in no time. If it's a nice day you can move around the lake a lot more. This way, you can take in all the beautiful scenery the area has to offer which includes Whistler and Blackcomb mountain in the background. There is a good chance we will have the lake all to ourselves. It's the perfect getaway when you need a break from skiing and want some quiet time. This is truly a Canadian experience that you must cross off your bucket list. Great for groups, great for teams, and great for team-building.
Whistler Tasting Tours
We'll offer guided walking tours during which guests enjoy a fantastic multi-course dinner (& dessert) where each delicious course is provided by one of the many different world class, award winning & locally owned restaurants in Whistler. Tour: -First off, we will make a visit to and tour an impressive 15,000-bottle wine cellar where guests learn to saber champagne. Here Melissa Craig, winner the 2008 Canadian Culinary Championships, prepares a delicious seasonal amuse bouche tasting plate for guests to share & a glass of BC Sparkling Wine (if Drink Pairing package is purchased). -Stops 2 & 3 include an appetizer & entrée (can be paired with local British Columbian made wines if Drink Pairing package is purchased). -We finish off the tour at stop 4, where guests enjoy chef-made artisan British Columbian cheese board with locally made craft jelly. This can also be paired with a glass of British Columbian ice wine (if Drink Pairing package is purchased). Throughout the tour we enthusiastically provide local knowledge into Whistlers history, and also the fun tourist attractions and activities that guests can do during their stay. Guests will also collect a playing card at each venue with prizes for the best poker hands at last stop (no experience necessary). Guests leave with new friends, a greater appreciation for Whistler &, if lucky, locally made prizes
Burnaby Lake Private Photo Tour
We will meet at front of Burnaby Lake Nature House , from there we will take the beautiful trail around the Burnaby lake, and stopping at inspiring locations to take pictures , while you are enjoying amazing view of the lakes and your soul will connected to the nature.