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Mamta cooking class udaipur awarded by TripAdvisor
Mamta Cooking class in udaipur by Mamta and her son Gautam is one of the most suitable activity for every traveler while you are In Udaipur as well as India. Solo Traveler along with group travelers can join our class to know more about Indian food and about the Indian spices too we have been teaching cooking classes here in Udaipur since more than 15 years. we are pleased to inform that we are specialized in Indian and especially in Rajasthani food. Our classes indulges you in the preparation of the dishes apart from just teaching. We, guarantee you the exiting procedures of Indian cooking to experience all by yourselves. We are sure about you guys going back home and enjoy the Indian food cooking to your family and friends with the exclusive recipes provided by us at the end of each cooking classes. let’s come and cooking like your home in mamta kitchen with her 40+ year of indian cooking and home made spices. we looking forward to meet you. Ps best part of cooking class is you will pearn from a person who learn from her mother and we always say mother food is best in whole world.
Wisdom Walk Udaipur
I believe streets are the living heritage from where you can learn and unlearn many things. I expose people to everyday lifestyle of common people, different communities of artisans, craftsman etc. This walk help people to know how Udaipur and the communities here make it a sustainable city. Along with the communities and artisans I talk about the history of establishment, architecture of Haveli's, design of the city etc. Itinerary of the Walk: Duration: 1.5 to 2.5 hrs (depending on the curiosity of the group) Distance covered: 3 kms Pick-up: Chandpole parking (it can change as per the need of the group) First Stop: Temple Street Second Stop: Gangaur Ghat Third Stop: Jagdish Chowk Fourth Stop: Tinker Street Fifth Stop: Step Well Sixth Stop: Haveli and its architecture in detail Seventh Stop: Clock Tower Eighth Stop: Biodegradable bowl and plate makers Ninth Stop: Potters Tenth Stop: Vegetable Market Eleventh Stop: Spice Market Twelveth Stop: Grains Market Thirteenth Stop: Bamboo art Community Last Stop: Delhi Gate (from here we will take an auto back to Chandpole Parking) Other things to note I request guests to wear comfortable walking shoes, wear sunglasses, hat and carry drinking water. Guests can expect some traffic as the tour will take place on street but in non-touristic localities.
Join me to play Flowgame at Ambrai Ghat or Sukhadia Circle Garden. Once we have a hot or cold drink according to the weather we will sit in a circle. I will spread the game and will describe how it is played. I will then ask all the players to share the intention or the question with which they want to play and help them to make that question precise and clear. The question can be personal or professional but has to be something to which your are seeking answers / guidance / directions to reflect. The game can be played with any number equal to or less then 6. It usually take 2 hour to finish but may vary as per the interest of the players. At the end each player can choose to write down the points they have reflected during the game. This game aims to strengthen and bring focus and flow into an important area or question in ones life; be it a project, a future direction of work or relationships or as part of personal growth. This game was developed in mid nineties by 8 friends in Denmark. It has a game board inspired by American Indian Medicine Wheel, cards with questions and pictures, rivers, boats and some rules. The game had seven dimensions or perspectives which you will get to know once we come together to play it in person. Looking forward to seeing you.
Award-Winning Hari's Enjoy Cooking Class
Thanks to the love of people from all over the world and decades of my cooking and research, I have mastered cooking techniques, selection of best traditional spices, ingredients, recipes, tips and secrets such as my magic masala and much more which I will share all with you in an intimate cooking class and multi-course meals. You''ll actively participate and cook based on simple instructions & techniques that I'll explain. I'll give you my e-recipe book for FREE and welcome you to contact me anytime you need help to prepare healthy delicious Indian meal and enjoy it with your friends & families! We'll welcome you with fresh mint tea. Then we'll cook appetizers made of vegetable fritters, two types of chutney dips and chai masala. After sipping chai with appetizers, we'll move to cooking famous Indian main courses such as Shahi Paneer, Smoked Aubergine, Lentil Dal etc. each one made only with authentic hand-picked traditional Indian spices and fresh organic vegetables. Then, we'll cook chapati, naan and rice. Finally, we'll together eat lovely delicious healthy meal that you cooked. You'll take home lovely taste in your mouth & memories in your heart that you'll cherish forever :-) Other things to note FREE Hari's recipes e-book for all guests :-) Minimum 2 people for a session of cooking class. If you're alone, please contact us to find available slots. Many Thanks! If you have any dietary needs or any other special requests, just let us know!
Visit Chittor fort & Pushkar with Jaipur Drop from Udaipur
Guest will be pick up from Udaipur at their place. 1. Chittorgarh is the largest fort in India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fort was the capital of Mewar and is located in the present-day town of Chittor. It sprawls over a hill 180 meters in height over an area of 280 ha (691.9 acres) above the plains of the valley drained by the Berach River. The fort has several historical palaces, gates, a temple and two prominent commemorative towers. 2. Here visit the temple where Brahma performed a Yagya or ritual fire ceremony here and also dropped a lotus from his hands to create the lake where people bathe before offering him prayers. A silver turtle at the entrance of the marble temple is a symbol of his means of transport (Gods had various animals on which they moved along their heavenly paths). There are as many as four hundred temples lining the banks of the lake. Spires form a skyline that, When the vesper bells ring, are worthy of the kingdom of heaven itself. Then after, Guest will be drop at their desire place in Jaipur.
Amazing Udaipur half day Guided Tour in Tuk-Tuk
We will meet at the meeting point and then i will describe the day tour plan and then we will proceed for visit. We will visit the places that are mentioned below. 1. Jagdish Temple -The temple was built in 1651 under the reign of Maharana Jagat Singh and the temple is dedicated to lord vishnu. 2. City Palace Udaipur- the major attraction of the city, one of the largest royal palaces in India. Built in 16th century during the rule of royal Rajput dynasty of Rajasthan and still the Royal family resides in this palace. 3. Masala Tea and local snacks- we will have the tea and local snacks during the visit. 4. Saheliyon ki Bari- The lush green garden made in 18th century specifically for the ladies of the royal family as a relaxing place. 5. Lake Pichola- witness the mesmerizing view of the city palace and the Lake palace and experience one the best moment of Udaipur tour. 6. Old city market walk- witness the local life by exploring the old city streets. Vegetables market, local crafts, spice market and lot to explore. Along with these visits, we will know about the local life and tradition, major festivals, culture, Indian wedding ceremony process etc. After completing visiting these all we finish the tour.
Udaipur Sightseeing Guided Tour in Air Conditioned Car
You can request for time and date not scheduled in calender. Explore the most popular attractions of the Udaipur city and you will visit the places that are mentioned below. 1. Jagdish Temple -The temple was built in 1651 under the reign of Maharana Jagat Singh and the temple is dedicated to lord vishnu. 2. City Palace Udaipur- the major attraction of the city, one of the largest royal palaces in India. Built in 16th century during the rule of royal Rajput dynasty of Rajasthan and still the Royal family resides in this palace. 3. Masala Tea and local snacks- we will have the masala tea and local snacks during the tour. 4. Saheliyon ki Bari- The lush green garden made in 18th century specifically for the ladies of the royal family as a relaxing place. 5. Boat Ride in Lake Pichola- witness the mesmerizing view of the city palace and the Lake palace and experience one the best moment of Udaipur tour. 6.Ancient Nagda Village Temples- witness the breathtaking carvings on stones in a thousand years old temples in Nagda village. *Along with these visits, we will discuss and know about the local life and tradition, major festivals, culture, Indian wedding ceremony process etc. *Points to remember- A. Wear comfortable outfits and footwears, as we will be in the local areas. B. Better to have sunglasses if you are going to visit during March-July.
Cycling on back roads of Udaipur
I offer guided and supported cycling day tour in outskirts of Udaipur. The best part about Udaipur is you can exit the city in any direction within 15 minutes from the heart of the city. We will start the cycling from "Nilkhant Temple" at rani road, near Jhumar resaturant. Start ride towards "Lake Fateh Sagar" & "Rani Road", we will stop at a good place at the lake "Fateh Sagar" to spot some migrating and local birds. We will restart ridding towards "Lake Badi" ( Tiger Lake). and on the way will stop for some local experience of tea or masala tea, then we will stop at "Badi lake", we will have some refreshments, With continuing the ride we will pass through some villages, fields and will experience their day to day life. The cycling trail will be of 25kms and we will finish cycling at the same place where we have started. Other things to note This ride is very safe and the roads are paved and very less traffic on roads.
The Unseen Tribes - Cultural and Trekking Tour with Tribals
We provide cultural and educational experience. Pick up spot- chandpole gate (old city) Our destination is 30km away from the city crowd. Witness beautiful scenic views while reaching the destination. (Want to experience the authentic vibe of rajasthan, will have to come out of comfort zone, see what you have come for.) Soon you will find yourself in the middle of the Aravalli forest. We will go to the local tribal's place and have snacks. (Traditional rajasthani house far from the modernisation) Then we will start our trek of about 5 miles with the bheel tribe. I will make sure to keep you fully hydrated while trekking with mineral water and fresh juicy fruits. Our trek ends to the mystic temple hidden on the heights of Aravalli. Now you are HUNGRY. We will cook traditional Rajasthani dishes for you. (Food will be cooked traditionally on the woods and fire, food cooked by tribal people here will be the most authentic regional food you will taste.) Participate to learn the recipe. We have spots for you to sit relax and meditate, and if you are lucky enough you will get free pedicure from the tiniest fishes in the pond. Directly interct with the local tribe, get your curiosity out Talk about the facts Why cows are considered holy,Still on the streets Sati system Child marriage History of Udaipur Caste system Dowry Honour killing Fun stories Etc.
Kumbhalgarh Ranakpur day tour from Udaipur
You can request the date for this experience. This experience is going to be the perfect for the history lover. This is the kumbhalgarh Fort visit tour, the fort that is known for its huge wall that is the second largest after the great wall of china. The fort is situated on the beautiful Arawali hills. The best time to visit is the Monsoon season (July to September) when all the surrounding becomes green and sometimes the cloud hanging around the fort. along with the fort visit, explore some temples in the fort complex and go through the wall walk also to get some picturesque view of the fort. The Kumbhalgarh is around 90 km far from the Udaipur city. Not only the fort visit, but also enjoy the lovely sights of the village life while on drive. Experience the daily local life activities of people who live in the village and work in farms. Including the drive time, it takes around six to seven hours for this experience.
Walking tour in old City Udaipur
Welcome to the City Of Lakes. This walk will give you a complete deep insights experience of the city. This is a perfect way to explore the Udaipur culture and it's local life. In this experience we will see the hidden gems of the old city Udaipur. We start the walk from the old temple lanes and enjoying the beautiful lake sights and ghats. Knowing about the city in earlier time we proceed to the old city residential areas. As we walk through, we see some of the remarkable creations in ancient architecture. We see the beautifully designed havelis from outside and I will explain that how it was used and why it was important in earlier time. Along the walk I will also explain about the beautiful wall paintings that we will see made on the walls of the homes. The highlights of the walk are..... vegetable market visit grocery and spice market. Clay Pot makers community Traditional plates and bowl making using the tree leaves Metel pot and utensil making by hand Bamboo baskets making process Traditional Local snacks making process Masala chai making and tasting Famous sweets tasting Traditional Wedding market walk A talk on Arrange marriage custom Why cow is holy Come and join this amazing walk experience and value your precious time while visiting Udaipur. I will definitely give you an lovely and memorable experience.
Finest of Udaipur - delightful full day tour on a tuk-tuk
Wondering how to spend a perfect day in Udaipur? You are at a right spot ! There's so much to see in Udaipur that one may really get overwhelmed by its beauty! Here's a quick fix for that! In just eight hours, walk with us into this city of lakes to see the best with a local who is insightful, fun and engaging! This tour covers the following : 1. Walk into majestic City Palace to take a look at jaw dropping arches, architecture, paintings, majestic objects and grand hallways - learn its stories and get mesmerised by the marvel that it is. 2. Dive into divinity at Jagdish temple - The temple sanctum has an idol of the deity Lord Jagannath, in local parlance of God Vishnu or God Krishna, carved out of a single black stone, resplendent with four arms, flowers and finery. 3. Unwind at the Foundation garden - Saheliyon ki bari has fountains and kiosks, a lotus pool and marble elephants that makes you forget time. 4. For the love of folk and culture - Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal - a cultural institution engaged in studying folk art, culture, songs and festivals of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Mad 5. The views from the hill - Moti Magri hills overlooks the Fateh Sagar Lake and is a great spot for unwinding the local way 6. By the lake - Fateh Sagar is a great spot to understand why this city is called Venice of India! Happy to customise it for guests basis their preferences.
Cooking class and dinner with Rekha family with full meals
Get a peek into a typical Indian Kitchen through this experience and learn how to make delicious Indian dishes the simple way, which will equip you with the right tools & knowledge to make them yourself in your own leisure time. I will teach you how to make a few popular Indian Street Food dishes such as Pakoras and Samosas! You'll also get hands on experience in learning how to make Indian breads (which we call Chapati or Roti), curry and Indian Rice. These make up for a typical North Indian or Mughlai food. You'll discover all the various Indian Spices used in these dishes and what unique flavor each adds to a dish. Later we'll enjoy tasting these dishes together and I will also give you various other recipes for you to try at home! Other things to note Meet us at Meeting Points near Gulab Bagh Gate in Udaipur I'll provide you with aprons, all fresh Ingredients, Bottled water, Tissue Papers. You'll also have access to Free WiFi. I will share you my own written recipe book. Note: For any changes in the timing you please let me know
Ethnic Indian Shopping Spree and Authentic Lunch in Vadodara
Welcome to the city of rich cultural & historical heritage. To make the most of your experience in Vadodara, you need to take a tour like a local! We will start this sightseeing and shopping tour from your hotel. After a brief introduction & learning about your personality, style and preferences, which will help me design your own experience according to your needs, we will start this fun ride. So get ready, together in an autorickshaw we will tour through the historical places around the main city to old market where I will take you to ethnic Indian shops. Although these are shopping hubs suitable for every pocket size, I will take you around the labyrinth lanes of the most famous market for all your ethnic Indian wears along with matching accessories (shiny jhumkas or earrings and colorful bangles, these are top favorites for accessorizing ethnic outfits) & popular Indian traditional foot wear to complete your ethnic attire, which is not be possible without a local guide. We would visit the most unexplored shops and I will help you buy the best deals possible. After this, we will head to a local restaurant to taste the unique & authentic flavors of Gujarat. There will be plenty of time to interact with locals, shop in unique stores, and have a time of inactivity before it's time return to your hotel. For those who want to vacation while learning about an incredible culture
Visit Ranakpur Temple and Jodhpur Drop from Udaipur
Meet your Tour guide and Car Driver, Then leave Udaipur for Ranakpur Temple. This drive will take 2 hours. Ranakpur Jain Temple, located in the village of Ranakpur near Sadri town in the Pali district of Rajasthan. Ranakpur Temple is also known as Chaturmukha Dharana Vihara, it is dedicated to Tirthankara Rishabhanatha and is one of the most important temples in Jain culture. The temple is renowned for its splendid architecture.There are five pillars in the temple, and each holds idols of various Tirthankaras. There are four entrances to reach the main chamber, where the idol of Adinath is held by the biggest pillar, standing in the center of all others. After finishing the tour, you will be dropped to your place in Jodhpur. The drive will take 4 hours
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