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Rotterdam Bike Tour
We will meet you 10 minutes before start of the tour at 1e Blekerhof 26. See directions below. From there we will pick up the bikes and start our city exploration. In the bike tour you will see all the famous Rotterdam Highlights, but also visit real hidden treasures you otherwise wouldn't find. Highlights include the Cube houses, the Markthal, The beautiful Depot of Boijmans, and the Erasmusbridge. You will not hear the standard info, but the behind the scenes stories and fun facts. A little over half of the tour you will have a break at the Fenix Food Factory, a very nice alternative indoor market. At some locations we will park the bike and go in, for example at the Markthal. During the bike tour I will give you many insider tips and point out local restaurants, places for going out, shopping and sightseeing. A good idea to do this tour at the beginning of your stay so you will get a real insider experience. After approximately 2,5 hours we will back at the Leuvehaven. Other things to note - Meeting time: 10 minutes before start of tour. - Please dress for the weather - You need to be able to ride a bike (!) Directions to 1e Blekerhof: The 1e Blekerhof 26 is a small street parallel to the Schiedamsedijk. To access the street you have to take the stairs down from the Schiedamsedijk. Please check your navigation app.
Architecture walk Rotterdam
Begin your walking exploration of Rotterdam's highlights when you meet your guide under the clock at the modern Central Station at 10 AM. Then head to the city center, passing post-war reconstruction monuments such as the shopping area, Lijnbaan. Stop for a photo of the Timmerhuis building, rising like a cloud of glass and steel above the city. Hear about Rotterdam's history from your guide, an expert on architecture and art history. Explore landmarks such as the pre-World War II Laurens church, Rotterdam's Cube Houses, and the modern Markthal building, famous for its ceiling artwork. Relax over a snack at the indoor market before continuing your walk. Stroll along the river Maas, taking in the impressive views, and see the new developments on the south bank before concluding around 12:00 PM on the riverside with an Amazing skyline view. Other things to note The walk covers 3-4 kilometers. Comfortable shoes and seasonal clothing are recommended, as the Walk goes on even in rain and snow
History of Rotterdam – private tour
HISTORY OF ROTTERDAM During this tour, my goal is to show you how Rotterdam’s unique history shaped the city. I will cover the history from roughly 1300 onward: from the birth and development of the city, to its destruction in 1940, and how Rotterdam rose from its ashes to become the intriguing city it is today. To enhance your understanding, I will bring along several (historic) maps and also touch upon Dutch history and culture in general. PRIVATE WALKING TOUR In 3 hours, we will traverse the city center by foot: from pre-war parts that survived the bombing, to reconstructed and newer areas. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local or new to the city. This is a private tour, which allows me to cater exactly to your needs and prior knowledge of Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Other things to note If you want to book for a group, feel free to contact me for discounts. If the date or time of your choice is not available, please send me an inquiry.
Baking typical Dutch sweets in Delft
Are you ready to bake some Dutch stories?? I'll teach you how to make some typical Dutch sweets! The Bakery 'Let's Bake a Story' is situated in the city centre of Delft, very close to the train station. We will start the workshop with a small introduction, coffee/tea and of course a warm, typical Dutch apple pie! After we've introduced ourselves to each other and I've told you a little bit about Delft, we will start baking! We will be baking three different types of Dutch delicacies (about 30 pieces in total). Everyone will make enough so you can already eat some sweets during the workshop, but you will still have some left to take home. I'll explain/ show how the sweets are made and then you can try for yourself. Everyone will get a recipe book, so you can bake the Dutch treats at home too. The workshop will take about 2,5 to 3 hours. The maximum amount of people is 10, because I like to work in small groups. There will be bags/ packaging for you so you can bring everything you made home with you. All drinks are included. The most important thing is that you have a typical Dutch experience, a lot of fun and a lot of stories to tell when you come home!
Rooftop tour
Join us on a discovery tour of innovative and exclusive rooftops in the centre of Rotterdam. An enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide from Inside Rotterdam will take you on a tour of four roofs that are normally restricted or inaccessible. You will see what is already happening on the rooftops and hear about the ambitions of the city. Along the way, you will enjoy beautiful views of Rotterdam's skyline. This tour is surprising, informative and inspiring. You will see the city from a different perspective and learn about the city of the future and the crucial role of rooftops. After this tour, you will forever realise how much more is possible with rooftops in general and with your own roof (if you have one...)
Rotterdam experience with Boat ride and snacks
Your full Rotterdam experience begins here ! Walk with me from Central Station throughout the city over the markt and into the market hall, eat a few snacks. (Inclusive in the price) I'll tell you about the area and the history, guide you through the streets of the city and take you on a river taxi over the Maas, to the cruise ship SS Rotterdam. Take a look in SS ROTTERDAM a luxury cruise ship from the 1960. From there we walk to Hotel New York, ( Holland-America line ) and you'll see the beautiful breathtaking skyline of Rotterdam. See for your own eyes why they call it Manhattan on the Maas. This tour is not only a Food tour, it's a historical walk and a boat ride! Inclusive in the price is : River taxi (boat ride) Two fried snacks Stroopwafels And Haring (fish) A small tour book And laughter. Beginning: Central Station You will see : Koopgoot, Statues of Erasmus and gnome buttplug, market hall, Laurenskerk, ss Rotterdam, Hotel new york. * Kids price 20 euro from 6 till 12 yrs * Baby kids free till 5 yrs. Who am I ? Your personal guide born and raised in Rotterdam. I have giving this tour for fun to family and friends that came to visit me from America. I lived in the usa for 13 years. Now that I moved back to Rotterdam I want to show everyone the best and most beautiful spots and the history of Rotterdam. Questions or requests? Send me a DM.
Tasty Food Tour in Rotterdam
Customers will be taken on a three-hour food tour, where they’ll pass by five local and unique places while they discover the city through its cuisine. The customers will discover Rotterdam through their tastebuds. I want to search for dishes which symbolize the city and then go to places where they do this at it's best. During the tour I'll tell about Rotterdam and it's history (and the history of the food), but we will also pass by the local chefs who can tell a lot about the city and her dishes as well. The tour includes: - 8-9 tastings, with optional drinks. - A food and travel loving tour guide. - A personal e-mail before and after the tour with food and travel tips about the Netherlands.
Art and Architecture walk
Art and Architecture Walk is a guided walking tour that introduces the open air art collection of Rotterdam along with the must see architecture highlights of the city. The guides are knowledgeable local architects and artists. Rotterdam is the architecture capital of the Netherlands and has also an amazing treasury of outdoor art, thoughtfully bonded to the urban fabric and its buildings. The tour follows architecture icons like Central Station, Theater square and the Lijnbaan post war area. We present The Museum Quarter with the new rising icon – The Depot of Museum Boijmans. On the route there is a series of art dedicated to the drama of the bombarded city, a fresh mix of street art, a spread of art masterpieces whose artists names speak for themselves: Henry Moore, Roden, Picasso, Van Lieshout. Our guide brings you to the most popular art venue – the young, avant-garde Witte de Wit street. The tour includes the area of the Cube Houses and ends in the Markthal where art and architecture combine in a spectacular way! Other things to note Comfortable shoes and seasonal clothing are highly recomended as the experience goes on with no optimal weather conditions
Jenever Masterclass & Tasting
Join Rob and Ineke at the world famous Jenever Bar in the heart of the historic and beautiful capital of Jenever, Schiedam. Rob has been a Jenever expert for over 40 years offering people his abundance and knowledge, history and passion for this iconic Dutch speciality drink. Come along to this tasing to learn more about the history of Jenever and the Netherlands, taste some a range of different Jenevers on offer and discover over 500 in the bar alone. This Jenever masterclass and tasting includes: Guided 1.5 hour tasting with 5 samples Access to the onsite 't Spul Jenever Museum Nibbles included Dutch cheese and meat Interactive history talk with Rob Just 10 minutes from Rotterdam Schiedam is a classic Dutch town featuring working Mills along the canal and many working distillery's. Your tasting experience takes place right in the heart of the town with easy access links.
Walkingtour Delft - the city of orange and blue
Winter, spring, summer or fall. Delft surprises you all year round! The city walks of Do DELFT are informative, sometimes practical. But always relaxed and welcoming. We stroll through the streets, along the canals and royal squares. Wondering why the tower of the Old Church is so lopsided? Want to know why the Delft pottery is blue? And which royal highnesses are in the Royal vault? The guides of Do DELFT know and ofcourse they will tell you! The tour ends after 90 minutes. It will be your best introduction to the city! On request, you can conclude the walk with a visit to the New Church, the main attraction of Delft. Our guide explains in the church and the entrance ticket is included. Extra costs are 9,00 euros per person. Other things to note - Some days before our walk, I will contact you to inform you about the latest details. - In the calendar you can see Dutch-language walks and English/German-language walks. Be careful which one you book. During the English/German-speaking walks I speak English, unless there are only German-speaking participants, then of course I speak German.
Draw Rotterdam with a city sketcher
The first thing you need to know is: You don't need any drawing experience! I draw Rotterdam is suitable for every drawing level. I will help you. I will give advice and show easy and somewhat more difficult options. We walk approximately 2.5 kilometers in the center of Rotterdam. We pass several beautiful places to draw your own personal large "Greetings from Rotterdam postcard". Discover the city in a different way. Not just wandering around, but stopping to draw what you see. A relaxed experience in a lively city. We start with a Polaroid of yours and place it in the middle of a sheet of A4 size paper. Around the Polaroid we draw typical Rotterdam items such as: the Markthal, cube houses, Laurenskerk, statue of Marten Toonder, bicycles and decorative elements from the city and nature. We draw in a simple and fast way. I give advice for "Handlettering" (writing in a nice way). Ultimately you have your own handmade "Greetings from Rotterdam postcard". You can take a photo and post it on social media, you can sent it to friends or family or bring it back home as a reminder of your afternoon drawing in Rotterdam. Other things to note If it rains, I have to cancel unfortunately. We can then plan a new date.
Голландия для своих групповая экскурсия по Роттердаму
В Роттердаме строят плавучие фермы и небоскребы, посреди реки плавают скверы с деревьями, а зимой в частном саду выращивают вишни. Здесь делают “кожаные” вещи из апельсиновой кожуры, устраивают огороды на крышах, под настроение меняют конфигурацию комнат в апартаментах, прогуливаться предпочитают метрах в пяти-семи над землей, а через реку плавают на автобусах. А уж то, что из старинных складов делают потрясающие апартаменты, а многие общественные здания полностью автономны, обеспечивая себя энергией и перерабатывая собственный мусор, - так это уже и вовсе дело привычное. Экскурсия эта в первую очередь ориентирована на рассказ о современной архитектуре, градостроительных концепциях, социальных и технологических инновациях, экопроектах, образовании и образе жизни. И все это - страшно увлекательно, удивительно и даже, в некотором роде, легкомысленно:).
Citytour Rotterdam - [hidden] gems with a local
Rotterdam is an amazing city but your visit will only become truly worthwhile if you look past the touristic highlights, start discovering hidden places and experience the energy of this vibrant city! My name is Marc, I live in this awesome city for more than half of my life now and I would love to take you with me to show you some of my favourite places. During our trip I’ll give a lot of tips about the best (undiscovered) places and activities. Of course I’ll also tell you about the rich history of Rotterdam and share a lot of fun facts. At the end of this tour you will undoubtedly have a list of places you want to explore further and to top it of, you’ll also know a lot about (the history of) Rotterdam! Tip: book this tour at the start of your city trip so that you have enough time afterwards to follow up on your favourite tips and really experience Rotterdam. Or you can book another city trip to Rotterdam of course :) The route is approximately 8 kilometers long. We stop regularly for nice tips and more information about the area.
Rotterdam Architecture/Center and South
This walk is the best way to get to know Rotterdam in a day. The tour combines most of the highlights of the city and includes an exciting boat ride with the Water taxi. The guides are local architects. From the newly built Central Station, we will lead you through the city, following architectural iconic sites and guiding you through the daily life and history of the city. We follow a sort of timeline about its reconstruction and the traces of it’s erased past. On the riverside we will board the speedboat of the Watertaxi for a 2 min joyride to the South Bank, passing under the city landmark – the Erasmus bridge. Your guide will introduce you to the history and the future plans the former harbor area that’s now a must-see flourishing semi-island with high-end architecture and some of the best cafes and restaurants in the city. Other things to note The walk covers around 5 kilometers. Comfortable shoes and seasonal clothing are recommended, as the Walk goes on even in rain and snow
Прогулка по Гааге c архитектором
In 2021 the Binnenhof closed for restoration for 7 years. I want to tell you about the upcoming restoration, about the history and architecture of Binnenhof. Binnenhof has been the center of political life in Holland for many centuries and is the oldest parliamentary complex in Europe. It is 800 years old. The Binnehof complex houses the General States (Parliament of the Netherlands), the Senate, the cabinet of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Ridderzaal, the Dutch State Council, the Ministry of General Affairs of the Netherlands, and the Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery. During our walk around the Binnenhof complex, I will tell you about the modern political life of Holland, the history of the adoption of the constitution, about important historical events, the prominent political figures and the historical connection between Russia and the Netherlands. I will show you the place of executions and torture, the famous prison, which is now a museum. I’ll tell you about the most terrible event that shocked the whole of Europe and is the darkest spot in the history of Holland. We continue our walk to the Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery, where the famous painting by Jan Vermeer “Girl with a Pearl Earring” hangs, it is called the Dutch Mona Lisa. I will show you where the Queen of the Netherlands and the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg Anne Pavlovna lived.